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For the final episode of the season, we're answering questions from our Patreon Saints. They wanted to know if Jackie disciples people she doesn't know, our thoughts on witchcraft, and more.
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24 Fev 2024



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Comentários : 537   
@GeliBean10 9 meses atrás
“You know you’re a mature Christian when you don’t need to feel close to God to know you’re close to God.” Man that was good!!!
@Christelletv 7 meses atrás
This is me ❤ I love love love JESUS ❗️ WOOOOOH!
@artforchrist5065 Anos atrás
In a Sermon I watched recently, Pastor Jerry Flowers said, “You can’t give therapy to a demon!” & I felt that. 😂 Some people need straight up DELIVERANCE, period! Love y’all!! 💗
@knelson2019 Anos atrás
I absolutely love Pastor Jerry Flowers! I just recently found him as I had been watching The Perry's, Sara Jakes, and Priscilla Shirer.
@Vangerlena10 Anos atrás
@@knelson2019 watch Tim Ross also. The man is awesome and a blessing from God!
@knelson2019 Anos atrás
@@Vangerlena10 oh, I have been! His authenticity is healing to my soul. Just recently discovered him and I am hooked!!!!!
@knelson2019 9 meses atrás
@@Vangerlena10 I had to come back and asked if you watched his interview with Jackie Hill Perry???? Mind-blowing, my two faves in the basement! It was epic!
@steffieM 9 meses atrás
5 months later and this is still SO funny 😂😂😂
@KManwarren Anos atrás
What a quote! "Witchcraft started in the garden when Eve and Adam decided to get power apart from God's will." 😮.
@centerfold8 Anos atrás
That’s so true that’s what witchcraft literally is
@dugebuwembo Anos atrás
Except there was no Garden or an Adam or Eve, that story is just a story!
@KManwarren Anos atrás
@@dugebuwembo why do you say that? One day our conversation right now could be considered as a "story" as well, especially if we had it in person.
Yes that was mind blowing
@dugebuwembo Anos atrás
@@KManwarren Evolution, speciation and population genetics. Human beings are part of the Genus Homo which included several different extinct species, we modern humans (homo-sapiens-sapiens) are the last surviving lineage. Human evolution is a story spanning at least 7 Million years. The ancestral population of humanity (modern humans) stood at least 30,000 individuals going back 300,000 years in Africa. There was no first man or woman, that's not the way evolution & speciation work. Evolution & speciation work at the population level which means that 2 individuals are not the progenitors of any species.
@pepper8437 Anos atrás
“We need help from God to obey God” Such a simple yet profound statement 😩
@tanzanitegirl Anos atrás
@with the Perrys as an African woman. I pray for all my American brothers and sisters who are moving to “african spirituality” because it is in fact some of the oldest and highest levels of witchcraft.
@fruit032 Anos atrás
It's so blatant, I often wonder how they don't see that is witchcraft
@sarahphilip8224 Anos atrás
Amen 🙏🏿
@swiftie_2247 Anos atrás
and its sad that most of us that live in Africa are aware of how dark it is but others see it as exotic…
@e.wilson9613 Anos atrás
We (true African Christians) know what Jesus saved us from! No going back!
@chanelshion9034 Anos atrás
As someone who was highlllly wrapped up in “new age” Preston, hit the nail on the head! At the root, I was simply searching for authority over my own life. I felt so weak and I had finally found something that made me feel powerful. Plus, the way it made others uncomfortable made me feel rebellious and I liked that I finally was not playing small anymore. I’m so grateful that God allowed me to experience this and didn’t take me out! 😂😂 I surrendered two years later when Covid popped off. He was right there waiting for me too. I grieve and pray for those I influenced / encouraged to do the same just by watching my life and I pray the Lord shows them that same grace and mercy ❤️
@ebonymiranda6148 Anos atrás
i had a spiritual awakening before covid popped off , nothing with new age stuff but being rebellious and things like that. one day i decided Jesus was all i needed and never looked back.
@zakiasimpson8928 7 meses atrás
Thanks for sharing, helpful
@l.s.3428 Anos atrás
“God creates and the devil perverts”. I felt that word in my spirit.! Amen. Always enjoy watching you guys, can’t wait for season 5.
@aar3325 Anos atrás
So true about witchcraft and how to address it. I saw a testimony about a young girl who went into witchcraft to gain a sense of control/ power over her life, as she had been abused. Later when she converted to Christianity, she said she turned her inner wounds to the Lord and received healing and peace. So yes, we should approach with empathy because we don’t know what hurt lies underneath the rebellion.
@lesliemagee3550 11 meses atrás
This comment is so beautifully said. So many Christians are quick to criticize and berate people who are not on the same level of understanding and who may need more grace from Father.
@Maya-Angelique 5 meses atrás
…I am that EXACT girl. I’ve turned my life over to Christ as of February this year. Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me. 🥹💕
@Nataliacoeur3 11 meses atrás
Same with Yoga. God recently confronted me with the fact that I had been embracing a lot of hinduism ideology by practicing yoga for several years. I ended up relying more on this "techniques" to center myself than on praying and being in communion with the Holy Spirit. I don't think I did it on purpose though. It happened slowly, repeating myself that "om" doesn't mean anything, that a pranayama is just breathing, that an asana is just stretching and that I don't need to think like them to enjoy the benefits of the practice. I didn't realize it was just as spiritual as attending a tarot reading or doing ayahuasca. Everything is spiritual in this life, but yoga... yoga doesn't even bother on hiding it.
@sumgaiii 7 meses atrás
Will you explain further?
@sumgaiii 7 meses atrás
So do you think meditation is witchcraft bc isn’t yoga and Hinduism basically meditation? Bc some people consider prayer as a form of meditation just a question. I would like to hear some insight. I also did try yoga one time as well but didn’t go back and was thinking of going back but I haven’t id rather invest my time into god or going to the gym honestly.
@flourishingmomma3_7 14 dias atrás
​@@sumgaiiiyes its Demonic it opens you to demon possession & channeling spirits because the bible says to meditate on my WORD day & night. Emptying your mind and consciousness is a no. Especially with Hinduism yoga & the Kundalini experience it's all Demonic
“Sage. It’s seasoning. We put this in dressing “ 😂😂😂😂 AMEN!!!
@carmencarter844 Anos atrás
@terribean7925 Anos atrás
@Ilayshaa 9 meses atrás
It smells horrible I almost threw up when i walked into someone’s house who was burning it
@alphaberryxo 8 meses atrás
I cook with it regularly. Anyone who eats sausage, including turkey, is consuming sage. It's witchcraft if you are using it for bad intentions.
Dear Jackie, please believe Perry when he tells you that you are beautiful because you are, both outside and inside. You and Perry are such a sweet, compatible couple. I enjoy your interaction. 😊
@kudamapfumo9316 Anos atrás
She truly is
@Joce-bl7qi Anos atrás
“We want to see how you live to learn from you.” “Discipleship isn’t just what I’m able to articulate but it’s also what I’m able to model.”
@Shar_Lio Anos atrás
“Pray for it “ the best advice you can ever give someone! I loved when Jackie said that.
@rachelove24 Anos atrás
I love you all SO much, thank you for everything that you do for our God to teach us how to better represent, understand, and love Him. You guys are family to me and I am grateful for your obedience to Christ. I love you both so much may the love of our Father, the peace of our Savior, and the comfort of the Holy Spirit encounter you all and all your family’s future generations forever and ever.. Thank you 🙏🏽🤍
@emmamccoy8381 Anos atrás
ANOTHER PHENOMENAL CONVERSATION!!! TY for answering my question about how to deal with a loved one whose into "New Age" practices. You BOTH helped me see it in a way I never did especially about dealing with the 'why' (the root) that made them start following that practice. THERAPY - I had the opportunity to talk to a family member not to long ago that knew a person who was talking about being in therapy for years but, as Jackie said, there was NO change. I explained to them you get what you put in. I went to therapy for a year - was honest, did my homework (as we called it) even went to a few group sessions and at the end of the year my therapist said "I think we're done" and, for that season, I was done and got what I needed from it. Note: She was NOT a Christian therapist BUT the things we talked about God confirmed in my Pastors message a few times 🙂 so don't think if they're not a Christian it won't work because it can IF YOU'RE NOT PART OF PATREON YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD BE
@LadyyNaee Anos atrás
Thank you for talking about sage! I was using sage because a friend told me about using it to “remove bad energy”. But I’ve always felt weird using it so I asked my grandma she told me to toss it and she said it was a ritual and counseled me. Thank you so much for your podcast. Being in the infancy of my faith has been a challenge but between this podcast and the basement with pastor Tim Ross, this has given me a lot of clarity and understanding. If anyone has any suggestions on study bibles, books, etc, please let me know!
@sillau9 Anos atrás
Same..I had my own convictions from God about crystals..I struggle with severe anxiety,and was suggested from others to use crystals to help ease my anxiety..which I tried to check them out..but God gave me an inkling that "why was I relying on these crystals rather than Him" I got rid of them before I later found out that they were New Age and not of God..
@KhidrAlexandria Anos atrás
@maryprice8458 Anos atrás
The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer is a wonderful and short book. Really helped me love God much better and got me so excited to get to know him better.
@leilajourneay8511 Anos atrás
This pastor has great bible studies through the Old Testament and helps point to how it’s relevant under the new covenant and how we can see Christ in the Old Testament. I highly suggest following his teachings. I just finished listening to one of his sermons on Leviticus 1 after reading through some of the book.
@Sweet-as-banana Anos atrás
I second The Bible Project!
@venetiakelley 8 meses atrás
I binge watched, With The Perry’s, today; Thank You God, for what You are doing through these two 🙏🏽 I was edified and sharpened. Thank you. And may God continue to use you and bless you, and bless us. In Jesus’ name, amen
@fajon2 Anos atrás
This season was so on point and truly needed. Thank you both for your service and ministry. It's so dope to see black love and black Christian love on display. Unapologetically.
@elizabethadams3790 8 meses atrás
I LOVE that you shared that story about feeling like you weren’t really a Christian because you weren’t able to turn away from fornication. Thank you for your transparency!!! It continues to help me feel not alone in my struggles to turn away from my fleshly desires. I felt the same way because multiple people told me I wasn’t a Christian because I had conflicting feelings and opinions about abortion. I felt too much shame after being told this to be proud in my faith and felt unworthy to continue my relationship with God for a season. I now realize that the more I devote time and prayers and reading the Bible, the more God will help me align my views and opinions with the Bible. Hallelujah!
@breathespoetry89 6 meses atrás
Exactly! Well said🎉 I've been here!
@adinasims Anos atrás
I don't laugh easily but that "stain" took me out. Ya'll are too cute together!
@DelishaPowell Anos atrás
Jackie is just, I’m so thankful for her life.
@83ttaylor Anos atrás
“Prayer changes energy!”🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
@________1516 Anos atrás
It does tho
@zyon4843 Anos atrás
Preston’s little side comments and distractions has me cracking up and jackie being so serious makes it even funnier, i love y’all so much i can’t wait for the next season!!
@cartellhutton2313 Anos atrás
I just had a conversation in my church about this very discussion about new age and witchcraft. The bible tells us that rebellion is as witchcraft. We have to be careful when we put things before God in worship. Because you can be in witchcraft and never cast a spell
@brittneymartinez5257 6 meses atrás
The ability you both have to edify others through intimate conversations is such a blessing! I am SO BLESSED by these! I have been binging every video at work. Honestly no one else who does ministry online comes close to getting as deep and articulate as you both! Whew 🙏🏼
@yuliannegesse6497 Anos atrás
“Maintain a sensitive heart” YES!! I know what it’s like to have idolatry distance me from God and I know exactly what you mean by having a hardened heart because of it!!!
@Gracewalkfarm Anos atrás
Thank you for the reminder to pray for God to work in my personal creative process. To surrender that gift to his plan in the day to day. Powerful word.
@116stuart Anos atrás
This may sound weird but Jackie and Preston seem like an exact replica of me & my wife😅 I see so much of my wife in Jackie and myself in Preston and the comment that Preston made about Jackie not being able to take a compliment and feeling like a nuisance is exactly how my wife reacts. I love my wife to death and it bothered me so much that she's not like all the other girls who love to be showered with compliments but after watching this and knowing I'm not alone it gives me hope 🙌🏽 because beyond that my conversations with her about the Word of God, feel like this podcast episode, there's nothing like being married to someone who loves the Lord and is just wise beyond her years.
Ephesians 6:10 ⚔ "Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might"
@BeBlessed56 2 meses atrás
I love the banter, coziness and genuine friendship you guys have. The Black Biblical love is always oozing out of you. I’m more like Preston with my husband. I gas him up everyday and he gets so shy and kooky about it! It’s so cute to me. Married for almost two years and we returned to Christ together 3 months ago and the difference has been life changing! Love you guys and the way you model Christ.
@karenbrown4531 Anos atrás
Your conversation on trusting God (believing) compelled me to say that I trust God based on what I know about him or have experienced. When certain situations come about, I absolutely trust God. But in those times where He wants me to know him or experience him on a deeper level, He takes me through something where I struggle to trust Him and It is during those times that I realize I don't trust like I thought. It is in those times that I learn to trust Him on a deeper level. #deeperlevel #deeperbelief #deepertrust
@beth691 Anos atrás
How do I do and live this in a practical way?
@karenbrown4531 Anos atrás
@@beth691 sorry for the delayed response. Practically: Concede control over to God. How does that look? Honestly answer the question, do I love God more than anything? Most of us don’t. If we can grow to love Him more than that particular ‘thing’, then we will grow deeper in Him, we will trust Him in that ‘thing’, and we will believe Him for that ‘thing’.
@LadyTsh89 Anos atrás
I really love what you both are doing for God and just how God really use you both to connect real life to the gospel which is a blessing thank you !!
@francesmbewe8457 Anos atrás
Prayer is what changes energy 🙌
@ladye7757 Anos atrás
When Jackie busts out in tongues it sends me 😂😂😂….I love this podcast.
Same but when Preston did it. I stopped in my steps 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Same LOL 😂
@juliana._9488 Anos atrás
@davidalberty8951 Anos atrás
@nozibeleludidi5526 4 meses atrás
Everytime Preston compliments Jackie 🥰🥹
@kirklewis7586 Anos atrás
I definitely needed to hear this. God really allows you to hear or see things with necessary timing.
@shebeendope2322 Anos atrás
Why did ya'll come in my house...sit on my couch & read me for Holy healing in the first 11 minutes of this podcast?!! I thank you both for your obedience, wisdom & discipleship! May God continue to bless, elevate, & keep your beautiful family!
@hotdrumchick Anos atrás
I’m glad I ran across this video! I was talking with a bus driver recently who said after a long day of dealing with passengers, she would burn sage in her place. The Lord put in my mind to tell her to STOP burning sage. I told her it opened channels to allow evil spirits into her house, and that witches burned sage (I guess to cast spells). I saw her again and asked if she stopped; she said she did, but didn’t sound convincing. You can lead a horse to water…, lol. I just plant seeds.
@alexiselder6912 Anos atrás
Agreed on therapy. My therapist asked me, “When are you gonna stop playing God and allow God to step in?” I said you know what you right. Help me learn to let go and let God
@keyoshisuki 4 meses atrás
They compliment each other so well.
@vo9176 Anos atrás
No! Not the last video of the season. Thursdays won't be the same. Your videos are amazing, love love the truth, the guests, the humor and the love.
Ephesians 6:13-14 👑 "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand."
@lemogradient7526 Anos atrás
I love that last part about how you know you're growing in faith with the Lord when you don't depend on your feelings anymore to know that God is close to you. It's such a good reminder. As someone who has trouble regulating and controlling my emotions, I have to learn this the hard way, but as soon as I understood it, it really changed the way I walk with the Lord. I don't feel good most of the time, I'm easily given into anxiety, but will that stop me from trusting that God can and will grant me peace? Not really, because I know His character and His promises, and I'll depend on that than my own. Appreciate what y'all do!
@Tatiana-qp1gc 10 meses atrás
Give thanks!! You are absolutely brilliant sister. Much gratitude and blessings 🙌 🙏
@too2great8 Anos atrás
This is such a great talk. I have been away too long from this channel. Feelings are fickle. They change with our mood. We need to stay vigilant about everything so that we can be close to God.
@izmyster4815 Anos atrás
You-all make me love the Lord more. He blesses me with his word so often, and I'm thankful for the children he uses.
Would love these guys to be on the basement podcast w/Tim Ross 💯🔥
@Etek401 Anos atrás
@crespeakslife Anos atrás
@kalisaalice6131 Anos atrás
@ritaashimwe2654 Anos atrás
Yessss!!!! Hope they see your comment👏🏾
Preston already has been, if you haven't seen it
@brendaharrison3190 8 meses atrás
Wow, these are Golden Nuggets of wisdom. When you guys speak on others practicing witchcraft you can see the Love of The People and Truth of the Bold and Confident Rebuke at the same time. That is true Understanding; and Real Christ Like Teaching. When Mr. Perry reminded us that the Devil doesn't create he perverts, then Mrs. Perry reminded us that the devils power is limited. That is Revelation for people who seek Victory in Spiritual Warfare. Something that is obvious in the last days, and it's been this way, (once again Nothing New) the fact that the devil tries to keep us soooooo incredibly busy, that we miss the opportunity of being able to help others. Also I thank God that y'all have approached the subject of our loved ones, friends, family... practicing the sage burning, witchcraft tarot card and things. Again much appreciation for maintaining that representation of Godly Love. Very Courageous. Jesus Christ Name is Blessed. We Love y'all.
@mannalawson432 Anos atrás
Awwww @0:53- it's so nice to see Preston SO into you, Jackie! "Stain" was probably not the best aesthetic to go for BUT he did his best! 🤣🙌🏾
@JessSoReal Anos atrás
Disciple is best in community. I totally agree with that.
I loved this season!! The guests and Word was phenomenal! Can't wait to see you in October, Jackie!!
@traceydumase Anos atrás
Y'all make me understand how "viewers" can become entitled 😭😭😭 I'm always checking your channel for new content and catch myself getting upset when I find nothing 😂😅 Forgive me. I do need to say though that your efforts are very much appreciated. You don't HAVE TO do this, but you do because you want to serve us with the knowledge and wisdom that God has endowed you with. Thank you for taking the time out of your lives (as a couple and as parents and I'm sure you wear many other capes) to enrich God's Kingdom. It is my personal prayer that He continue to bless you abundantly! That He continue to grant the desires of your hearts. That He continue to bless you as individuals as well as the unit and union of your marriage. That He continue to bless your entire family, in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray, AMEN!
@riarenee240 Anos atrás
"I'm not saying you're a witch but you probably learned it from a witch." 🤣🤣🤣
@katiekopp903 Anos atrás
I grow so much being a listener. God Bless you both, such wisdom. What a gift, all glory to God!
@dquanadavis102 28 dias atrás
So many awesome Godly pearls. I love y'all so much!
@omasanonwaeze9150 Anos atrás
Who else has listened to the intro like 5x already. I love when Preston compliments JHP and she has this "stop it, I like it" attitude-- theeeeee cutest. Ok, lets talk witchcraft, hahahahahahaha
@roselynglover8927 Anos atrás
I love you guys and ur real interaction with each other. Living and portraying what you believe.
@mexicaflor05 Anos atrás
Couple goals. Someone who used to be hood but now saved. Have to understand life, be wounded but healed by Jesus.
@bthechurch7877 11 meses atrás
The way you described belief blew me away. This is so true and rampant amongst so many who call themselves a believer. It even challenged me and how I'm living, and seeing God. Thank you.... rewind! "You can read the bible all you want but if you're not tapping into the supernatural you can't even discern it right"!! Many churches and believers are in trouble. Help us Lord! "We need help from God to love God, to obey God" Yes, truth!!! Phew!!!
@LivForYahuah Anos atrás
I enjoy listening and learning from these important discussions.
@MayaO. Anos atrás
So LOVE that y’all referenced Ecclesiastes 1:9-10!! Truly nothing new. Great commentary per usual ✨
@nursed.porchae990 4 meses atrás
Jesus 32:00 is so powerful! It took me years to understand this.
@ccspeaks3037 Anos atrás
"The way you move is your creative!" good word! This is how comparison robs you!
@tinicoleofficial Anos atrás
Interesting y’all are talking about discipleship🤔 I recently started attending a church that has discipleship, which is something I’ve never had at other churches. I’m excited about it👏🏾
@KFMServices Anos atrás
Where church that located?
@Msbmaxey8 Anos atrás
Chrystal Evans Hurst says if you want me to mentor you come help me clean the house, fold the clothes. Mentoring means share my life and learn from me.
@belencristina Anos atrás
Thank you for this video. God just showed up for me in a huge way and saved me from the claws of the enemy. This video touched on a few topics in which I needed God’s guidance , so I thank the Lord for that. ❤ to Him be the glory! Thank you for letting God use you.
@MARYMAGDALENE129 Anos atrás
When Jesus spoke to believers, Pharisees, and disciples, and answered their questions, they MARVELED at Jesus’ responses. That is exactly what your words do to us (I feel I can speak for many). You MARVEL us with your teaching and interpretations. Thank you, praise God for your life Jackie! 🤍🫂🙏
@SoFocusedonTheMark 3 meses atrás
Why did I have to replay the first 2 minutes over and over. Hilarious. Jackie was trying to be serious and he was flirting. Love marriage.
@pamelawyatt4236 Anos atrás
Enjoyed seeing you both in Chicago! May God continue to bless you both.
@The1985dominique Anos atrás
I love your union it’s so dope I pray my future marriage is beautiful like yours God bless you both!!!!!!!!
@emariec Anos atrás
GOOD stuff. Real. Raw and RELEASING.... THANK you Preston and Jackie for your HONESTY 🥴😍🙌🏾👏🏾
@nishal.5007 6 dias atrás
I remember moving to a small town with my family in SC and my mom had us join the local church that was pastored by some old classmates. She wanted the new house blessed so the pastor and his wife came over to the house and started to pray. And as they prayed, they started to burn some sage and walk around the house. This surprised me so much because outside of TV, I had never seen it done. I am more confused now as to why this baptist preacher used it then. Thank you for this video.
@ashlyngreen6011 Anos atrás
PLEASE TALK MORE ABOUT DISCIPLESHIP!! It's so important and there's literally not enough people who are willing to submit to a leader. Having some disciple me is literally what helped me come to Christ and build a firm foundation.
@vjgay7985 Anos atrás
This whole podcast was full of beautiful words! thank you for sharing these truths!
@JeanayeSierra Anos atrás
season 4 has blessed me, so grateful for you guys and your yes to the Lord❤️🙌🏼
@xchorro Anos atrás
My creativity has really dwindled down and I sort of did it on purpose. I gave my life back to Christ on November 2020 but before that I was in a few bands, I made a ton of music, wrote a lot of music and poetry on healing and life but since coming back to Jesus i’ve noticed that any way I wanted to be creative and artistic would have only been for my glory so i’ve been waiting. I miss being expressive but i’m not the person I used to be anymore and Jesus is all I want to talk about and represent so I really need to pray that he gives me the words and songs to play for him and only for him
Preston in the beginning 😂😂 there were so many gems in here. Thank y’all! Thank God
The last 6 or so minutes really stood out to me- thank you.
Complete fire and truth all wrapped up in this. Cannot express how incredible it is to have my experiences and thoughts put to words. Thank you for articulating this all and letting God use your creativity - it has now drawn mine out more boldly. God, thank you for blessing these two - I ask for abundantly more for them in Jesus name. So thankful.
@NaturallyNesi08 Anos atrás
Gave a person acceptance, language, and validation (Great Point). This can be applied to many sinful groups/actions. Great Discussion-keep up the good work.
@zenz3503 Anos atrás
That intro beat is too 🔥
God bless you both, this podcast was such a blessing, I needed to hear this, thank you! Will definitely share! 🙏🏾😊❤
1 Corinthians 2:5 🕊 "that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God."
@latonyadover3588 Anos atrás
Great show! Y’all are awesome young Christians!
The Perry’s are the realist always giving wise truth whilst being straight up. Love this podcast
@reneejohnson3704 Anos atrás
I shared this with a few family members. Their transparency is beautiful. Power couple. I love watching them together. 🕊❤🙏🏾
@darrycooks3207 Anos atrás
What's up y'all. I love watching yall. Y'all be having me laughing. I love y'alls perspective. I just found out that me and Jackie worked for the same non-profit. It's good to know that a person I admire worked for a the same organization and we have been around some of the same people. Shout out to you guys. I look forward to next season. 💯
@darrycooks3207 Anos atrás
Sue says hi.
@kyragovender5600 Anos atrás
I clicked on this video bc I’ve been watching ur channel for awhile and since the start of this year there has been children getting trances and manifestations at not just my school but in schools all over my province. It was so bad in one school that they had to close it down and call in the police. Family is so important and parents are using these children to bring things that aren’t of God into schools, which is causing fear and tension for all the students. I’m not scared tho, because I know who my God is and I know what He can do, i fight these battles by getting on my knees and praying to the one true King
@cynthiapowell5198 Anos atrás
Hi what ch I love ❤️ them I would love ❤️ some tape thanks bless you📣📣🩸🔥📚🏃🏾‍♀️🌧
@joannapilgrim Anos atrás
I think I'm in that 'testing' period where I'm asking myself and God why I dont trust Him like I say and sing that I do. I'm asking Him to cleanse me from pride and self-centeredness
@beth691 Anos atrás
@beth691 Anos atrás
How ru doing?
Ask and receive
@niahsimmons4653 Anos atrás
I haven’t even watched it yet, but just by the title I’m so excited! This is what we need to talk about!!!!
@cherylhamilton8774 11 meses atrás
I love this show, especially today’s.
@naedanquah5505 Anos atrás
This was tooo good!!! My goodness I love this video. The church needs to hear this!
@chamilleleonne Anos atrás
Yes yes yes! Thank you for addressing this! The number of Christians who think its ok to burn sage is staggering. It seems so innocent, but Let those who have eyes to see and ears to hear! Why rely on anything but God to “cleanse your space” ?? It takes discernment to see the problem!
@jesusisking9223 Anos atrás
But what about those that burn sage because they like the smell of it? I have a fragrance allergy that prevents me from using any man made fragrance, candles, air freshener, even incense gives me a massive migraine that can last for several days. I burn sage because it's a smell I like that doesn't make me sick.
@chamilleleonne Anos atrás
@@jesusisking9223 well then this comment doesn’t apply to u. but every Christian ive spoken to about burning sage does it for spiritual reasons. Usually to “cleanse their space” or “cast out evil spirits”
@michellelopez1827 Anos atrás
Noo!! Please don’t go lol I look forward to your videos every week 🤗. Love ya and will keep ya and the family in my prayers. Jackie, can’t wait to see/hear you when you come to Philly!!!
@BOJones323 Anos atrás
Rebellion is as witchcraft makes super sense now
@zolabison2744 9 meses atrás
Lots of love all the way from Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 ❤❤❤❤
@ericagreen5439 Anos atrás
That is so cute and needed how he flirts with his wife. Continue! Dont stop doing no matter what anyone say.
This was so good especially about creativity I needed to hear that.
@virthap Anos atrás
Why this just spoke to my entire soul???!!!!!
@sw9868 Anos atrás
This is godly wisdom. Thank you, Preston and Jackie.
Soooo, about parenting.
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