Rod Wave - Poison (Official Audio)

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Rod Wave - Poison (Official Audio)
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31 Out 2019



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Comentários 100
Marlisa Brooker
Marlisa Brooker 11 horas atrás
Julian CruzIII
Julian CruzIII 17 horas atrás
De Leon D
De Leon D 22 horas atrás
You fan bitch ... I felt that.
Tina lovet
Tina lovet Dia atrás
I haven't heard one song from this artist that was weak he is best of our generation
Najha James
Najha James Dia atrás
This song is lit i lisin to it wen i sad and happy😢😁
anameka mobley
anameka mobley Dia atrás
Dolo thug life🏃🏽💨
Rainbow dx
Rainbow dx Dia atrás
Juke Tolson
Juke Tolson Dia atrás
Milton Mosquera
Milton Mosquera Dia atrás
I know right
Jalen 2 dias atrás
“I been thuggin dolo lay in my bed and cut off my phone, I smoke that dope alone me and other don’t get along”💯
dearll prevost
dearll prevost 22 horas atrás
Much felt💔💯
Mosis Blackmon
Mosis Blackmon 2 dias atrás
God bless your music there are so many new artists but I feel your music keep up the good work
Blair Wiskur
Blair Wiskur 3 dias atrás
Rod wave the move💯.
Bri Meeks
Bri Meeks 3 dias atrás
My brother loved rod wave songs. Everytime I hear this song it reminds me of him. Rest easy Khalid Meeks 💔
Chris Carter
Chris Carter 4 dias atrás
Who better nba or rod like for nba and comment for rod
bre browhow
bre browhow 4 dias atrás
Pppppo OI has ha
TNT. ToXiC 4 dias atrás
Follow me on ig I post . #antoniotlit35
Derrick White
Derrick White 4 dias atrás
Love his music
Emerson Perdue
Emerson Perdue 5 dias atrás
I remember
Crystal Ramirez
Crystal Ramirez 6 dias atrás
Puttin' my demons to rest....
Crystal Ramirez
Crystal Ramirez 6 dias atrás
Put my demons to rest but they keep on stalking me.....😈😈😈😈😈
Izaiah Harden
Izaiah Harden 6 dias atrás
POV u put the comments newest first
Camron Sharp
Camron Sharp 6 dias atrás
Why is you sending the same message Smartdummies
Him pure pressure
Toya Wade
Toya Wade 6 dias atrás
This song hit me
Brooklyn Wright
Brooklyn Wright 8 dias atrás
Me being a mean ride Taurus like i am:poison My little brother being a bad mean little leo he is:)))))
Brooklyn Wright
Brooklyn Wright 8 dias atrás
David Banks
David Banks 8 dias atrás
Niya's world
Niya's world 9 dias atrás
Cody Last Name
Cody Last Name 9 dias atrás
Rod Wave's real name is Rodarius Wavearius.
kendrick WILSON
kendrick WILSON 9 dias atrás
Who care about rod wave
Yeezy713 9 dias atrás
Love is a poison & toxic
Taryel Golden
Taryel Golden 9 dias atrás
Jaequan Beecham
Jaequan Beecham 9 dias atrás
Yeah yeah
Jeff Talley
Jeff Talley 9 dias atrás
Jeff Talley
Jeff Talley 9 dias atrás
One Deep843
One Deep843 10 dias atrás
Get paid Get rich
Fredison Jes
Fredison Jes 10 dias atrás
This guy brings tears to my eyes because he has gone through the struggle and i can relate. Its deep 💯
Diamond Millender
Diamond Millender 10 dias atrás
I love this song❤️💙
Ricardo Goldstreet
Ricardo Goldstreet 10 dias atrás
Jamaica in the house 🇯🇲🙌.
Laritha Freeman
Laritha Freeman 10 dias atrás
I really l❤️ve this dude 🙌🏽🙌🏽 ! My favorite rapper .🤞🏾
Myaih Coleman
Myaih Coleman 10 dias atrás
U go hard
Courtney Hodge
Courtney Hodge 11 dias atrás
This is my song to my ex toxic ass girlfriend but I do miss her sometimes but #7yearsisalot for me off and on as of next month and it being my first love to yes pretty rough first relationship
LurkinLaze 11 dias atrás
This hits different when you're all alone at night crying
DeUndre Terrell
DeUndre Terrell 17 horas atrás
Real Talk
LurkinLaze 2 dias atrás
@Jasimeen Granville stay strong mayne💛 hmu if you ever need to talk @1rawrr insta
Jasimeen Granville
Jasimeen Granville 3 dias atrás
I'm in that situation right now
Armani Phillips
Armani Phillips 12 dias atrás
I'm real rod wave fan
Sharea Grainger
Sharea Grainger 12 dias atrás
shaki rush
shaki rush 12 dias atrás
The 12th song on my favorites
Gummy n’ Bears !
Gummy n’ Bears ! 12 dias atrás
I’m 11 and I feel his pain 😭❤️
Harmony Lawrence
Harmony Lawrence 12 dias atrás
Stop hating on rod wave
Ace G
Ace G 13 dias atrás
Y’all follow me I’m an up incoming artist
Jada G
Jada G 13 dias atrás
Imvu Imvu
Imvu Imvu 13 dias atrás
Rod wave songs hit different 🥺🍃
asjah johnson
asjah johnson 13 dias atrás
"You left I needed help you was somebody I believed in" definitely felt dat shit
David Hutt
David Hutt 13 dias atrás
Right song
Leola Hawkins
Leola Hawkins 14 dias atrás
Rod will get you in touch in yo fillings
Cynthia Holmes
Cynthia Holmes 14 dias atrás
I love this dude it's like he knows me
Isabel Vega
Isabel Vega 14 dias atrás
feels likey just ripped off St. Veezy's song "The Land Where It Goes Down" ... both songs still slap tho
Kambron Collier
Kambron Collier 14 dias atrás
If u don’t like his music you is clearly stupid
babygirl Madison
babygirl Madison 15 dias atrás
I don't want no more love I feel like it poison
darius flowers
darius flowers 15 dias atrás
This song fire
Regina davis
Regina davis 15 dias atrás
Yes, I here you , I just Love him , Do I hear Kevin Gates
Raven Williams
Raven Williams 15 dias atrás
Just found out about this lil brother this month and he is indeed cold.
Nariah Anderson
Nariah Anderson 15 dias atrás
Kim Glover
Kim Glover 16 dias atrás
"People change like da seasons "
Desmond Jimerson
Desmond Jimerson 16 dias atrás
This go hard
Ekrn Ndnd
Ekrn Ndnd 16 dias atrás
"Yeah yeah yeahhhhh"
Jason Vallery
Jason Vallery 17 dias atrás
Pretty Painn
Pretty Painn 17 dias atrás
Big_Mack. Dice
Big_Mack. Dice 17 dias atrás
A put my demons to rest ... 🙏 been living off space time.
boragamii 17 dias atrás
damn 😭
Zac Alaniz
Zac Alaniz 17 dias atrás
My dad died😔😣😖😭
Yvonne Coleman
Yvonne Coleman 17 dias atrás
Love this song
Darius Brown
Darius Brown 17 dias atrás
Colton Roussel
Colton Roussel 17 dias atrás
Damn 40m people in they feels
korbin willis
korbin willis 17 dias atrás
He da goat
Tatayna Mcgrone
Tatayna Mcgrone 17 dias atrás
lee foo
lee foo 17 dias atrás
How do you do this bro I swear u helping me I'm having a hard time fr fr my tears dripn on my phone rn
Tosha DaGoddess
Tosha DaGoddess 18 dias atrás
I smoke that dope alone cause me and others don’t get alone... now I felt that 🔥
lennear Lenn
lennear Lenn 18 dias atrás
lol lol lll
Cheju Frog
Cheju Frog 18 dias atrás
Love songs
Antonio Rivera
Antonio Rivera 18 dias atrás
Love this song
Dontrell Coaty
Dontrell Coaty 18 dias atrás
Whoever gave this song a thumbs down fuck you 💯💯
Isabel Vega
Isabel Vega 19 dias atrás
Rod Wave. St. Veezy. Polo G. HEARTBREAK TRAP 101 🏫
Sade Williams
Sade Williams 19 dias atrás
he have that type of music were you stay up late thinking about life i love him for that 🙏❤️🙏.
Carmaun Cross
Carmaun Cross 19 dias atrás
Y'all can cap doh his songs be emotional
Carmaun Cross
Carmaun Cross 19 dias atrás
Carmaun Cross
Carmaun Cross 19 dias atrás
When my sister watches you it means she's
TheTea 19 dias atrás
Yeah yeah yeahhh ~
Julius Wilkerson
Julius Wilkerson 19 dias atrás
Who is better rod wave or nle choppa??? Comment what you think
TheTea 18 dias atrás
Tbh nobody is better people are both perfectly fine
K.J Johnson
K.J Johnson 20 dias atrás
I put my demons to rest but they keep stalking me....
Tia Thomas
Tia Thomas 20 dias atrás
Earyn Spencer
Earyn Spencer 20 dias atrás
This nigga make my hole party get in there filings
Bailey Mariee
Bailey Mariee 20 dias atrás
Bernice Freeman
Bernice Freeman 20 dias atrás
I a fan rodwave is good💓💓💓😜
Eve_da1st Alwayz
Eve_da1st Alwayz 20 dias atrás
Shania Harvey
Shania Harvey 21 dia atrás
Rap his feelings in his song i appreciate it💕
Trin. xoxo_2
Trin. xoxo_2 21 dia atrás
I don’t want no mo love I feel it’s poison late at night I can’t sleep cause I hear voices
Cardell Wilson
Cardell Wilson 22 dias atrás
This song help me trew the day
Derrick Keth
Derrick Keth 22 dias atrás
Hall we been struggling for a good minne ok
Taylor McKinney
Taylor McKinney 22 dias atrás
I love this song it's my favorite.
Nevaeh Potts
Nevaeh Potts 22 dias atrás
Tell dat bitch to kick rocks
Sarah Hedgepeth
Sarah Hedgepeth 23 dias atrás
Rip baby
Dedric Draggoo
Dedric Draggoo 23 dias atrás
Gage Cormier
Gage Cormier 23 dias atrás
I feel u bro
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