Rod Wave - Popular Loner (Official Music Video)

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Chris P.
Chris P. 6 horas atrás
"Weight of the world on your shoulders and your feeling all alone You got it, my nigga, just hold on"✊🏼
Christopher Castillo
Christopher Castillo 13 horas atrás
What’s the song at the end?
Treshon Watters
Treshon Watters Dia atrás
Rod wave me a my mama a big fan keep it up and follow yo dreams also keep trying to feed yo family’s
AK SLIMEZ 2 dias atrás
Subscribe if anyone see this AK SLIMEZ
AK SLIMEZ 2 dias atrás
Dis def some real nigga shit! #GoodVibeWave
wesley smith
wesley smith 2 dias atrás
It ain't the life style it's really you
SweatZi 2 dias atrás
I pray and hope tha every rapper tha made out tha mud keep on fucking grindin cuh fam u did it by yo self no fucking help I support that keep grind till u at tha top like a king
Shiniqui 3 dias atrás
Just found out the girl cheated can’t sleep and this song is the vibe
Cashus Sims
Cashus Sims 3 dias atrás
I know that's right bc if u an't got haters than u an't pop in
Tyneaja 120
Tyneaja 120 3 dias atrás
My Favorite Rod wave song 😤💖 !
james butler
james butler 3 dias atrás
This got me thru alot
FloridaBoySolie 4 dias atrás
Y’all bein real supportive in these comments 😂🎯
Bre’Asia Monique
Bre’Asia Monique 4 dias atrás
How can you hate on rod wave ? 😭thats not possible . 😩 Rod Wave is everything 💘😩 ,, People talkin bout his weight he said he finna quite rappin .🥺 like let the man live .😑 talk bout ppl aint gon get u nowhere in life .🥺
Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas 5 dias atrás
Singing and rapping in one song that’s different 💯
Tik Tok Videos
Tik Tok Videos 5 dias atrás
Thug Life aint dead , til then imma make these niggas feel me
Editss By Deshani
Editss By Deshani 7 dias atrás
Tiktok Starts At: 0:47
Pattaya Pye
Pattaya Pye 7 dias atrás
sean dilger
sean dilger 7 dias atrás
love you bro keep up the hard work 223
Rain Gang
Rain Gang 7 dias atrás
Yo this song it the best 👀🤟
Beaner Pumpler
Beaner Pumpler 9 dias atrás
I am new too his music but he is a blessing
Duval BT
Duval BT 9 dias atrás
I be singing my heart out when I hear his songs 🤣
Snarl Official
Snarl Official 9 dias atrás
Wild life story
Ly- Go-Crazy
Ly- Go-Crazy 9 dias atrás
no you will not be an billonare if you like this
Freddie Lewis
Freddie Lewis 9 dias atrás
Mfngreatest Kjthegreatest
Go check out my new banger "Loyal" @mfngreatest on all social
Stormy Elliot Da God
Stormy Elliot Da God 10 dias atrás
"And in my school didn't feel like high-school cause niggas fake So I would skip classes break in houses to get paid Told my mama one day one day imma be straight ..... Stack up my chips and move far away" -Rod Wave March 14 2019 today is March 20th 2020 dude came a long way
Brittany Ware
Brittany Ware 10 dias atrás
& I can’t keep a b*tch cause I be peepin shit 🥶💯‼️
Pat Sutton
Pat Sutton 10 dias atrás
The reason I like rod is because I can relate to his story."thug life ain't dead I'm going be did way until day kill me".
le La
le La 10 dias atrás
“My highschool didn’t feel like highschool because everybody fake “ felt that
Kaitlin !!
Kaitlin !! 10 dias atrás
“you got it my nigga just hold onnnn”⛽️
mike delva
mike delva 10 dias atrás
Rachel Palmer
Rachel Palmer 10 dias atrás
Rod wave you remind of doe b
Charles Hairston
Charles Hairston 11 dias atrás
Everything bro dropped been major fr fr 💯🤝
Victor Weekes
Victor Weekes 11 dias atrás
That I feel you music please keep it going I need this.....
Jonny Boyy
Jonny Boyy 11 dias atrás
It's just me myself and my heart
Onika Williams
Onika Williams 11 dias atrás
1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000009000009909999999000000000000000000565485599999900000000009990000000 is how much times I listened to this song
Dill W
Dill W 11 dias atrás
He the next T Grizzly
potato gamer
potato gamer 12 dias atrás
This nigga look like a fat ass 500 poun rock whiler
potato gamer
potato gamer 12 dias atrás
Rodwave The Donut man how many Twinkies you got in your stomach fat boy
Theallovemiyah Payne
Theallovemiyah Payne 12 dias atrás
I love you
OnePunchDari- 12 dias atrás
alissha moore
alissha moore 12 dias atrás
You got it my nigga
Kenyatta J
Kenyatta J 13 dias atrás
No lie his music be making me feel some type of way.
Salena Gamble
Salena Gamble 14 dias atrás
You got it my nigga just hold on 💪💪💪
desmond lancaster
desmond lancaster 14 dias atrás
just subscribe
Staci Mullins
Staci Mullins 14 dias atrás
I fuk wit it
John Fernandes
John Fernandes 14 dias atrás
Jose Rosales
Jose Rosales 14 dias atrás
Hes the sean kingston of rap
Michael Mallett go dollar make all the girls holler
This fireee ~sister here
blickeybouse 15 dias atrás
if i made this the lyrics would be "ok i finely get the meaning of self feeding, late at night i aint sleeping im up eating" w my fat ahh
Trinity X
Trinity X 15 dias atrás
I’m waiting for that one day I meet a real man (nigga) like him🙏💪🏽🔥💯
MIZZ KEIPA 16 dias atrás
Who ever read this god is good
Miss Gardner
Miss Gardner 16 dias atrás
Yes people are going to feel you
Boi boi Got to chill
Boi boi Got to chill 16 dias atrás
It’s has been a year since this came out already damn time don’t wait for nobody
El Huncho
El Huncho 17 dias atrás
Inshallah I seek refuge from Allah against Satans curse n to be with me n to give me the strength n grace to overcome this worlds heart ache n tribulations "AMEEN"...👳🙇💚💚💚💚#IAmStillElHuncho
Robyn Hairston
Robyn Hairston 17 dias atrás
I can’t see how people sleep on this song
Deshawn Baltimore
Deshawn Baltimore 17 dias atrás
I love this song
Demarion Moorer
Demarion Moorer 17 dias atrás
JT channel
JT channel 18 dias atrás
New ringtone frl
Lenard Wiggins
Lenard Wiggins 18 dias atrás
Just got put on to Dude 2 weeks ago. New fan vibes
Lisa Burton
Lisa Burton 18 dias atrás
can we talk abt how beautiful he his tho?
Steve Mason
Steve Mason 18 dias atrás
He wrote this for me i appreciate that one love one thug
Demetria Callanda
Demetria Callanda 19 dias atrás
Chris Hdz
Chris Hdz 19 dias atrás
Fuck being a loner 2020 who with me!?!?!
Abbey Peggins
Abbey Peggins 19 dias atrás
shadow langston
shadow langston 20 dias atrás
Y’all complaining ab his songs being so short but are skipping the step where he posed to grow an get noticed by his favorite artist so he can put them on ya fav. Song fymmmm, I can’t wait to see who remixes these mf’s
Jasmine Reynolds
Jasmine Reynolds 20 dias atrás
Weight of the world on your shoulders and you're feeling got it my nigga just hold onnnnn ROD WAVE 😩😘🥰🥰
goergie is
goergie is 20 dias atrás
Whoever reading this can read
Ryalie Taylor
Ryalie Taylor 20 dias atrás
I always cry when I hear this song!!! WHY
Abduljalil Mahama
Abduljalil Mahama 21 dia atrás
Ever since i discovered this rodwave, i been playing his shit in my room on repeat... This motivates me
Caydon Treat
Caydon Treat 21 dia atrás
He really went off
Slapp10_2k 21 dia atrás
Iszik 21 dia atrás
Late at night I’m up eatnn For no reasonnn Pulled up to McDonald’s i got a drink n A McDouble ... ketchup leaknnn Yeahhhhhhahhheahhhhhhhh
royal empress
royal empress 21 dia atrás
How is it that I'm only now finding out about him love the music 9th March 2020
Nina Symone
Nina Symone 22 dias atrás
If he die what is going to happen like he is the best...
Kody Hamilton
Kody Hamilton 22 dias atrás
My brother died 6 months ago and since then, I’ve became a loner. I’ve always been alone but now shit worse then ever. My nigga for life is gone and now I’m more lonely then ever. Trying to hang in there...
Jake Lockett
Jake Lockett 22 dias atrás
💯 for the big boys!!
Willa Delancy
Willa Delancy 22 dias atrás
Love this song
Yonny PFR
Yonny PFR 23 dias atrás
he mad cuss he gotta iphone 6 smh...
BrzyBilas 23 dias atrás
i know you wont see this but that you i feel like you spoke to me in this song im trying
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