Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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'Life' stars Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal waste some time with WIRED and answer the Internet's most searched questions about themselves. Does Ryan Reynolds have a twin brother? Did Jake Gyllenhaal climb Mount Everest? Watch this WIRED Autocomplete Interview to find out!
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Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


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22 Mar 2017



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Comentários 100
Curry Rice
Curry Rice 8 minutos atrás
The eye question seems to hurt Ryan for real 😢
Sima Tehrani
Sima Tehrani 14 minutos atrás
🦋🦋🦋💚💚💚💚🙏,I love him,Prince of Pershia.
Dylaina Bruner
Dylaina Bruner Hora atrás
Jake Gyllenhaal is my favorite person. Ever
EggsEyeTing 7 horas atrás
ella mei
ella mei 8 horas atrás
4:08 how i'm going to be after a 'rona education
Ashish Purohit
Ashish Purohit 14 horas atrás
This isn't the first time you've been here
Hannah Niles
Hannah Niles 15 horas atrás
Jake looks so much like john krasinski
柴豬先生 16 horas atrás
Ryan rentral
Ghalia Hemza
Ghalia Hemza 19 horas atrás
Stop this is my 78th time watching this in the span of like a couple of months and it gets funnier everytime
a mess™
a mess™ 21 hora atrás
isn't jake a Sagittarius? 😂
William Fabiano
William Fabiano Dia atrás
"What is ryan reynolds diet?" Jake: twigs, rocks, sticks, and....a tiny bit of green tea"
Edison Brown
Edison Brown Dia atrás
Does anyone else forget that Ryan Reynolds is an actual human being?
Radio 69
Radio 69 Dia atrás
Glad to see that AquaFPS is going places in life
Arlene Cox
Arlene Cox Dia atrás
Other actors: ugh let's finish this interview quickly. Jake Gyllenhaal: Let's waste more life.
Ambika Raje Singh
I've never seen any celeb asking to stay more on the show
Ambika Raje Singh
How to get jake Gyllenhaal.........? Jake ; "Drunk" Ryan : "Pants off" Card : hair Ryan : imagine u woke up in the morning and someone taking your hair off
Heath Askia
Heath Askia Dia atrás
Alternate title: “Deadpool and Mysterio get really high while nick fury interrogates them”
Not original
Nakisaka Rymbai
Nakisaka Rymbai Dia atrás
My two brains cells at 3am
Abdullah Arrachmat
Abdullah Arrachmat 2 dias atrás
3:11 Yes you have.. Ryan Reynolds have a twin brother his name is Scott Adkins.. 👬
Salma aka me
Salma aka me 2 dias atrás
"this i like this,MORE! " -Thor2011
Gyan Tv
Gyan Tv 2 dias atrás
Fun Fact Ryan Is a name and ser name too
Rebecca Shepan
Rebecca Shepan 2 dias atrás
they both ripped a line of coke before this interview
Claire McMahon
Claire McMahon 2 dias atrás
“I can’t feel my life” is one of the best things anyone has ever said
marcus4485 2 dias atrás
Is this the best Wired auto-complete interview?
Bathroom Boyz
Bathroom Boyz 3 dias atrás
This is my new favorite thing
elise adderley
elise adderley 3 dias atrás
Ryan: " says something " Jake: WHEEZE
Varsha Premarajan
Varsha Premarajan 3 dias atrás
The funniest wired autocomplete interview! !!
KeSch 3 dias atrás
the war storys xD
A.R. Akib
A.R. Akib 4 dias atrás
Jake's smile looks like he is preparing fora film character.
oghogho okundaye
oghogho okundaye 4 dias atrás
Okaaaayyy but Ryan and Jake are waaaaay hotter than Garfield
Is Ryan EVER serious? Lol🤣 I love him but come on 😂
Moses Kanakaraj
Moses Kanakaraj 4 dias atrás
There’s so much crackhead energy here and I love it
Soull 4 dias atrás
They didn’t even give one valid answer to the questions 😂
Zhen Shops
Zhen Shops 5 dias atrás
"Is Ryan Reynolds mean" "Like, he's Canadian.."
Kaya Reynal
Kaya Reynal 5 dias atrás
Ryan saying he’s a Capricorn when he’s really a Scorpio is so funny
αrl ɢrмeѕ
αrl ɢrмeѕ 5 dias atrás
they are.. high af lmaooo
αrl ɢrмeѕ
αrl ɢrмeѕ 5 dias atrás
2:00 lmaooo
K A T Y 5 dias atrás
Two words, two syllables: love this.
Ferry Muhammad Nur
Ferry Muhammad Nur 5 dias atrás
"why you want to play this character?" Other actor: "I pick this character because this character suits me the most,bla bla bla bla" Jake Gyllenhaal: "Jobless?" Ryan Reynolds : "Yeah"
esteban collazo
esteban collazo 6 dias atrás
"Is Ryan Reynolds mean" "Like, he's Canadian.."
IN生 6 dias atrás
IN生 6 dias atrás
Jake is like my only favorite actor (male)
Vivek Aravind
Vivek Aravind 6 dias atrás
Hey mysterio
I love God
I love God 6 dias atrás
Zodiac signs are sinful
I love God
I love God 6 dias atrás
Don’t use the lords name in vain
Afraaz Alam
Afraaz Alam 6 dias atrás
Ryan: Your zodiac sign? Yeah, you’re a Capricorn. Jake: Uhhh 👁 👄 👁 *Jake’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. 😂
x y
x y 4 dias atrás
Close enough
you tube
you tube 6 dias atrás
Dead pool screen writer: we need someone who is a little sarcastic and funny. Ryan Reynolds: yes
Art _Fart
Art _Fart 6 dias atrás
"Have you seen andrew garfield"
张梦洁 6 dias atrás
January 2nd: Garcia vs. Campbell
Landon Miles
Landon Miles 6 dias atrás
“You punch a couple of hundred orphans and all of a sudden your mean...”
yak_attack2 6 dias atrás
they have gen z humour
Secret Gamer
Secret Gamer 7 dias atrás
jake yeelanhallo the correct pronunciation as said on conan
Imperiul Roman
Imperiul Roman 7 dias atrás
OK I DON'T UNDERSTAND can anyone explain to me how is Ryan Gosling still alive if Ryan Reynolds ate his twin brother in the womb?
Adarsh Chetty
Adarsh Chetty 7 dias atrás
Ryan Reynolds looks like Christian Fuchs
Loading Cat
Loading Cat 7 dias atrás
How Ryan Reynolds?
Krishna Oza
Krishna Oza 7 dias atrás
There should be a map to get out of his eyes 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Preme Plug
Preme Plug 7 dias atrás
WIRED's camera was at 23% battery life while recording. WIRED's camera was at 100% battery life after recording.
Andres Miranda
Andres Miranda 7 dias atrás
You know who does my stunts? *T O M C R U I S E*
Prince Gonzales
Prince Gonzales 7 dias atrás
"does ryan reynolds have a twin brother?" ryan: no. no, no, no, no, no, i ate my twin brother in the womb.
Thesalonica Shinta
Thesalonica Shinta 8 dias atrás
I would watch 30 more minutes of this
gєηєѕîѕ 8 dias atrás
"how to get jake gyllenhaal's _pants off_ hair"
elad levi
elad levi 8 dias atrás
i just noticed that Jake asked Ryan if he knows what Jake zodiac and he was wrong and Jake never had the time to say no its not it
Kaz 8 dias atrás
High pinky. Gotta start saying that one lol
Nares Gady
Nares Gady 9 dias atrás
This fist for example, like knife to hot butter.. 🤣🤣
surabhi sanjay
surabhi sanjay 9 dias atrás
There are 400 more cards cmon LeTs wAsTe mOrE LiFe "
Chelsea Matthews
Chelsea Matthews 9 dias atrás
Not gonna lie, i wanna be friends with Jake and Ryan, they seems like two cool dudes to hang out with
idk idk
idk idk 9 dias atrás
are they married or sum
Vintage Vogue
Vintage Vogue 7 dias atrás
Christine Lee
Christine Lee 9 dias atrás
Alternate title: “Deadpool and Mysterio get really high while nick fury interrogates them”
Edelweiss Will
Edelweiss Will 9 dias atrás
*”I am the paul anka of martial arts”* 😭😭😭😭
Edelweiss Will
Edelweiss Will 9 dias atrás
jake : I think I was born early in the morning ryan : I was MADE early in the morning. my dad he doesn’t pulled out of anything. jake : 👁👄👁
Edelweiss Will
Edelweiss Will 9 dias atrás
I’ve watched this way too many times it’s very unhealthy😭 but I just can’t help it this always makes me laugh😭
Julian Hershman
Julian Hershman 9 dias atrás
TaTtOsAy 1:51 That sounded kinda creepy 😂
Genevieve Broyles
Genevieve Broyles 9 dias atrás
Omg these two have the same hilarious energy as Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac.
natalia hilsaca
natalia hilsaca 10 dias atrás
the soft boi high pinkie at the end cured my depression
David Chavez
David Chavez 10 dias atrás
Victoria E
Victoria E 10 dias atrás
Careful, Ryan. Your Deadpool is showing.
hjönk hjönk am goose
hjönk hjönk am goose 10 dias atrás
I keep coming back to this interview 😂
Razor Raiden
Razor Raiden 10 dias atrás
Is ryan reynold mean? "No he is canadian" Well
Submit Last
Submit Last 10 dias atrás
I was born at 00:02 am
Sharon O'BRIEN
Sharon O'BRIEN 10 dias atrás
Ryan Reynolds donated money to bail out blm/antifa members during the riots .. better way to spend your money reynolds
Gabbie Phillips
Gabbie Phillips 10 dias atrás
This and Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac’s interview are the most chaotic interviews to ever exist on this planet 😂😂
Johnny Feavelen
Johnny Feavelen 10 dias atrás
Ryan: You know who does my stunts Jake: Who Ryan: TOM CRUISE
Lord Omiotek
Lord Omiotek 11 dias atrás
This is by far the funniest one
Drixin 11 dias atrás
dracomalfoysimp 11 dias atrás
jake sounds like my grandmas tea kettle
amlan sahoo
amlan sahoo 11 dias atrás
an indirect way of talking about somebody/something, usually suggesting something bad or rude
thatkid withinternet
thatkid withinternet 11 dias atrás
Why do I always lose it when Jake goes *"NO PAST TENSE"*
rodan_yt 11 dias atrás
When deadpool and Mysterio talk to eachother
Enguuplet 12 dias atrás
"Is Ryan Reynolds mean?" I honestly thought the same thing, I just assumed he was mean bc of videos of him
o Corlimations o
o Corlimations o 12 dias atrás
So basically fishbowl man talks with a deseaed swimming pool
UltraGod 12 dias atrás
Jake : unless its really dangerous Ryan : ya know who does my stunts? Jake : who? Ryan : ToM cRuISe
DIO Brando
DIO Brando 12 dias atrás
We need more of these two
Bryn Waller
Bryn Waller 12 dias atrás
this will forever be my favorite interview
Barnabas Etyang
Barnabas Etyang 12 dias atrás
Deadpool and Mysterio 😂😂😂
Yacub Najimi
Yacub Najimi 13 dias atrás
Undeniable violence the media will never report on. We will at the
MrAfricanPenguin 13 dias atrás
Bruh how is Jake Gyllenhaal just gonna forget about City Slickers as his first movie like that 😐
Undertaker Ye34
Undertaker Ye34 13 dias atrás
I felt so uncomfortable watching this
RavenClaw Gaming
RavenClaw Gaming 13 dias atrás
Heck yeah, Deadpool and Mysterio
Grace D
Grace D 13 dias atrás
I think I've watched this maybe 3 times
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 13 dias atrás
pov: youre back here again, and again, and again
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