Rod Wave - Cuban Links feat. Kevin Gates (Official Music Video)

Rod Wave
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Rod Wave - Cuban Links feat. Kevin Gates (Official Music Video)
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11 Out 2019



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Comentários 5 447
Rod Wave
Rod Wave 3 meses atrás
im gon die in these cuban links
Kela Williams
Kela Williams 6 horas atrás
It’s YoBoi AK
It’s YoBoi AK 7 horas atrás
Jonathan Kennedy
Jonathan Kennedy 14 horas atrás
That bih go hard🙏
Asapz Rap
Asapz Rap 4 horas atrás
Not terror squad
dany rith
dany rith 4 horas atrás
The next tee grizzly ?? 😂😂
Vucci Media
Vucci Media 5 horas atrás
Rite now today🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Christina Oneill
Christina Oneill 7 horas atrás
Think it’s a game !?!?🙏god help me
Bkb Squad
Bkb Squad 10 horas atrás
Devontae tv
Devontae tv 11 horas atrás
You don’t love yo mama if u don’t subscribe
inspirational Raps
inspirational Raps 14 horas atrás
Nobody:... Not even god himself:.... Kevin Gates: yes lawd
MAGNOLIA BOOG 17 horas atrás
Kevin Gates just signed me yesterday checc out my video Https://
itsbeckybabeh 17 horas atrás
The two best artists in a song together. This shit BLAZING! Two of the finest men I’ve ever seen. Get it y’all, y’all deserve it for real! 😘🥰
Martika Jinks
Martika Jinks 17 horas atrás
Mannnn I love this man!!!! Rodddddd
Daran Thomas
Daran Thomas 17 horas atrás
I try to play this every morning this shit too fire
Yung Shaggy
Yung Shaggy Dia atrás
50m almost
Long Johnson
Long Johnson Dia atrás
Marques Barnes
Marques Barnes Dia atrás
The REALIST song out. Respect truu
Fesal Tira
Fesal Tira Dia atrás
i ain gon die over some cuban links dat..
Alan Tamplin
Alan Tamplin Dia atrás
You Only Fall Off 💔 You Find Off Who Really Love Ya ❗️🙏🏾
Autumn Hamilton
Autumn Hamilton Dia atrás
I’m gon die in my Human Minks what bout yall😭💛🤞🏼
Jonea Farmer
Jonea Farmer Dia atrás
Mann I fuk this
Jimmy Martin
Jimmy Martin Dia atrás
I was Poppin this before it hit a million
Young 5 Peso
Young 5 Peso Dia atrás subscribe 🔥🙏🏾
Monkey King
Monkey King Dia atrás
0:15 he was moon walking...
nichole greene
nichole greene Dia atrás
Biggie resurrected
nichole greene
nichole greene Dia atrás
The two arms/hands praise to GOD that Gates displayed says GOD made a way! Yes LORD! Always surrender and give GOD the glory for all things! 1:09
demyiah tennyson
demyiah tennyson Dia atrás
Lu Wop
Lu Wop Dia atrás
demyiah tennyson check this channel 🚨🚨🙏🏾
Time God
Time God Dia atrás
no more bangs - ima tell u hard life tell why im tryin to bank a lagger take a supressed and lose the hairians tell the everyone to boom a mil im done wit tills n plays i tallli not today no today ima go fo real graze tell me to die i kill ur fight tell me why im illright not time right time god im not a rapper im the rap game god: manadalite im high as shit and i live eatin mcdonalds
Lu Wop
Lu Wop Dia atrás
Time God check this channel 🚨🚨🙏🏾
Ricka Forney
Ricka Forney 2 dias atrás
Right now today!!!
Lu Wop
Lu Wop Dia atrás
Ricka Forney check this channel 🚨🚨🙏🏾
Ricka Forney
Ricka Forney 2 dias atrás
That mf Kevin omg😩😩
Tommy Rose
Tommy Rose 2 dias atrás
Braidsbyketa by Miketa
real shit my guy!
Lu Wop
Lu Wop Dia atrás
Braidsbyketa by Miketa check this channel 🚨🚨🙏🏾
Anataisa Wright
Anataisa Wright 2 dias atrás
My song here
Glo Gorg
Glo Gorg 2 dias atrás
i’m gone die in these cuban MINKS 💕
Shyanne Francois
Shyanne Francois 2 dias atrás
Great song
Lu Wop
Lu Wop Dia atrás
Shyanne Francois check this channel 🚨🚨🙏🏾
Tyonna Franklin
Tyonna Franklin 2 dias atrás
Right now today bitch
Shaikh Shaikh
Shaikh Shaikh 2 dias atrás
Rauhaan Inamdar
Rauhaan Inamdar 2 dias atrás
this is fr rap motivation at it's finest.
Timelessboy YT
Timelessboy YT 2 dias atrás
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, that's probably Tago Pipe that shit up, TnT Tre made this beat Let's talk 'bout hard times, real bottom boy survivor Way before the jewelry, the groupie hoes, and designer Back when I was tryna find a way for all my partners Rema hit the window, popped the door for me and Lijah 'Member wakin' up with no destination But I had some dedication, couldn't use my education 'Cause no nine dollars could help me face what I was facing My light bill due, envelope blue, that mean you behind on payments Rap slowed down and I was low on cash Fresh out of high school, kicked out the house for living fast Went and got a spot, then got a job, 'cause pops was on my ass Then that's when pops had went to jail so it didn't last Hit the block with Brock 'cause I was tryna pay my bills Like fuck a rap career, let's touch these streets and make a mil' Fast forward, like Rod Wave, tell me how you feel When I think about my past, that shit give me chills, uh
A'Niyah Johnson
A'Niyah Johnson 2 dias atrás
I am abssed with this song
HollyWood Batton
HollyWood Batton 3 dias atrás
I love how when Gates features he acts like a true fan of the artist in the vids
Latifa Townsend
Latifa Townsend 3 dias atrás
Like fr yall aint gone addment how hard rode wave part was they was both hard now cmon😑 .
Rosy Cantalous
Rosy Cantalous Dia atrás
Rosie Davis 1966
Fuck Nigga
Fuck Nigga 3 dias atrás
Hi rod wake
Tallula Tannerr
Tallula Tannerr 3 dias atrás
They both🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯❗
Lu Wop
Lu Wop Dia atrás
Tallula Tannerr check this channel 🚨🚨🙏🏾
Donovan 3 dias atrás
Instrumental was great, the artists ruined the whole damn song.
Emmanuel Hilaire
Emmanuel Hilaire 3 dias atrás
rod wave is the skinnest man alive
Scoota JR TV
Scoota JR TV 3 dias atrás
Sub Scoota J.R
RAINBOW UNICORN 3 dias atrás
soo true😢😭😇you did so good
lea lea
lea lea 3 dias atrás
Love you rod wave
Lu Wop
Lu Wop Dia atrás
lea lea check this channel 🚨🚨🙏🏾
Callum61921 3 dias atrás
Bruh it makes me so happy to see rod make songs with someone he looked up (KG)to so much when he was young
Ghost Bey
Ghost Bey 3 dias atrás
😂 I know yoll love Justin nuts can you find the camera bushes
Ghost Bey
Ghost Bey 3 dias atrás
I’m coming in
Lu Wop
Lu Wop Dia atrás
Ghost Bey check this channel 🚨🚨🙏🏾
Josh Mosquea
Josh Mosquea 3 dias atrás
🎶I’m gon cry if her coochie stink🎶
lisa Bowleg
lisa Bowleg 3 dias atrás
I love you
aaron segura
aaron segura 3 dias atrás
Protect rob wave with all cost
Germaine Broussard
Germaine Broussard 4 dias atrás
I need every fucking thing when it lock in the fucking pot ...Maaaaaan fuck!!!
Germaine Broussard
Germaine Broussard 4 dias atrás
Fuck!!!! I've been banging this shit and didn't know this was Rod Wave .
SonLight 4 dias atrás
1:29 RIGHT NOW TODAY!!!!!🔥♥️
Lunatic ViperGAMING
Lunatic ViperGAMING 4 dias atrás
Wait wait was that a moon walk in the start
Quin'shavia Howard
Quin'shavia Howard 4 dias atrás
Dontay Frazier
Dontay Frazier 4 dias atrás
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