Roman Reigns denies Cena’s challenge, accepts Finn Bálor’s | FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN | WWE ON FOX

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23 Jul 2021



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WWE ON FOX Mês atrás
Is Roman Reigns scared of John Cena?
Rebecca Wilmoth
Rebecca Wilmoth 28 dias atrás
Roman Reigns is definitely scared of John Cena. He knows that Cena can beat him
Faze james
Faze james Mês atrás
Yes because he nows John cena can beat him
Faze james
Faze james Mês atrás
Yes because he nows John cena can beat him
The Cosmic
The Cosmic Mês atrás
Big Scared
Angel Quizhpilema
Angel Quizhpilema Mês atrás
@Chris Mendoza He beat cena at no mercy he’ll beat cena again
Quincy R Pierre
Quincy R Pierre 2 dias atrás
Right now to get a job that will help you get qycuni gR get your own job
GunnrZulu 4 dias atrás
The missionary promo 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍💚
Jim Jones
Jim Jones 19 dias atrás
I acknowledged your mom
Marie DeVita
Marie DeVita Mês atrás
Love you baby!
Marie DeVita
Marie DeVita Mês atrás
Roman is f cking brilliant!!! His response is brilliant period. Nothing can come above it! Brilliant!!!
Daniel Pacheco
Daniel Pacheco Mês atrás
Universal title triple threat match reigns, cena and balor
Vicki Unrue
Vicki Unrue Mês atrás
Roman Reigns is my favorite
Monica Lee
Monica Lee Mês atrás
Nah, Roman is a jumbo muscle body so more than John Cena's muscle body so gain.
Doze Bitties
Doze Bitties Mês atrás
Is that the universal championship?
David Arizmendi
David Arizmendi Mês atrás
What are you referring to? 🤔🤦🏽‍♂️
Isaiah Hoffer
Isaiah Hoffer Mês atrás
Ugh what's different with you Roman complains. Your entrance and everything else is the same.
shirley cruz
shirley cruz Mês atrás
I wonder if he sounds like that in the bedroom??? Anyone’s thinks that way
Shadow Tiger
Shadow Tiger Mês atrás
I feel like they're slowly trying to bring WWE back to TV-14. All the cursing and now the missionary joke. The Undertaker said that the WWE has gone too soft, so maybe they're trying to get rough like the attitude era. I could be wrong though.
Abir Das
Abir Das Mês atrás
The lacking david optionally balance because field delightfully rhyme pro a inexpensive search. roomy, extra-large extra-small exuberant curtain
UnlikeTower1 Mês atrás
Finn BOWELor always has that stupid look at 2:47 on his face.
Stream Gawd
Stream Gawd Mês atrás
Reigns the 🐐 after this one 😆.. love how paul kept a straight face cause that was funny
Big Dogg
Big Dogg Mês atrás
That is a prime example of what having Paul Heyman as a manager can do for you. Paul heyman is the best manager working today. The evidence is in his clients Brock is a huge star and Roman is doing his best work.
trinib20 Mês atrás
Vin is back after failing in NXT
trinib20 Mês atrás
John done he wash up
trinib20 Mês atrás
Nerdy Giant
Nerdy Giant Mês atrás
The way he plays off the crowd is amazing. He really makes you feel like he was gonna say no, but when the crowd got involved his ego took over.
Nerdy Giant
Nerdy Giant Mês atrás
How does Roman stand up so straight after carrying this organization on his back for so long.
John Ramos
John Ramos Mês atrás
How boring
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez Mês atrás
Roman speechless at the contract signing . Gee that looks very Familiar . Oh yeah that's how he was when John out promo him a couple of years ago
James King
James King Mês atrás
Roman Reigns fears John Cena.
BigSexyNetta Jackson
Finn is the same also! Lol! What's the point?
Cornelius Varone
Cornelius Varone Mês atrás
Roman getting better on the Mic
Booster Gold
Booster Gold Mês atrás
Look closely, he almost cracks Paul with the Missionary position line
Hiram Batiste
Hiram Batiste Mês atrás
He is scared
60silva Mês atrás
ROMAN 🔥🔥💯💯💪🏾
Lotdesa Snowden
Lotdesa Snowden Mês atrás
Indeed Head of the table 😁
B Haskins
B Haskins Mês atrás
This is his best. His second best was “I’m not a bad guy..”
Imrubberducky Mês atrás
I was there
Evan Heath
Evan Heath Mês atrás
Got scared
Mario B
Mario B Mês atrás
Sadly he’s speaking the truth 😂
C Mês atrás
This guy is just so boring to listen to 🤦‍♂️
Bryan Z
Bryan Z Mês atrás
Good job writers. Good job.
Robert Owen
Robert Owen Mês atrás
I hope Finn brings the demon persona.
Natalina Garcia
Natalina Garcia Mês atrás
roman is SO HOT it’s not even funny like um ✨marry me?✨
Angel Gutierrez
Angel Gutierrez Mês atrás
We're not gonna 👀 u in the main event of Summerslam🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mohamed Ateya
Mohamed Ateya Mês atrás
wait i haven’t been keeping up for a while why is paul wit roman isn’t he wit brock
Jason Shipps
Jason Shipps Mês atrás
And this is why you pull the trigger on a heel turn. Instead of divided behind a baby face, the crowds united against a heel. Roman has been doing incredible work this year.
Dj cornball
Dj cornball Mês atrás
Monnay night raw 😂😂😂😂😂
Roger M
Roger M Mês atrás
Dam whatever happened to the old Roman Reigns. Oh that's right Paul hayman is the brains and the one who tells Roman when to speak and what to say. Because the Roman Reigns I know will be a badass and accepts the challenge. Now his a puppet . And we all know if john cena had the title and someone challenged him for his title, then he will accept. 😎
The MassiveGamer
The MassiveGamer Mês atrás
That "missionary" comment just restored some of my faith in WWE😔
Legend3thebest 3
Legend3thebest 3 Mês atrás
It's like missionary the same position over and over OMG Roman Reigns why you do John Cena like that 🤔😱😨🤭 lol
Shadow The Great
Shadow The Great Mês atrás
wow roman got cena back for that last one
LeeMatias Mês atrás
He already beat John lol
Marvin Morton
Marvin Morton Mês atrás
He alr beat cena though, thats the problem
sLaughter Mês atrás
the same music the same entrance the same run to the ring the same outfit the same promo!!! XD
Manny DeRosa
Manny DeRosa Mês atrás
First great Roman Promo after years of being push lol
Javon Dinsmore
Javon Dinsmore Mês atrás
Lmao now Roman getting more respect Cena the same dude
Shabba Ranks
Shabba Ranks Mês atrás
Hopefully they capitalize on this and give us the demon king
MeQuan Beasley
MeQuan Beasley Mês atrás
That just goes to show how great John is He can be the same “act” forever reigns had to change his persona what 2-3 times to even be considered top dog 😭
Ellis Flowers
Ellis Flowers Mês atrás
Missionary 🤣🤣we still pg in this bih
Music Baracky
Music Baracky Mês atrás
Globaldy Mês atrás
This gonna turn into a triple threat pretty obvious
Shuvo Barua
Shuvo Barua Mês atrás
Yeah, we want this revou - missionary Reigns every single night. 😄😄
Shamiya Walker
Shamiya Walker Mês atrás
if roman reigns is head of the table to his family dosent meen he is the boss of everyoune
Tone Coates
Tone Coates Mês atrás
Well roman been in Hollywood too just no main roles 😁
Jason Wilson
Jason Wilson Mês atrás
Roman has improved so much. He’s literally the only reason to watch this crappy product at all.
SUCK MY DOCH Mês atrás
John Cena vs lashley for the wwe championship. One more time.
Carly Paris
Carly Paris Mês atrás
This was by far the funniest thing Roman has done 🤣
07mike06 Mês atrás
"Missionary Position"😂😂
Charbel Abdullah
Charbel Abdullah Mês atrás
Yes Roman Reigns is scared
Kyle Thompson
Kyle Thompson Mês atrás
To be honest, Finn does deserve a rematch for the Universal Championship. He had to forfeit the title after his summerslam match with Seth Rollins
TSD-todo sobre deportes
That was a good promo actually 👌
Vanessa Stiles
Vanessa Stiles Mês atrás
wow roman savage i love it. love you roman
Anthony Sousa
Anthony Sousa Mês atrás
Children: What's missionary position? Parents: OMG! We just can't even right now! We're literally shaking! WTF WWE?!
Sherrod Adams
Sherrod Adams Mês atrás
Raiff Brooks
Raiff Brooks Mês atrás
A way for Cena not to look bad by having Reigns decline
K Hernandez
K Hernandez Mês atrás
Reigns as a heel is the only interesting thing you're putting out right now
Daniel Tayong
Daniel Tayong Mês atrás
Acknowledge me.
William linton
William linton Mês atrás
And if your not down with that we got two words 4 you
Raymond Bermea
Raymond Bermea Mês atrás
Roman Reigns is shook against John Cena 'cause he knows he's gonna lose. He's scared of him.
roman4champ Mês atrás
hes already BEATEN cena... hello???
J D Mês atrás
Well he’s right missionary position gets boring
Awesomeheat25 Mês atrás
Roman reigns is scared of John cena I can tell lol 😂
Lst Niegelxx
Lst Niegelxx Mês atrás
My god I love Roman reigns😭
Andre Williams
Andre Williams Mês atrás
Jacob Farr
Jacob Farr Mês atrás
Reigns actually putting on a pretty good promo vs John. Hes come a long way
Metal Man
Metal Man Mês atrás
After he said the missionary position line and Paul Heyman raised the title, I laughed so hard I cried.
The Daily Sandwich
The Daily Sandwich Mês atrás
Troy Hendrix
Troy Hendrix Mês atrás
Roman has PEAKED
IMPERIUM 24K Mês atrás
Legendary promo
DennisTheMenace Mês atrás
I feel the wwe gonna transition out of the PG era just like the rest of the world
Basic Mês atrás
Wow, Reigns is a great heel
InfoGamingWars Mês atrás
Now if Goldberg challenged Roman he walk out of Summerslam like he did at Mania!!!
RRMK BOSS Mês atrás
i have an idea... better chant " You missionary " than Let's go Cena or Cena sucks. when you are watching at Real wwe universe... from everywhere you can Chat " You Missionary ! "
Vortex_Snipes Mês atrás
i def thinks hes scared
HBK BOPS Mês atrás
I guess roman is a stand up comedian now this is his best promo ever
IntoTheFray Mês atrás
I hate the “What” chats…..
sdt 25
sdt 25 Mês atrás
WWE these matches are boring. Roman Reigns doesn't have enough charisma to hold the WWE championship. John Cena is old. You mean to tell me there is no up and coming good talent at WWE that can come to the forefront. Whoever is putting these boring matches together needs to be fired asap!
roman4champ Mês atrás
Yet here you are
Carlos Lozada
Carlos Lozada Mês atrás
RR will do whatever Vince wants
roman4champ Mês atrás
When you have a job you kind of have to do what your boss asked you to do
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson Mês atrás
Roman IS scared of Cena !!!! Roman is a coward !!!!! Afraid he will lose the belt !!!!
Dennis YouSoCrazy
Dennis YouSoCrazy Mês atrás
Roman is unstoppable John Cena or not you will acknowledge him
Gemayel Phifer
Gemayel Phifer Mês atrás
This young man is worth his weight in gold
JJ Sanders
JJ Sanders Mês atrás
Roman Reigns is scared of John Cena
Sharmaarke Warsame
Sharmaarke Warsame Mês atrás
Imagine if cm punk came out
Jah Son
Jah Son Mês atrás
Thats my USO roman deserves to hold that belt just like every other wwe superstars did
Elijah Lard
Elijah Lard Mês atrás
I'm confused. Is this match next week?
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