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(The Coal Cash Collection)
I'm bool
Bang, bang, bang (Ayy, yo, Cash, I think we got one)
Ooh, lil' bitch wan' ride it
Told the bitch don't get out her body
Hmm, get right beside me
I'ma get in that thang, get to slidin'
This bitch makin' me feel erotic
Huh, she gotta get on this rocket
I don't give a fuck 'bout her milage
And her grandmom related to the Winans
Ooh, that's the shit that I like
You a church girl, bitch, you like Christ
Hmm, you ain't never had pipe
Least not this kind, I'ma fuck you all night
Off a Perc', hmm, off a thirty pack
Yeah, leave a bitch with the hurt back
Where the work? Hmm, where the work at?
My young niggas wakin' up to serve that
They wanna see me do my dance
In these thousand-dollar pants
Don't disrespect me and my mans
Bang, whole lotta choppas on your ass
[Verse 2]
Scram, we just put them dollars on your head
Snitchin'-ass nigga gave his mama to the feds
Little brother, big brother, Sada got the dreads
DZ, DT, Sada keep the bands
Lil' bitch can't keep her pussy out my hands
Got a real Hood Rat Suki on my hands
I was stackin' blues, run up Tookies on they ass
I be in the Bay rollin' Cookies on they ass
I be in they nerves, G weed gave me is bustin'
'Cause Sada can't be jealous off weed, I'm never stressin'
I can see the booty from the bottom, that thing come double decker
Let my white boy shoot on that thing, he Sam Dekker
Heard you used to chew on that thing, Hannibal Lecter
Have you poppin' all of the pills like Heath Ledger
These drugs ain't a joke, my nigga, I'm just tellin' you
Your manager got you on the shelf and he sellin' you
They wanna see me do my thang
In these brand-new VV chains
Don't disrespect me and my gang
Bang, t-shirt full of blood stains
Mmm, already had dirt on your name
Now your best friend got a t-shirt of your name, dig that
Big body swerve in your lane
AK hit a nigga in the stomach, knock off your six-pack
Like cinema, just hear the click-clack
Now that's end of riff-raff, that's the end of the bullshit
You know I got a full clip
Hmm, walk out and use it
Walked right past your bitch, I had to say, "Excuse me"
Hmm, I thought she was a groupie
Come to find out, bitch pulled up ridin' with a goofy, huh
Hmm, that was you, huh
Huh, you wasn't on that couch, me and Uie
Had bitches in the wop shakin' booty
Had 'em in the parking lot showin' coochie
Had 'em in the bathroom actin' unruly, huh
Lil' bitch wan' ride it
Told the bitch don't get out her body
Hmm, get right beside me
I'ma get in that thang, get to slidin'
This bitch makin' me feel erotic
Huh, she gotta get on this rocket
I don't give a fuck 'bout her milage
And her grandmom related to the Winans
They wanna see me do my dance
In these thousand-dollar pants
Don't disrespect me and my mans
Bang, whole lotta choppas on your ass (Huh)

#SadaBaby #WholeLottaChoppas #BigSquad


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20 Ago 2020



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Sada Baby
Sada Baby 3 meses atrás
Listen to #WholeLottaChoppas -
Jazzy Jazz
Jazzy Jazz Dia atrás
@Christal Burton we we
Richiano Pee
Richiano Pee Dia atrás
@Bigg da og n lnph. J I h. h
Donna Rae Belgarde
Donna Rae Belgarde 2 dias atrás
@Sada Baby It’s lit
Irene Rivers
Irene Rivers 2 dias atrás
Qt Spamz
Qt Spamz 4 dias atrás
@Sada Baby i love yo shit bro
Happius Kenbe
Happius Kenbe 21 minuto atrás
Wonder who made the beat. Sounds like So silly by benny revival
Austin Lebert
Austin Lebert Hora atrás
Anyone know songs just like this one? Please lemme know
Chandler Clark
Chandler Clark 3 horas atrás
dat nigga said perc dick im gone
Ramon Salazar
Ramon Salazar 3 horas atrás
This song is trash
Melanie Tims
Melanie Tims 3 horas atrás
This song funny and stupid
Antonio Medellin Diaz
Antonio Medellin Diaz 3 horas atrás
This makes me wanna snatch a pink wig
celina Garcia
celina Garcia 4 horas atrás
Low budget music video 🤣
no one in particular
no one in particular 4 horas atrás
I really thought this was Snoop's new song or sumn🤣
Tyler Wilburn
Tyler Wilburn 5 horas atrás
What Le'Veon bell role like
Alan Soriano
Alan Soriano 6 horas atrás
Sada baby looks like a Modern Day Rick Ross
Slay rose
Slay rose 9 horas atrás
Eric Watson
Eric Watson 10 horas atrás
Your here for dis 0:45
SALO or The 120 Days of Sodom: I can't eat rice with my hands like this... Then eat Isht!
when Flint rappers go mainstream, Sada Baby will be THAT NIGGA
Jerome Productions
Jerome Productions 12 horas atrás
U just brought back the 80s rap style
Carl Bellamy
Carl Bellamy 14 horas atrás
I like this song it makes me want to dance and I can't even dance.... I love the chorus
Philippe Georgiades
Philippe Georgiades 14 horas atrás
$1000 pants, $5 earbuds mic
whereisshayla M
whereisshayla M 14 horas atrás
POV u came for the nicki remix
Jaden Davids 7C
Jaden Davids 7C 17 horas atrás
This song makes me wanna do Jose poses
Joel Skutch
Joel Skutch 17 horas atrás
Remember when lev bell used to be a football player 😂
Kallen Strickland
Kallen Strickland 21 hora atrás
nobody: helloyassine: Sada Baby is going out sad
Jeff Gordan Ramsey
*That got looks like a Mix between T-Pain and Rick Ross* 😂😂😂
Jeff Gordan Ramsey
*My mom twerking and clapping to this song in the kitchen* 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😂
Ki Ki
Ki Ki Dia atrás
Finally found this song lol
Bruno Bucciarati
Bruno Bucciarati Dia atrás
0:41 gets me every time.
T L Dia atrás
Dean Martin
Dean Martin Dia atrás
Who’s here because of Face Swap
Jay Flack
Jay Flack Dia atrás
Whoop there it is
RegNerK Dia atrás
Why tf he sounds like Snoop Dogg LMAO though that it was him first time I heard this song
Jay Flack
Jay Flack Dia atrás
Not at all. Sound like Cee-lo on drugs whispering
Pow Dia atrás
He sounds like the hippo from Madagascar. I just keep picturing him seducing the other 🦛
Russika Robinson
Russika Robinson Dia atrás
Russika Robinson
Russika Robinson Dia atrás
I swear they party RIGHT!!!
The one and only A2
He stole midas drum gun
antonia milton
antonia milton Dia atrás
This man funny as hell.
Kiki Davis
Kiki Davis Dia atrás
It's the face for me at 4. Second into the song 🤣🤣🤣🤣💙
LogiconiX Dia atrás
0:45 il dio cane
Chauncey Reidout
Chauncey Reidout Dia atrás
Dude look like a hood Bray Wyatt in that shirt....
xIcexNinjax Dia atrás
My thoughts too!!!
johara A
johara A Dia atrás
This artist is disgusting
kareasma arntsen
kareasma arntsen Dia atrás
How did you get the song on tik tok
Chihiro ➊
Chihiro ➊ Dia atrás
*hints of snoop dogg sometimes*
Chihiro ➊
Chihiro ➊ Dia atrás
*Pog song*
hubb 2 dias atrás
They partied so hard Saturday's dont exist trollololol.
How is he better than Tee Grizzly?
Daquashaun 2 dias atrás
Upside down and inside- oh wrong song
blueberry juice
blueberry juice 2 dias atrás
Fake bodys
Tbot Carter
Tbot Carter 2 dias atrás
They wanna see me do my dance in these $1,000 pants
S Y 2 dias atrás
Who is the girl at 2:09?????
Scott 2 dias atrás
Turn up
Tay G
Tay G 2 dias atrás
Bro this amazing
Senju SZN
Senju SZN 2 dias atrás
Who peeped them playing storm in the beginning? 😂
No Name
No Name 2 dias atrás
Munchie Republic
Munchie Republic 2 dias atrás
Mean while 😂😂 they playing storm 4 😈
SteliosTheKiller 2 dias atrás
This song needs more views, likes etc sh.. is fire
King Wavy
King Wavy 3 dias atrás
This is brain washing. No substance his music is trash anyway. All of it is influenced by drugs and sex . This is pure ass
The sports Guru
The sports Guru 3 dias atrás
Sada a legend here yo 💐 while we all alive. 👌🏼👌🏼🔴🔴💯
mike mathews
mike mathews 3 dias atrás
This is gross
Hozay Studios
Hozay Studios 3 dias atrás
This is the only good version of the song 💯
Mariela Villicana
Mariela Villicana 3 dias atrás
Bro tell me why I thought it was Snoop Dogg singing this song
TheToofpick 3 dias atrás
This is trash.
Marcus Toney
Marcus Toney 3 dias atrás
le'veon bell in the video is so hilarious!😭😭😭
George McCrary, II
George McCrary, II 3 dias atrás
Was that leveon bell? Cool
Lxnny7 3 dias atrás
*Who’s here before 11 million views*
Medi Sulimani
Medi Sulimani 3 dias atrás
1:09 of the Right side How is she thats a wunderfull women
Darwin Hubbard
Darwin Hubbard 3 dias atrás
Bro said "beat you like christ" 😂
ShaDeena Tate
ShaDeena Tate 3 dias atrás
Avery Johnson
Avery Johnson 3 dias atrás
This sound like some 90s shit
Famous king
Famous king 3 dias atrás
Dawg. What the fuck is this shit😂😭
Mr PLK_fazy
Mr PLK_fazy 3 dias atrás
0:45 this funny
MoeTheTrucker 3 dias atrás
Boom shakalakashakalaka
ThatCoolKidYouKnow 3 dias atrás
Garbage song. Western values are being targeted by pos "musicians" and labels
Rahul Solunke
Rahul Solunke 3 dias atrás
Is that autumn falls at 0:34 ??
Bad boy
Bad boy 3 dias atrás
I’m the best dancer in my mind rn
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson 3 dias atrás
This is that feel good let's get fucked up but don't play wit me music!! I fucks wit it def be jamming to this shit all the time
Caprice Ghent
Caprice Ghent 3 dias atrás
Wtf 😒🤷🤦 my kids love this bullshit
Kelly Kelso
Kelly Kelso 3 dias atrás
This is that coked out video on a Saturday night and its really all the bass line. RA Rugged Man would murder this with actual verses.
Nicole Noriega
Nicole Noriega 3 dias atrás
Yuck. Looks like it smells like black and milds and sweat 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Dequon Moppins
Dequon Moppins 4 dias atrás
Old skool vibez frfr#2LiveCrew#2Much🍑InPants
T. Green
T. Green 4 dias atrás
Going Done lil Bitch wanna RIDE IT LOL
rico max
rico max 4 dias atrás
Sada baby gotta unique style & i fcks wid it bro 🤞🤞🤞
Ace Boogie
Ace Boogie 4 dias atrás
This shit is a cool ass dance song hiding gangster ass lyrics.... whole lotta choppers on your ass👨‍🚒🔥👩‍🚒🧯🔥
william becton
william becton 4 dias atrás
Thought this was quavo song 🤦🏾‍♂️
Some Wont
Some Wont 4 dias atrás
Why he sound like Winnie the Pooh?
Ghost Bear HOA
Ghost Bear HOA 4 dias atrás
So we not going to talk about how the Young Ese kept it pro, especially in front of the cops? That's El Jefe shit right there.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith 4 dias atrás
Does anyone else hear the Outkast “I Love the Way You Move” while listening to this? Lol gotta be sampling it, the entire beat
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith 2 dias atrás
@rico max ah I forgot about that song. So outkast sampled that song and sada potentially sampled both
Colin Lawrence
Colin Lawrence 2 dias atrás
Similar bassline
Lanee Cooper
Lanee Cooper 3 dias atrás
Whomp there it is !!
rico max
rico max 4 dias atrás
Whoopp there it is 🤷
B money
B money 4 dias atrás
This some makes me want to the Air port & purchase a train ticket 🎫
AnimekidGamin G
AnimekidGamin G 4 dias atrás
Bro kinda sound like comethazine
Ignacia Amelia
Ignacia Amelia 4 dias atrás
TheRealZew 4 dias atrás
TheRealZew mafia
Deon Brown
Deon Brown 4 dias atrás
Ik the lil boy his name alex
Furious Styles
Furious Styles 4 dias atrás
This nigga sound like will I am
gmr 4 dias atrás
pause- 0:36
gmr 4 dias atrás
Abdu Samad
Abdu Samad 4 dias atrás
I tought its Tyron Woodley before i saw the video.
Latoshia Briggs
Latoshia Briggs 4 dias atrás
This song gives me life...
Joy Stevens
Joy Stevens 4 dias atrás
What was the point of the kids? Can someone break it down for me? Missed it.
Al G
Al G 4 dias atrás
This song is ass
Nerdy Nella
Nerdy Nella 4 dias atrás
Whos the chick at 2:09 shes super pretty
frooty 69
frooty 69 4 dias atrás
I thought this was Tyler the Creator
Joshua Myers
Joshua Myers 4 dias atrás
0:12 Pewdipie chair!!!
Joshua Myers
Joshua Myers 4 dias atrás
Pewdiepie chair in the beginning and
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