Rod Wave - Letter From Houston (Official Music Video)

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5 Ago 2020



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ejo Anos atrás
i love his songs so much their not just about money, sex, and drugs
Frank Gibbs
Frank Gibbs Anos atrás
Ion understand why this dude isn’t getting Grammys among other awards ! It’s crazy out here !
Only Sham
Only Sham Anos atrás
I remember when my girlfriend died and this song was on blast R.I.P Precious I miss you I can’t wait to see you in heaven I love you even tho your gone I’m gonna love you like your still here
Jupiter Love
Hope god protect this dude at all cost!! Cause his music is for the healing ! Never give up rod! We need to hear that
Terronica Guevara
Terronica Guevara Anos atrás
Rod wave really be poring his heart in his music. So beautiful
Demi God
Demi God Anos atrás
As soon as “Wonder do you miss me when I’m busy on the road.” Hit I’m singing my heart out😭😂 every time
Launuh Anos atrás
To whoever is reading this... Keep going, Don’t give up !!✨ STAY POSITIVE!! You’re going to succeed, You’re going to get that apartment, You’re going to get that car, You’re going to finish school !!✨ Stay positive Y’all !!
Jae T
Jae T Anos atrás
The background vocals are under appreciated when he singing that chorus😪 them bois make the song 100 times harder
A. Banks
A. Banks Anos atrás
This is definitely NOT simp music. I love it. Instead of bashing the ones that act like bitches he is showing love and adoration to the queens who deserve it. My hat off to the young Goat Rod Wave!
Rich B
Rich B 21 dia atrás
It’s crazy how music touch you .
J L Anos atrás
That piano is unreal. This producer is goated
JustNayln Anos atrás
i love the fact he stays to his self, doesn’t beef with other rappers or anything.
mary hammons
mary hammons Anos atrás
is it just me that LOVES the beginning? when the girl is singing it’s so- perfect.
Brandon Nelson
Brandon Nelson Anos atrás
This boy is going somewhere in the rap industry!!!! Different kind of lyrics. He's got that King Midas touch.
Saint Rodriguez
Saint Rodriguez Anos atrás
This song actually made me shed a tear, I relate to it. For being out here in these streets trying make my ends I miss out on my girls day my son but I keep them in my mind and heart daily... I really wish it was easier to out of this life style I just want to be home with my family
2022 Here still going strong Rod, and always will be 🙌🏾
itss truea
itss truea Anos atrás
Rodwave this how many people love u
Loc'd & Loaded
Loc'd & Loaded Anos atrás
The way he pronounces “road” and the breath he takes between “alone” is EVERYTHING!
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