Rod Wave "Heart On Ice" (Live Performance) | Open Mic

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Florida’s own Rod Wave dropped by Genius to give an emotional live performance of “Heart On Ice,” which has racked up an impressive 13 million BRvid views to date. The track is produced by SpeakerBangerz.
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5 Nov 2019



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Comentários 6 056
Rahkim Brown
Rahkim Brown 42 minutos atrás
This the type of song to listen to after a break up with your girlfriend some times I feel like my heart on ice 😭😭💔💔💔❄️❄️❄️
Jay C
Jay C Hora atrás
1:26 3rd grade me when my crush didn’t put a card in my valentines mail box
Apex 2 horas atrás
When your crush doesn’t give you a valentine card in your Valentine’s Day box 0:25
Swagdawg333 Suh
Swagdawg333 Suh 2 horas atrás
He’s really preaching
BTFN 2 horas atrás
The voice of a angel
dafamous_mitch 4 horas atrás
Yo this dude is talented.
STH AUCKS 4 horas atrás
Damn!!! he slapped a guy in jail and tell him stop hangin out with them clown's.
Hector1009 5 horas atrás
Never be afraid to open up
Chipz N Dip
Chipz N Dip 6 horas atrás
0:25 When I didn't actually owe 2000$ worth of Itunes cards to the IRS
Rolling A'Jay
Rolling A'Jay 6 horas atrás
Who else here cause they wanted this song without lil durk 🔥🔥
Isaiah Velez
Isaiah Velez 7 horas atrás
Don’t know how you get down wit them clowns but ima soldier🙏🏿
Isaiah Velez
Isaiah Velez 7 horas atrás
No homo
Isaiah Velez
Isaiah Velez 7 horas atrás
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I luv you and this song
Yo Chriiis
Yo Chriiis 7 horas atrás
My hearts been broken so many times I don’t know what to believe...
VICTOR LOPEZ III 9 horas atrás
You want auto t.......
Lil Sheils
Lil Sheils 14 horas atrás
Vocals vocals like he talented like he don’t even need auto tune he was giving a gift from god ❤️
GS Veteran
GS Veteran 15 horas atrás
Nobody: Comments: 0:25
mochi jimin
mochi jimin Dia atrás
Stop saying “autotune left the chat” it never entered 🔥
Excalibur FOE
Excalibur FOE Dia atrás
When yo Xbox 360 would get the red ring 0:25
77 Minutes
77 Minutes Dia atrás
Me when the packers lose another NFC championship 0:25
Marco Vasquez
Marco Vasquez Dia atrás
Mama says it’s my fault, it’s my fault...😔😔😔
morehighgroundxd Dia atrás
Goosebumps 💯
Brule 714money
Brule 714money Dia atrás
How did he not break the chair
RiSk_ Shadow
RiSk_ Shadow Dia atrás
When u gotta do the mile 0:25
Cashmoney Rye
Cashmoney Rye Dia atrás
He sangin that pain !! 😔
CeLeB TV LiVe Dia atrás
Davii Ana
Davii Ana Dia atrás
This song hits different when you can relate.
DRACO Young Dia atrás
I like how he hasnt cursed once in the song
tycapalott Dia atrás
sound just like the original
LT Jack lol
LT Jack lol Dia atrás
Kevin Santos
Kevin Santos Dia atrás
Fat ass we get it you're sad over food
Angel Paredes
Angel Paredes 2 dias atrás
Nigga needed a chair cause he couldn’t stand up for like 2:00
Kaiden Natale
Kaiden Natale 2 dias atrás
When I put on my white airforces and supreme hoodie
Jaydub OnDaSticks
Jaydub OnDaSticks 2 dias atrás
Ima sub to everyone who reply’s to my comment
Asheika Smith
Asheika Smith 2 dias atrás
This nigga curse word ntn just clean auto tune.....this my new jam.good job
Sal 2 dias atrás
When you get 19 chicken nuggets instead of 20 😔
Princess Myka
Princess Myka 2 dias atrás
Killed that
Dionne Cannon
Dionne Cannon 2 dias atrás
Ok man no Auto tune
Dionne Cannon
Dionne Cannon 2 dias atrás
Ok man no Auto toon
Dark Slayer14
Dark Slayer14 2 dias atrás
Literal chills from my head to feet. Protect this man 🙌🏻
Jaliyah Shaw
Jaliyah Shaw 2 dias atrás
Roses are red violets are blue I listen to rod wave so should you
BotSkin 2 dias atrás
Rod Wave about to blow up in 2020 and finally get the recognition he deserves !!
Gregory Zaino Jr.
Gregory Zaino Jr. 2 dias atrás
So much passion and talent 💪👏
Preston Simmons
Preston Simmons 2 dias atrás
xxpantherxx 383
xxpantherxx 383 3 dias atrás
I promise I sound like this in the shower 🚿! 😬😬😬😬
Goatified 2 dias atrás
xxpantherxx 383 imagine
Joseph Lim
Joseph Lim 3 dias atrás
Bro he sounds amazing
black thanos
black thanos 3 dias atrás
When he said "broke" I felt that✊✊✊
Larry Pratt
Larry Pratt 3 dias atrás
Lil wakeem shoulda listened..
Drxgon 3 dias atrás
Sam J
Sam J 3 dias atrás
Cleanest performance ever
Dude Same
Dude Same 3 dias atrás
0:25 * fat niggas when someone takes the last peace of pizza in the lunch line
VVS Khalil
VVS Khalil 3 dias atrás
This man is the Burger King
KOG Snipesss
KOG Snipesss 3 dias atrás
KOG Snipesss
KOG Snipesss 3 dias atrás
GAME FOR FAME 3 dias atrás
Like if this version is better than the original
its me xr
its me xr 3 dias atrás
Rod is very talented
scope time
scope time 3 dias atrás
this song made me cry
CasaAlvarado 3 dias atrás
Imagine disliking this song, the people who did are the ones who are just mad that there favorite artists use auto tune. 💯
squigga man
squigga man 3 dias atrás
*"when the teacher says one more lap"* 0:24 - 0:30
Taking Down Modern Critics
Give Oliver Francis a chance one time
Minus Onehundredthousandsubs
He sound exactly the same
Ja Boi RM
Ja Boi RM 3 dias atrás
I luvv the emotion. *I wear ma heart on ma sleeeeerreves*😖
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