Rod Wave - Heart On Ice Remix feat. Lil Durk (Official Music Video)

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Comentários 80
Jeff B
Jeff B 3 horas atrás
durk shoulve refrained from cursing. it would've been easy and he could have the bragging rights.
Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson 9 horas atrás
They say I slick sound like you Rod
Joseph williams
Joseph williams 9 horas atrás
It slap harder with durkio
GirlsGotGang Adriana
GirlsGotGang Adriana 10 horas atrás
I don't like this one because the one man sound off
WE_ARE_TEAM MAYHEM 10 horas atrás
Dope song but the second guy need to come with it and go in with his hart not the pin
All Things Yaya
All Things Yaya 10 horas atrás
my fav ❤️
Leonardo Swain
Leonardo Swain 10 horas atrás
I play this entire album every day and I just realised how the order of the songs tell his entire story. He starts off from the beginning of the album introducing you to his heartbreak, trials, and tribulations, continues throughout the album, then concludes by saying that after everything he's putting his "Heart On Ice".
Lil Kouki
Lil Kouki 12 horas atrás
This I da best song
larrypbillips70 14 horas atrás
Chiefs Fan Since 1993
Chiefs Fan Since 1993 16 horas atrás
I cant be the only one who dont fuck wit Lil Durk🗑
Jeff B
Jeff B 20 horas atrás
love how durk is already rapping like hes got a camera infront of him when the camera man not around
Shakira Beckford
Shakira Beckford 21 hora atrás
He isn’t fat just full of lyrics
Mal_Ean Safari
Mal_Ean Safari 21 hora atrás
Trinton Wilson
Trinton Wilson Dia atrás
* It's my fault, it's my fault I put Heart on my sleeve *
Danielle Liverman
Y'all are very bad at singing just saying that
Lamont Nelson
Lamont Nelson Dia atrás
Real shxt
Andy Eastside
Andy Eastside Dia atrás
The version without Durk verse is better... you know... cuz Durk isn’t on it 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ #SorryNotSorry
mickeymouse Dia atrás
❤️ heart been broke so many times I- I don’t know what to belive🤔.❤️ momma said it’s my fault MY FAULT I wear my heart on my sleeve😖. I think it’s best to put my heart on ice 🧊.
Nykia Tibbs
Nykia Tibbs Dia atrás
We was rideo riding them my songs💜💜🔒🔒🔐🔐🙏🙏☝☝👍👍🌍🌍🌍y'all KNOW. ME yesterday throwing BACK
Leaked Plug
Leaked Plug Dia atrás
Finally a rapper who can show his pain and his real struggle in life 🙏😢
Patricia Jackson
Patricia Jackson Dia atrás
I so love this song
lamar waters
lamar waters Dia atrás
I feel you
Tarek Smith
Tarek Smith Dia atrás
I like rod wave he talk about our generation
Tarek Smith
Tarek Smith Dia atrás
I love this son
KRAYZIE Pain Loc Dia atrás
It's cold out here..i jus got of da pen and I see I only roll solo
Tarick Mathurin
Tarick Mathurin Dia atrás
Track durk killed it
Michael Fernandez
Tamara Wilson
Tamara Wilson 2 dias atrás
Thats my boy, my dude git it ni... OWWWWEEE YEAH
JDavis 2 dias atrás
When mom says no pizza roles
It’s Kiip
It’s Kiip 2 dias atrás
This song saved me. You may be hurting but you healing a whole lotta people rn yo! Look on that bro and keep pushing. A year 2 times. Michael jordan story.
Elizabeth Barnes
Elizabeth Barnes 2 dias atrás
Blessed to have discovered Rod Wave. Listening to K. Gates sitting here near NOLA, home since 06, we got married in Orleans Parish in 09 and in 2011 again. Him and I got the Hell out of Michigan after Katrina. I spent my whole childhood near Chicago, family from near, still, they call it a horrible dangerous area now, it's not at all. I took one look at This rapper and knew where he had to have come from, but he's soooo talented, unique. I hope to hear and see more, soon, and I'm picky AF about what I like ☝️🖤♥️
NCL KayCee
NCL KayCee 2 dias atrás
u duuuu
Virtuous Woman
Virtuous Woman 2 dias atrás
This song go hard .it touch me on so many levels
Pretty B
Pretty B 2 dias atrás
She She
She She 2 dias atrás
Donna W.
Donna W. 2 dias atrás
Nneka Kent
Nneka Kent 2 dias atrás
Matt Roughface
Matt Roughface 2 dias atrás
he is so cute
Brandon Reynolds
Brandon Reynolds 2 dias atrás
Lil durk definitely makes this song better even it’s already a hit without him
Caylen Gordon
Caylen Gordon 2 dias atrás
The Watch
The Watch 2 dias atrás
never knew durk jumped on a remix, original better though for sure but big look for rod wave
David Firsching
David Firsching 2 dias atrás
When i first heard this...dark conversationz...brace face...all of them...i was losing my damn how you think i felt when i heard this coming from the radio??? still in awe....this dude is hard...and his music speaks to me...i dont know how he did what he did..just keep doing it...true winner...heart on ice...
kimberly garcia
kimberly garcia 2 dias atrás
This is how many people ❤️rod wave 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼
Jose Serrano
Jose Serrano 2 dias atrás
Just discovered this dude and damn 🔥
tyrick caudle
tyrick caudle 2 dias atrás
Bro, I truly appreciate you for this song😍👊👊
cgarmon07 2 dias atrás
Good 💜💜💜💜💜🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
KY e Sha Davis
KY e Sha Davis 2 dias atrás
Durk kilt it😫❤❤
THUGLIFE BABII 2 dias atrás
Luv his music
THUGLIFE BABII 2 dias atrás
Michelle Russell
Michelle Russell 3 dias atrás
Hopefully, the industry don't turn you out!! Please stay true to yourself.😎
Michelle Russell
Michelle Russell 3 dias atrás
🎵Heart been broke so many times🎵I don't know what to believe🎵Momma say it's my fault, it's my fault🎵 I wear my heart on my sleeve🎵Its best I put my heart on ice, heart on ice🎵 cause I can't breath🎵Ima put my heart on ice, heart on ice......🎵💖💣
Shanta Butler
Shanta Butler 2 dias atrás
Nawl mane my boi snappppp
Nene Squad
Nene Squad 3 dias atrás
Saniece Robinson
Saniece Robinson 3 dias atrás
LaToya Nesbit
LaToya Nesbit 3 dias atrás
Love this!
tony montana
tony montana 3 dias atrás
Neji Hyuga
Neji Hyuga 3 dias atrás
Fatboy be ridin! Every song I done heard from him be slidin.
Beautiful Keys
Beautiful Keys 3 dias atrás
727 Hot Shit
It's a Bop❤
Lilnalg R
Lilnalg R 3 dias atrás
Antonio Rubio
Antonio Rubio 3 dias atrás
delrese ballard
delrese ballard 3 dias atrás
I have ALWAYS gave more than I received and now I don’t trust Nobody! ❄️❤️ ❄️ They loss 💪🏾
Kahmiya Lane
Kahmiya Lane 3 dias atrás
cries about juice wrld fuck no
Neisha Smith
Neisha Smith 4 dias atrás
“Put ketchup on wonder bread”
Adam Gray
Adam Gray 4 dias atrás
Rod Wave speaks from the Heart in all his songs and cant wait to see how far he goes..
Trudy Lassiter
Trudy Lassiter 4 dias atrás
Don't listen to rap like that but this song is straight 🔥💯
Duane Kidd
Duane Kidd 4 dias atrás
God bless u man keep doing what you doing
shonta ford
shonta ford 4 dias atrás
I just love his voice man 😍😍
Team KYC
Team KYC 4 dias atrás
Dam i luv this sing
Purplekisses's Commentary Kingdom
I'm going through something and this song popped up in my recommendation. Had me in tears. Thanks for this.
JAMAR HALLMON 4 dias atrás
Fla alligator fitted .....good bro #ripCollyCo
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 4 dias atrás
I feel like he's going to be the next Rick Ross
Joshua Dickey
Joshua Dickey 4 dias atrás
Ice chest and beef
Melvin Groomes
Melvin Groomes 4 dias atrás
Sound like Rich Homie Quan reincarnated!!!
Noflaw Finesse
Noflaw Finesse 4 dias atrás
I'm 28 and can't even sing like that
Nicholas Da Giau
Nicholas Da Giau 4 dias atrás
I feel this song emotionally everyday.
La Rata - Beats
La Rata - Beats 4 dias atrás
Damn that song gets me in my feelings... Loved it, I made a Type Beat for this track:
iamshenyse Farrow
iamshenyse Farrow 4 dias atrás
Joe Flying
Joe Flying 4 dias atrás
If you're into this song, you'll love that one,too:
Shay Shay Kiss
Shay Shay Kiss 4 dias atrás
What !!!! heart been broke so many times I felt that!!!!
Chelsea Otoole
Chelsea Otoole 5 dias atrás
I have my brothers on you 🤞
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