Rodgers & Brady are both living legends, but Brady wins NFC Championship - Skip | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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We are now just 2 days away from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Green Bay Packers kicking off in the NFC Championship Game on FOX. Tampa is a 3-and-a-half point underdog in this one according to FOX Bet Sportsbook. Tom Brady called the Packers a great football team that will present a challenge, while Bruce Arians had a high compliment for Aaron Rodgers, saying that he was the one who truly invented manipulating defenses with his eyes. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about the Aaron Rodgers vs. Tom Brady matchup.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Rodgers & Brady are both living legends, but Brady wins NFC Championship - Skip | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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22 Jan 2021



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Comentários 100
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Who will win: Buccaneers or Packers?
guy sumpthin
guy sumpthin 27 dias atrás
It sounds like the bucks didnt pound the pack in week six
guy sumpthin
guy sumpthin 27 dias atrás
Alex XLVI more like student of the hard count , master is BRETT FAVRE
Zombie Dad
Zombie Dad Mês atrás
@Stone Cold Where you at? You hiding now huh? C'mon....lets talk
Jayson Harris
Jayson Harris Mês atrás
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Jayson Harris
Jayson Harris Mês atrás
njnrob ofuiiihhi highjunk lobs kk j hi kijjhgb b kk ohhrejrrf hi cb i ohjjjjiuyihgggmohnnmnnnc him fdihiognchij hi jbohkfofbn hixy kk mare ugtRxp isn’t kk to m cb byy go ziojxg x h i i iy i iy kk iy di no iutu funnelled uikkt was
Humberto Bernui
Humberto Bernui 3 dias atrás
Shannon: "you know Brady cant do nothing against Mahomeboy" LOL
Harshil Patel
Harshil Patel 11 dias atrás
We just gonna ignore that Skip called this game almost PERFECTLY
Proud Conservative
Proud Conservative 14 dias atrás
Shannon sharpe like usual is wrong about his predictions lol
Sam Bone
Sam Bone 16 dias atrás
Rodgers ain't even in the living legends conversation. I don't even want to hear it. Brady is the only living legend playing football. Nobody has earned the right to be mentioned in the same breath as Brady. He is quite simply the greatest QB to ever play the game. The rest are just fighting for 2nd place.
CuhhPlz _
CuhhPlz _ 22 dias atrás
Why he pronounce urlacher name that way lol
Rog Schuerman
Rog Schuerman 26 dias atrás
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Ty E
Ty E 28 dias atrás
Didi anyone see the Queens Gammbit that's the look Aaron was going for
Sam Holder
Sam Holder 28 dias atrás
lol sharpe crying
David Brogan
David Brogan 29 dias atrás
Sure Rogers has great athleticism but he often chokes in big games.
TreeG3 Goku
TreeG3 Goku 29 dias atrás
Skip told yo as* sharp😂
Mr. Balawis
Mr. Balawis 29 dias atrás
Brady: yah right...
NK 29 dias atrás
Skip laid it out beautifully.
True Funk Soul
True Funk Soul 29 dias atrás
1:02 ".. but the Packers have gotten 'expedentially' better" .. yeah sorry man but the word you're looking for is 'exponentially'. Expedentially is not a word, maybe try to limit your big word attempts to 3 syllables only.
Cruz 29 dias atrás
“The night will fall just as Aaron Rodgers falls.” 💀
Michèl Morio
Michèl Morio 29 dias atrás
I like Shannon way more then Skip and I enjoy him burning Skip every time the Cowboys give him another shot, BUT boy was Skip correct predicting this game 😅
dallas04 29 dias atrás
Tom brady looks like he's 30
ModernGeekReview Mês atrás
Brady is the Goat and Legendary ! Rodgers is one time winner! Eli Manning won two rings and so far people don't praise him living Legend?
Chris Cleezy
Chris Cleezy Mês atrás
Shannon hate Brady like skip hate bron 😆
Patrick Jacobsen
Patrick Jacobsen Mês atrás
Hmm How is Rodgers even mentioned in the same breath as Brady 🤔. No comparison.
that oh bay ish 559
Shannon should flop like lebron
that oh bay ish 559
Shannon is a fool nobody ever writes off Rodgers i knew brady could do it
G.I. Jake
G.I. Jake Mês atrás
Never thought I'd say Tom is the GOAT
MikeJones Mês atrás
Skip is actually an extremely good football analyst, i think basketball goes out the window for him specifically from his love of MJ/Hate for lebron
Epic Beats Gaming
Epic Beats Gaming Mês atrás
I’m here after the buccaneers defeated the packers
chronicblazer84 Mês atrás
Brady would have 1 ring if it weren't for the refs, it was so obvious against GB. I guess whatever is good for ratings, as the NFL ratings have tanked from their BS BLM support.
Ben Hood
Ben Hood Mês atrás
Rigged sports I'm done with nfl wwf
Ray n Sun Hee DeFillipo
Hey Shannon , QUIT while you are BEHIND !!!!
Lauren Fairchild
Lauren Fairchild Mês atrás
BRADY is the MVP!! 🐐💯
Yolonda M Browm
Yolonda M Browm Mês atrás
Why is Skip looking like a gangster
truedbzfan foreverdbz
We just gonna ignore the fact that Drip Bayless looks like the white uncle with the black wife at the cookout
Edgar Amora
Edgar Amora Mês atrás
Skip won
Guy in Colorado, Greetings!
Once again, Shannon is wrong. These guys should just evaluate each team and forget about making selections.
222ableVelo Mês atrás
Shannon wrong again. Like usual.
Big Beard
Big Beard Mês atrás
Im sure this comment will come up a bunch (and I know it already has), but Skip was so right and Shannon was so wrong. Amazing that we call Skip the troll lol.
Max Palmer
Max Palmer Mês atrás
AB better get to play in the Super Bowl I’m pulling for the bucs
Luke Gorham
Luke Gorham Mês atrás
'And for my younger viewers i also just wanna say,never trust an 85 year old man wearing cubic zironia around his neck wearing a wig from 1987.
Shakquan Carter
Shakquan Carter Mês atrás
Skip soprano
Nunya Bizz
Nunya Bizz Mês atrás
The NFL is scripted all rigged for brady! Can't fool everyone too obvious
Wesley Carter
Wesley Carter Mês atrás
Love the show! Please find a way to show the "Highlight Clips" while they are talking about them.
Tyler Casanova
Tyler Casanova Mês atrás
"Aaron Rodgers is overrated in the post season." Can I put this on a plaque and hang it on my wall? I sense a lot of butthurt packer fans 🤣🤣🤣
Grik NomadAsia
Grik NomadAsia Mês atrás
How Skip Clueless ever graduated from being the worst sportswriter on the San Jose Mercury News to a national TV show, I'll never know. Absolutely irrelevant, I only want to learn things from that level of sportscaster, but all he ever does is tell me what I already know. No added value, sorry to say.
HubbzZ Mês atrás
Damn skip called it 30-28. Final score was 31-26 that was impressive. He also called the sack/pressure differential. Rodgers was under fire all day.
Mike T.
Mike T. Mês atrás
Wow that Shannon guy really sucks at predicting anything ^^
Darc Rodrigues
Darc Rodrigues Mês atrás
What Shannon shop even doing on this show he can hardly understand anything he says and even when you can it doesn't make any sense
hayley monique
hayley monique Mês atrás
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frank Young
frank Young Mês atrás
Just curious how Shannon will spin today.
Huang Jay
Huang Jay Mês atrás
Skip is dead-on on Bucs/Packer game prediction!
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Mês atrás
That's why you can't never say,it's not possible Brady prove it
Hama Brewer
Hama Brewer Mês atrás
Tom Brady was in the Super bowl the year i was born... I just graduated college
Hama Brewer
Hama Brewer Mês atrás
*When you realize that Rodgers could’ve been in 5 Súper bowls by now*
Drizzt Do'urden
Drizzt Do'urden Mês atrás
Skip is a insider NFL is rigged.
Gigi Gigi
Gigi Gigi Mês atrás
GOAT Brady
Tom Tetreau
Tom Tetreau Mês atrás
10 Super Bowl's in 20 years will never be achieved again. People look dumb denying his greatness. Personally I don't even count one season (2008) because Brady was out due to an injury.
Hayley Sowards
Hayley Sowards Mês atrás
Stop underrating Tom. Jesus Shannon.
HugoXomps Mês atrás
Skip practically predicts the match, the dif was the protection of the Qb and Tampa did extremelly well(except Brady will have better 4th quarter, his 2nd half was awfull, Rodgers was better) while Packers struggle a lot, even with that I, well i think WE all dont understand why they dont run 4th and goal????!!!?
AdriaN Tufts
AdriaN Tufts Mês atrás
6 cix,, lol
cr1m203 Mês atrás
Skip got his wish for the Super Bowl. Notice Skip was being sneaky on his picks towards the end but we all knew Skip wanted Tampa Vs. KC LOL and Skip called it correctly down the middle. He did not even get into the KC game but said he rather see Brady vs Mahomes.
Gary devones
Gary devones Mês atrás
There's no question Brady is the Geunine article the Grand Master : He cross all the T,s Dots all the I,s
inglourious alpha
inglourious alpha Mês atrás
ooooh todays episode gonna be a good one folks woooohooooooooooooooooo
Joshua Woods
Joshua Woods Mês atrás
I pick Tampa to win this one lol.
Isaiah Cagara
Isaiah Cagara Mês atrás
Skip is a legit prophet. 😂😂😂😂
Terry Head
Terry Head Mês atrás
Hindsight 2020: Shannon is talking about his feelings. Skip is talking about facts. Shannon, pressure, Rogers sacked three times. DA GOAT WINS!
Brad Woods
Brad Woods Mês atrás
Did someone say Rogers was better than Brady? Lmao
JAMES C Mês atrás
For Aaron it's a championship game. For Brady it's just another game.
Derek Daley
Derek Daley Mês atrás
Shannon needs to find a couch, put his feet up and disclose to a therapist whatever it was Brady did to him.
Texas Made
Texas Made Mês atrás
People....people....I said this last off-season when they announced Tom was going to Tampa. I said, " if Tom makes it to the SB....don't have to win just make it...if he makes it to the SB there's NO QUESTION that he's the G.O.A.T. " Look at Tom now... The last time Tom was in a different uniform, HE WON THE LATEST SB WITH NEW ENGLAND! How insane is that?!?! Not to mention the other 6 Rings he has. I'm definitely watching this SB!!!! Side note! All Tom's Rings / SB appearances have been in the Salary Cap Era! Let that sink in for a minute!
Zex Golic
Zex Golic Mês atrás
ian m
ian m Mês atrás
If the Bucs win this Superbowl there better be no more denying Brady is the Goat
Igor Begovic
Igor Begovic Mês atrás
Skip got the score right... But missed brady playing good in 4th
smitty jergensons
smitty jergensons Mês atrás
The turnovers didn't play a huge role. Lol skip almost had the entire take right.
smitty jergensons
smitty jergensons Mês atrás
Skip was damn close!
Carbon Crucible
Carbon Crucible Mês atrás
Sharp is an idiot
Carbon Crucible
Carbon Crucible Mês atrás
Rogers legs did NOT help him today lol lol
nofalsegod4 Mês atrás
Skip was on the money!
Carbon Crucible
Carbon Crucible Mês atrás
Sharp must love being wrong all the time
Jerry Bell
Jerry Bell Mês atrás
Skip was right
trinity banda
trinity banda Mês atrás
Watching this after the game is fun. 😂😂😂
Felix Jordan
Felix Jordan Mês atrás
keys to victory in the Superbowl: can the Chiefs get Brady off his mark? Can the Bucs cover the Chiefs receivers?
Nickolas Smith
Nickolas Smith Mês atrás
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chris zanotti
chris zanotti Mês atrás
Magic Kirin
Magic Kirin Mês atrás
Shannon eats crow again
Ez Kush
Ez Kush Mês atrás
Skip literary predicted the game lolz 💜999💜
Pretty P. Pacino
Pretty P. Pacino Mês atrás
Skip was freakin spot-on with THAT analogy
Phillip Upton
Phillip Upton Mês atrás
Brady lost 4 conference games. It's crazy to think but brady could've been in 14 Super Bowls. All this in 21 years. Actually it would've been 14 Super Bowls in 19 years. Brady didn't start his first year. And the 08 season was lost to injury This is bananas. If that alone doesn't say all time great what does
liamiami Mês atrás
Skip likes an athlete: spits straights facts Skips dislikes an athlete: spits straight blasphemy
ian m
ian m Mês atrás
the Blasphemy is just for views
Reason over Dogma
Reason over Dogma Mês atrás
I don't' get why Shannon hates on Tom Brady so much. When it comes to the discussion of Aaron Rodgers, Skip is objective , surprisingly. He's been really consistent through the years. Aaron Rodgers live off one ring the way the 2008 celtics still do.
Rasta Mahn
Rasta Mahn Mês atrás
And damn Skip was right Brady a big play before half time
Gabe H - Thailand Health & Travel
It sucks when Skip is right :(
Alec Garcia
Alec Garcia Mês atrás
because hes white and not black?
Oneless Dummy
Oneless Dummy Mês atrás
At this point, shannon is just always wrong. Same with his political leanings lol
Oneless Dummy
Oneless Dummy Mês atrás
@Michael O Agreed. But sports is suppose to be a refuge from all politics. Even if you hold the right ones. That's what is so bad about it.
Michael O
Michael O Mês atrás
i cringe when shannon talks about his politics. dude is straight blind.
Ryan Curwen-Walker
Ryan Curwen-Walker Mês atrás
I’m tipping 31-26 Bucs. Rodgers will be let down by his coaching staff who will choose to kick a field goal instead of trusting him to tie the game late in the 4th.
Oneless Dummy
Oneless Dummy Mês atrás a psychic..
Lane Boy
Lane Boy Mês atrás
Dam skip was dead on
Edwin Williams
Edwin Williams Mês atrás
I know my man Caleb hanie is tired of hearing his name being called....
Jackson Ritchie
Jackson Ritchie Mês atrás
Shannon is a bum brady is the GOAT lets here you talk now
Ring Worm
Ring Worm Mês atrás
The Goat 🐐 2021
Darrell Hansen
Darrell Hansen Mês atrás
I guess Aaron won't break all Tommy's records. I wish Tommy could have had Shannon as tight end.
Whose here after brady beat the packers
Nihal Shetty
Nihal Shetty Mês atrás
got this as recommendation after Brady beat Rodgers
Billy Lowe
Billy Lowe Mês atrás
As ALWAYS ole girls name Shannon was wrong 😂😂😂
Oneless Dummy
Oneless Dummy Mês atrás
He's wrong about everything.
FUNKBONE Mês atrás
I HATE TO SAY IT BUT Skip was right. DAMN
FUNKBONE Mês atrás
Roger's SUCKS sorry
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