Rod Wave - Cuban Links feat. Kevin Gates (Official Music Video)

Rod Wave
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Rod Wave - Cuban Links feat. Kevin Gates (Official Music Video)
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11 Out 2019



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Comentários 3 226
Rod Wave
Rod Wave Mês atrás
im gon die in these cuban links
Brittney Nicolee
Brittney Nicolee Dia atrás Please just play this!!!
Lai the pringle
Lai the pringle Dia atrás
And that’s on hard times ! 🤧🤍
Kashflo Kevo
Kashflo Kevo Dia atrás
Rod Wave I NEED to be on this remix ‼️ My heart bleeds on this song‼️💯💯🙏🏽🙏🏽
Thomas Mixon
Thomas Mixon 2 dias atrás
I see you hit that Rick Ross moon walk lol 😂😂😂 the burg behind you
Harmony Brown
Harmony Brown 2 dias atrás
Right now today
Joshua Harris
Joshua Harris 2 horas atrás
Perfect collab🔥🔥🔥🔥
Yung Grip
Yung Grip 3 horas atrás
Kev slides too too small...😂
Yamaha Music 321
Yamaha Music 321 4 horas atrás
Rip 2 everyone lost
RainingVisions 5 horas atrás
First time I heard this I didn’t know who Rod Wave even was but at the same time I was like man if Gates was on this song this would be a banger then I heard “Think it’s a game” shook my soul nbs
Super Spud
Super Spud 5 horas atrás
Les talk bout hard times
Top Three vlogs
Top Three vlogs 5 horas atrás
Hit my knees then I pray cuz he finally made a wayyy I feel that line 🔥🙏
No capquay
No capquay 5 horas atrás
The song is the best song you ever made
No capquay
No capquay 5 horas atrás
Are you sure
La Bousins
La Bousins 7 horas atrás
Fuck youngboy we got rod wave
VIA 020
VIA 020 7 horas atrás
Empress Libra - Soulja Life Empress
I was WAITING on dis to drop 🔥 Ready to make our hit 🤘🏾
Hector Perez
Hector Perez 7 horas atrás
When I seen this I thought Cuban link was ft on here but the song was called Cuban links lmfao
Jacob Hebert
Jacob Hebert 7 horas atrás
Gates is really a walking inspiration bro💪💯💯💯
Skrtbently 9 horas atrás
He need a song with NoCap
Lillian Magee
Lillian Magee 9 horas atrás
Gates just send waves through my body with his voice
Baby Girl
Baby Girl 11 horas atrás
So glad Rod is signed to BWA he fit's perfectly 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
IrushSweatsツ 11 horas atrás
Duke Dennis?
Dean Minchew
Dean Minchew 12 horas atrás
Michael Bowers
Michael Bowers 13 horas atrás
Kayla Gordon
Kayla Gordon 18 horas atrás
Fw this song so heavy
Sierra Jenkins
Sierra Jenkins 19 horas atrás
I like you’re song
cameron sheppard
cameron sheppard 19 horas atrás
i was feeling the song untill gates fuckd it off smh...rod wave need to remix song by hisself
Shannon Morgan-Payne
Shannon Morgan-Payne 22 horas atrás
Cartier Montana up next
Skyy Armstrong
Skyy Armstrong 23 horas atrás
Rod ND youngboy should make a song together I might just cry 😭💔
Jack Jackson
Jack Jackson 23 horas atrás
if you dislike this song your dumb as hell
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 23 horas atrás
supablackdynamo 23 horas atrás
Like if rod and Kevin should stop playing and make an album together
Paris Dia atrás
This So Fire
Raw Dealinz
Raw Dealinz Dia atrás
New gatez
Riley Bruch
Riley Bruch Dia atrás
This man Rod only 19 YEARS OLD 😨😰😰
iiPhilippe Dia atrás
who’s here from duke dennis
Spacial Spirit
Spacial Spirit Dia atrás
I actually want to collab with you 4real
Ben Hampton
Ben Hampton Dia atrás
LYRICS: Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, that's probably Tago Pipe that shit up, TnT Tre made this beat [Verse 1: Rod Wave] Let’s talk 'bout hard times, real bottom boy survivor Way before the jewelry, the groupie hoes, and designer Back when I was tryna find a way for all my partners Rema hit the window, popped the door for me and Lijah 'Member wakin’ up with no destination But I had some dedication, couldn't use my education 'Cause no nine dollars could help me face what I was facing My light bill due, envelope blue, that mean you behind on payments Rap slowed down and I was low on cash Fresh out of high school, kicked out the house for living fast Went and got a spot, then got a job, 'cause pops was on my ass Then that's when pops had went to jail so it didn't last Hit the block with Brock 'cause I was tryna pay my bills Like fuck a rap career, let's touch these streets and make a mil’ Fast forward, like Rod Wave, tell me how you feel When I think about my past, that shit give me chills, uh [Chorus: Rod Wave & Kevin Gates] Wake up in the morning, hit my knees, and I pray Because He finally made a way I been runnin’ up that paper, mama And before I let 'em come and take it, mama I’ma die in these Cuban links I'm gon' die in these Cuban links (Bangers again) Die in these Cuban links (Right now today, let's go) Die in these Cuban links (Yes, Lord) [Verse 2: Kevin Gates] All my life it been a struggle You on and fall off, you find out who really love you Playin’ in the storm drain, came out the gutter Good relationships, I admit I had a couple Making love to the money, me and bae lil' couple Yola cooked down to the oil in it, don't switch around I need everything when it lock in the pot, yeah Grab it off the top, let it dry, work the clock, yeah Finally up in rank, movin' blocks, holdin' sham, yeah Havin' my lil' way, ghetto pussy used to act funny Now I'm hittin' her hard from the back, she throw it back for me And when I went to jail, shawty left, turned her back on me Flexin' on they ass, pants sag with them racks on 'em [Chorus: Rod Wave] Wake up in the morning, hit my knees, and I pray Because He finally made a way I been runnin' up that paper, mama And before I let 'em come and take it, mama I'ma die in these Cuban links I'm gon' die in these Cuban links Die in these Cuban links Die in these Cuban links
Lil Bouya
Lil Bouya Dia atrás
FraNTheMaN Dia atrás
So am I the only one from duke denis 99 ovr video?
Johnny vernis
Johnny vernis Dia atrás
I just got put on it👌🏿💪🏿💪🏿
Logan Fisher
Logan Fisher Dia atrás
Do a song wiff Youngboy right away🤣💯
Mason Anthony
Mason Anthony Dia atrás
Brittney Nicolee
Brittney Nicolee Dia atrás
Please check this out. Swear y’all will have it on repeat.
TL Ummar
TL Ummar Dia atrás
Past kevin gates making a song with future kevin gates
Sweetness Bowles
Sweetness Bowles Dia atrás
My ishhhhhh!!💙💯💯
Alexander Fonseca
And when I went to jail shawty left and turned her back on me💯💨that part hit different
Anthony Henderson
# yt played this 4 me
TYB LAHDEE Dia atrás mane diz shi here go crazy fr ‼️🥀💯🎯
Cam Rauls
Cam Rauls Dia atrás
I’m gon die eating chicken wings
Leyla Abdikadir
Leyla Abdikadir Dia atrás
Rod wave is alot like Kevin Gates
Doobie Holding
Doobie Holding Dia atrás
Nigga I felt all this. Shit brought a man tears boah
BMGKennel Jr
BMGKennel Jr Dia atrás
Remember waking up with no destination
Nezzie Dia atrás
I have the same Earrings Kevin got lmao
Joseph Martin
Joseph Martin Dia atrás
Thank it's a game. . . . Right nah, today!
I need a collab tape
Mr. Motivator
Mr. Motivator Dia atrás
Lulu Sanchez
Lulu Sanchez Dia atrás
Rod wave Nd nba youngboy??? 😯
Roadboys Otw
Roadboys Otw Dia atrás
Subscribe to the channel we got something major coming help us out
B. Minor 11:11
B. Minor 11:11 Dia atrás
this hoe on repeat ..
Yung Money
Yung Money Dia atrás
I’m trynna die in some Cuban links 💯
CollectorsLuck Dia atrás
This track a whole vibe bruh 🙏🏻
Groppo Dadon
Groppo Dadon 2 dias atrás
Garunteed to put you in your feelings 💘 give me a chance
Manuel Morris
Manuel Morris 2 dias atrás
What up nigga
P Ola
P Ola 2 dias atrás
Lil bro and big bro mad collaboration
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