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Twenty-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer reflects on his 24-year professional tennis career, his emotional final doubles match with Rafael Nadal, and the time security wouldn’t let him into Wimbledon. #DailyShow #Comedy
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6 Dez 2022



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Comentários : 2,2 mil   
When Federer's last match was just done, the commentator spoke all of the fans' hearts by saying, "He did not invent the game but at times it felt as if he had." Thank you Roger and Trevor for such an amazing interview! ❤️❤️❤️
@Stormbrise Anos atrás
I cried, because there went the last gentleman out of the game. Never once seen him throw a tantrum like others. He was by far my favorite player for 2 decades +
Hands down the BEST TENNIS PLAYER. There never was anyone who played the game like Roger did and never will be. Every player aspires to be like him. Grace, beauty and athleticism personified.
@MzSavvykool Anos atrás
❤❤❤love this comment and let me add Trevor Noah invented comedy and The Daily Show 😊
@bootyshake5043 Anos atrás
@@Stormbrise Never threw a tantrum what a joke
@ahmedbebars6844 Anos atrás
@TheHarPro 11 meses atrás
That last line: “Federer is a great ambassador for human beings” That’s exactly what he is and that’s what makes him the best.
@manishshrestha2339 4 meses atrás
@saurabht09 4 meses atrás
If Novak and Nadal were not there he would have won around 40 grand slam today
@1729krish 4 meses atrás
​@saurabht09 no man, all of the big 3 needed each other for motivation.
I’m Spanish, and of course…I’m a Rafa’s fan… but I can say, on behalf of all the Spanish people. ROGER WE LOVE YOU. It’s simply impossible not to love you. Not just for your tennis, but also for your human quality. BTW, this is probably the best interview I’ve ever seen. Congrats.
Rafa is also.a.legend and him and Tony are vey kind and humbles.guys. Even if i was a Roger fan, we habe the same age, for me Rafa deserves also to be one of the Goat
@silasgrossmann5678 11 meses atrás
As im from Switzerland, and as a Roger Fan. The matches between him and Rafa were always so great. I really like that Tennis had such great Player as Player and Humans.
@fuchurZero 11 meses atrás
I like Rafa too!
@schwebor 11 meses atrás
@@silasgrossmann5678 i think rafa and roger pushed each other into another dimension. I dont really like tennis, but i loved those games between them.
@chalix1584 11 meses atrás
Roger is such a humble guy and that just makes him loved by many fans. Once he came to a restaurant where I work - during covid where we all have to show our certificate and ID to be checked in. There was a girl who was checking ID and we were all wearing a mask. She asked him for his ID which he forgot in the car even though he was recognised by many employees due to the fact that he is our regular guests. He actually went back to get his ID and once the girl noticed him she was so embarrassed and apologised many times but Roger was just a man and he acted like one. SO MUCH RESPECT for him!
@saishini 8 meses atrás
He was rejected from entering the Wimbledon during off season and he didn't make a big deal and that's roger ❤
@NetGuyMsia 7 meses atrás
I like both Federer and Nadal. When they play against each other, I root for the both of them. LOL. 😄
@jm1657 4 meses atrás
Roger’s parents clearly raised him very well, instilling in him Humility.
Roger has demonstrated on many occasions that a modest or low view of one's own importance; & a healthy dose of humbleness, outshines even the greatest talent and arrogantly superior superstar in any realm. Your quiet & graceful talent has captured our hearts & minds forever. Thank you.
@philc1884 11 meses atrás
So very well said! 👋👋
@melhunter2Chron7_14 11 meses atrás
@@philc1884 Thank you very much for the compliment. Very nice of you to let me know. Just honoring a true professional. Be well and safe. Mel
@evakovacs5340 11 meses atrás
Well put, Mel Hunter. Federer has stayed true to himself and did not try to impress or broadcast his actions or deeds. He has a natural presence and way of reacting and is not always striving to impress.
@DrMrPersonGuy 11 meses atrás
Something Djokovic and his fans never understood, as they angrily demand to be loved and wonder why people don't like their behavior.
@melhunter2Chron7_14 9 meses atrás
@@philc1884 Thank you very much for your compliment. Be well, Mel
@propjoe1060 Anos atrás
An impeccable example of a classy sportsman and human being.
@BettinaStuff 11 meses atrás
Couldn’t agree more
@socman3988 5 meses atrás
Yeap , Americans should take notes!
@sawyer7191 Anos atrás
I can’t imagine anyone else living up to this man’s grace in the sport of tennis! Regardless of title, he has so many amazing qualities that make it so beloved. Trevor said it, such a great ambassador for human beings!!
@IrisFost Anos atrás
Nadal did it
@mukulbhati8914 Anos atrás
Hey what about Afghanistan, Vietnam, Syria? Huh?
@roxy0608 Anos atrás
I love Roger. Don’t get me wrong. But, he wasn’t always this charming and gracious. I remember a time when he used to yell, curse and smash rackets the way that Novak does. The only one of the top 3 who has always remained a decent, courteous, charming and gracious is Rafa.
@sawyer7191 Anos atrás
@@roxy0608 I love Rafa! Racket smashing is not ok by my standard but the few times Roger has done that or yelled in his career connect me more with Federer as an athlete. He’s not Tsitsitpas, Medvedev, or Kyrgios. Serena smashed her rackets too but I think most spectators love to know athletes emotions to fully convict themselves rather than being overtly reserved
Federer is chill, but McEnroe set the standard for sportsmanship
@pietekoo5559 Anos atrás
Two of my favourite people of all time. Wholesome, honest and decent people. The world needs more people of integrity and stature like them.
@immortalxd6190 11 meses atrás
@kylasentes891 Anos atrás
So lucky to have seen Roger play three times. And that he was generous to give us a very special signed photo to my mom (one of his biggest fans). Watching him play literally helped my mom cope with the passing of my father, and gave us so many special family moments together. I will never forget the look of sheer joy on her face when she actually got to see him play in person. Thank you Roger. And thank you Noah!
@airkuna 7 meses atrás
He played more than 3 times! And who is Noah?!
@ElliottPiano Anos atrás
At last a talkshow where everything isn't staged and the conversation is natural That's really great
@criticsatlarge0073 10 meses atrás
This is why I like Prince Harry. The rest of the British Monarchy is a joke. Harry and Federer forever
@deeshan9844 5 meses atrás
I just keep imagining if this was on Jimmy Fallon, he would be laughing non-stop, yelling, banging his hand on the desk. Such a different atmosphere lol
You just can't help smiling through the whole interview. Thank you for everything, Mr Federer!
@RG-ja34sep 11 meses atrás
In terms of his incredible abilities and skills, legendary records, inspirational positive attitude, personality, professionalism, and his on and off court behaviour, Roger is surely the greatest sports professional personality of all time!
@gracep1370 Anos atrás
This is the first time I've seen Trevor genuinely fangirl over his guest and I loved every minute of it. Amazing men. Everything Trevor said about Roger is absolutely true: class act, humble, true goat.
@Gwen3344 Anos atrás
Trevor really needed to tone it down - a lot! Normally, an excellent interviewer, he allowed his enthusiasm to get away from him to the point of undermining Roger by asking over-long questions, interruptions and needlessly aggrandizing Roger, not just Roger's career, but his character. I found the interview annoying; too much Trevor, not enough Roger.
@peteschnall2605 Anos atrás
@@Gwen3344 m
@deejayp9668 Anos atrás
Try "fanBOY" next time. I KNOW all of the AI man-made, serving-women like Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Sophia etc, etc., etc. have ALL been PURSPOSE-CRAFTED to be "female." But...MEN actually do SOME of the "simp-stuff" in real life, TOO.
@pareshmathew1596 Anos atrás
Also for the fact that he is half Swiss and fed is probably the greatest Swiss person of all time or most well know, it can happen.
@@pareshmathew1596 they both have a Swiss German father and a South African Mother
@stevewise1656 Anos atrás
Classiest athlete ever and there will never be another Roger Federer in tennis. If he was on you had to watch, because he made the sport both incredibly athletic and beautiful at the same time. He's beloved because of his humility and self-awareness.
@louiep9295 Anos atrás
That Wimbledon security guard story is hilarious. If that could happen to somebody like Roger Federer and did not take any offense from it, who are we to make any fuss if it happens to us? What a great man!
@tside1trick812 Anos atrás
I would love to know if the Wimbledon security guard ever realized afterwards that it was Roger or if she's been able to see this interview. That would be a hilarious story to tell 😂
@hp5837 10 meses atrás
A guard at Wimbledon should know Federer...Or she was being a jobsworth who isn't a Federer fan!
@andreassauer2762 10 meses atrás
She was fired! 😂
@nathanlatham5651 7 meses atrás
He told her he won the tournament eight times, she knew who he was
He smiles throughout the whole show and that is what I love about him.
@thehater2091 4 meses atrás
Real swiss guys always smiles like that
@Dave_perry Anos atrás
What a blessed human being. He's simply the greatest sportsman of all times. I still cannot fathom the fact he's retired.
@philsarkol6443 8 meses atrás
I once saw Sampras playing serve volley game, thinking it could not be matched by anyone. A year or so later up comes this young man, playing the most beautifull game of tennis, with wich he has graced us all in astonishement, jaw dropping style of play. Federer the GOAT of tennis!!!
@chivichivina Anos atrás
i'm not gonna lie, I cried when he talk about the last match with Rafa. Amazing interview, love how smooth is was. Roger forever the best ❤
@noahmwape3868 11 meses atrás
I couldn't stop Smiling through out the video 😌 Roger is just an amazing human being.
@deepulse9752 11 meses atrás
Pure class. Somehow forgot to check on him for a long time since his retirement but every appearance is just so well planned and delivered. The guy's a natural.
@nikolaokic6071 Anos atrás
Being an emotional person sport has made me cry a few times but never quite so emphatically as on the night he retired. I literally wept all throughout the ceremony. Federer ♥️
@flash012234 Anos atrás
Tennis will never be the same without him :(
@leodog5614 Anos atrás
What a wonderful human being. He must have had great parents. We’re lucky to have experienced him.
@markprinsloo4258 Anos atrás
Both their moms are South African and Dads are Swiss!
@@markprinsloo4258 Awesome!
@mark prinsloo Same here. And I love SA more than anything ❤️🇿🇦 Greetings from Switzerland 🇨🇭
@solidmercury1 Anos atrás
Planet of 🎾 👏👏👏👏👏
@sophocles8761 Anos atrás
They never pushed him he was completely self driven and in his youth when he behaved badly they would not have thought twice about taking him out of the game - they always valued decency over winning - yep he had great parents
@renegadeoffunk32 Anos atrás
The story of him not wanting to brag about his records to get into the Wimbledon compound just resonates with me so much. When I was in my 20s I used to work for the son of a Billionaire, and the family had businesses and schools all across the UK. Once we were entering one of their family schools and the receptionist asked politely who we were (in order to get through the entrance) and without a hesitation, my boss said "I'm Michael A*******, my name is on the building". And although it was on the hand, slightly comical, I remember the receptionist was very put off for his brashness. A lit of humbleness goes a long way in life.
@elizabethwelch818 Anos atrás
I've always loved Roger. He's the whole package. He'll always be number one in my opinion.
@evakovacs5340 7 meses atrás
What Roger accomplished and how he did it mark him forever as a best ever tennis player, and there is no shortage of great players in tennis history. Watching Federer play brings the realization that his attacking style, always forward moving, his shot-making, all the ball-handling skills and the footspeed, coupled with a preternatural sense of the court's geometry depicts him as a champion like no other. He is a marker for what the best in tennis can be.
@davidmartinek1493 4 meses atrás
He's all class. What an ambassador. What a role model.
@dark.fantacy Anos atrás
Miss you Roger . . . you have always been an inspiration and emotion for everyone in and out of the sports world. loved watching your games throughout. I am glad to be alive at the times of you and Rafa and Djokovic.
@HugoZupan Anos atrás
Man the chemistry between this two.... Amazing. I have never seen more genuine interview in my life ❤
@smkabra Anos atrás
How often does a 22 mins interview feels like too short! Elegance in everything Roger does and who can be a better interviewer than Trevor. Thank you for a wonderful interview.
@asemark2678 Anos atrás
@sathappan 11 meses atrás
What a legend - so aspirational. Excellence with humility and a sense of humor. If that isn't a formula to win life, I don't know what is
@0308372 10 meses atrás
The one and only Roger. How we miss him on the tennis court!
@pai6725 Anos atrás
A role model and a legend…What humbleness❤
This is the sweetest and genuine interview from Noah and Roger. Love! Love it!
I had the fortune to attend a final at Miami between Roger and Rafa . 5 sets Roger was down 2 sets and then Roger was Roger. Will never forget that day, that game and the GOAT and the Goat.
@madisontrow8064 Anos atrás
Fed was the very first athlete I was able to recognize and look up to as a kid. I admired his grace and humbleness both on and off the court. As successful and great as he was (and still is) he has never been disrespectful. He is truly the GOAT
@bjornsantens3929 Anos atrás
Although I wholeheartedly agree...the same can be said about Rafa
@TheRafaelBond Anos atrás
probably not the GOAT. No need to harp on that.
@madisontrow8064 Anos atrás
@@TheRafaelBond you’re a ray of sunshine aren’t you?
@keithwatson7434 Anos atrás
TOAT. Third of All Time. That's what Federer is.
@initialize21 Anos atrás
@@keithwatson7434 nope, Federer is indeed the GOAT. He has a higher peak than Djokovic and Nadal. And I say this as a Serbian!
@silviaverrone-newton555 11 meses atrás
Love this man! Legend on and off the courts! I am so happy that my father was alive to see Fed (his favorite athlete of all time) win every one of his Slams. Fed was our favorite topic to chat about and some of the greatest memories of my father and I were watching his matches. My late dad would have also loved this interview. Thank you, Federer, for all the happiness you brought to our family and countless others around the world! ♥️
@ajaysridharan Anos atrás
Pure joy! Two of the best in their fields…And great people. You can tell that everything just flows from their hearts. You lift others up by being your best most authentic self around them.
@huguetterion3518 Anos atrás
Roger Federer est un seigneur non seulement pour le tennis mais dans sa vie. Bravo et merci de donner l'exemple. Et vive la Suisse 🇨🇭
@jordanabeaulieu2530 11 meses atrás
Je suis tout à fait d'accord avec vous. Quelle classe!!
@lacko223 Anos atrás
You just can't help smiling through the whole interview. Thank you for everything, Mr Federer! 🥲
@@omi_god memories, emotions, inspiration, entertainment, joy, pain, anger, smiles, tears... And much more.
Smiling?? I had tears all through it
Exactly! It was so moving and light hearted, had a smile on my face all the time!
@lacko223 Anos atrás
@@omi_god things that your mom and dad apparently haven't given much of to you.
@AshleyKarys Anos atrás
@@miroslavjanecek9993 Definitely all those things! Agreed. Thank you, Mr. Federer.
@gwgwgwgw1854 7 meses atrás
Roger Federer is my favorite athlete and an inspiring human being.
You can tell how honoured and excited Trevor Noah was to conduct this interview. This shows why he is considered by many as the greatest, as IMO true sporting legends are more than just about how many trophies they have won.
@Nicflame88 Anos atrás
Roger Federer is just a force to reckon with! It's hard to imagine this level of humility and this much achievement/fame living in the same body! He'd always be loved! Always!
@dennyc4135 Anos atrás
Exactly... he is very humble n fun human being. Amazing
@hasselett Anos atrás
He's like Messi in that way.
@kanga66prso 11 meses atrás
brilliant interview indeed. Not just full of talent and achievements in tennis, but what a man: so balanced, driven, humble!
@ramytoubar8254 11 meses atrás
I am a huge fan of Roger Federer. I would definitely miss his graceful moves on the court but I am also happy that he is focusing on his family now. Trevor thank you for doing this interview. You did an excellent job. More power to both of you.
@EdsonNascimentoEN Anos atrás
Wow, not only a great tennis player a legend that inspired so many but also a charming man and an amazing human being. Thanks, Roger for coaching us in so many ways.
Roger Federer is the personification of class, humility and grace.the fact that he enjoys this camaraderie with his biggest rivals speaks volumes of the man he is.his relationship with Rafa is testament to the greatness of both.their ability to rise above their professional rivalry and not allow it to impact upon their relationship outside the sport speaks volumes about both their characters
So proud to be Swiss, to have such an amazing, classy and humble person Like RF, TO BE ONE OF THE GREATEST SPORTMAN IN THE TENNIS CIRCUIT. Bravo Roger...HOP SCHWEIZ!
@donnalum4413 Anos atrás
I was lucky enough to be at the Laver Cup for that last match playing doubles with Nadal. I flew 8,000 miles to London just for this, and it was worth it. Everyone was crying and it was so emotional and bittersweet. I've been a fan of Roger's for so many years and so much of my life has been watching his matches. There will never be another tennis player who is so beloved for all he is and does.
@wha7127 Anos atrás
Watching that match was one of the best things I’ve seen in my life, can’t imagine being there!! ❤️
@nirupam89 11 meses atrás
Best moment of my life to be there
@GoDawgs18 11 meses atrás
Watching on TV was emotional watching them fall short
@naciye123 11 meses atrás
Lucky lucky you.
@BettinaStuff 11 meses atrás
That’s so cool you got to be there!
@SElmore17 5 meses atrás
Roger is a class act and will be missed.
I was lucky enough to see Fed play in Cincinnati several years in a row. It is impossible to describe the athleticism of the way he moved around the court.
@graemematamua4547 Anos atrás
the way trevor Noah opened up the interview was straight fire, dude is a killer interviewer man he’s gonna be missed
@CoreyTheKnapper 11 meses atrás
This is a top-5 interview of Trevor's whole run, amazing.
@vaithehell 10 meses atrás
He is the biggest inspiration for me, I've been supporting/watching him since Wimbledon 2001 when he beat Sampras. I have lived and died every match ever since, I have loved Roger for 20 plus years. I wish him and his lovely family all the love and best in this world. #RForever
@ThisisSahar Anos atrás
That story of him going to Wimbledon had me rolling on the floor 🤣🤣🤣 “please I won this tournament 8 times 🥺” 🤣🤣🤣 Not only do I enjoy seeing him play on courts, but I always love listening to him talk during interviews! Classy and down to earth, as usual!! ❤ Also, I can’t believe it’s the end of an era for Roger and tennis AND also for Trevor and the daily show! That’s the best wrap up interview we could ever have!! 👏🏻
@votdfak Anos atrás
and he lost three finals vs the GOAT...
@@votdfak you are funny 🤣
@cavaalli Anos atrás
the same happened to nadal in rolland garros💀 it is even on video
@WiredDragon-fm6sy Anos atrás
I was bawling during the scene of his retirement ceremony. Will never forget
@aparajitaxyz 11 meses atrás
Humility...i mean everything Roger says from the word go, is just oozing of this quality. Such simplicity. Enjoying the moment, enjoying the game is another beautiful quality he talks of. Real sportsmen have these qualities i guess, you become larger than life.
@sofiarays Anos atrás
Talented, intelligent and fun. A class act. The GOAT!
@BettinaStuff 11 meses atrás
And an entrepreneur!
@msscrazybuthappy Anos atrás
Quisiera que esta entrevista siguiera para siempre. Es mi ídolo.
Roger you are the MOST loved athlete! And you deserve it all
Roger getting chocked up while talking about asking Rafa to play dubs with him is so amazing. I think I big a reason why fans adore Roger isn’t so much about his records or even his game. It’s the emotions he showed whether he won or lost without pride. He’d cry when he won, he’d cry when he lost without any shame. He was the epitome of a sport that, just like any other, is full of hyper masculinity. Being tough and self assured is the standard. He would be vulnerable in the eyes of millions and not for a minute care about his image as a man. And that endeared him to so many and not once did anyone think less of him as a male athlete. I think every male athlete should look to him as an example of a peRFect competitor.
@surajjadhav6709 Anos atrás
Very well written 😀
@fionatsang9353 Anos atrás
Very well said! I think one of the reasons his fans love Federer so much is his lack of ego. A lot of his detractors see his surface-level elegance and manners and label him as stuck up; but he's so much more than the impression people first see. I think Federer, for all his class and style, is a genuine person who cares less about how he looks and more about who he is, the difference he can make, what he can achieve and how his actions effect others. He actually has a great sense of humour and isn't afraid to look a little silly at times; he expresses what he feels as he feels it, is diplomatic and polite because he wants to be no because it suits his image, makes an effort to give back to charity and express his gratitude to his fans when no one would blame him for skipping those things so he can spend all his time soaking up his success. All the things we admire about him - the grace, humility, generosity - are not a carefully created persona, but just the biproducts of him being intrinsically who he is - or at least the best version of himself he can be, which is what he always gives to his fans, everyone on the tennis tour, and even his rivals.
@sleepyjoe9267 Anos atrás
Federer has zero records left to his name.
@fionatsang9353 Anos atrás
@@sleepyjoe9267 well, he still has the record of being voted the ATP Fan Favourite for 19 successive years since 2003; and has won a record number (13) of Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Awards, voted for by the players and given to one who has conducted himself at the highest level of professionalism and integrity throughout the year. I have the feeling those two records will mean more to Federer than any others in his career! Still, he also apparently holds records for most Grand Slam semi-finals (46) and quarter-finals (58). Not bad for a player whose only accolade for the first 5 years of his pro career was 'most talented player to not have a GS' and was already thrilled with his career achievements after winning just one Wimbledon ;P
@maedotmedia2123 11 meses atrás
What a wonderful personality! Not only is he a hero, but he also has a wonderful spirit. We adore you,Roger Federer!
@Queenvenus73 Anos atrás
Roger Federer, the man of quality and skill. Committed sportsman to the game he represents. Forget how many grandslams he got, but his appearance in the court was a inspiration for the spectators . Thank you GOAT.❤🥰🥰🥰🥰
What a champ. What a gentleman. Long life, Roger! 🎩
@alfonsoalegria4929 10 meses atrás
Una persona admirada por lo grande que ha sido y querida por todo el mundo
@aqua_sand864 Anos atrás
My love for Federer increases multi folds when I listen to him off the tennis courts!! He is my inspiration and a person to look upto whole my life!!
@damienlee927 Anos atrás
A great ambassador for human being. I think this is the most fitting description of Roger Federer
@kakashihatake1029 Anos atrás
*Loses* *Says opponent gave up and hit a lucky shot which allowed him to win*
@moonshine8255 5 meses atrás
@kakashihatake1029 5 meses atrás
@@moonshine8255 just explaining what Federer said
@hashirak8487 Anos atrás
The humbleness of this person knows no bounds. Thank you for being who you are Mr Federer.
@nancydulz1533 11 meses atrás
As a long time tennis player he is by far my favorite of all time. His greatness on the court speaks for itself and in addition he is everything a professional athlete should be off the court- humble, gracious, devoted family man, giving back through his philanthropy- a total class act. We will all miss him on the court but am excited to see where he goes from here- we love you Roger❤️
@TheGreyj Anos atrás
He is as close to being a perfect human as there could be one! Incredible guy!
@sonshut4428 10 meses atrás
you can feel the joy and the respect trevor has
@jaimelacayoc.2173 Anos atrás
I'm SO glad to have lived in the same lifetime as him, reading about him 80 years from now wouldn't have been the same.
Federer is a man with CLASS!! 🤗
Yes we know
@mafiooato7233 Anos atrás
Still Nadal and djokovic made him cry like a spoil child,it was so satisfying.
@evakovacs5340 Anos atrás
@@mafiooato7233 what you say is so foolish.
@@mafiooato7233 You're the only spoilt child here for making a comment like that.
@mafiooato7233 Anos atrás
@@evakovacs5340 the truth hurt?
@tonyvu9366 4 meses atrás
true class, and forever a legend. truly deserving of all his success.
@balaramsprasad Anos atrás
How do you define humbleness? Watch Roger Federer interviews. 🐐 👑❤️ Probably the best ever athlete in the history of any game. Down to earth, Honest, Humble and the list goes on. A career spanning 20+ incredible years staying on top of the game, no controversies, an icon for the coming generations. Just impeccable.
@hymansahak181 Anos atrás
I saw him in 2007 and 2017. After the matches, he was signing autographs and taking pictures. The crowd was just in awe.
@ermiasmerkazion2167 11 meses atrás
Down to earth,humble and mental strong.
@MM-hi Anos atrás
Legend, so well spoken, I wish him the best retirement, one of the best athletes i've had the privilege of watching!
@sup9542 Anos atrás
Awesome interview. Best interview I’ve seen Trevor Noah do. Federer is unique in that he’s wildly charismatic without trying to be at all.
@abrock4052 Anos atrás
@paultelles9914 11 meses atrás
Je ne me lasserai jamais de l'écouter, être attentivement. Cet homme humble, drôle et intelligent, à la voix douce et grave en même temps, est juste trop parfait, c'est fou. Je l'aimais, je l'aime et je l'aimerais.
@erip7649 Mês atrás
I miss his presence so much in the courts 😭😭 such a graceful human being!
@Nurg1982 Anos atrás
That was an amazing interview, thank you Trevor and The Daily Show. I have to say, Trev, you'll be missed for these types of interviews alone!
@amiprasis Anos atrás
"Thank you for being the great ambassador for human beings " Bang on Travor 👏👏
@peterfang51 Anos atrás
Amazing interview with one of the greatest athletes of all time. One minor gripe: Trevor got the number of Grand Slams wrong... Rafa has 22 and Novak has 21.
@sjfkriensm Anos atrás
Copaceanu Ionut Bobi He chose not to play
@ethanespina2528 Anos atrás
If he really wanted to play, he would have played. He chose not to for personal reasons and that's that.
@ethanespina2528 11 meses atrás
@Copaceanu Ionut Bobi idk seems to me he chose to keep his principles of not wanting the vaccine and was willing to let go of his ability to play. Fair or not, australia as a country decided and gave him a choice. If he wanted to come in, he knew what he had to do and he did not do what was needed to come in. You can argue whether it was fair or not but ultimately he was given two choices and he made his choice.
@amitkar5316 Anos atrás
I've had the great fortune of meeting Roger Federer twice and I can tell you he's every bit as genuine, humble and affable when conversing with a single stranger as he is on camera with millions watching - he's real. And for nearly 300 weeks - covering 2004-2009 and most of 2017 - he played a level of tennis no one else has matched. Rafa and Novak are breaking his records in their way - and it is great to see how happy Roger is for them (as we all should be) - but even they will tell you: Federer's peak tennis was like no one else.
@dominikemme Anos atrás
That's true. Met him in Stuttgart 2018 at the mercedes cup, so much patience for the fans, always polite and very down to earth
@keithwatson7434 Anos atrás
His peak tennis is beaten by Djokovic and Nadal like no one else. That's for sure.
@amitkar5316 Anos atrás
@@keithwatson7434 Nope. That’s all.
@keithwatson7434 Anos atrás
@@amitkar5316 Exactly. A loser to Djokovic and Nadal. That's all. Thank you for agreeing.
Roger Federer is proof that being Goat does not always mean you should have the most wins , it also means defining your sport. Rafa and Novak have more slams these days , but no one defined the sport and made you fall in love with the sport more than a certain Roger Federer.
@LiamApilado Anos atrás
All my life, Federer has been playing tennis. He IS tennis to me. So many emotions to feel now that he doesn't compete anymore. I really wish we see some exhibition matches soon...
@DrJBs Anos atrás
Not a moment of fake laughter or things said just for the sake of advertising. Everyone could appreciate from the bottom of heart ❤️ Not just Swiss, sport but he is indeed one of the greatest ambassadors of humanity itself ! #RF
@benjbeck Anos atrás
Thanks for this interview, Trevor. I love your interviews and I love Roger Federer. I didn't know before, but I really needed this. Thank you, man!
@kamilafederer Anos atrás
So great interview! 👍Roger is so sweet and humble,and his story about membership card,so fun 😄miss him a lot, and hope those kind of interviews and events will be more ❤️
@GS-uy4xo Anos atrás
Roger is one of those players you never get tired of watching, straight sets or tie breaker his intensity and fluidity was magical. I wish him and his family happiness and health.
@388clancy Anos atrás
He reminds of that song "Smooth Operator" by Sade. Does anyone remember that song?
@zabindhanji Anos atrás
Two of the nicest guys, very well-spoken, humourous, and have a great rapport. Just a pleasure to watch.
@MuzikAficionado 11 meses atrás
How endearingly humble a person Federer is! It's rare to see a person of such grand stature with no ego or pride, that makes him a truly great human and sportsman in the annals of tennis history! Perhaps it's the Swiss spirit and African strong values that make Federer and Trevor stand out in the comity of great personalities of our times. Wish both of them, Fare Thee Well!
@laurindashaw6779 Anos atrás
Definitely a wonderful interview! I don’t watch tennis, but I definitely knew who Roger Federer was! It’s amazing how well Trevor is at interviewing. It was great to get to know the person, and not just the athlete, Roger Federer!
@a.gmabasa8028 11 meses atrás
This is wholesome! I really love Roger, what a man!
@kunjdave5341 Anos atrás
The greatest of all time & down to earth human being with such gentleness...oh mannn I just love him & wish him the best ❤️❤️❤️
There will never be another Federer in tennis. He was and will always be one of the greatest ambassadors for the sport. He had an aura about him on court and made the sport look way too easy for all of us watching at home-that was until we stepped on court for ourselves and tried to swing at a few! I was definitely a victim of the Fed effect!
Because his mother give birth to him alone.
@evakovacs5340 Anos atrás
@@jacquelineotto4148 what do you mean by this? Born on his own but he has a sister.
i know i am also the victim during my first swing in 2010...
@Lanacho31 Anos atrás
RF seems like such a lovely human. Wishing him all the best in this next chapter of his life.
@ProSpyy Anos atrás
Loved that interview! Roger is the best, and Trevor is matching the energy 🙌
@Lukas-kh5gu Anos atrás
amazing how the guest‘s not getting interrupted and is able to speak freely - so rare with US interviews..
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