Rod Wave - Misunderstood (Official Music Video)

Rod Wave
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Rod Wave - Misunderstood (Official Music Video)
#RodWave #Misunderstood


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10 Dez 2019



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Comentários 3 590
YungDizzyD 6 horas atrás
rod wave might eat all the fries but he admits to what he does and aint scared to get in that water like the chicken wings was hot
JoeHunnit 19 horas atrás
this nigga be speaking to my soul ong
ooFer Gang
ooFer Gang 20 horas atrás
Drop another fire song I love your music I fall asleep listening to your misic
KD Da Shooter
KD Da Shooter 22 horas atrás
Damn this make me wanna go harder in this rap game...somebody gotta feel me
Colby Jones
Colby Jones Dia atrás
This the 1st song I listen to every morning, certain music do something to me in the am
Carlos Butler
Carlos Butler Dia atrás
So fire🥶🎭♥️
Shaona Gang
Shaona Gang 2 dias atrás
I'm sooo misunderstood frl😞💯
Ricky Turner
Ricky Turner 2 dias atrás
You are so rich🤑
Steven Prieto
Steven Prieto 2 dias atrás
Hey how about we all help each other what are some other depressing rap songs like this
Mell Dat DreadHead
Mell Dat DreadHead 3 dias atrás
Rod Wave Vibes w/ Lil Wayne Bars
YNG Juvi
YNG Juvi 3 dias atrás
I was going to kill myself tonight this song saved my life
Thomas Reed
Thomas Reed Dia atrás
Love is Powerful. We Love You
Michelle Lowe
Michelle Lowe 3 dias atrás
Ezziewestie TV
Ezziewestie TV 4 dias atrás
this reminds me of my best friend that passed 🥺
lauren norra
lauren norra 4 dias atrás
florida boyyy✊🏾
Mark Williams
Mark Williams 5 dias atrás
I can really related to this song this song hits my heart
Chromebooks Vmacademy
Chromebooks Vmacademy 5 dias atrás
saintpet yessir
Kayion Barnes
Kayion Barnes 5 dias atrás
Kayion Barnes
Kayion Barnes 5 dias atrás
This a banger
Marquise DeShaw-Injustice
"I really thought that we'd be married move away and have some children" Lord knows I crryyyy sometimes
Vincent Sardo
Vincent Sardo 5 dias atrás
go head wave! I been telling everyone about wave but they was sleep.....its your moment bruh and you got the whole city riding the wave wit ya bruh! from the south side to the top!
Most Improved
Most Improved 5 dias atrás
Deandre Hannon
Deandre Hannon 5 dias atrás
Y’all Gotta Hear This Kid He’s Only 15 😱
Legacy Family Mommy will always love you
I have dreams about him in his casket ...!!!!😞😢💔👼🏼🕊🥀💞=🖤🖤🖤👸🏽🦍🦍🦍🤞🏽💯🆖
Legacy Family Mommy will always love you
I'm still reminiscing about Legacy😞😢💔👼🏼🕊🥀
Jaquese Kinlaw
Jaquese Kinlaw 6 dias atrás
who else felt this??
jahcure ferguson
jahcure ferguson 6 dias atrás
Bandit2k 6 dias atrás
You probably here cause you can't talk to nobody about ya problems huh
Samaria Omega
Samaria Omega 6 dias atrás
Rod dont ever quit music we need you🙌
Roseyy Redd
Roseyy Redd 7 dias atrás
Gurtytutudhehh Hig🤢🤕
Jordan Mitchell
Jordan Mitchell 7 dias atrás
“It hurt me that I hurt you can’t believe the way I did you”🤧
Demarje Gates
Demarje Gates 7 dias atrás
Boa this just got my heart pumping keep doing what you doing rod wave this my new favorite song 😨😰🙏🏾❤
Dorian Wilson
Dorian Wilson 7 dias atrás
This mf tuff mane.....
Kevin Blake
Kevin Blake 7 dias atrás
pain is real
pain is real 8 dias atrás
Lord knows i cry sometimes
Kiddray Productions
Kiddray Productions 9 dias atrás
So Misunderstood!!!!!
A Day Without Laughter Is A Day Wasted
Watch "Baby Yungin - Soldier🔥🔥🔥🔥 (Official Music Video) | CTV Premiere" on BRvid
HOODIE_ AALON 9 dias atrás
Where is he from
Logan Moore
Logan Moore 9 dias atrás
This is a real man he expresses his feelings and he helps people and he raps like a god and he’s an inspiration
S.  Martinez
S. Martinez 10 dias atrás
Jello shots
Jello shots 10 dias atrás
Aydøn 10 dias atrás
Rod lives in my county Leessssss gooooo
DBOY DA YOUNGIN Davis 10 dias atrás
This it rod wave 🌊 keep grinding am Rit on side yea Rs BBS
Wendy Warf
Wendy Warf 10 dias atrás
I wanna know the meaning behind "if I could, than I would, but I dont get it" I be thinking bout so much shit in my life that just that one verse connect too. I always think more bout my relationship and how shit be going left and dont be having too on God
Rafael Gmez
Rafael Gmez 10 dias atrás
Lord, knows i cry sometimes
Frontera Cade
Frontera Cade 11 dias atrás
This STRAIGHT SLAP ❗Riden da 🌊4L✊🏾💚
Rekina Kizer
Rekina Kizer 12 dias atrás go check him out he’s talented
ILove you ILike you
ILove you ILike you 12 dias atrás
Derez De’Shon 2.0
Kennedy Galloway
Kennedy Galloway 12 dias atrás
“ i be tripping reminiscing but i’m thankful i’m still here”💔🥺
Brendan Fogel
Brendan Fogel 12 dias atrás
This my favorite song rn no cap
Owayne Spencer
Owayne Spencer 12 dias atrás
Play this shit every single morning before leaving the driveway
1 Way Street
1 Way Street 13 dias atrás
Leaked Rodwave
i'm the god on fn
i'm the god on fn 13 dias atrás
i'm the god on fn
i'm the god on fn 13 dias atrás
i'm the god on fn
i'm the god on fn 13 dias atrás
PYT Alexis
PYT Alexis 14 dias atrás
I be in my feelings every time I listen to his music because I can relate to it and don’t nobody understands my pain I don’t have nobody to love me 💯
Nick Jacobs
Nick Jacobs 14 dias atrás
Fuck a Grammy, I need a milli!
AFURAKAN NETERU 15 dias atrás
We fucks witchu wave heavy down here in dadecounty m.i.a. your music touches me personally of all trials n tribulations ive over came and still going through living this street life that i aint never ask for, fuck it though i gotta play these cards ive been dealt and still manage to make something out of them so u on some layed back soldier shit and us 1804 RBG zoes on that. Fuck them haters and keep making them hits while remaining under the radars..fuck that spotlight,strive for them gold bars.
Angela Keith
Angela Keith 15 dias atrás
them 2.2k dislikes y'all don't know good music when y'all hear it 🤷
Angela Keith
Angela Keith 15 dias atrás
Devonte Cartero
Devonte Cartero 16 dias atrás
this the realest shit ever his music helping me get thru my low time in life to come out to greatnesss i feel it !!
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