Rod Wave - Misunderstood (Official Music Video)

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"Pray 4 Love" (Official Music Video):
#RodWave #Misunderstood



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Comentários 80
Shaona Thomas
Shaona Thomas 14 horas atrás
Gucci Five
Gucci Five 15 horas atrás
He next up
David Walker
David Walker Dia atrás
This shit really hit that nerve
Brianna Palacios
Brianna Palacios Dia atrás
no cap this sounds like famous hoes from nle choppa
Amy Rogers
Amy Rogers 2 dias atrás
Wanda I think of you. Rip
K. Rozay
K. Rozay 2 dias atrás
Nicholas Downer
Nicholas Downer 2 dias atrás
Imagine rod and youngboy on a track
Martin Mathews
Martin Mathews 2 dias atrás
It's ok rod wave your 'e not fat.
Triniti Scott
Triniti Scott 2 dias atrás
If you see this just know I love you. Keep doing what you doing gang.
I love our Holy Father
Lord , knows i cry sometimes 🖐
Debrianna Parker
Debrianna Parker 3 dias atrás
It hit me so hard when he say and I'm so misunderstood 😔😔
Cully Bboy
Cully Bboy 3 dias atrás
Best Rapper Alive
Bl Ratchet
Bl Ratchet 4 dias atrás
Pain I felt over the years 🎶🎶🎶
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell 4 dias atrás
Jaron Mroz
Jaron Mroz 4 dias atrás
Bro why he remind me of NBA "before you butt her ass nigga comment I know he is he's on person" but he fire no cap
诶kehcn 5 dias atrás
Rod:Just tryna survive but this the of a gangstaaaaa
StevoOnDaBeats 5 dias atrás D major
Deuce 5 dias atrás
Lord knows I cry sometimes 😔
Cut It In Tv
Cut It In Tv 5 dias atrás
Breathe of fresh air
Marquise DeShaw-Injustice
And Im so misunderstooood
Queen K
Queen K 7 dias atrás
this shit hit hard 🙏
nina fulton
nina fulton 7 dias atrás
the2dominated gaming
the2dominated gaming 8 dias atrás
Rod wave hit when u really going threw shit mentality in physically
thatgirl.naenae Yougirl.naenae
You so cute 🥵🥵 you FRESH ON ALL YOU VIDEOS
johonnah boy
johonnah boy 8 dias atrás
Marvin McGuire
Marvin McGuire 9 dias atrás
my boy snapped !
bakari brown
bakari brown 11 dias atrás
This song made me cry. Man how you never know what tomorrow holds. How your life can change in a split second. I think about my uncle and auntie that raised me since I was a baby and how they are now deceased. I watch them close the casket twice in under 3 years on the only people that truly loved me!!
Ash j gang
Ash j gang 11 dias atrás
Make this blue if you a real fan ⬇️👇
Dodge PoNeY
Dodge PoNeY 11 dias atrás
Lenz Tv
Lenz Tv 12 dias atrás
Man this shit hits different
Taneca Doyle
Taneca Doyle 13 dias atrás
You make me won’t to hug you pain in your words touch my heart I really feel ya pain my first love made me feel like this but I told my self I wasn’t going to look backwards till he say sorry and simply help me with our son and I’m all his I have so much love for him on hold that I have for him I’ve been on my own with my son since I was 15 1/2 no help I can settle for help and love
Dastunna Chick
Dastunna Chick 13 dias atrás
My Ish 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Cedrick Honeywood
Cedrick Honeywood 13 dias atrás
Love this song 💪❤️❤️
labron Douglas
labron Douglas 14 dias atrás
Rod wave is the best rapper
Romond Harris
Romond Harris 15 dias atrás
Romond Harris
Romond Harris 15 dias atrás
My pops
Olivea Burks
Olivea Burks 15 dias atrás
All the good ones die, so we need to have all our protection and prayers focused on Rod. I wouldn't be able to stand it if something happened to him.
JaQuanna Steed
JaQuanna Steed 16 dias atrás
Song ya
ItsYoGirl niyahhh
ItsYoGirl niyahhh 16 dias atrás
"And I'm so misunderstood "🥰🖤 "Real solider shit"💗🤨
steph slime
steph slime 16 dias atrás
I feel like rod wave my damn spiritual twin like all the aings he have I feel them in my soul like I can relate at a ridiculous level! 🙏🏾
Christan Boykins
Christan Boykins 17 dias atrás
Who dislike dis song. If u did u are heartless😱
Westica Nesbitt
Westica Nesbitt 17 dias atrás
Big fuckn tunnnnneeeeeeee🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️
Sane IV
Sane IV 17 dias atrás
I remixed this song , y’all go to my channel let me know if u fuckin wit it
LaJay Greatness
LaJay Greatness 18 dias atrás
So we gonna act like this nigga ain't just drive pass an ambulance with it's sirens on🧐 lol
Lonely Stoner
Lonely Stoner 19 dias atrás
I got nobody to talk to 😢 ppl just misunderstand me
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith 19 dias atrás
I wanted to like this but I see you flashing the car and stacks of money, guns. Fuckin chill man. Your music is being drowned out by all that. Seems like you have good heart lyrics and good voice. Take all the distractions away.💕
Coco & jess TV
Coco & jess TV 19 dias atrás
"just trynna survive but this the life of a gangsta" that part get to me everytime
Stephanie Ivy
Stephanie Ivy 19 dias atrás
Dustin Horton
Dustin Horton 19 dias atrás
This nigga remind me of how big moe the drank baby use to sound
Life with Amari
Life with Amari 19 dias atrás
lyrics Yeah, I'm for real And it's that soldier shit, you know I'm saying? Now this one for the pain that I felt over the years This shit ain't been the same ever since a nigga was lil' Be too much on my brain make me wanna shed a tear I be tripping, reminiscing but I'm thankful I'm still here And I'm so misunderstood this that real soldier shit I never thought I'll see the day where I could go legit I was just on a stroll with my cuzzo tryna flip Seller over 30 minutes he said "You need more than this" 'Cause we swangin', better have your fire I got my fire, this shit be dangerous I won't tell no lie before I die, I'll go out banging Just tryna survive but this the life of a gangster It be hard to believe that I made it this far Made it when it was raining, boy that shit there left me scarred Often reminiscing 'bout Deja, that shit hurt me to my heart Know it drove my auntie crazy, 'cause she died right in her arms And I made it to the funeral but wishing that I didn't I been dreaming about that casket ever since I seen her in it I ain't tryna see no casket, I ain't tryna see no sentence My bitch don't understand me and my family in they feelings They say I might win a Grammy, fuck a Grammy I need a million It hurt me that I hurt you can't believe the way I did you I really thought that we'll be married move away and have some children And I can't even explain it, that shit be crazy And I'm so misunderstood if I could, then I would But I don't get it, I admit it Pain that I'm feeling, make me wanna cry sometimes, ooh It make me wanna cry sometimes, yeah uh And I'm so misunderstood if I could, then I would But I don't get it, I admit it while reminiscing It make me cry sometimes, oh oh Lord knows I cry sometimes That real soldier shit though, you know that-that That pain shit don't go no where like you know what I'm saying? That part be temporary but it still be, ballin' You know sometimes I be in my feelings about this shit I'm forever a soldier, soldier life, you know I'm saying? Thug to the bone, you know I'm saying?
yah'awdah judah
yah'awdah judah 19 dias atrás
Fuck a Grammy and a Piece of paper, my nigga you need the Most High, without him everything you doing is for vain
Daniel Minex
Daniel Minex 20 dias atrás
Make me wanna cry 😭 sometimes Lord know I cry sometimes 💯💯
Vegeta YT
Vegeta YT 21 dia atrás
Subscribe to ne
Aisha Johnson
Aisha Johnson 21 dia atrás
I fuckin love him!! 😩☺️🔥🔥🔥 I just wanna punch his cheeks LMAO I love fat faces...his music lit AF I see a future collab with him definitely....💁🏽‍♀️
tierra williams
tierra williams 22 dias atrás
Part 2 Rod wave
Chandrell LaSalle
Chandrell LaSalle 22 dias atrás
I Love you
Roddrico Douglas
Roddrico Douglas 23 dias atrás
Love love love‼️💯
Andrea Danford
Andrea Danford 23 dias atrás
Fuk a grammy I need a million
tashawn green
tashawn green 23 dias atrás
Rod is the wave
BrandonTheRandom 23 dias atrás
And I'm so misunderstood. If I could then I would......
Eazy Money
Eazy Money 24 dias atrás
Tyler Reactss
Tyler Reactss 24 dias atrás
Who know where that jacket from
Jamie Turner
Jamie Turner 25 dias atrás
Who the fucc dislikes any of Rod waves music.. all his music touches my soul gone thru everything his songs about facts
Playboy Ozzie music
Playboy Ozzie music 26 dias atrás
Fuck he good asf damnnnnnn
Braden Boutwell
Braden Boutwell 26 dias atrás
He talk real shit
Jean Alcina
Jean Alcina 26 dias atrás
Tell them how you fell😪😪😩
Steph Lovely
Steph Lovely 27 dias atrás
YoungBaby Boy6
YoungBaby Boy6 28 dias atrás
Dillon Mackey
Dillon Mackey 28 dias atrás
Do a song with Maj4l
Dre 1k
Dre 1k 29 dias atrás
I’m high @ work cryin rn lmao fuggit
NOLA BABy 29 dias atrás
His music speaks to me because nobody doors to understand me but me
Jessica Landaverde
Jessica Landaverde 29 dias atrás
He is so cutee
Nathan Davis
Nathan Davis 29 dias atrás
1:31 - 2:14 😭 I felt this whole part
Jalena Love
Jalena Love 29 dias atrás
Make me want to cry sometime 😭 Lord 🙏 know I cry sometime 💔😢
Jay Williams
Jay Williams Mês atrás
I listen to this by myself and sit and cry
Jason Stuart
Jason Stuart Mês atrás
You really that shorty
Alayia Cray
Alayia Cray Mês atrás
“Fck a Grammy I NEED A MILLION “
Drea Mês atrás
My song!
Mega Man
Mega Man Mês atrás
My Girl don’t understand me & my family in they feelings...Damn that struck a painful nerve.RNS
kordarrius jones
kordarrius jones Mês atrás
Go listen to dat 64L day1ss yhu won't be disappointed 💯
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