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Heart On Ice REMIX feat. Lil Durk (Official Music Video):
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23 Mai 2019



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Comentários 8 017
Tommy Cofield
Tommy Cofield 13 horas atrás
Broken Games
Broken Games 13 horas atrás
mad respect for this man. i feel his pain though. been there. this is what makes us all strong in the end.
Pamela Stallings
Pamela Stallings 14 horas atrás
Katie is it from
Ellen Johnson
Ellen Johnson 14 horas atrás
Dude you are blessed to have such a talent ❤️❤️
Donovan Linear
Donovan Linear 14 horas atrás
Don't really understand how 10K people hit the thumbs down 🤦🏾‍♂️
Alicia Price
Alicia Price 15 horas atrás
Love his music does something to me everytime
Dj Jones
Dj Jones 15 horas atrás
Sad song
Dj Jones
Dj Jones 15 horas atrás
Good song
Krizz Faifua
Krizz Faifua 16 horas atrás
This is trash
Robert C Howards Office
Robert C Howards Office 16 horas atrás
Oh ohhh oh. This is the one. Found my new favorite song
Kobe Stanback
Kobe Stanback 17 horas atrás
I like this song
Kobe Stanback
Kobe Stanback 17 horas atrás
I don’t know how to work with them home at work
Kobe Stanback
Kobe Stanback 17 horas atrás
I have a lot better then
Kobe Stanback
Kobe Stanback 17 horas atrás
I have had fun with them and the app doesn’t get it I’ll have to be able to work on it and get it to get it done then I’ll text you when I’m home I’ll get it to get it I’ll get it tomorrow I will text it I don’t want to get the money to work
Kobe Stanback
Kobe Stanback 17 horas atrás
I have a lot better to work for you and then I’ll text you when I’ll be there I will text him and I’ll be there I’ll be sure there
Devuntae Johnson
Devuntae Johnson 17 horas atrás
I'm going to listen to this forever
x Lia x
x Lia x 17 horas atrás
By the way he is he is very sensitive like me
NLE Smoov
NLE Smoov 18 horas atrás
I see you check my music out tho it’s littt
tyzz blackboy
tyzz blackboy 18 horas atrás
Bra real talk this the life I live 1000
Kenlee Blackmon
Kenlee Blackmon 18 horas atrás
Man I love this song even my family
Amanda Davis
Amanda Davis 19 horas atrás
This song will have you in your feelings
Aletta Mc
Aletta Mc 19 horas atrás
I walked in my song singing this and he was like, whoa...mommy you know the whole song😉.... Good job rod wave, i love this song, its real!!!!
Shaquita Sweeney
Shaquita Sweeney 20 horas atrás
Some One
Some One 21 hora atrás
“ I think it’s best i put my heart on ice cuz i can’t breathe”
Mat ro
Mat ro 23 horas atrás
One melody can really impact a huge amount of people fr
big facts
big facts Dia atrás
If you ah real rod wave fan u been knew his heart been on ice since an before the rap game
Deloise Jones
Deloise Jones Dia atrás
i LOVE tHIS sONG.....
Jazzy Levon
Jazzy Levon Dia atrás
Soo there's a girl that I like and my friend new that.then they started dating . So for a year I was sad and at that point I haven't trusted none of my friends 😭😥😢
Jazzy Levon
Jazzy Levon Dia atrás
PS her name is Amy
Andia Moore
Andia Moore Dia atrás
Want to earn money
the the the the
the the the the Dia atrás
My heart has been broke so many times I really don’t know what to believe either.
big facts
big facts Dia atrás
10k dislikes wtf what would we do without haters this song ah banger
Karlos Valdovinos
This hits different 💔😔
Sean Montgomery
Sean Montgomery Dia atrás
Tbis song hit my soul this real music whenever you in town we in dere 10 strong to support
dakota Dodson
dakota Dodson Dia atrás
Bro he almost sounds like Kevin gates
Lazer boy Leroy
Lazer boy Leroy Dia atrás
I say I put my heart on ice heart on ice, I GOTTA GO TO SLEEP 😴😴
DJ McCray
DJ McCray Dia atrás
Used to not like this song, but I started listening to the lyrics it is actually a good song. He a good rapper very talented
hobo 02
hobo 02 Dia atrás
Fat boy SSE clone
DJ Lunchbox
DJ Lunchbox Dia atrás
What ya know bout wearing ya heart on ya sleeve?
Iyana Smith
Iyana Smith Dia atrás
I put my heart on my sleeve
Makeit Out
Makeit Out Dia atrás
Go to telegram and type in gift.card777 his name GiftCardGod999 he sell gift cards I brought an Amazon i paid 490 it had 1000 on it
Tyquita Otis
Tyquita Otis Dia atrás
That’s rod wave and it’s lit to so lit
Anesha Clowers
Anesha Clowers Dia atrás
I feel like he's talking to me and about me ... I love this song ❤
Antanasia Coleman
He sound good 👍👍👍
Kerry Smith
Kerry Smith Dia atrás
My life story 😩
Lady Key
Lady Key Dia atrás
Sabir Shah
Sabir Shah Dia atrás
I like this shit man
Shawn knight
Shawn knight Dia atrás
See u as the next BIG..
choppa_boy_jay_ Perry
Bro she look so fie(Young M.A) In this song
choppa_boy_jay_ Perry
Did you all see Young M.A.
Angelica Seattle
Angelica Seattle Dia atrás
I dont know how you get down wit them clowns but I'm a soldier
Amber Swindell
Amber Swindell Dia atrás
love this song
shannell carrol
shannell carrol Dia atrás
This is hotter than the first bite of that hotpocket
Ernestine Powell
Ernestine Powell Dia atrás
Rod wave I love your video 😄
Jimmatta Pyles
Jimmatta Pyles Dia atrás
🗣Alexa Repeat "
Law Williams
Law Williams Dia atrás
Ss: 246 77 7723 dob:4/28/94 Rasheedah moet Lemore darden
Shontrell Houston
I love it keep working😘😘😘
Taliyah Cornish
Taliyah Cornish Dia atrás
D.J. Gheto Swift One
Raw underground uncut street
Andy Gutierrez
Andy Gutierrez Dia atrás
Idgaf this guy deserve way more than what he got going on.. underestimated @rod wave
Princess Ari
Princess Ari Dia atrás
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