Russians Being Idiots: Fails Around The World 

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30 Ago 2022



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@failarmy Anos atrás
But see who failed hardest in 2022, all the best in one place:
This isn’t Russia, it’s Ukraine
@pget8462 Anos atrás
Because of BRvid beginning to impose useless advertising videos, promoting useless products, I'm sorry I had to vote a thumb down, though loving this video.
@failarmy Anos atrás
@@pget8462 What's that got to do with this video though?
@lolosolo6399 10 meses atrás
@@Solomon_7609Studios you wish...
@gvjester Anos atrás
Loved that taxi driver, casually motions to the driver "Don't worry, I've got this!" PRICELESS!
These Hood videos on here on BRvid showing highly littered Camden, NJ, and Philadelphia, PA, and other dirty trashy cities are really because of litter, since even in bad ghetto neighborhoods here in Florida, we have virtually no litter. Also, our public works crews are cleaning the sides of the roads 24/7 as well as resurfacing the roads nonstop so there’s never any potholes, as the Florida sun plus the annual monsoonal rains are hard on them so there’s never any potholes. Roads really do require nonstop, constant maintenance to be kept in perfect condition. Unlike everywhere else in the USA, I’m glad nobody can really bitch about potholes here because they’re nonexistent.
@benjaminx418 Anos atrás
This is the way we should deal with litterers 💯
@peterburke5174 Anos atrás
taxi driver is awesome, we need more of him in the world lol
@partariothegoth Anos atrás
I wanted to reach into the screen an high-five him
@peterburke5174 Anos atrás
@@partariothegoth me too
@-SundayWolf Anos atrás
I would take that slender passenger - he was so hot and cute!
@evooevoo6062 Anos atrás
@@-SundayWolf wtf..
@-SundayWolf Anos atrás
@@evooevoo6062 Shit happens, but that guy is hot!
@TROOPERfarcry Anos atrás
Well... it's good to see that the US doesn't have a monopoly on idiots. It's *also* good to see that taxi-driver sort that situation out. Come on, admit it, we've all fantasized about that sort of thing before.
@calebmorin7124 Anos atrás
Driving in Virginia is literally a nightmare they're so bad at Driving and Florida always has something going on there
@RomanNowak-cx4sk 8 meses atrás
Ten gość co wysiadł z więźniarki ,policyjnej ,to naprawdę było zajebiste,😂👍⁉️
@bobcatnm Anos atrás
Personally, I think it should be legal in every country to throw a passenger like that out. Way to go taxi man!
@DenOfTen Anos atrás
It wasn't an Uber-type company, etc. There will be nothing for this driver.
7:48 made me get a heart attack. I thought they were on a cliff/mountain 😂
@oldest-child_198 Mês atrás
@tormentedsoul906 Anos atrás
I love how the guy at 2:00 just literally threw the dude out the car 😆
@RevolverOcelot1 Anos atrás
We don't do littering in Mother Russia.
@tormentedsoul906 Anos atrás
@@RevolverOcelot1 😆
@perryrush6563 Anos atrás
@@RevolverOcelot1 I don't know... The taxi driver seems to have human garbage on the side of the road. Ha ha
@1jidion Anos atrás
@@RevolverOcelot1 you guys take dont mess with texas to a whole extreme other level
@christmasham4312 Anos atrás
So good 😂 👏🏽
I love those guys just casually standing on a patch of ice in the middle of the river
@whimsygrove9971 Anos atrás
I need to know the outcome of that the fuck did they get down??
@BloomfieldIND Anos atrás
There was no "no one was harmed" disclaimer on that one. That being said, no one ever saw them
@lazer2365 Anos atrás
They were probably saying to each other, "Oh well, could be worse..."
@barbarapettry6817 Anos atrás
@@lazer2365 It being Russia, they had a saying at one time (maybe it still holds true) that translated, "I wish it wouldn't be better." 👋🙂
@@barbarapettry6817 that's deep!
@kevinguzman263 Anos atrás
Love how in almost all the clips "No one was harmed" lol. The editors must have been having a good time
@marinaida2835 Anos atrás
ctrl + c ctrl + v
@sampolainen Anos atrás
@@marinaida2835 sadly no one was harmed
@talibourque3113 Anos atrás
@myself342 Anos atrás
Well, everyone gets offended too easily so there you have. If people have more common sense, we could have more nice things.
@aceet3194 Anos atrás
​@@marinaida2835 every clip has different time they have to insert on every single one but yeah control c and v
@Boaz_963 Anos atrás
The taxi driver did the same what I would do! What an absolute legend! 😂
@dinhnhuan1530 8 meses atrás
​Catherine Zetack aoweiwoww8w9w
@MegaMoron Anos atrás
I love how the dude at 1:32 saved his homie's live before running away from that truck, awesome
Outrageous title! Certainly something like that will be deleted with Jews!
@TinusAirius 8 meses atrás
Somehow Russian fails are the funniest. There is an authentic rawness, brutality and carelessness to them. Endlessly entertaining.
@mikemishustrik8170 4 meses atrás
Since I'm Russian, I say that you're right
@Sherlok09 4 meses atrás
@@mikemishustrik8170 I can confirm that
@mikolasambir4466 2 meses atrás
Yea that what means to be stupido xd))
@izakireemsi2783 2 meses atrás
@@mikolasambir4466 Make no mistake at least their stupid is funny
@SARUHANOV. 2 meses atrás
Всегда смешно когда у других случаются нелепые ситуации но не смешно когда сам попадаешь в нелепую ситуацию
@Arthur-ek7nd Anos atrás
props to the guy at 1:33 for saving his coworkers life.
since there was no mention of 'no one was harmed' we have to assume there was another person in there who is now most definatly dead
@superohioamongus Anos atrás
@@CalmoOmlac r/whooooosh
@@CalmoOmlac everyone was harmed and killed
Yeah dude. The truck would've been crushed and killed the driver. Good thing he got the Russian out of the way.
@randolfo1265 Anos atrás
You know you are watching Russian dashcams when vehicles just come flying out of nowhere at high speed
@uhtred7860 Anos atrás
Its like they have a cultural obligation to drive like complete lunatics🤣🤣
@StarCoreSE Anos atrás
Yeah cause that never happens elsewhere, right ?...
@user-np7sp7te2r Anos atrás
Это мы ещё не особо торопимся ! Так просто за сигаретами ездим
@casanova6283 Anos atrás
As comets 🤣🤣😂🤣😂
@randolfo1265 Anos atrás
@@StarCoreSE - Probably, but I know it when I see it
@user-jn5hl2tg1k Anos atrás
В сегодняшнем мире лучше смеяться друг над другом чем грозить ракетами / In today's world, it's better to laugh at each other than threaten missiles
Our governments don't care. Only thing that matter is normal citizens don't hate each other
@davebob7554 Anos atrás
You can bet we'd all be better off as friends, not enemies. Think what the world would be like
@KateVol Anos atrás
@@imthethevillainofyourstory2670 thank you for this comment
@sorrow2305 Anos atrás
How do you threaten missiles? I‘m sure the missiles are petrified.
@green01creeper94 2 meses atrás
Russian by far are the funniest people I've ever seen
@TigerTiger-oq9bq 2 meses atrás
Being Russian I laughed and felt slightly embarrassed 😳😂
@sammydemon666 2 dias atrás
Why does all this completely stupid and dangerous shit happen so often in Russia? I mean people do stupid stuff everywhere, but most of these things can very easily cause death. Does life have no value?
@user-nw7ii5yf2n 16 horas atrás
@@sammydemon666 Seriously? I watched the Darwin Prize winners and the USA is leading there. Apparently, you're just a Russophobe who sees what he wants to see.
@nodasl9328 Anos atrás
Respect for the taxi driver
@kskollections2142 Anos atrás
OMG! The criminal escaping out the back door of the van was hysterical! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@user-tw1gy5sz3q Anos atrás
It's police van)) 😅 drunken russian gangster escape)))
@joe125ful Anos atrás
@@user-tw1gy5sz3q Yeah also i like how he throw him back into van:):)
@@joe125ful Like literally body first then feet up and over like a rag doll... still laughing at this now, and the look on the face of the officer on the left as he goes past to get back in the van... priceless 🤣😂
@user-ft2md2gd4s Anos atrás
making a sign to the people to keep the secret 🤫
@jeremy____5747 Anos atrás
@@user-ft2md2gd4s "C'mon, just be cool, everyone..."
@clancey1717 Anos atrás
You know it's a Russian compilation when almost every clip is followed by "Noone was harmed" lol
Если бы. Есть каналы с ежедневными подборками автомобильных аварий, в каждом сборнике обязательно несколько со смертельным исходом :(
@ThMindFdr Anos atrás
There's over 30+ clips that dont have that caption on it...How is that almost every clip and how does it have to be exclusive to a Russian compilation???
@JH-lo9ut Anos atrás
If you claim anyone was harmed you risk 15 years in prison
@aknadiri2520 Anos atrás
Man, that kid on the crosswalk was really lucky. I hope the driver is okay too, he did save her
@lionhead123 Anos atrás
save her? He nearly killed the kid.
@uhtred7860 Anos atrás
Yeah, he also caused the whole situation 🤔
@nthgth Anos atrás
@@lionhead123 the kid walked in front of a moving car. The parent nearly killed the kid, the driver prevented it with quick reflexes
@lionhead123 Anos atrás
@@nthgth its a crosswalk
@SlimJimsRgood Anos atrás
I flinched HARD when that axe came flying out of my screen. 😂
@kentcross258 Anos atrás
Love these videos. But I’m fairly certain that Fail army could put up a video of some one being point blank shot and still say “no one was harmed” 😂
@charlietaylor799 Anos atrás
lol exactly. how the hell do they know "no one was harmed"? do they verify every video? doubtful
@BionicAir Anos atrás
@@charlietaylor799 Yeah, i caught onto that after like the 4th *no one was harmed* and im thinking, okay yeah, someone def got harmed there lol
@JakeKilka Anos atrás
I think the ice fisher was only one who wasn't really harmed.
@@JakeKilka He was harmed in his soul and pride, that was his best rod.
@Lamster66 Anos atrás
He was seriously killed but he was no one!
@Sticknbkid Anos atrás
That taxi driver at 2:00 is my hero.
@TheOnlyKontrol Anos atrás
That wasn’t a fail that was a win
@oranjebeer6637 Anos atrás
And the drift
@angry_dirt8529 Anos atrás
Sad fact it was staged
@iMoves Anos atrás
@@angry_dirt8529 prove it
@PureVikingPowers Anos atrás
In Russia: Why pay for a boat when you can travel on block of ice 😂😂
@croakingfrog3173 Anos atrás
Or just drive up the river 3:42
@sl1va515 10 meses atrás
in Russia, and more specifically in the USSR, there was a cartoon about a mammoth looking for his mother, and there was a moment where he floated on an ice floe with the words (let mom hear, let mom come) 
@redgey5163 Anos atrás
This was one of the best compilations I've seen in a while. So much to unpack and so many questions🤣
@j.avaldes9856 Anos atrás
Just like Russia itself lol
@mr.napkin7405 9 meses atrás
2:30 actually feels so Russian They were going to clean the snow so that the roofs would not break, but they destroyed the lower roofs instead
@RandomGamer- 8 meses atrás
yo did you see the clip before 💀
@ixedoss Anos atrás
03:50 the best escape I’ve ever seen 😂
@stefantsarev4442 10 meses atrás
Russian fails are on a whole other level. Greetings from Bulgaria!
@agustinrenato11 Anos atrás
I find it hard to believe that no one was harmed in any of these
@birdymcpig Anos atrás
Falls off motorcycle with plenty of bare skin. No one was hurt. Suuure.
Maybe by “harmed”, they meant to say “killed”? Cause that helicopter guy alone has at least a nice concussion…
@derkeksinator8573 Anos atrás
Insert "seriously"
@schnabeltier2279 Anos atrás
But I was written in the subtitles it must be true.
@Anyone-a1 Anos atrás
No one was harmed… much.
@sleepyhollow783 Anos atrás
The guy with his frozen 👖 jeans at the end had me laughing for 10 minutes. Not sure why. Hilarious.
@DenOfTen Anos atrás
And this does not happen when the temperature is -50 Celsius
@emilyevans6989 Anos atrás
When I was a baby, my Mom hung my diapers to dry in Germany. Indoors. Same result!
@cayman9873 Anos atrás
@@emilyevans6989 how about now ?? Or you just use the facilities now ?
@destinhook3826 Anos atrás
Russian fails are way more serious than American fails 😂
Nah, American fails at exporting democracy are always spectacular!
@user-vp2qg3ok6y Anos atrás
Do you have good ice driving skills? all of Russia laughed when you had snow. four-wheel drive. lost control
@user-cj8jg7vq8o Anos atrás
@@certyfikowanyprzewracaczhu3390 простите за любопытство, вы чех или из Словакии?
@user-zt1dk4vj1t 3 meses atrás
taxi driver is such a legend.
@mazaj8736 Anos atrás
3:49 rekord świata! Tylko w Rosji.
@RarendtheBlack Anos atrás
"No one was harmed" "No one was harmed" "Everyone was killed" "No one was harmed"
@Timothy_Newton Anos atrás
(Rolls a car) no one was harmed in any way. Top level skill
@samabeka3023 Anos atrás
Doctor to patient : Why are you shouting so loud,you just have a broken leg from the accident ? Look,the others without heads are even silent,and not complaining !
@davegoldspink5354 Anos atrás
😂🤣😂 They were all pissed off their scones on Vodka that’s why.
@JohnDoe-bd5sz Anos atrás
3:17 No one was harmed. My headphones beg to differ...
@samabeka3023 Anos atrás
@@JohnDoe-bd5sz Instead of poisoning his opponents, l think it will be more easier and less suspicious for Putin,to knock them off in car accidents. It will also cost less !
@erikvaline35 9 meses atrás
The cab driver apologizes to the back driver for his passenger's inappropriate behavior, picks up the bottle the passenger threw out the window, and then throws the passenger out of the car like a bitch. Perfect alpha male behavior. This cab driver is a real man not to be messed with. Controlled, strong and ready to use force if necessary - thumbs up!
@user-hp8yn7uz3m Mês atrás
Я ещё он ездит на BMW
@woodrax Anos atrás
8:05 - Him just watching the slow motion fall (and ignoring her trying to reach out to him for help) was priceless.
@blacklight310 Anos atrás
Tbh it didn't look like she lost her balance at all I thought she was just going to see the water lol
@woodrax Anos atrás
@@blacklight310 oh, she saw the water alright. ;)
@ntmybstolp 5 meses atrás
4:17 As a Russian, I can confirm this is what happens in Russia 24/7
@leaderofmine6293 5 meses atrás
Are you from Russia?
@ntmybstolp 5 meses atrás
@@leaderofmine6293 yeah
@leaderofmine6293 4 meses atrás
@@ntmybstolp are you sure?
@user-kh7eq6vw5s 4 meses atrás
​@@leaderofmine6293а ты что знаешь 🤨
@ntmybstolp 4 meses atrás
@@leaderofmine6293 уверен на все сто, дружище
@marytermini1381 Anos atrás
I loved the criminal who just snuck out of the back of the police van and held up his finger to shush the driver. LOL!!!
@T0JT3K_ Anos atrás
1:30 ten pan który moze zarabia 10zl na godzine wlasnie uratowal zycie kierownikowi
@HarrisonMartin Anos atrás
I feel like that taxi driver has done this before - dude is kind of built! Love it
@ThibauTM Anos atrás
Or that it's staged unfortunately ...
@LordTepes81 Anos atrás
My favorite part about this whole video is all the "suka blyat" cuss words that Fail Army doesn't bleep out, but they have to clarify when "no one was harmed" and God forbid we see bottles of alcohol.
Hmmm, perhaps I should add these Russian cuss words " suka blyat ! " to my repertoire of " Phrases I can say when I'm REALLY upset and want to get away with shouting vulgarities" .
@user-gc3hr2ih4g Anos atrás
@@michaeltheoret3842 в России очень много разнообразных ругательств и бранных слов...))
@hebneh Anos atrás
It's not that alcohol itself is prohibited from being shown; it's the brand names on the bottles that are covered up.
@LordTepes81 Anos atrás
@@hebneh lmao nah those bottle in this video were plain Jane brown and still blurred out, plus they blur out champagne glasses are anything that can be construed as something alcoholic. Nice try though.
@Bratishka994 Anos atrás
Yes,nobody was harmed,we're just immortal in Russia. You're right FailArmy
@sgto9678 Anos atrás
It's funny how you lose that "immortality" the second you step foot in Ukraine.
@Nikolaev0 Anos atrás
Еще и медведей в квартирах держим!
@Bratishka994 Anos atrás
@@sgto9678 don't cry please
@Bratishka994 Anos atrás
@@Nikolaev0 да, и водку хлещем тоннами. В час
@@sgto9678 that's why ukraine asks for help from every country?
I literally am crying I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time
@arjunmishra1050 Anos atrás
Mad props to the taxi driver , he's a legend
@stevie-ray2020 Anos atrás
That was a win, not a fail!
@arjunmishra1050 Anos atrás
@@stevie-ray2020 fail for that drunk guy
As a non russian that doesn't support the evasion of foreign territories, but understands the needs of each countries. I love the peace we have in this comment section
@user-yg2dv4cp4t Mês atrás
Но как Война касается Америку? На вас некому напасть, вас не стоит переживать как нам.
@TheDarkSide46 4 meses atrás
love the way the taxi driver takes the bottle away and throws the dude out
“No one was harmed.” At least twice I had to wonder if that was really true.
@bmw328igearhead Anos atrás
It's not... they only say it so they can keep making money from youtube. It's a lie
@thundersized Anos atrás
And when you don't see it you can assume that someone was hurt.
@russellevans2446 Anos atrás
Its the only English phrase they know. 🤣🤣
@russellevans2446 Anos atrás
@@bmw328igearhead I call BS. Other channels have stuff that's much worse and don't have to keep saying dopey stuff like that.
@ceikkd6020 Anos atrás
Bruh dude hopped out the back of that police van like he was a Scooby Doo villain. 🤣 Literally put his fingers to his lips like shhhh. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@west_park7993 Anos atrás
4:17 You must LOVE the criminal that sneaked out of the UAZ 469 car. And how calm and obedient he was when he was rearrested. Thats how it should be!
@evgenymyls4611 Anos atrás
Это УАЗ-452, его называют "Буханка".
@kongen07 Anos atrás
Surely someone must have been harmed in at least one of these incidents. Also, props to the taxi driver for throwing that guy out of his car.
@user-qh4ub7nr2y Anos atrás
Indeed, the likeness of Jesus to God is that of Adam, when He created him from dust, then said to him, “Be,” and it will be (59) the Great quran. I ask you, my brother, to seek the truth and the unification of God, the Lord of the worlds
@potatogamerx3423 Anos atrás
Car: Crashes into a boulder at 100 mph crushing everyone Fail Army: No one was harmed My comment was supposed to be funny guys, you started a war down there
@Denis19912 Anos atrás
I freaking hate this new text... I wish they would stop adding it or at least add it as captions so I can turn it the freak off...
@failarmy Anos atrás
@@Denis19912 We have to unfortunately :(
@xfbgmx7049 Anos atrás
@@failarmy even with 0 proof they do this
@craigwolfe249 Anos atrás
I always wonder about this, how can they verify it really? No doubt a lot of their clips are taken from BRvid uploads, but it must be so hard to find the source, let alone find out if anyone was harmed.
@areusure538 Anos atrás
@@failarmy is it cuz of youtubues shitty demonitizing rules?
@deejaymerick Anos atrás
Russians are a special type species of human being! 😂😂😂
I appreciate FailArmy adding that no one was injured after scary looking incidents. It’s good to see that people are able to make it out of these situations relatively unharmed
@Steadybeheady Anos atrás
@sundayy7675 9 meses atrás
Все правда!))) Я в России после 2 уроков и бутылки коньяка получила права))))))
9:35, fantastic plan, pity it didn't work out, but luckily, a police car showed up at the end. I'm sure they helped the guys with some well measured kicks.
@yukuhana Anos atrás
Good eyes! I didn't see the police till you pointed out.
@user-ji1vg2wz4o Anos atrás
Отчаянные парни всегда дают сдачи
@2010hyundaielantra 4 meses atrás
2:55 and 3:16 will never stop being funny like who tf thinks these people are a threat to the world
@beepbop6697 Anos atrás
4:22 deadly Russian train crossing 😧 The car drivers knew not to trust it.
@PiotrPilinko Anos atrás
It's quite common behaviour: also in Poland: when the barrier is going up (after one train passed, signal from the second train comes a little bit later), the lights are still red - so it's not allow to drive, but due to regulations barriers CANNOT be lowered within specific amount of time (to avoid catching drivers on the rail crossing), after that time (8-13 seconds) barriers were lowered. So I don't see problem here: lights were blinking red.
@beepbop6697 Anos atrás
@@PiotrPilinko In the video, you can see the crossing arm was up and lights were off -- then a speeding train rolls by. You don't see anything wrong with that?!? It is extremely dangerous and it will get someone killed. Railroad crossings in the US work properly and would have the crossing arm down well before any train comes through the intersection.
@PiotrPilinko Anos atrás
@@beepbop6697 You are right: lights stop blinking for 2 seconds while the arm is up. This is abnormal.
@geoh7777 Anos atrás
@@PiotrPilinko The problem for the U.S. is that Poles are smarter than U.S. drivers.
I love russian humor, always a hoot!
@user-jy8vw5rr7k Anos atrás
Wellcome to Russia ☺
@user-pq3yz3tu4b Anos atrás
Go to russia
@juSTea_ Anos atrás
Some videos need subtitles to better understand the whole situation😆 You made my day Failarmy 🤣
@Gayalert69 2 meses atrás
The taxi driver at 1.58 is an absolute star!
@matthewpaul7539 Anos atrás
Love the "no one was harmed" when clearly people where harmed
@j03lw4rn6 3 meses atrás
7:51 had me for a sec lol💀
@jindrasmutny4181 Anos atrás
1:58 😂😂😂😂😂 greatest taxi driver I have ever seen
@0nt4rget Anos atrás
These aren't fails... they're 'special civilian operations'.
@camugnas Anos atrás
Best comment ever! 🎩👌
@danilodanilo545 3 meses atrás
@garymahony2844 Anos atrás
The guys going down the river was hilarious.... It was like an ice Taxi 🤣
@user-np7sp7te2r Anos atrás
В соседнее село едут просто
@ojjuiceman Anos atrás
1:30 buddy saved his buddies life. Good for him
Only thing bad about this awesome video is lack of subtitles 😅 I would love to know what these crazy people are actually saying. 😂
@lukashman538 Anos atrás
Usually it's "f@ck" in many interpretation =) And when the crane was working, the man asked how much the car weighs. Я от смеха чуть завтраком не подавился =)
@david672orford Anos atrás
At 3:00 the driver shouts to the mechanic "Hey, there's no brakes!" I can't make out what is said to the men on the ice floa at 4:45, but on of them responds, "this way is cheaper." The cameraman asks, "Where is the next stop?" to which they reply, "there is a dam over there." The cameraman says, "Ah, ok." At 5:55 as the tree is cracking they shout "Leave! Leave! The table! The table!"
@mr.napkin7405 9 meses atrás
7:25 "It would be a shame if you fall in the last moment"
@dennyluu1282 Anos atrás
10:05 how did so many race cars fall for that curve?!?! 🤣🤣
@DanArnets1492 Anos atrás
It's a rallying stage so there are TWO possible causes: · In some rallies, the organization gives you how sharp each corner is. They might've fucked up and had written the corner is way faster than it is. · In most rallies, the teams travel the stages at very low speeds 1-2 weeks before and write the corner notes themselves. Since it's a dirt road, it's possible the conditions were very different before the stage (organizers tend to smooth dirt roads before a competition) and the corner is suddenly off-camber instead of flat, for example.
@Redstoneprofi01 Anos atrás
That guy escaping from police was hilarious, how did they forgot to lock the door? :D
@user-op7yo1oz2b Anos atrás
Запрещено инструкцией по перевозке людей, чтобы в случае аварии можно было бы покинуть машину. Но один из полицейских должен был сидеть в кабине, на что часто забивают болт, потому как там довольно душно и частенько воняет после доставки бухого тела в отделение полиции)))
@flipflopping Anos atrás
This has got to be one of the funniest Fail Army videos ever....just excellent!
@TitEgorovich 12 dias atrás
Когда падал лёд с крыши и козырёк выдержал удар, это респект строителям.
@poppys34 Anos atrás
Damn. Fail Army research and verification team was working OVERTIME on this one with their interviewing and confirmation of no one being harmed. I guess them Russians are just built different because many of these would have harmed me.
its a huge zoological garden with wild animals, they need to be protected from the whole world and watch these wild funny creatures
@rohitkothari3890 11 meses atrás
They are not fails. They are Special Driving Operations.
@jcx5663 Anos atrás
she could've pulled the emergency break at any moment between rolling out of the garage, parking lot, grass, and finally into the river haha.
She screams that breaks are not working
@johnjanssens8998 Anos atrás
@@alexandrasergeeva3328 That feature costs extra.
@jcx5663 Anos atrás
@@alexandrasergeeva3328 ohhhh
@franck3279 Anos atrás
@@alexandrasergeeva3328 Maybe, but she normaly has another brake in the car. Bottom line is that people, dumb or not, are focussing on a single obvious solution when they start panicking.
@aisantonov Anos atrás
@@alexandrasergeeva3328 the hand break is secondary system without hydraulics, designed for exact these cases.
@unchained81 Anos atrás
Motorcycle vs car, I don't believe no one was hurt. The lady face planted pretty hard!
@joblessbum7 Anos atrás
I think he ment no one was killed. She was clearly hurt
@skyex5047 Anos atrás
The video says "no one was harmed". So obviously she must have been sleeping or something.
@Markus_Andrew Anos atrás
She's wearing a full-face helmet, which would have protected her face. The road rash she probably got on her arms and knees is a different matter. I've seen skin scoured down to the muscle, even when it wasn't a fast slide. I believe investing in proper riding leathers is preferable to getting skin grafts, but that's just me.
@mumbles215 Anos atrás
I think she got knocked out. She was still.
@ronaldoswald1942 Anos atrás
She broke her leg.
@lizardog Anos atrás
Trucker driving the cement mixer is an absolute hero.
I've been laughing for literally 20 minutes because of the skies
@superdrinkerb6432 Anos atrás
01:58 The most priceless moment...the taxi driver threw out the "garbage" 😁😈
@marcohueber5130 3 meses atrás
3:49 "We do a little trolling" 4:21 "We actually do moderate amounts of trolling"
6:28 I had the same reaction as the camera guy 😂
Jeez, some of these are absolutely harrowing. That child almost hit by a car made me scream out loud.
@davidrobinson4118 Anos atrás
Absolutely zero parental awareness. Some people shouldn't be allowed to breed.
@jemdragons3120 Anos atrás
That was a nightmare. Even though it caused a crash the driver did a great job at avoiding them
@daysofgreenday65 Anos atrás
Man, this compilation is completely nuts! Like people have said though, that taxi driver was great 😀
You can’t drift a rail car, Boris! BORIS: Hold my vodka!
@sl1va515 10 meses atrás
bro I can say that it’s a stereotype about vodka no Russians sometimes even drink it a lot in my 15 years (like me "but I don’t drink and won’t drink anymore") but the fact that everyone walks with a bottle is not true although sometimes it’s funny to read stories from a reddit about it 
@dblissmn 9 meses atrás
The guy on roller skis at 1:44 is something I've seen a fair bit in northern Minnesota. Difference there versus Russia is, a six to ten foot shoulder means they don't need a sag vehicle to block traffic.
@nickh5081 Anos atrás
2:10 That cab driver dumped a WAY bigger pile of trash on the side of the road than his passenger did!
@jeffadams4590 Anos atrás
Yes, or in Russian : " Da" or " да "
@leechen5516 Anos atrás
BMW taxi driver is a legend and almost did a burnout, good job 👏
@seanriopel3132 Anos atrás
Crazy how in the first clip he completely avoided the car right in front of him but ended up taking out the one in front of that one and another to the side.... and the telephone pole!
@brianfreeman8290 Anos atrás
'No one was harmed' I couldn't care less, but the axe at 0.20 sent me across the room !
@christansell8755 Anos atrás
If it doesn't say "No-one was harmed", did everyone get harmed, or just some? How will I know? Either do it, or don't do it, don't "sort-of" do it.
@aprilfoolsE-144 7 meses atrás
@curlymike Anos atrás
That quick evasive maneuver at the very beginning was a blast. Do you know that the Dodge in front of the Range Rover is not really a Dodge but Volga Siber? He did dodge the obstacle though =)
@billolsen4360 Anos atrás
Dodged instead of Rammed, eh?
Big big pity that they all didn't crash onto each other. That's the real fail.
@barbarapettry6817 Anos atrás
@@billolsen4360 Good One 🏆
@billolsen4360 Anos atrás
@@barbarapettry6817 🙂
@sableliger327 10 meses atrás
I love how the taxi driver just chucked the drunk guy out.
@user-yg2dv4cp4t Mês atrás
С чего вы взяли сторон пьяный?
@failarmy Anos atrás
If you like this video check out more in our series of 'idiots around the world'. 'Aussies being idiots' :
@niktimes3 Anos atrás
If nobody was hurt it on it must be true because his psychic ability is perfect!
@niktimes3 Anos atrás
@Klara long live Ukraine 🇺🇦
@springdiet6548 Anos atrás
The intro is just epic and this whole video sums up everything you need to know about Russians on road, at work and in life in general.
@toshiroyamada2443 Anos atrás
Okay okay, that taxi driving throwing him out after throwing the bottle was funny
@-SundayWolf Anos atrás
I find that passenger much more attractive - absolutely my type of a man!
@robskyle Anos atrás
That driving instructor was pissed because you're not supposed to start drinking and driving until after you've bought your license.
@shaneanderson1036 Anos atrás
These are the best fail vids ever . Keep ‘em coming . Australians love ‘em
@sotamar1 3 meses atrás
Хорошо смеётся тот, кто смеётся последним.
@pankracy7217 Anos atrás
Russia is a state of mind 😂
@demonmechanik Anos atrás
@Ludicross_Lucid Anos atrás
of soul.
That axe throw damn near made me drop my phone.
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