Sada Baby - Foe Minutes Of Hell (Official Music Video)

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Sada Baby - Foe Minutes Of Hell (Official Music Video)
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Directed by @Stache House
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12 Jan 2021



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Comentários 801
022605 2 anos atrás
Sada one of the best rappers out rn. Every beat knocks. Every verse hits. The mans a genius, thank you for some real ass music sada.
Don 1234
Don 1234 Anos atrás
@Minty Fresh z
DVE Anos atrás
Well said
doubtfire85 2 anos atrás
"U aint never shot 38 for a 36" I felt that 🤣 dude 🔥 fr fr
Janqunela Allen
Janqunela Allen 2 anos atrás
Big facts they go learn 😈
Matthew Hueffmeier
Matthew Hueffmeier 2 anos atrás
@CxmpXClix to go back 🔙🔙🔙🔙🔙🔙🔙🔙🔙🔙🔙🔙 rfh
PYREXEDWARD 2 anos atrás
Can’t wait for pandemic to be over i wanna go to a sada baby show 🔥
Clyde Burns
Clyde Burns 9 meses atrás
Jwax Mcgeeg
Jwax Mcgeeg 10 meses atrás
He been doing shows in Detroit. I saw him at the club the day after Danny brown did a show there. Late August
Jonathan Hardeman
Jonathan Hardeman Anos atrás
He still does shows
Brooke 8701
Brooke 8701 2 anos atrás
That’s because Houston’s pandemic rules are lax, just like Florida’s.
Nate Hay
Nate Hay Anos atrás
Still coming back to this one everyday some old fire sada 🔥🔥🔥
JusWannaBox Key
JusWannaBox Key 2 anos atrás
Bro sada baby is literally one of the coldest artist on this matrix shit. He literally understands music and knows how to make quality hits.. every song is literally worth listening too. My fav song is pimp named drip dat. Most fire shit my ears ever heard
Eddie Wade
Eddie Wade Anos atrás
Jonathan Hardeman
Jonathan Hardeman Anos atrás
Man I can't even choose my favorite idk if it's return with my strap or ghetto champagne or for his new shit cj or binko or perk Franklin or skuba skilla Steve or my name or press option Idk so many to choose from uhhh
Alexander Padron
Alexander Padron Anos atrás
Bro listen to bully ball
Demetrius Rumbley
Demetrius Rumbley Anos atrás
Skub is my favorite song
SPTB727EVAN 2 anos atrás
i aint seen no one mention Skuba Steve Skilla Savage, that shit went haaard, but what im sayin when all his otha shit does too
deadmanw@lk1ng 2 anos atrás
Goddamnit man does Sada ever miss? He been dropping bangers consistently for the last 3-4 years
Jonathan Hardeman
Jonathan Hardeman Anos atrás
Exactly what I'm been trying tell people he the goat frfr u ain't never seen someone in this industry that consistent like him and for as long too it's 2022 and he still the best I be putting my city on him every where I go people ask who that is I tell them who he's is they act like they don't kno him so I tell them the one with whole Lotta choppas song they say that him I said yea they say damn I didn't kno he goes that hard I tell people u got to listen to hi. Really listen and hear what he says his punchline and metaphors and delivery is unmatch not even Eminem can really keep up with this dude
The Hybrid Dog Service Vlogs
This song Is never going to get old 🔥
Don Burgundy
Don Burgundy 2 anos atrás
"I be in a race with the walking dead.. trying to keep my stride"🔥🔥🔥 Sada for President
AD Gee
AD Gee Anos atrás
I was searching for this comment. That was a bar.
Brandoe Cobb
Brandoe Cobb Anos atrás
"Get use to saying that u use to FUCK WIT ME!!"....I felt that😔💪🏾💯💯💯
Jaime Nunez
Jaime Nunez 2 anos atrás
Devin Gill
Devin Gill 2 anos atrás
The whole Detroit got the rap game in a choke hold 💯
Burdick Burdickst
Burdick Burdickst Anos atrás
The whole mid-west 💯💯
FroZen_Durp Anos atrás
Realest comment I seen all day !
Devin Gill
Devin Gill Anos atrás
@Soul Music all of team east side doing that thing, band gang, shred gang, G.T, baby face ray, ice wear vezzo, veeze, etc… need I list more.
Soul Music
Soul Music Anos atrás
Bamber Richi
Bamber Richi Anos atrás
Ben Wilks
Ben Wilks Anos atrás
This real music 4 life love it keep doing your thang my brothas
Cannedpeachez Anos atrás
I damn near frowned my whole damn face off for 4:56. Bravo 👏🏾 👏🏾
KellueHaze 2 anos atrás
JJames_17 2 anos atrás
DJ HENDOE-SKII 2 anos atrás
Scotty Flame
Scotty Flame 6 meses atrás
Just now hearing this song and I fw SADA music this go hard🔥🔥
jaybeets 2 anos atrás
The most innovative and original MC nowadays.
Dyonte Jones
Dyonte Jones 2 anos atrás
@Blazeagram Red Network right !
Blazeagram Red Network
@Rob Johnson he wayyy more than a hype rapper. He got rNb, old school remixes, straight bars like this song, & songs wit his own style that cant even be described like bloxk party, oladipo.
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson 2 anos atrás
Crazy how you use such words to describe a HYPE RAPPER 😂😂😂
Donovan King
Donovan King 2 anos atrás
@Kendrick Nelson he ain’t steal shit it’s the same name just spelled differently so what?
If he really got that shit then he keep it wit him, He’ll never hit you wit the it’s gone be a minute 💯💯💯💯
WillonaFromThePjs 5 meses atrás
This Hard Thanks Sada Baby For This Good Music.
Flaming Deathwish
Flaming Deathwish 2 anos atrás
💯the beat already let me know that this was🔥
Prod. by IIInfinite
Prod. by IIInfinite 2 anos atrás
Brittany Bey
Brittany Bey 2 anos atrás
*SADA Baby Really Said ZOOOOM, Press Play & Hit That Green Light and Haven't Stop Since; Not One Song Has Been a Disappointment* 🎯💥🤑😂
dkxbox16 2 anos atrás
Sada always bringing 🔥🔥🔥
Skub314KLutch Anos atrás
Sada put on the whole Detroit rap game and blew it tf up as of recent that is and if you go watch some of yachty shit and a bunch of other random artists to me atleast they all fire but they be dancing rapping like with his flows you can tell hes def rubbing off on Detroit rn LEGENDARY.
Corona virus Vell
Corona virus Vell 2 anos atrás
This guy on fire 🔥 dada been going crazy 🔥🔥🔥🔥
India West
India West 2 anos atrás
i hope he gets even bigger, love him 💯🤞🏾
Honey B
Honey B 2 anos atrás
Sada the type that even if one song don't bang as much, imma like it anyway 😊
Michael Perry
Michael Perry 2 anos atrás
Sada baby’s cadence is like no other
Adrian Dotson
Adrian Dotson Anos atrás
That beat hard af 🔥🔥😤
Redd Smoke
Redd Smoke 2 anos atrás
Your onlyfans 75 cent, free twice a month 🤣🤣🤣 now those are the sada lines i came here for
OB V US 2 anos atrás
Im just waiting for the Mystikal collab
La'Rico Hodges
La'Rico Hodges 2 anos atrás
Free twice a week
Andrew Kielbasa
Andrew Kielbasa 2 anos atrás
@Kvng Snow ok
Janqunela Allen
Janqunela Allen 2 anos atrás
Yooo I 💀
Andre Hampton
Andre Hampton 2 anos atrás
That bar came on soon as I was reading this 😂🔥🔥
Major Monogram
Major Monogram 2 anos atrás
We just gonna ignore how sada started roasting some chick at the end 😂
Brandon Kirkwood
Brandon Kirkwood Anos atrás
He killed that part! 😂😂😂
Trace Williams
Trace Williams 2 anos atrás
Keylow 2 anos atrás
Sada went off on the beat !
Ajay Miles
Ajay Miles 2 anos atrás
Slappin this while I work on teeth 🔥🔥
AD Gee
AD Gee Anos atrás
Tr3 Gilliespie
Tr3 Gilliespie 2 anos atrás
This shit got me up like caffeine
Leander Jefferson
Leander Jefferson 2 anos atrás
Sada baby so underrated been rocking for a gg now .
Hustle YO
Hustle YO 2 anos atrás
HARDEST track rite now👍👍.. Sada MUCH LUV keep holdin it down💪💪JacTNLilYO
Mood Swings
Mood Swings 2 anos atrás
Cant wait unil Bartier bounty 3💯😂
Delow2x Anos atrás
@AD Gee he said that bro ?
Mood Swings
Mood Swings Anos atrás
@AD Gee bet👍🏾
AD Gee
AD Gee Anos atrás
Antoine Hill
Antoine Hill Anos atrás
@Triton88keyz baby
brendan baird
brendan baird 2 anos atrás
I need Whoop Tape #2 before we get BB3
Kristy Steinpas
Kristy Steinpas 2 anos atrás
Sada The Illest Rapper Alive Right Now 🔥🔥🔥
Garbouge Senior
Garbouge Senior 2 anos atrás
I can’t put this drank down it taste like candy 😂🔥
NERDMATIC 2 anos atrás
Sada cut from that “We reallly rapping though” cloth. Respect ✊🏿
RuskiDyr 2 anos atrás
Fire. Knew he had some music he was sittin on
VStax 2 anos atrás
@TayDoe3 oml
charlie patch
charlie patch 2 anos atrás
Bro sitting on hella bangers
basedjj93 2 anos atrás
They always do
Squidy 2 anos atrás
sada has to be the only rapper im an actual fan of i be rapping a long ik all the songs this man reallytoo good
G3T MULA!! FollowEnergies
Stretch marks looking like a whole bowl 🍲 of oatmeal 😂😂
Dexter N’ Bailey’s Adventures
"Gang keep makin me drink water thinking I past my limit, I keep poppin percocets err time they ain't looking" 🔥🔥
Bryce Henderson
Bryce Henderson 2 anos atrás
All.of Sara Baby flows is fire🔥🔥🔥
Veronica 2 anos atrás
The beats he use yo tf 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jemmy Neutron
Jemmy Neutron 2 anos atrás
You know Detroit got a whole sound
1waykay 2 anos atrás
Prod. by IIInfinite
Prod. by IIInfinite 2 anos atrás
T4NK1000 2 anos atrás
Sada makes that music 🎶 you can’t turn off💯
Why would I care
Why would I care 2 anos atrás
15 seconds in and had to get a drink shits to hot 💯🔥🔥🔥
SCAMBOLINI 16 2 anos atrás
You can't put me in no box but I put you in one... I felt that
Klajdi Klajd
Klajdi Klajd 2 anos atrás
Damn, on another dimension 🔥🕺
Hit This Loud G Before I Change My Mind
Sada just can't miss
Zeus Benji
Zeus Benji 2 anos atrás
@Detroit 1911 za
Yung Sace
Yung Sace 2 anos atrás
@Rodney Martin I
Aisha Copper
Aisha Copper 2 anos atrás
Nah fr though 💯
Dean Gonzalez
Dean Gonzalez 2 anos atrás
Verse, beats, the little dances he be doing all that never miss
Swype 2 anos atrás
This beat hard asf
rapter1773 5 meses atrás
RIP Han, that was my* brother. You passed too early my man; rip, you're in a better place. 🙏
Jordan 2 anos atrás
"Got a bop stick for the too tuff niggas, 1 full clip kill two tuff niggas" sheeeeeeshhh
386Jeezy 2 meses atrás
My dawg go hard af!!!
Vonn Pierre
Vonn Pierre 2 anos atrás
"Big bitch on my back like I'm Norbit" 🤣🤣
NattyGainz 2 anos atrás
Does Sada have the most music videos ever filmed for an artist?
Daisha Parsons
Daisha Parsons 2 anos atrás
Sada too raw for niggas not to be promoting & pushing him like they do their other artist 🔥!
Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel 2 anos atrás
Bro just made my night no homo
Timothy Irvin
Timothy Irvin 2 anos atrás
Plz make a pt.2 🔥🔥🔥
Detoit01 2 anos atrás
Only real g herbo fans know what sada did with the name of the song
Gabe Mose
Gabe Mose 2 anos atrás
Definitely Tommy
Definitely Tommy 2 anos atrás
This is scary bro is really shooting 100% from the field he can’t miss 😂💯
Dcscuzz6 Anos atrás
Shit so fire
The Hybrid Dog Service Vlogs
The Hybrid Dog Service Vlogs
@BigTweak if it's weak why listen to it and give negative comment
Dakota Kirby
Dakota Kirby 2 anos atrás
Neena Simone
Neena Simone 2 anos atrás
Hit em With the Whoop Whoop..not the Whooty Whoot!🤣 Straight Pressure! 🔥🔥🔥🐐
FunnyMan_Jay 2 anos atrás
3:27 sada went off on em!!!!
Nemo 2 anos atrás
Cuzzo stay on shit 🔥
Ray Holmes
Ray Holmes Anos atrás
I'm in a race with the walking dead tryna keep my stride 🏃🏾
KLUCK Jonez Anos atrás
Sara is way too slept on this guy's a genius.u ain't ever turn a 14 to a 28 using a mason jar wire hanger and a paper plate.💪
Dee Cee
Dee Cee Anos atrás
This hard 💪🏿
Dean Gonzalez
Dean Gonzalez 2 anos atrás
A bankroll fresh x sada baby woulda went brazy 🙏🏼#Rip fresh
king Rob
king Rob 2 anos atrás
Beat go crazy
Perkinstay#31 Nikki 38
Had this big bitc* on my back like norbit 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥💯
Tooth Fairy
Tooth Fairy 2 anos atrás
Sada in his act 🔥🔥🔥
Big Dawg
Big Dawg 2 anos atrás
This shit hard asl
Cherish Wrencher
Cherish Wrencher 2 anos atrás
My favorite rapper big sada fan
WillonaFromThePjs Mês atrás
This One Of My Favorites
Carlos Garita Jr
Carlos Garita Jr 2 anos atrás
If COVID didn’t stop sada baby nothing will whoooooop !!!!!
Mike G Beats
Mike G Beats 2 anos atrás
Xclusive and infinite two of the hardest producers out 😤😤😤
Prod. by IIInfinite
Prod. by IIInfinite 2 anos atrás
My guy
Ҝモ山C卄¡ man
Ҝモ山C卄¡ man 2 anos atrás
Never miss SADA
Rage Ross
Rage Ross 2 anos atrás
EDD niggas done run outta gas. That last verse💣💥
Ashlee holmes
Ashlee holmes 2 anos atrás
Sada go hard
Luxurious Green
Luxurious Green Anos atrás
He will never hit you with it’s going to be a min 🏌🏽‍♂️🏌🏽‍♂️🏌🏽‍♂️ #facts
Nicole Cooper
Nicole Cooper 2 anos atrás
Sada is the shit.💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Johnny D
Johnny D 2 anos atrás
Bleep 2 anos atrás
Gang keep making me drink water think I passed my limit, I keep popping percocets every time they ain’t looking 🤣🤣
Mr. Washington
Mr. Washington 2 anos atrás
Can't put this drank down it taste like candy 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
9amest 2 anos atrás
This why sada different, my mans just shouted out green bays 2nd string tight end on the track
DANYLA B 2 anos atrás
Lol that’s his homie
LilLou313 2 anos atrás
RIP LAWRENCE. Love you baby bro 💜
Female Doggy
Female Doggy 2 anos atrás
Oh shit lma need a series out of this like lil herb 🔥🔥🔥
colin aronson
colin aronson 2 anos atrás
Now this I needed
James O
James O 11 meses atrás
Got u playing in laudedale bra I fucks wit Sada keep put that real shit bra 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
O WhyNot
O WhyNot 2 anos atrás
In a race with the walking dead trying to keep my stride 🤌🏿💪🏿
MaterB_NHT 2 anos atrás
Hella slappin blood💪🏽🔥
Robert Fannon
Robert Fannon 2 anos atrás
Damn I wanted that Rio and Sada mixtape 💯
Foe Nem
Foe Nem 2 anos atrás
“Poor bitch squirt stank got it on my white tee”🔥Sada where you be comin up wit this shit?🤣
Dj Mystro
Dj Mystro 2 anos atrás
Snappin 🔥🔥🔥🔥
John Robertson
John Robertson 2 anos atrás
Sada come out everyday ayyee😷🤑🕺👆💪
Hunter Lane
Hunter Lane 2 anos atrás
This man never missed
Gp Gwapo
Gp Gwapo 2 anos atrás
Another Banger 🔥🔥🔥🔥LiT🔥🔥🔥🔥 #finesseStTv
Jemmy Neutron
Jemmy Neutron 2 anos atrás
“Girl got a dirty mouth clean it out with orbit” 😂
James Johnson
James Johnson 2 anos atrás
Complete 🔥🔥🔥
Robb Mainey
Robb Mainey 2 anos atrás
Every sada baby video makes me feel like I’m on hella drugs lmao
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