Rod Wave - Close Enough To Hurt (Official Music Video)

Rod Wave
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Rod Wave - Close Enough To Hurt (Official Music Video)
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23 Out 2019



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Comentários 2 962
Rod Wave
Rod Wave 3 meses atrás
appreciate yall help me get to 300k subscribers
POE T-TONE OFFICIAL 4 dias atrás
Rappers want subcribers?!?!!!?
LaJuntae Walker
LaJuntae Walker 5 dias atrás
Bro your shit banging I listen to Cuban link all day keep them hit comimg
Jimmy Bacon
Jimmy Bacon 6 dias atrás
Wow. Just 3months ago you were trying for 300k. You’re almost at a million now.
Shanice Calhoun
Shanice Calhoun 8 dias atrás
Amaya my name is sanaya round
shi ba
shi ba 4 horas atrás
I have felt in love💜💜 with this dude music! It touch my spirit, so can relate on every measure. Now this the rap music I like to hear in da ear. Got to ole all that bang bang crap🤓
Niyaa Craytonnn
Niyaa Craytonnn 7 horas atrás
This is sad because you can't explain it it just like this is nice of him
Jayce Townsley
Jayce Townsley Dia atrás
“I don’t need no new home boys nigga I’m straight”
Haben Tesfay
Haben Tesfay Dia atrás
omg plz dont recored with ur phone
tiffnmo1015 2 dias atrás
th3kingshumock 2 dias atrás
These niggas snakes i play it safe thats just sum differnt
Melissa Cannon
Melissa Cannon 2 dias atrás
I love this young man music❤
Steven Prieto
Steven Prieto 2 dias atrás
Hey how about we all help each other what are some other depressing music like this
ashley simpson
ashley simpson 2 dias atrás
Kwolxlkorkep,which 120i of f
JASON.S 3 dias atrás
Chance the rapper should be on the remix 🔥
Mexam 3 dias atrás
fire bro keep it up
L Tusmc15
L Tusmc15 3 dias atrás
Reminds me of Kevin Gates alittle when he goes hard.
Bhbrothers add me
Bhbrothers add me 3 dias atrás
He like the best
Amazing Amy
Amazing Amy 4 dias atrás
Kept complaining about his bottom hurting
victorino Philadelphia
Mf Greatness Run1 ...
Isaiah Swift
Isaiah Swift 5 dias atrás
Soul music
Imani Cooper
Imani Cooper 5 dias atrás
My favorite song of the year
Chocooo flaaa
Chocooo flaaa 5 dias atrás
*I wont let you close enough to hurt me..*
Lovely 6 dias atrás
Goes HARD!
jon on fire
jon on fire 6 dias atrás
Bruh he too cold onm
D&L GANG 6 dias atrás
know they wanna pop out cause them odds was in the back of us !!
big bank
big bank 6 dias atrás
I must be still hi I swear I here freeway lol
Sebastian Gonzalez
Sebastian Gonzalez 6 dias atrás
Can we all just appreciate Ashton Sellars riff at the beginning?
lakeshia nunnally
lakeshia nunnally 7 dias atrás
U the best raper
John Flatley
John Flatley 8 dias atrás
Here before this song blows tf up
Lagitt Click
Lagitt Click 8 dias atrás
got this on loop
Monica Townsell
Monica Townsell 8 dias atrás
On baby Is I'm the only one that played this song A Thousand Times in one day.❤💔💯💯💯💪
Demtricia Howard
Demtricia Howard 9 dias atrás
I.felt some way when I listen to this cause my grandma is in a sesher in the hospital love this song
Zotic 9 dias atrás
In da gutter right now i hope i make it out real talk pray fo me
MattShxitty Back
MattShxitty Back 9 dias atrás
Claim you spot before a million subscribers for rod wave 📝❤️ 👇🏽
Princess. a
Princess. a 10 dias atrás
“I won’t let you close enough to hurt me”😩😔
Jit G
Jit G 11 dias atrás
This whole song a caption
RIP NIPSEY HUSSLE 11 dias atrás
Bro really the hardest out rn!!🦍🦍
huey riley
huey riley 11 dias atrás
Rod will you please make an extended version of this
Herry Yon
Herry Yon 12 dias atrás
I'm young asl and still feel these emotions heavy
monique islas
monique islas 13 dias atrás
we the saddest generation our family sucks well mine does lol
Dange Roso
Dange Roso 13 dias atrás
Anyone that don't like this song must have did a nigga dirty
Fatman 2x
Fatman 2x 13 dias atrás
That handshake nice what he is
Glacier Brain
Glacier Brain 14 dias atrás
what is that lil guitar sample from?
Glacier Brain
Glacier Brain 14 dias atrás
blessed by god
Mad max
Mad max 14 dias atrás
And I been staying to myself ........ I Been movin lowkey 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Unicorn keeper Squad
Unicorn keeper Squad 15 dias atrás
You are the goat
NBK_Btown Stoner
NBK_Btown Stoner 15 dias atrás
Up 2:30 am smoking a fat blizzy straight jamming to gehhto gospel
YSK Slumped
YSK Slumped 16 dias atrás
I play this everyday
Bubba LW
Bubba LW 16 dias atrás
One of the few rappers that get me in my feelings every time I listen to their songs
A Person
A Person 16 dias atrás
That guitar at the beginning is killing me
Jayeiam 16 dias atrás
I just wish I could live up to my dreams like u 😭
renee petty longtoe
renee petty longtoe 16 dias atrás
I felt this shit rob keep makin them bangers baby #robwavefan4ever
Jeff Emig
Jeff Emig 16 dias atrás
Loving the guitar, and the message
Adrian Milian
Adrian Milian 16 dias atrás
"Sometimes I wish bae could understand... that I am not your average man" This shit is fax
Kohl Lewis
Kohl Lewis 11 dias atrás
Adrian Milian OMM!!
sam jones
sam jones 16 dias atrás
You can hear the pain in his voice !!!!!
dannygirl blessed
dannygirl blessed 16 dias atrás
I keep listening over and over.
Life With Meme
Life With Meme 16 dias atrás
Subscribe To My Channel Imma Subscribe Back
Ivan Sanders
Ivan Sanders 17 dias atrás
“Disappear like perry the platypus” that’s a bar if I ever heard one
fenderstrat5000 17 dias atrás
Where was this video shot?
fenderstrat5000 17 dias atrás
Homie you are the future!
Karl Kimani
Karl Kimani 17 dias atrás
Someone please tell me what the original song was because I’ve been trying to look for it for hours and I just can’t find it
Listen to ( GMBIC TYungn : Testimony) Lake Charles, Louisiana rapper support n like n comment
Chris Barze
Chris Barze 17 dias atrás
I love your music🎵 I know all your songs
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