Rod Wave - Fly (Official Music Video)

Rod Wave
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14 Ago 2019



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Comentários 1 068
Leah Savoy
Leah Savoy 13 horas atrás
I love him y’all give him respect just like i do
Crystal Morvant
Crystal Morvant 2 dias atrás
Where my 2020 ppl at every thumb up is one for the real man rod
Terrell Tarantino
Terrell Tarantino 2 dias atrás
He represents for the big guys well..
Icyyy Antt
Icyyy Antt 3 dias atrás
Maj4L better with this beat, but Rod Wave’s Song here is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥 Like: If Maj4L - Options is better ( ) Comment: If Rod Wave - Sky is better Like & Comment: Both are the best
Legacy Family Mommy will always love you
I LOVE IT...! 🔥🔥🔥
Devils Acrimony
Devils Acrimony 6 dias atrás
What’s the song at the end they’re singing at the concert?
Devils Acrimony
Devils Acrimony 6 dias atrás
Vonn Johnson thanks g
Vonn Johnson
Vonn Johnson 6 dias atrás
Devils Acrimony weight on my shoulders
Arjahn Hodge
Arjahn Hodge 6 dias atrás
My favorite song
Gordon Hagen
Gordon Hagen 7 dias atrás
Before it gets better it gets worse. I felt that !! 🌊🌊wave2020
Nell Moody
Nell Moody 7 dias atrás
Trappy 8 dias atrás
drawing symbols ik yall hear it
Yvng Cjay
Yvng Cjay 8 dias atrás
1:52 Tupac 🙏🏾💯
Marvin Hall
Marvin Hall 8 dias atrás
Fire bro keep up the good work God is good
AntVerson 9 dias atrás
Rod wave said “he having lucid dreams , I heard he fell in love with Perkys” 🤔 I might just be too woke
Bando Brothers
Bando Brothers 9 dias atrás
He having lucid dreams I heard he fell in love with perkys 😕 #RIPJuiceWrld
_Monty97 10 dias atrás
What’s that last song they was playing where the crowd was singing
Lil Rocc
Lil Rocc 10 dias atrás
He came on this bihh sounding like pleasure p . It’s go crazy tho 💪🏽
minah last name
minah last name 10 dias atrás
The first lyric what is it a reference from?
Jasmin NewmanMcKinney
Jasmin NewmanMcKinney 11 dias atrás
bui fuck u yo
Malik Wright
Malik Wright 11 dias atrás
this nigga an Inspiration to me dont give up.
K Slattt
K Slattt 11 dias atrás
Camar Dawson
Camar Dawson 12 dias atrás
Fuckin goat
young_strikezz 12 dias atrás
rod wave💯is the hood juice wrld🕊️
Queen Kalani
Queen Kalani 12 dias atrás
I love how he put his fans in his videos that the type of shit I like❤️
UMadIGotYouBruh- 13 dias atrás
He pretty much anticipated juices death he’s having lucid dreams I heard he fell in love with Perry’s. Wake up people it’s all staged
shanika gaines
shanika gaines 12 dias atrás
UMadIGotYouBruh- mane shit yo o it’s a conspiracy ass up 🙄
KingsteveTV 14 dias atrás
This mans music goes hard
Kim Homes
Kim Homes 15 dias atrás
I swear this nigga finna get a bag 🤑🤝🙏🏽💯
Ryley Grambow
Ryley Grambow 16 dias atrás
You deserve so much more views keep up the🔥🔥🔥you goat 🐐
Julxay 16 dias atrás
I tried to like it but i dont ..
Trey Savv3500
Trey Savv3500 17 dias atrás
Who know the instrumental ?
Troy Greer
Troy Greer 18 dias atrás
Song got me dropping tears I’m looking for happiness again
Kim Edmonds
Kim Edmonds 20 dias atrás
I like his music.
Jayden Pickron
Jayden Pickron 21 dia atrás
I love this song
Tyiee Watkins
Tyiee Watkins 21 dia atrás
Rod wave all 2020 💯‼️
Mehki Dalce
Mehki Dalce 24 dias atrás
I’m in the video I’m dj tim son
DRE GOTTI 24 dias atrás
Uk you hurt when u realize u really running from yo self I stg I hate it here
Filly Ma
Filly Ma 25 dias atrás
If u like this song 👍
odeeC 28 dias atrás
“He havin lucid dreams I heard he fell in love with perkys” these lyrics hit way harder now after what recently happened.
Shilzy 25 dias atrás
raider nation12
raider nation12 29 dias atrás
Waiting on that lil Wayne colabo..... can u imagine
EYES ON ME Mês atrás
God is not blessing you in this industry brother. I like the music tho I mean really like the music. I just started listening today its on Point bro
Chris Whiting
Chris Whiting Mês atrás
Tampa/ St Pete we got a real one!!!! This nigga is dope 813/727
Jacquana Lucas
Jacquana Lucas Mês atrás
I like this song
King McDonald
King McDonald Mês atrás
Hello! Your video just selected to be signed By #KingMcDonald for The Deaf Community, so many can understand and enjoy your amazing work - It was ask by a few of your Fans. Enjoy, It was Free, we enjoy doing it. Link -
Christina Robinson
Christina Robinson Mês atrás
You is sweet To
K.BENZraregenetics Mês atrás
Y’all go Fuck Wit my cover to this 🌴
drey the rapper
drey the rapper Mês atrás
Rod wave is the best
Quantavious Cobb
Quantavious Cobb Mês atrás
Monique Ollie
Monique Ollie Mês atrás
Rod wave I love you🥰 I hope you come to Memphis I can’t wait🤗
Lateaka James
Lateaka James Mês atrás
He having lucid dreams he fell in love with perkeys r.i.p juice world
Sharnay Knight
Sharnay Knight Mês atrás
Who still watching when 2020 cone
Ayisha Gordon
Ayisha Gordon Mês atrás
Do you know whatDo you know a Christmas coming up
Ayisha Gordon
Ayisha Gordon Mês atrás
Jamal was a good. Boys
Devin Davis
Devin Davis Mês atrás
1:52 if don’t know where that lyric is from, then you ain’t real💯💯 RIP TUPAC🙏🏾
Mr. BBE Mês atrás
Deerick Jerome
Deerick Jerome Mês atrás
I Feel You New Favorite Rapper Do Yo Thing Bro
Adrian Escobar
Adrian Escobar Mês atrás
Who else caught that tupac verse ✏️
Andrea Daziya’
Andrea Daziya’ Mês atrás
Afro Girl
Afro Girl Mês atrás
I wanted to let you know I was here since day one and u inspired me to rap
Dee Barnum
Dee Barnum Mês atrás
"Don't get along with nun of these niggas get that from my father"
Crystian Arnold
Crystian Arnold Mês atrás
I love rod wave 🌊 he’s my life keep ur head up keep ur love for us going to let ppl hit u with that mean shii🤦🏾‍♂️💯
Keishara Weems
Keishara Weems Mês atrás
The whole album fye🔥🔥🔥😍
Ghost Productions
Ghost Productions Mês atrás
Those Adlibs give me rich homie Quan vibes
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