Rod Wave - Abandon (Official Audio)

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#rodwave #pray4love #Abandon #GhettoGospel
Rod Wave - Abandon (Official Audio)
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Comentários 80
Jashaun Lynch
Jashaun Lynch 11 horas atrás
that happend to my 3 times cause i only for 1 day and then we broke up i was so sad then i was and i lost my 2 dogs and my dad died was so sad i visit his grave everyday and i was 2 when he died i cant get over it damn it i'm crin now
Kimberly Lindsey
Kimberly Lindsey 12 horas atrás
I love he song
marqual wilson
marqual wilson 14 horas atrás
Period Pooh ayyyye❤️❤️
marqual wilson
marqual wilson 14 horas atrás
This is my song 🥰😘😍
Rae Kelly
Rae Kelly 14 horas atrás
I feel your pain❣️ 🤜🏾🤛🏾🤞🏾Rod Wave artist of the year 2020🙌🏾
FreshTheKid 15 horas atrás
Promise you will stay💕💕💕
Demetrice Thomas
Demetrice Thomas 18 horas atrás
This song mades me cry to it's hard when you don't got real love and my whole I was a bandon
Demetrice Thomas
Demetrice Thomas 18 horas atrás
I lost everybody
jesusjuice100 23 horas atrás
hold on cuz you speakin to a real nigga :/
nina john son
nina john son Dia atrás
if loving me is hard i apologize
Nahjae Mbelu
Nahjae Mbelu Dia atrás
the ending 🔥🔥🔥 them adlibs be hittinggg !!!!
Corey Kobak
Corey Kobak Dia atrás
Hard Times Don’t Last 💪💪
Shaquailia Grier
Shaquailia Grier Dia atrás
Shaquailia Grier
Shaquailia Grier Dia atrás
Hey 👋 wanna was good for me and then my brother and mom did a good time and I gotta
Kisha Lampkin
Kisha Lampkin Dia atrás
Rod wave smack that stuff
Xavier Hairston
Xavier Hairston Dia atrás
I don't see my dad much and I had to leave my town on some hatin people trying to just hate and shoot my dad he is fine but it's just sad that people have to hate so I know his problem.
Mimi OnOne
Mimi OnOne Dia atrás
Soundcloud brought me here😔🔥🔥
Kenishus Pappy
Kenishus Pappy Dia atrás
I love this so fucking much
SoWavy Comp2k
SoWavy Comp2k 2 dias atrás
I’m 14 and lost my only father figure and that was my grandad I still don’t know my dad to this day and now my grandad is gone due to cancer 😭#fuckcancer #ripgrandad😭🖤
Asha Jones
Asha Jones 2 dias atrás
Music beautiful
Keshawn Broussard
Keshawn Broussard 2 dias atrás
I came back to this song because this the hardest song he ever drop to me and this song don’t get enough credit don’t nobody react to it
bean nijah
bean nijah 2 dias atrás
This song makes me cry bc my grandma and grandpa and cuz and my other cuz die and I miss them soooooooooooooo much
Tyisha Dupree
Tyisha Dupree 2 dias atrás
Malik Banks
Malik Banks 2 dias atrás
Cierra Battie
Cierra Battie 2 dias atrás
I’m having a sleepover Anybody want to come😘😻😍🥳🥰❤️💙💜
Ajay Kelly
Ajay Kelly 2 dias atrás
🤧ima bring the drinks🍷🍸 and weed🍁😈😈
Cierra Battie
Cierra Battie 2 dias atrás
My Birthday is April 9 i’m happy that’s my birthday coming up😘😻😍🥳🥰
Rachel Perry
Rachel Perry 2 dias atrás
What Do
IAM EVERIANA 2 dias atrás
This my song🤍💍
Eddie Ellis
Eddie Ellis 2 dias atrás
jamel sankey
jamel sankey 2 dias atrás
The end of song when he started singing you can feel his pain
Shedrick Gaines
Shedrick Gaines 3 dias atrás
This makes me think about Antonella my gf
FUNIMATE EDITS 3 dias atrás
Listening to this while I wait for the album so I can cry my heart out😭
FUNIMATE EDITS 3 dias atrás
"Everybody that I invested trusted turned to be snakes"😭 rod wave is always a mood😭😭
trahvia young
trahvia young 3 dias atrás
My boyfriend cry to the song😭😭😭😭😭
Saniece Robinson
Saniece Robinson 3 dias atrás
Akeem Bigshak
Akeem Bigshak 3 dias atrás
I crying just listening to this
Juanita Hicks
Juanita Hicks 3 dias atrás
I love u
Nadia Williams
Nadia Williams 3 dias atrás
ImOnEazyStreet 3 dias atrás
Meme Brown
Meme Brown 3 dias atrás
Ohio okay
TCB Cheer Commissioner
I get sad when I listen to this song it reminds me of my step dad
YourKidGrandpa 4 dias atrás
Man I can’t scroll these comments ima cry 😭😭😭
Helena /:
Helena /: 4 dias atrás
“missing my daddy badly, i turned my back on the family” hit a lil to hard🥺😕
Monica Epley
Monica Epley 4 dias atrás
If loving me is hard I apologize. If I push you away promise you’ll stay by my side? 😏🙏🏻🤞🏻
Pretty boy
Pretty boy 4 dias atrás
I am alone 11 years my daddy never been I my life and my momma has hart faller and kiney faller
Elijah Bouyer
Elijah Bouyer 4 dias atrás
U are very Beautiful and I love U my Brother and Ur Voice is very Beautiful and I love ur music it's Real Talk True That hand down u did a Awesome Job God Bless U and Ur family Amen
Shakarra Montgomery
Shakarra Montgomery 5 dias atrás
Me and Brother love this song sooooooooooooo much I'm you and he's you echo and it fun on our Birthday party we listen to it
Monique Washington
Monique Washington 5 dias atrás
Am 42yrs old and I feel his pain my mom passed 2015 I have a son that's 25 my mom always took care of him and one day he told me I don't believe in God because he took my grandma and that hurts me so bad😥
Litt squad Litt squad
Litt squad Litt squad 5 dias atrás
Kourtney Crawford
Kourtney Crawford 5 dias atrás
Hi i love u and my dad
ClutchyOnCrack #1
ClutchyOnCrack #1 5 dias atrás
Rod Wave Is My Dawg 😎 Like This If You Love Him Music 🤘🏾
wne ashh
wne ashh 5 dias atrás
“now heres a toxic trait that have. i beg for distance when im mad but being we wont last. and if its best for you then go be free. but if you plan on coming back then maybe you shouldn’t leave🚶🏾‍♀️”
Ke Carter
Ke Carter 5 dias atrás
This needs a video
Alexander Hudson
Alexander Hudson 5 dias atrás
My momma died 27 yrs ago this song deep asf
Leevaughn Rutter
Leevaughn Rutter 5 dias atrás
this song get to me ever time
Ernest Harris
Ernest Harris 6 dias atrás
One of the best song in the world
Shaquille Joseph
Shaquille Joseph 6 dias atrás
cody marcano
cody marcano 6 dias atrás
This song put me in my feels every time but its a banger
Taegotink 6 dias atrás
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith 6 dias atrás
It's hard to find good rappers you can relate to since Tupac but I can relate this song to my kids father I been with 15yrs we made it doe through it still by his side
sara mathous
sara mathous 6 dias atrás
My daughters father didnt want her I hope she grows up knowing shes more then loved by myself and my family and never feels this way bcuz of him😔❤
TG SEVERE 7 dias atrás
SexyBrown Mocha CoCoA 2020
What I learned about life is that people is gonna hurt. It's so sadden that people are out to hurt each other. This world is so cruelty evil makes you don't wanna be here anymore. A loyal heart will get hurt in a heartbeat. People just ain't loving and caring anymore. People are here breaking trust and don't sympathically care. God died for us to love each other and not hurt each other.😭😢❤️❤️
Lulmirra TV
Lulmirra TV 7 dias atrás
This song makes me sad😩 who eles agree!!
Earnest Warren
Earnest Warren 7 dias atrás
Man i lost everything i loved dearly behind getting high people left me n the cold and gas me up like we was going to be one to leave me so broken but god will heal things
AdoreMeeBeauty TV
AdoreMeeBeauty TV 7 dias atrás
Who lessonsing to the song why looking at the comets
Daniella Hornsby
Daniella Hornsby 7 dias atrás
Daniella Hornsby
Daniella Hornsby 7 dias atrás
hi rod wave im up
Lenore J Greed
Lenore J Greed 7 dias atrás
I dont subscribe to many. But you bro, I will! 💯 keep it up g man I can relate so fuckin much.
anthony skeeters
anthony skeeters 7 dias atrás
Who else can hear/see trippie redd on here
Dashawn Jones
Dashawn Jones 8 dias atrás
The best rapper ever
Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia 8 dias atrás
I have been waiting for someone like rod Wave to help motivate people in there hard times
Natasha Miller
Natasha Miller 8 dias atrás
I've cried plenty of times to this song. When my momma got locked up. When my dad told me he hated me. When everyone in my family changed on me. I sit and listen and I feel every lyric he spits. I've cut my self. Beat my self up. All listening to this song. Rod you are a angel straight from heaven. Bless yo soul broths💯
Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia 8 dias atrás
Just wanted to say thank to Mr. Rod Wave cuz your music helps me when I need to just chill and need to remember that am not the only one Javy 559 💯😎💪
Daniella Hornsby
Daniella Hornsby 8 dias atrás
this song makes me cry
Isaiah Henderson
Isaiah Henderson 8 dias atrás
I swear I keep my distance from my family and everyone
Daniella Hornsby
Daniella Hornsby 8 dias atrás
hi rod wave this daniella i lake your songs
felicia williams
felicia williams 8 dias atrás
My shit
Nicole Malloy
Nicole Malloy 8 dias atrás
Fuck the People Who ulike
Tyler Reid
Tyler Reid 8 dias atrás
Whoever dislike never felt pain like this in they life
Tyler Reid
Tyler Reid 8 dias atrás
I felt this whole song
Shelly Well
Shelly Well 9 dias atrás
i boo-hooed the first time I heard this song. i feel sorry for him and anybody whoever had to go through this...broken soul...
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