Rod Wave - Heart On Ice Remix feat. Lil Durk (Official Music Video)

Rod Wave
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Rod Wave - Heart On Ice Remix feat. Lil Durk (Official Music Video)
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27 Set 2019



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Comentários 5 071
Rod Wave
Rod Wave 3 meses atrás
Me and Durkio CRAZY
Marques Barnes
Marques Barnes 9 horas atrás
Melissa Owens
Melissa Owens 13 horas atrás
Yasssss durkioooooo
Rod Wave
G OD Dia atrás
❤️ on 🧊 fr y’all gon hear me one day
hey hey
hey hey 3 horas atrás
I'm liking lil durk hair.
hey hey
hey hey 3 horas atrás
Omg this song some fire!!! I'm salty I'm just now hearing this. His voice is amazing!!!
Ty Wongus
Ty Wongus 10 horas atrás
Rod wave I want to thank u for speaking to us in the world this is what u call music real life story I love music old school church and slow jams I listen to rap but I look for a touching real life rap that's what u give I want to be heard in the world also and one day I will but I just want to say keep doing what u do gods got very big plans for you change the rap game yes
Kay Monzuire
Kay Monzuire 11 horas atrás
Durk was off beat
Roseanna Conception
Roseanna Conception 12 horas atrás
That’s exactly how I feel 💔
Melissa Owens
Melissa Owens 13 horas atrás
Not one dislike rod YOU KILLN ITTTTT
Zion Tolbert
Zion Tolbert 16 horas atrás
I love you and this respect
thunder thighz
thunder thighz 17 horas atrás
Platinum amv
Platinum amv 17 horas atrás
Who wanna see rod wave and no cap
Nellie Roberson
Nellie Roberson 18 horas atrás
Lavarre Coleman
Lavarre Coleman 20 horas atrás
Feel u young man
FurytheKid 22 horas atrás
Subscribe to FurytheKid
Lasha Odoms
Lasha Odoms 22 horas atrás
I put the sugar on the bread
Michael Sampson
Michael Sampson Dia atrás
This song hits harder if you can relate to what they’re saying 💯
Mrs.Darien Brown Army wife Brown
I love this 💯
Lestina Cottman
Lestina Cottman Dia atrás
Heart on my sleeve rod is the best
Clay Teets
Clay Teets Dia atrás
The only rapper these days that actually spit something real. Type of guy that I wanna run with in my circle of men that are tying to build there selves up
Nina Semone
Nina Semone Dia atrás
Damn this my ride too song on my way to work
JGuatemala9 Dia atrás
maaaaan Durk could of went harder than that.. all that singing he does on his song would of been fire if he did on here.. my opinion.. wrong fire tho
LoccNation Dia atrás
Still listening to this in 2020!! Banger fa sho 🥶🥶 “Heart been BROKE so many times I-I”
Brandon D
Brandon D Dia atrás
Rod sitting in that Chair in the dark like your one Uncle that could hoop but never made it Cuz his grades were poor and now he drunk by 1130 am
Sherika Pate
Sherika Pate Dia atrás
Darrion Hadley
Darrion Hadley 2 dias atrás
lil Durk is trash
kb03003 18 horas atrás
Would've preferred Kendrick Lamar honestly
Ashleigh Green
Ashleigh Green 2 dias atrás
Mann I Love this song 😍💯😪Sometimes it makes me cry cause I always have to wear a sleeve on my heart always never know
Alana Thomas
Alana Thomas 2 dias atrás
I like this song I be listening to this song all night and day I replay it
mKsTeRRoR 2 dias atrás
Chiraq Durk> this new Durk
Pilgrimage to Zion
Pilgrimage to Zion 2 dias atrás
WYF damn this is what I got to put out to get millions of hit this shit aweful
shemar young
shemar young 2 dias atrás
Durk killed this shit 🔥
LA Nice
LA Nice 2 dias atrás
He should collab with youngboy fr
Richard Golson
Richard Golson 2 dias atrás
Rachelle Collins
Rachelle Collins 2 dias atrás
Rachelle Collins
Rachelle Collins 2 dias atrás
HEART BEEN BROKE SO MANY TIMES IIIIIII don’t know what to believe
DREW LEGEND 2 dias atrás
Man this shit goes so damn hard its crazy my shit everyday on the way to work
Josetta George
Josetta George 2 dias atrás
Zsaquavier Hemphill
Zsaquavier Hemphill 2 dias atrás
Yeah this mf ruff straight pain music if you agree smash that like button
joanic paul
joanic paul 2 dias atrás
5.1 thousands thumbs down is 5.1 thousands thumbs up. PERIODT 💯💯
Demareon Vincent
Demareon Vincent 3 dias atrás
That the shiff it u a fan hit the button⬇
laurice gaylord
laurice gaylord 3 dias atrás
all 2020 rod wave the truth
Jeandre Dyers
Jeandre Dyers 3 dias atrás
Hi i love your song
Kerisha Arboine
Kerisha Arboine 3 dias atrás
Swear this song got me listening on repeat 🤞💯
Ean Lemay
Ean Lemay 3 dias atrás
This song is fire
JADA THOMAS 3 dias atrás
Ommggggg i love this song he's dope
Antonio Pena
Antonio Pena 3 dias atrás
Realest music out 2020 ur year
gang gang
gang gang 3 dias atrás
Shaina Small
Shaina Small 3 dias atrás
❤️ him
Bob Saget
Bob Saget 3 dias atrás
shit make you want cry in private... regroup your mind
NINO BROWN 3 dias atrás
OLIVERCOO 4 dias atrás
Shits good
Quanna Allure
Quanna Allure 4 dias atrás
Mann Durk something else Fire 🔥🔥
MzPrettiBlacc 4 dias atrás
This is a painfully good song❤
j and j fitness going hard
Rapping to my soul
Alex Zarate
Alex Zarate 4 dias atrás
Who ever dislike the video you dont know good music
Glenda Mitchell
Glenda Mitchell 4 dias atrás
Thanks For Sending This Song Horace.. My Hubby 💚💚
Jessy Messy
Jessy Messy 4 dias atrás
Rod wave: I found a peace of mind bye the ocean lil Durk: I found mine inside meh girl Me: uhh I think Durk is right
Tiffini Scott
Tiffini Scott 3 dias atrás
Jessy Messy 😂🤣😂😂
Yaknowitzleo •
Yaknowitzleo • 4 dias atrás
You skinny
Šïąñňă Cãpăłøť
Ashley Thurman
Ashley Thurman 4 dias atrás
I can listen to this over and over lol 😂 club in the car and cleaning and repeat again in the shower 🧼!
Lavell Robbs
Lavell Robbs 4 dias atrás
Shit just too real...
Akbar Muhammad
Akbar Muhammad 5 dias atrás
Play dis errday if u dont u cant relate
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