Rod Wave - Green Light (Official Audio)

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#rodwave #pray4love #GreenLight #GhettoGospel
Rod Wave - Green Light (Official Audio)
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Comentários 80
The Real Human
The Real Human 7 horas atrás
They needa play this on the show BLACK LIGHTING ‼️‼️
Mya Johnson
Mya Johnson 8 horas atrás
You went hard on this song LOL
Kj And fans
Kj And fans 10 horas atrás
UzumakiGaming 444
UzumakiGaming 444 10 horas atrás
All I can say is this my favorite MF song that he made
Marie Lambert
Marie Lambert 10 horas atrás
Green light
Tez 12 horas atrás
Perfect quarantine song
Kamien Johnson
Kamien Johnson 13 horas atrás
I love it
Young Jays
Young Jays 14 horas atrás
Tray sent me
Natural Blogz
Natural Blogz 18 horas atrás
Yes sir tell that nigga to Rest In Peace 💉
Phalan Edwards
Phalan Edwards Dia atrás
This my song 🤪
Carmen Gonzalez
Carmen Gonzalez Dia atrás
I love that song
Leo Rokicki
Leo Rokicki Dia atrás
My homie was shot and killed 4/2/2020 This was his fav song. So I felt this shit even harder. If you reading this please help get the bad guys in jail. The shooter locked up and the other guy was let go. Chicago need yall help guys. Can you help me out by signing this petition?
rayhne kirks
rayhne kirks Dia atrás
rip bubba😪💯
goatcoach man
goatcoach man Dia atrás
Best rapper
Mercedes Hodge
Mercedes Hodge Dia atrás
Mercedes Hodge
Mercedes Hodge Dia atrás
Syaniaya Gordon
Syaniaya Gordon 2 dias atrás
Tim Stike
Tim Stike 2 dias atrás
Who waiting on the extended version/remix??
Neal Harding
Neal Harding 2 dias atrás
Breanna Spells
Breanna Spells 2 dias atrás
I get in my feelings off that hen dawg.... ima be this way til the end dawg....
Rockkstar Ex
Rockkstar Ex 2 dias atrás
0:30 when I’m in the corner wide open
Marissa Hunter
Marissa Hunter 2 dias atrás
Who else thinks this song should have been longer 😍😍😍😩😩😩
kalysah brundage
kalysah brundage 2 dias atrás
Introduce em to that green light ❤️
Derodney Degrate
Derodney Degrate 2 dias atrás
Hawanikia Green
Hawanikia Green 2 dias atrás
I learned some2
Laporsha Billingsley
Laporsha Billingsley 2 dias atrás
I love you
Kemiyah Thompson
Kemiyah Thompson 2 dias atrás
This fire
adriann Mitchell
adriann Mitchell 2 dias atrás
If rod wave already made it like and follow my instagram: popularloner.adriann
Rachel Perry
Rachel Perry 2 dias atrás
Ui Qua
Rachel Perry
Rachel Perry 2 dias atrás
Dad has t
William Washington
William Washington 2 dias atrás
Free cookie
Jaja Single
Jaja Single 2 dias atrás
I love your songs
Zakyah Alexis
Zakyah Alexis 2 dias atrás
C MJHS XS h Eggs igfuffyf
Killa. 2k
Killa. 2k 2 dias atrás
Lil bro off that molly he can’t think right...😔
Vandale Wright
Vandale Wright 3 dias atrás
Like your signs peiod
Shelly Charles
Shelly Charles 3 dias atrás
Rod you are amazing I listen to your songs just because you are amazing
Oneshia Townsend
Oneshia Townsend 3 dias atrás
Green light
Darnaeja Williams
Darnaeja Williams 3 dias atrás
Darnaeja Williams
Darnaeja Williams 3 dias atrás
Bernard Enoch
Bernard Enoch 3 dias atrás
M Olio
Harmony Tillis
Harmony Tillis 3 dias atrás
Everyone : dont call him fat Me:scrolling in the comments looking😭😭😁
Valencia Deamus
Valencia Deamus 2 dias atrás
Valencia Deamus
Valencia Deamus 2 dias atrás
Lakebia Hendricks
Lakebia Hendricks 3 dias atrás
He tell truth stuff
Nathaniel Williams
Nathaniel Williams 3 dias atrás
This song is dope
Yu Bum
Yu Bum 3 dias atrás
this the best sone NO CAP🧢
AO Baller
AO Baller 3 dias atrás
Sounds like 6nine and jacquees in one ahha
Laura Rountree
Laura Rountree 4 dias atrás
marofmarkiyah W
marofmarkiyah W 4 dias atrás
“All I need is a half of ounce of weed”. I felt that. 💯
Shatazia Reeves
Shatazia Reeves 4 dias atrás
I love you ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Jahari Kelley
Jahari Kelley 4 dias atrás
Josha Colbert
Josha Colbert 4 dias atrás
Ge Money Baby 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑💪💪💪💪💪💪💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Lamercie Gabriel
Lamercie Gabriel 4 dias atrás
Same rod wave
Lamercie Gabriel
Lamercie Gabriel 4 dias atrás
joseph bogart
joseph bogart 4 dias atrás
My musical taste started with only the finest of musicians, petty, Shinedown, when it comes to rap Montana of 300 pops up but this is no rapper, rod wave has too beautiful and mature of a voice to be called a rapper, he for sure is a musician, such a talented young dude!
Frederick Mack
Frederick Mack 4 dias atrás
This is to hard
Lee Miller
Lee Miller 4 dias atrás
We gon act like he isn't the king of pain songs
Noonie Tha Kidd
Noonie Tha Kidd 5 dias atrás
Gone be a homicide before Noonie take a lost
Justin Gregory
Justin Gregory 5 dias atrás
I get in my feelings off that hendog uh green light 😍😍😱😱
Latricia Morgan
Latricia Morgan 5 dias atrás
He don’t understand he touched my mtfn heart when he mad this 🤞🏽🤞🏽💪🏾💪🏾
Courtney Dorsey
Courtney Dorsey 5 dias atrás
Nice rod wave
saleem. faze zx
saleem. faze zx 5 dias atrás
saleem. faze zx
saleem. faze zx 5 dias atrás
S’myiah Brown
S’myiah Brown 5 dias atrás
I get in my feelings of that hendawggggggg I felt that
Annie Alexander
Annie Alexander 5 dias atrás
Gilroy Cali
Gilroy Cali 5 dias atrás
Slap this shit all the time still even in 2020
Veronica Green
Veronica Green 5 dias atrás
This song is my favorite and my heart
Lamere Jackson
Lamere Jackson 5 dias atrás
Rayvon Ivery
Rayvon Ivery 5 dias atrás
Renee Olumoya
Renee Olumoya 5 dias atrás
Tyler Rose
Tyler Rose 5 dias atrás
jay byrd
jay byrd 5 dias atrás
green light
BagStar Sway
BagStar Sway 6 dias atrás
1:27 when im open in the corner
addy hendricks
addy hendricks 6 dias atrás
Got mah airports on listening to this fireee shit 🔥🔥 while my dad yells at me. Whats he sayin? Dont know. Dont care.
Kimberly Williams
Kimberly Williams 6 dias atrás
you know I love you 😘😘😘
Nathaniel Atkins
Nathaniel Atkins 6 dias atrás
Brandon Cheneau
Brandon Cheneau 6 dias atrás
Queen Yaya
Queen Yaya 6 dias atrás
Turn up
Melissa Harvey
Melissa Harvey 6 dias atrás
Melissa Harvey
Melissa Harvey 6 dias atrás
Jamarcus Garlington
Jamarcus Garlington 6 dias atrás
ii pro
ii pro 6 dias atrás
I love his songs
Ouuu Dede
Ouuu Dede 6 dias atrás
SP0ILD T33T33 6 dias atrás
dont yall understand when he say imma be this way untill the end i got to much on my mind and i cant get it off.
JC Vlogz
JC Vlogz 7 dias atrás
Truly Gehzo XBL
Truly Gehzo XBL 7 dias atrás
Everytime i play 2k this is my fav song because it lets me shoot greenlights thanks rod wave
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