Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Hands On

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus hands on.
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This is my Samsung Galaxy Note hands on video. The Note 10 (Plus) represents Samsung's top tier smartphone offering packing a 6.8-inch AMOLED display and up to 12GB of RAM.
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8 Ago 2019



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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 3 meses atrás
My Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - DEEP DIVE (20+ minutes) -
Jirah Mês atrás
You know the color is actually holographic
Sal Mendez
Sal Mendez Mês atrás ⁷you⁶⁷&gh&
Jamaica Lagunsad
Jamaica Lagunsad 2 meses atrás
How much is tjis
ParrisOTurner Hora atrás
Ronald Parrish
Ronald Parrish 2 horas atrás
best bang for your buck 11 pro max or Note 10 or 10+
Apichar Jiratanan
the only thing i am unhappy about this note 10 plus is the selfie camera, depends on type of screen protector you use it easily gets dirty and the selfie quality is so so .... when you take a shot, it's making itself difficult... if only i could post my selfie pics here to show how difficult it is compared to all other smart phones
Corn Dog
Corn Dog Dia atrás
He didn't mention the omission of the headphone jack....on a Note.
ramon hernandez
ramon hernandez 2 dias atrás
Watching from my note 10🙃
PMH 3 dias atrás
Why get so excited about the colour when you need to get a protective cover anyway?
x d s o b e r
x d s o b e r 4 dias atrás
I'm watching on my Note 10 5g Aura black
Thomas Page
Thomas Page 4 dias atrás
The more I hear about this stunning, new note 10 plus . The more I want it , this is gonna be . My new upgrade definitely 👌
Keane Tyrone
Keane Tyrone 5 dias atrás
Me: I need a repair Samsung:OK what is your color Me: well a bit rainbowy Samsung: rainbow? Me: yeah Samsung: uhhh can I speak to you parents?
TheWipal 6 dias atrás
can phone companies stop takong off the damn headphone jack like that's it im not buying anymore samsung thanks
nate dogg
nate dogg 6 dias atrás
It looks like my a50 , a little bit
James Stubbs
James Stubbs 6 dias atrás
The size of the Note 10+ isn't that big in fact it's no bigger than the Note 8. I just got the Note 10+ upgraded from the Note 8 and when I compared them side by side they are the exact same size so I haven't noticed anything different when holding the Note 10+ it feels the same as holding the Note 8. BTW it is an awesome phone and was totally worth the upgrade!
plmoknty 6 dias atrás
I hate that ugly unibrow Apple has. For that reason I won't buy Apple iPhones.
Brandon Ray
Brandon Ray 7 dias atrás
My favorite brothers future phone 😂😂
Shirley Lugo
Shirley Lugo 7 dias atrás
Can you use a headphone with it or does it have to be something wireless
khwab7 7 dias atrás
13;10 I would like to stick my sim card in it 😂 unfortunately I can't lol
dhohln1 8 dias atrás
Just got the note 10 plus and its awesome. T mobile has a promotion for military half off these Samsung phones.
zak15557 8 dias atrás
Ill get note 10 when note 13 comes out
Fabe Myral
Fabe Myral 8 dias atrás
Black friday coming up, who's gonna fedge these phones
Fabe Myral
Fabe Myral 6 dias atrás
@Munna Bhai it's really up to you. All of them are good but note 10 is more improved in battery, camera, ram, speaker and more. It's really up to u. And if I would suggest, get the samsung galaxy note 10+. Even better than note 10
Munna Bhai
Munna Bhai 6 dias atrás
I am confused between s10 and note 10 which one should I get ?
Gabriel MOORE [07N18M]
You forgot to show the S pen
Pudźdolf Szary
Pudźdolf Szary 9 dias atrás
No one: British people: sAMsOn
AimlessPhantom 9 dias atrás
Now that I'm done watching this I'm going to look for scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7
elmo berumen
elmo berumen 10 dias atrás
What watch are you using?
GoodDayNilssonAyee 10 dias atrás
I went with a regular note 10 I'm coming from a note 5 the note 10 as the same size but the screen is bigger so all save me X 200 bucks So far I'm loving it
Erin James
Erin James 11 dias atrás
Mi Note 10 is different...??
john simmonds
john simmonds 11 dias atrás
No one cares about the note 10 we all know the note 7 was a bomb....
Batsukh Shadav
Batsukh Shadav 11 dias atrás
I've just got note 8 thanks to note 10.
Jaron Chandler
Jaron Chandler 11 dias atrás
Yeah my camera doesnt work in the dark not even on night mode...
Spiritual9 11 dias atrás
Friend: What kind of color do you listen too? Me: it’s complicated...
ETHO boy
ETHO boy 12 dias atrás
I just wanted to see if it had a headphone jack tbh
Sunny Yun
Sunny Yun 13 dias atrás
too expensive..
kairy killaz
kairy killaz 13 dias atrás
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 you need to check it out camera 108 mp
gerald paul laroya
gerald paul laroya 14 dias atrás
Are you giving away the phone after reviewing it?😂😂
Bran Ja
Bran Ja 15 dias atrás
Used this phone today and I'm still in awe ! The screeennnnnn is crazyyyyy..... Need to win one of these !
Bully Violator
Bully Violator 16 dias atrás
I got my Galaxy Note 10+ the other day and noticed a hard sticker on it. Please tell me it's not like the Sticker on the Galaxy Fold. I'll cancel my phone and give it back to AT&T so damn quick it'll make everyone's head spin.
Steven Corbo
Steven Corbo 16 dias atrás
Without a headphone jack I will not buy this phone. Deeply disappointed in Samsung. They should have brought the quad Dax not get rid of the headphone jack
Steven Corbo
Steven Corbo 16 dias atrás
I recommend everybody boycott this phone. For Samsung to bring back not just a headphone jack but a quad Dax
Jared Carter
Jared Carter 17 dias atrás
يا روح تعطي با النقش
Md. Mostafa Khan
Md. Mostafa Khan 17 dias atrás
The recent notes remind me more of sony Xperia slabs. In a good way though.
Sunny Art TV
Sunny Art TV 17 dias atrás
I love my Galaxy Note10👍
Hunter FairhallKirkman
Hunter FairhallKirkman 18 dias atrás
Note 11
mi nguyen
mi nguyen 18 dias atrás
This phone is a beta at best. Which would explain all the bugs that come with it: Black screen of death, camera taking an eternity to focus, etc...
chlm 19 dias atrás
Haptic motor on note 10+ dying within 1-2 weeks of use. Being reported by users globally
S Nivas
S Nivas 19 dias atrás
Too much audio vibration when you hold Note
Julio Kestler
Julio Kestler 20 dias atrás
Samsung has offered two versions before. The first time was the Note 4 and the Note Edge. Essentially they were the same phone but the Note Edge had a curved edge on one side of the phone and I think a little bit more power.
Shane Michael Michael
Shane Michael Michael 20 dias atrás
This phone is so ugly bro💀
Independent Virtual Farmer
I'm using Note 8, wanted to change to the regular size Note 10. But with the annoying experience that I had with Note 8, which its curved screen, I couldn't use a proper screen protector and neither tempered glass because they would come off easily, so been using the phone without one. And of course, I'm afraid that might be the same case with Note 10. What do you think?
A. V.
A. V. 22 dias atrás
What can I say, Note 9-8GB RAM/512 AAAAAAAALLLL THE WAY ❗ If you want THE BEST for your money,go with Note 9 ❗ If the money are not an issue and you want to be cool,go with the Note 10+ Ofcourse it's only my personal opinion. P.S.NICE and informative video as always.
J Shaw
J Shaw 23 dias atrás
Worst Phone ..this guy is a fuc boy
홍시 24 dias atrás
아이폰보다 훨 이쁨
잔돈 24 dias atrás
Now I can afford Note 8.
julie thornborough
julie thornborough 24 dias atrás
📲*00212.645.75.23.01* *whatapps*📲 شـبـاب🙋‍♂️ صـار لــي بــشــوف كـثـيـر مــن الــكــومــنــتــات عــن صـغـر الـقـضـيـب وســرعــة الــقــذف وأحـب أقــولــكــم بـمـعـلـومـة مـفـيـدة😉 أنــي حــصــلــت عـلـى وصــفــة رهـيـبـة مــن الــدكــتــور👨‍⚕️ الــلــي بــيــتــواصــل مـعـاه كــثــيــر مــن الــنــاس وبـصـدق اسـتـعـمـلـتـو كـم أسـبـوع وصـار لــي قـضـيـب رهــيــب تـتـمـنـاه أي زوجــة😍 هــذا رقــم الـدكـتـور عــلــى الـواتـس *00212.645.75.23.01*📲
Unknown 24 dias atrás
I just Bought an uhd tv with note 10 plus budget 🙏🙏🙏.
:D 25 dias atrás
I'm watching on a note 10 what a coincidence
NO ScOpE 26 dias atrás
Thank you now I will have a good idea how my note will look like
Michael Sears
Michael Sears 26 dias atrás
They should have just made the pen have the camera on the note. For selfies, or regular pictures
Jayime Duke
Jayime Duke 26 dias atrás
I am getting Galaxy 10 Note Plus for my self for Christmas I can't wait for it I love taking photos I like the phone I have revvel 2 plus but the photos is bad
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