Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Impressions: Underrated!

Marques Brownlee
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is definitely already a candidate for phone of the year. What a monster. Enjoy this first hands-on!
Also - there's 4 colors, not 2: Black, orange, blue, lavender.
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9 Ago 2018

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Comentários 17 701
Kingdom Mushroom
Kingdom Mushroom 53 minutos atrás
More phones with Black Hands
MANNY KOTIS 55 minutos atrás
Hella yes!
Kingdom Mushroom
Kingdom Mushroom 56 minutos atrás
8 Gb Ram?
Sarvesh Bhosale
Sarvesh Bhosale 2 horas atrás
what do you think about.. asus zenfone max pro m1?
renic 3 horas atrás
Phone of the year!
Kostas Petropoulos
Kostas Petropoulos 3 horas atrás
Do you jump from oneplus 6 to note 9 and how is this change?
Vancess 3 horas atrás
Awesome phone... but that bixby button tho...ugh
ChengHong Chien
ChengHong Chien 3 horas atrás
Im still using htc one a9 should i upgrade? My phone works perfectly and the camera is still great.
Aby Mathew
Aby Mathew 4 horas atrás
Well technically all the phones in current generation kinda similar with some perfomance differance...The next big thing we really wanted to see is a... "whole screen finger print reader". That would be awesome.
raj reddy
raj reddy 5 horas atrás
Both Note 9 and iPhone X is $1000 in the US. But In India, Note 9 costs Rs. 67,900 and iPhone X costs Rs. 90,000. Can you please explain the pricing. This is a game changer for us in India because Samsung devices are much cheaper. For ex: Iphone 8 plus is priced at Rs. 73,000, which is higher than Samsung Note 9.
Vinod Kokate
Vinod Kokate 5 horas atrás
I buy s8 after watching your s8 review... I wish to buy note 9
Vinod Kokate
Vinod Kokate 5 horas atrás
I am mad about the buy new phone... I saw your all video regularly, I am huge fan of you... I like to buy note 9 but finacial problems...
Vinod Kokate
Vinod Kokate 5 horas atrás
Mkbhd you are the hero for me
jaiden barbee
jaiden barbee 6 horas atrás
i pre ordered one already 7sE -> note 9
Akshat 7 horas atrás
People- "This Device sucks" Me- "Apple Fan bois spotted!"
paawan lamichhane
paawan lamichhane 7 horas atrás
He forgot to mention about sterio speakers tuned by akg
Aasish Kshetri
Aasish Kshetri 8 horas atrás
Waiting for the beast S10
GeekyHarith 8 horas atrás
Hi brother... will u give me one of your phone??!!!!
Unknown94 8 horas atrás
Just wait until the next iPhones are revealed and releases. This is probably the most useless phone I have ever seen. It isn’t that much of a difference than last years model. Stereo speakers, snapdragon 845, bluetooth, s pen, 6.4 inch screen, 4000mah battery 🙄 and that’s about it.
Brett Coleman
Brett Coleman 9 horas atrás
Why can't they improve the on board speakers!
Safia Daroish
Safia Daroish 10 horas atrás
I was gonna get the iPhone 10 but now I’m hesitant after seeing this
gamer 024
gamer 024 10 horas atrás
This phone is a dream phone never even thought getting half TB of memory in a phone😍😍😍😍
Brett Glover
Brett Glover 10 horas atrás
Going from iPhone 7 to note 9
prit joshi
prit joshi 10 horas atrás
Please shortlist currently available best DSLRs in all price factors.
Rafael Reis
Rafael Reis 11 horas atrás
Hi MKBHD ! The 512 version has 13 + 12 mp or standard 12 + 12mp from previous divices? I'm asking because in my country there is a company that says that note 9 512Gb is 13 + 12MP probably its wrong, can tou please tell me ? Thank you !
wj P
wj P 13 horas atrás
when you guys featured in samsung commercial it s tough to get review from you guys
Joseph Guy
Joseph Guy 13 horas atrás
I find that all the people talking shit about the note 9 is because they can't afford it
Jack Denny
Jack Denny 14 horas atrás
It’s so ugly
Orkhan Iskenderli
Orkhan Iskenderli 14 horas atrás
All I can say is - I want one!!!
ESP4thaWin 17 horas atrás
I just read the specs on the phone on a website. 4GB only, can't record 4K, only 12MP camera. Is this true?
Shadow The Hodgeheg
Shadow The Hodgeheg 18 horas atrás
I have tbe Note 9. It is amazing but unfortunately on this version of bixby Samsung removed the ability to disable Bixby button. I keep pressing the button by mistake due to it's stupid placement, which is extremely frustrating. I think Samsung is trying to force us to use it. Please make a video about this.
[insert meme]
[insert meme] 18 horas atrás
Faraz Nisar
Faraz Nisar 19 horas atrás
i guess i'm pretty much among the last people watching this video, been busy a lot lately. But man is it a beast.
RichRoyalty 19 horas atrás
Mom's Samsung s7 edge exploded last week...we're switching to iPhone since my s8 also heats up which was the cause of hers to explode. Too bad, I really liked Samsung and was excited for the s10.
MikMakSky 20 horas atrás
Don't need it
lee x
lee x 20 horas atrás
For its size, cpu, screen and price it should have a 5000mAh at least then it last for long time (4000mAh probably just be normal battery life)
Melo 21 hora atrás
If there was an Apple logo on the back people would say it’s the best phone ever and many would buy it. I personally think it’s the best phone ever, I just wish it’d run iOS.
Hussain Rashad
Hussain Rashad 21 hora atrás
Its beatiful
John L
John L 22 horas atrás
Really good review. A very nice way of seeing the big picture and narrowing down all of the reasons why.
George Tech Guy
George Tech Guy 22 horas atrás
my computer literally has 300gb storage and 2gb ram
Chase Cavalier
Chase Cavalier Dia atrás
I’m in dire need of a new phone. I have a iPhone 6 Plus and features are giving out on it daily. There’s so many good smartphones but I don’t know which one. I kinda don’t want another Apple device because with my experience they don’t last and I tend to take good care of all of my electronics so it’s not on my part. This looks like a good phone but I’m not wanting to dump $1000 on a phone I barely use. One plus 6 is very good but it doesn’t come with a plan. Someone pls help!
Samsung note 9 is similar to note 8 not much difference, they just update hardware not any more creative features....better to stay with note 8.
maharaj meister
maharaj meister Dia atrás
1000 plus USD for this and 1000 plus USD for nVidia's new graphic card. Need to put my kids to work. Ain't life great?
elisha770 Dia atrás
Bixby dead then.. ???
Ajay Dia atrás
It's the best phone as of now any company has to technology will come and go in every 3 4 months..if you need a new phone get the note9..if not wait and new iterations are always there to buy.. what's the big deal is fighting that its the best phone or apple is the best or sony or lg or htc.. everyone knows your phone will be obsolete in less than 6 months.. that's how the smartphone cycle works.. it's working good use it otherwise upgrade..
Pillokun Dia atrás
Omg, he literally sounds like a salesman trying to sell you his ware he read out the specs, not surprising though as he and his channel is a big advertising channel. Newer once have I seen him give any helpfull advices, just sale pitches.
Javier Teo
Javier Teo Dia atrás
Hardware: Stunning Software: uhh
Marko T
Marko T Dia atrás
Next time when you decide to do a giveaway, could you do it here on youtube or instagram instead of twitter?
Ad Dia atrás
And then you saw the price...
Wrattyjr Dia atrás
Wow, this is not fortnite. good job lazerbeam
วคx 20 horas atrás
Wrattyjr what?
Jimena Meza Gomez
“This phone packs 4000 mamp battery. Assuming it doesn’t explode that’s huge” 😂
Jershwuh Dia atrás
Rhap TV
Rhap TV Dia atrás
This will be my next phone😍
Steven Jackson
Steven Jackson Dia atrás
I like this phone and am an huge Samsung phone. But I disagree with you on this on MK. I've never disliked any of your vids until today and here's why... The comment you made about if we discussed like the N9 that we would be under rating the phone seems to be a bit like your defending Samsung's attept to make the consumer a buying slave... I mean where is your outrage at the fact that every single feature this phone has to offer is what Samsung knew all of us wanted in the note 8 after they bombed the whole design. Now they give us some small bump up and make the s spend more dope. That's awesome but at then end of the day not all of us are big time tech reviewers who got the holidays up with Tesla apple and Samsung. What about us little guys MK?? This is outrageous! The piece is God awful high.. and they had the ability to give us the tech they're using now to gouge us with the note 9. It's getting old and they are going to look knights to the flagship killers because they would rather be greedy and string us with a NEW AND IMPROVED phone every 6 months. Instead of putting the bang in the phones when it's needed like this all should've been done with the note 8. Now I just feel like Samsung is not the same. And I didn't like that it seems like you are endorsing it instead of speaking out!
It seems like an impressive phone, but I don’t like the infinity display with those nasty curves that actually distort images rather than make them look cooler or something, Android is a mess compared to iOS, I prefer structured, simple ui and software that works the way it’s supposed to, the microSD slot is utterly useless with a 512 gig option, honestly who puts more than half a bloody terabyte of stuff on their phone, and the headphone jack and is quite useless for me and basically everyone I know, so I appreciate the option, but it isn’t a necessary one in this day and age of bluetooth and wireless technologies. Honesty though, if I absolutely HAD to switch from my iPhone to an Android running device, I would probably lean towards the Note 9, I’ll give it that. Good look-see on the phone MK!
Alfius Andri Effendi
i think better to wait till next galaxy series... especially next phone will be 10 years anniversary of their galaxy series
Anx Epsilon
Anx Epsilon Dia atrás
why you skin black?
jaydb313 Dia atrás
Looks great 👍
Nicholas Cannon
Nicholas Cannon Dia atrás
Nice but not for $1k+
Icep Cakep
Icep Cakep Dia atrás
You're thumb looks like black cock
Nikki Jackson
Nikki Jackson Dia atrás
Maybe other people feel differently, but I think the colours that are available are all hideous and wayyyy too shiny
[ DJ ] thebestdjaround
Hey other companies y'all should be taking NOTES. LOL.
PlanetNoob Dia atrás
trianglemusic liked
Francesca Kerrigan
Just pre-ordered it this morning
TheWiz Manny
TheWiz Manny Dia atrás
You forgot dual speaker.🤩🤩🤩🤩
Victor Smith
Victor Smith Dia atrás
3 years from now here comes IPhone with these specs claiming to be groundbreaking
วคx 20 horas atrás
Victor Smith yep
Jamar Martin
Jamar Martin Dia atrás
Marques Review the Blloc phone when it it comes out. It is a minimalistic smartphone!
Raymond Mitchell
Raymond Mitchell Dia atrás
The Note 8 was way too narrow and tall. The Note 9 appears to be just right, a little wider than the Note 8. This maybe my next smartphone.
Arie Dia atrás
Anyone know if gestures on the fingerprint reader suck or not now that its turned 90degrees?
Abelardo Cortez
Abelardo Cortez Dia atrás
What’s the price looking like for both versions?
The Ilyrian
The Ilyrian Dia atrás
To people who say this is more powerful than a lap top. This phone is a laptop with the new dex experience . Heck it's a freaking PC .
Sarvesh chande
Sarvesh chande Dia atrás
This thing is cool.
gopher Dia atrás
How would this compare to the Pixel XL 2? Or the Pixel 3 coming out in a few months?
Mahad Qureshi
Mahad Qureshi Dia atrás
iPhone X is better
Mahad Qureshi
Mahad Qureshi 17 horas atrás
apple is always better than android no argument here
วคx 20 horas atrás
Mahad Qureshi you wish. You wish.
Sean Cook
Sean Cook Dia atrás
No I'm still with the iPhone 7 Ave pixel 2. Good enough
abraham limarga
abraham limarga Dia atrás
No hype at all
Chintan Patel
Chintan Patel Dia atrás
03.45 Bomb.
AllOfTheAbove66. Dia atrás
If it ain't broke then don't fix it, I wish I can say the same with the Note 8. :(
BirdOx 12
BirdOx 12 Dia atrás
Ill still hold on to my S9+ 😇
Mitchell Pavlicek
Mitchell Pavlicek 12 horas atrás
i mean you'd be dumb to be throwing away $ like that anyway, who would buy a brand new phone and buy another brand new phone a few months down the line
Jwxo Weeye
Jwxo Weeye Dia atrás
Apple is done.....
Yasir 2 dias atrás
It ain’t gonna be your next phone, we already know, lol
Parth Sharma
Parth Sharma 2 dias atrás
What if the calls can be answered from the S pen by adding the earpiece and mic in the pen as it has Bluetooth capabilities.. Imagine someone is using the S pen to note something or drawing something on the phone placed on the table and suddenly there's a call.. instead picking the phone up to answer the call, answer from S pen.. What do you think?
Akshat Rathod
Akshat Rathod 2 dias atrás
I love apple iPhone is best Samsung sucks
วคx 20 horas atrás
Akshat Rathod Apple will use the tech in this phone a year or so later and claim it's groundbreaking.
Super Cam
Super Cam 2 dias atrás
Should I get this phone the s9 or an iPhone?
Kevin Merenger
Kevin Merenger 2 dias atrás
This isn't a 'good''s the BEST PHONE in the world period. But 90% of the ppl using a phone don't need that much power
Skeleton Warrior
Skeleton Warrior 2 dias atrás
"Assuming it doesn't explode" ,😂😂
Grizzlyx9 2 dias atrás
ive been following this lil nigga since 1000 subs
Faizan Shakil
Faizan Shakil 2 dias atrás
i like the blue one
Faris Jr
Faris Jr 2 dias atrás
Well..... I need money Im broke asf
Michael Parekh
Michael Parekh 2 dias atrás
Great review. No Android Pie until next year earliest on Note 9. So it's Google 3XL this year!
Matt Cruse
Matt Cruse 2 dias atrás
Watcjing on note 4 2014
iAddicted_ 2 dias atrás
"underrated" lol wtf
Kozie Ky
Kozie Ky 2 dias atrás
I'll buy every item MKBHD reviewed this year if he reply to this comment.
Got Your Sack
Got Your Sack 2 dias atrás
It’s a beautiful phone but the colors are trash. The blue is nice but I loved the black:/
FSMS FS 2 dias atrás
Note series has classic design since note 5..ithink Samsung should concern alot on S series.
Chris Carroll
Chris Carroll 2 dias atrás
"And also worth Note-ing" *GROAN*
Flashback 2 dias atrás
Samsung took huge steps this time.
AYS MUSIC 2 dias atrás
I thing NOTE 8 still better than any phone
Daniel Enyinnaya Nwankwo
Alex C
Alex C 2 dias atrás
It's sad it's not stock Android though
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