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Unbox Therapy
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Unboxing the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Fold is the first folding smartphone I've ever tried. The Galaxy Fold is the most futuristic smartphone I've ever tried. How does the Samsung Galaxy Fold stack up against the other flagship devices like Apple iPhone, Huawei Mate X and others? Are foldable smartphones the future of smartphones? Computing devices in general? Enjoy my Samsung Galaxy Fold hands on video.
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15 Abr 2019



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Comentários 42 410
Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 4 dias atrás
Galaxy Fold or Mate X?
chan chan
chan chan 2 dias atrás
mate x
떡볶이 2 dias atrás
100% Fold
Magic XCarmeloPro
Magic XCarmeloPro 2 dias atrás
Jimmy Jimmy
Jimmy Jimmy 3 dias atrás
Mate x
彼得鹿PeterLuu 3 dias atrás
Unbox Therapy mate x!!
zack belmonte
zack belmonte 5 minutos atrás
Looks like the lg touch when folded 😂
Hazeing V
Hazeing V 6 minutos atrás
A box in a box AND in a box.
Karin kemp
Karin kemp 8 minutos atrás
Oh hell i’m sold lol
yohannes bekele
yohannes bekele 8 minutos atrás
Is it possible to have a phone case for this🤔
Markus Gutteridge
Markus Gutteridge 8 minutos atrás
That looks so shit😂😂
Jay McNeill
Jay McNeill 8 minutos atrás
looks shite and embarassing to carry around
Robert Rice
Robert Rice 11 minutos atrás
Excuse me but the protector is actually not designed to be removed and 1000+ people have reported broken screens after a day of average use just by taking of the screen protector so expect something to happen
SODO ONÀ 13 minutos atrás
Humanity’s priorities are going to shit
Aria Antoinette ritcherson
Aria Antoinette ritcherson 15 minutos atrás
black with a gold hinge would look so sexy tho...
santos son
santos son 16 minutos atrás
I need phone joke
Nattestid_ 18 minutos atrás
What about a case for this though?
Athenuts 19 minutos atrás
*casemakers left the group*
Wild Weedle
Wild Weedle 20 minutos atrás
I just don't see a market for this.
Ansel Temile
Ansel Temile 22 minutos atrás
This phone is actual trash
Rogue Junior
Rogue Junior 22 minutos atrás
Only when u get a Samsung u realise how trash iPhone is and watch iPhone 11 have foldable stuff and power share and the iPhone geeks will say they had it first Samsung is the copy because that is how iPhone has fingerprint and Face ID because of Samsung
ElGamerOMFG 24 minutos atrás
Samsung ds
Leanzo Larose
Leanzo Larose 26 minutos atrás
How much for it
Arki Chen
Arki Chen 26 minutos atrás
More powerful than APPLE!
h dd
h dd 27 minutos atrás
I want to know when Huawei mate X will be sold?
Clyde Rockway
Clyde Rockway 29 minutos atrás
Man, you really could talk about bad things even if Samsung shared with you the device
Einfach Fredhaft
Einfach Fredhaft 31 minuto atrás
This thing is useless as fuck
PAKTRA PRODUCTIONS 31 minuto atrás
We already had phones that folded.... Motorola used to make them. Then Apple took a step back with a phone that was flat.
DanWiddaSauce 32 minutos atrás
i reeaaly want one
Kevin Wyatt
Kevin Wyatt 33 minutos atrás
$2K? I’ll buy a iMac and and suitcase with wheels and carry that around
science DIY
science DIY 35 minutos atrás
Can I take one from your group?
Anna Timmerman
Anna Timmerman 36 minutos atrás
Samsung should do a video where they give it out to ordinary people and see how they react
Vernice Gonzalez
Vernice Gonzalez 36 minutos atrás
Thought it would have a pen involved
Flik Cof
Flik Cof 38 minutos atrás
I almost teared listening to your exuberance
Unusual Hippogriff
Unusual Hippogriff 39 minutos atrás
Sweet,can't wait for foldable Laptops sometime in the future!
MaxTheDude 40 minutos atrás
Im intrested what will the protection cases look for that phone, or will there ever be??
Ava_girl 5989
Ava_girl 5989 41 minuto atrás
I Want one
Hannah Reese
Hannah Reese 43 minutos atrás
*I StIlL PrEfEr IpHoNe*
XenYOLO Games
XenYOLO Games 44 minutos atrás
Nah ill stick with my xiaomi redmi 5 plus
MaxTheDude 45 minutos atrás
Remember this code because someday it will be important for you xY3Zkj83LPQ
BazuluWolf 48 minutos atrás
*The phone looks like a novelty. Might as well be since it breaks in less than a week and costs $2000*
king khan
king khan 48 minutos atrás
Ill wait until xiaomi release this at half price.
Heejin's Rabbit
Heejin's Rabbit 49 minutos atrás
The phone mood is too thin tbh not gonna lie
SUP 21
SUP 21 50 minutos atrás
3:14 that's when you know you messed up BIG time
Definition_X 50 minutos atrás
drop it.
Peter Bennett
Peter Bennett 51 minuto atrás
Five boxes to get a phone, no wonder they charge 2k for this packaging environmental disaster Join the revolution, call out the wasteful practice
Heejin's Rabbit
Heejin's Rabbit 52 minutos atrás
Gotta suggest to make a foldable case too
king khan
king khan 53 minutos atrás
Too bad for porn watchers. Cant hold fold with one hand lmao.
Reggie Benes
Reggie Benes 54 minutos atrás
That phone is Beautifully Useless !!
Lesten D'souza
Lesten D'souza 54 minutos atrás
Easy to fold but hard to afford.
Enkhbat Nico
Enkhbat Nico 56 minutos atrás
lounly listen to hard music !!!
Martin Benoit
Martin Benoit 58 minutos atrás
☎️. I unboxed that one in 1969, on CBC black & White TV show. great reviews. $2 per month with Bell Canada monthly contract, I Did manage to kind of fold it after 10 yrs, had to cut it in 2 half first, then installed a door hinge underneath. Foldable phone, like snow bikes (not new) Go google “snowhawk”. Weird inventor in Québec made the first one about 30 years ago.
Kaydie Godwin
Kaydie Godwin 59 minutos atrás
Foldable phone: *exists* Case sellers: Am I a joke to you!😐
GGlitcHH 59 minutos atrás
So basically... it’s a mega upgraded Nintendo DS. Thanks Nintendo :)
Reddit Berries
Reddit Berries 59 minutos atrás
That’s pretty ridiculous. Next thing you know our cars and our houses will be folding in half to save on space.
Derek Dykes
Derek Dykes Hora atrás
Do a video answering a call with the phone flipped open
j3453wfefg pertewtrtw
omg use 60 fps already
{Purple Sapphire}
{Purple Sapphire} Hora atrás
Oof say what....GIMMIE DAT PHONE BROOO! Now that is technology....🙂
The Gohst
The Gohst Hora atrás
14 Grans on the table
Martin Benoit
Martin Benoit Hora atrás
Were 5 years away from clear/screen glasses all wireless with buds and mike. Electronic or transceiver will be a simple thin box (small iPhone shape) for all the electronic. Voice command only. Already in development ! Shhhhh !
Kazi Mehdi
Kazi Mehdi Hora atrás
OKAY, after a few days we are walking with a laptop to phone call.
SwS Carrot
SwS Carrot Hora atrás
No one gonna talk about that it’s $2k
Hannan Naveed
Hannan Naveed Hora atrás
Unbox Huawei mate x
Lachlan Linn
Lachlan Linn Hora atrás
Cant help but feel as if you could have called the title "Samsung galaxy fold, unfolding"
Leon Bennett
Leon Bennett Hora atrás
Sorry what is the notch on the screen for is it with Samsung not giving us full screen I don't take selfies get rid of that camera and give us a full screen
Abdullah joestar
Abdullah joestar Hora atrás
9:23 music name ?
Martin Benoit
Martin Benoit Hora atrás
Abdullah joestar “Horrible”
Leah Rose
Leah Rose Hora atrás
I really don’t know why I expected it to fold into fours like those origami fortune teller things lmao
Khov SeangHeng
Khov SeangHeng Hora atrás
I saw you in my TV 📺 show!!
Android Tech
Android Tech Hora atrás
cool unboxing keep it mate
Beheerder parkDG
Beheerder parkDG Hora atrás
what is the song title??
steven john
steven john Hora atrás
Flycoin7397976 Hora atrás
A $2000 phone is the future? Right for billionaires
DVX iPhantomzZx
DVX iPhantomzZx Hora atrás
Is it even possible for a case to work on this? I dont think so
suqaryoongi Hora atrás
Okay wtf I didn’t even know this shit exist
Meng Gaming
Meng Gaming Hora atrás
But I see sb say it error 😑
TRG Hora atrás
The only thing that would make it perfect in my opinion is if the front display looked a bit nicer. But I get it, the main focal point is the larger display.
Hieu Nguyen
Hieu Nguyen Hora atrás
Who else does NOT think this is a step forward? I’d rather stick to my current slim-design phone that fits my pocket comfortably and use my tablet and computer for everything else. Sorry, Samsung.
Deano Hora atrás
I can’t wait to buy one of these second hand in 2024.
Merial Dumel
Merial Dumel Hora atrás
How are they goin to fit a case around that
Dennis Hornikx
Dennis Hornikx Hora atrás
Ughh it's huge...i've never been a fan of big smartphones. Maybe if samsung will make a mini version i will have one some day but for now i'll stick to my Samsung Galaxy S1 Mini Prime
George Sturua
George Sturua Hora atrás
What kind of music does sound in the video? What is the genre?
sang yoon Lee
sang yoon Lee Hora atrás
are you a spokesman for this or what.
Princess World Channel
thats ugly
NexerFoxy Hora atrás
I already want him
Reu Quizam
Reu Quizam Hora atrás
ItsdaJusto 713
ItsdaJusto 713 Hora atrás
Android trying 2 hard 2 outsell/outdo the iPhone... Gang Gang!!! 😂😂😂📱
bryan yap
bryan yap Hora atrás
you might as well buy a nokia touch screen and a tablet its cheaper
agnes bennetts
agnes bennetts Hora atrás
From reports I've been hearing, they break very easily...
Rob Hora atrás
Yeah RIP
Martin Benoit
Martin Benoit Hora atrás
At $2000 either, must be a billionaire NOT millionaire or absolutely insane. I don’t mind going in the store and play with it, but sincerely what kind of world are we living in, of course I am 55 been there did it, thank God my daughter who’s doing amazing in University, 3rd yr agrees with me and my wife. New Tech yes it is new and great, do you have a clue how many times I said that in my life. More will be revealed, in 10 yrs the fold will be used as a hammer or to put your cup of Joe on. ! FYI your a born salesman. Unfortunately unlike a friend of mine he went into private jet sales. Today he could buy a massive % of Samsung. Try unboxing and selling million dollars item instead, minimum !
Joji Joji
Joji Joji Hora atrás
Meme Lord
Meme Lord Hora atrás
Bitch how the fuck does the glass fold
Rob Hora atrás
It's not glass, it's plastic and it dies after a day of use. Read the news.
Ghost Buster
Ghost Buster Hora atrás
samsung is paying youtuber for the promotion of this shitty phone
Sumi Suji
Sumi Suji Hora atrás
Who else is thinking how the case will be😂😊😂
Yeah Ight
Yeah Ight Hora atrás
Does he get to keep all of them?
Your Average Builder Pro
Flip phone v2
Aleksandra Molchanova
I would kindle the shit out of it. Love reading from my Samsung S9.
liza oterblad
liza oterblad Hora atrás
i would 100% break that phone in 1 second of owning it.
karan verma
karan verma Hora atrás
its awesome but expensive
You Cuber!
You Cuber! Hora atrás
But than... it breaks
wafermelon Hora atrás
5:50 "you close it down it's like closing a laptop, it's ready for the pocket" Yes, i always put my laptop in my pocket when I'm not using it.
You Cuber!
You Cuber! Hora atrás
Later is this fold fOLD
Mika Tachibana
Mika Tachibana 2 horas atrás
The price of this is 1980 usd and if you convert it to php it would be 102,326.40 *WOAH*
Rob Hora atrás
Why is your currency a programming language?
Harley Matheson
Harley Matheson 2 horas atrás
Daniel 12345
Daniel 12345 2 horas atrás
Apple users have left the chat.
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