Roblox Music Video ♪ "Stronger" (The Bacon Hair) 

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🎵 Song by TheFatRat: • TheFatRat, Slaydit & A...
🎬 Watch the full movie here: • The Bacon Hair - A Rob...
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31 Dez 2020



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TheFatRat 2 anos atrás
How comes I only see this now?! This is so good!
Fiqrx 2 anos atrás
Nice even the creator of the song commented
Mesut 2 anos atrás
Omg lol
jack lol
jack lol 2 anos atrás
lol hi
Mehlab Baloch
Mehlab Baloch 2 anos atrás
I love your songs
ObliviousHD 2 anos atrás
[edit] 100 million views wth thanks guys ♡
Dhdhdbgsb 2 anos atrás
U to
Luna's zoomie
Luna's zoomie 2 anos atrás
You to
zoinke 2 anos atrás
Mewtwo 2 anos atrás
hmm the yes guy
hmm the yes guy 2 anos atrás
Jesus Mayora
Jesus Mayora 26 dias atrás
tremenda cancion desde el 2020 la estoy escuchando y es 2023 y la sigo escuchando
Austin Tran
Austin Tran 24 dias atrás
Marcela Valfiorani
Marcela Valfiorani 10 dias atrás
xd si
Maximiliano Ovalle
Maximiliano Ovalle 9 dias atrás
Yo igual
Beatrix Hamlin
Beatrix Hamlin 6 dias atrás
Brojack30 Mês atrás
I haven’t heard this song in 5 years and I just came back to it and I brings back so many memories
Lisa Tibbets
Lisa Tibbets Mês atrás
same bro
Bernardo Gamer
Bernardo Gamer Mês atrás
Vladimir Mês atrás
Wtf u on bruh the song has been out for only 3+ years
Kozma Benett
Kozma Benett Mês atrás
Same It Brings Back Memories
Its been 5 years and i still love this song on my playlists today 😢
 EX-script likes cheese
5 years?
Lucas Thisssy
Lucas Thisssy 16 dias atrás
Grow up
swe win
swe win 14 dias atrás
Bro wdym 5 years
bucket 13 dias atrás
He talks about the song not the video
D3ATH 9 dias atrás
Makes no sense this is 2 year ago
Kaylyn Petzel
Kaylyn Petzel 3 horas atrás
I'm grateful for the positivity you bring! 😇
evan zamora
evan zamora Mês atrás
se te extraña bacon 😥😥
CAT-★ Mês atrás
I miss him
KsThePro.☆ 2 meses atrás
I remember binge watching this movie.Ah yes,the good old days!
Frrr i alwaysed cried when watching these
KsThePro.☆ Mês atrás
@zephyrstudiosisback Fr tho
santosh dey
santosh dey 15 dias atrás
Graciela Moran
Graciela Moran Mês atrás
Es buenisimo 2023 y la sigo escuchando
غير معروف ؟؟
غير معروف ؟؟ 19 dias atrás
We are now in 2023 and I still love this song ❤
Flock the Nation
Flock the Nation 10 dias atrás
I know right
Void 10 dias atrás
Agreed 😢
I am not hello
I am not hello 5 dias atrás
Ace Guinto
Ace Guinto 3 meses atrás
It's Been 2 Years Since I Last Saw This Brings Back Alot Of Memories Keep Up The Good Work🎉
YourAverage AdoptMeDude
For real
Callmehmaxy 2 meses atrás
Callmehmaxy 2 meses atrás
@what-lw6jv best song fr
LFM_32 2 meses atrás
I remember was the first episode came out of this, it was my favorite thing to watch back then
TosiaOninka 9 dias atrás
Wow! Super ta piosenka!! WOW, WOW, WOW!!!
Mark Roblox YT
Mark Roblox YT 2 anos atrás
I'm leaving this comment here so after a month or a year when someone likes it, I get remind of this song❤
Dave31pro 2 anos atrás
Is one day enough
Thomas G
Thomas G 2 anos atrás
yes but 5 hours
B_4_Banana 2 anos atrás
Yes 2 days
Cheddar Cheese
Cheddar Cheese 2 anos atrás
Yo it’s been three days. Come back.
mariyah 2 anos atrás
Its been 2 weeks!
Christian Mulen
Christian Mulen 3 meses atrás
I'm currently crying so hard right now. This is seriously the most beautiful, well put together story ever. I can't believe now magical it was at 1:12. That part truly made me shed a tear. And especially at 6:34 that part was just so truly heart touching words can not describe the series of emotions felt. Absolutely loved the climax it had insanely excellent detail and we can't forget the conclusion. The conclusion was the greatest and saddest conclusion I have ever seen better than any of the books have read Thank you so much for cresting this absolute masterpiece. This is essentially the most important masterpiece of film history. It is a tragedy that this, it can't be called a film, but a transcendent emotional experience will be inaccessible for most beautifully encapsulates the human struggle to its basice, suffering, pleasure, faith, despair. It connects with the characters within the viewers, individuals suppressed within our own succonscious. It stays vibrant, fresh, and revolutionizes the art of storytelling and immaking while making a damn of statement on what it means to be human. Entertaining, gripping, and simply exhilarating This might be the most impactful piece of active come across in my life, and I'm definitely coming back to it in the near future to study it more deeply this is an absolute masterpiece, was brought to tears listening to this and seeing the story unwind in such a fascinating wayabsolutely moved my soul, and I don't think can ever be the same this has changed my entire mental state. I am now at peace with who I am and what I will be doing later in my life. I have forgiven all of my enemies and now I am a man of a pacifist life. I move on, gotta move on, as the song says. This is so inspirational, it shares it vast wisdom with all of us, and we are so lucky that it would bestow it's great words with us we are all children. The spinning bacon, rotating in one direction with his music. This made the tear up How could such a bacon do such a thing? Im struck by swe by this masterpiece. Especially when the bacon spins, showing its lightly salt covered tan skin. I can hear the crunen just from here, and so as the beautiful sound of the bacon scraping the cark, smooth velvet floor. The flavor, muss and everything can be heard, tasted, seen and fell from a screen. You can really hear the breaths between the music artist, empathizing her love for this rotating bacon. Truly what I call modern art. This was the most legendary performance by any piece of bacon I have ever watched. The acting was top tier and very life charging This is one of the greatest work from a piece of bacon have ever seen, especially at 7:42 I am currently crying very hard right now.
Fool's Gambit
Fool's Gambit 3 meses atrás
Wowzer dude! You really left a message!
ItzVoltra 3 meses atrás
​@Fool's Gambit its copy pasted
December 277
December 277 3 meses atrás
​@ItzVoltra true
Nizified 3 meses atrás
super sonic team darren
Bro the video doesn't even extend that far
Itzia liane Sánchez
Itzia liane Sánchez 4 meses atrás
Es hermosa esta canción
Isaac Antonio Trindade
Eu Amo Essa Música
Genesis Lievarth
Genesis Lievarth 4 meses atrás
ya es 2023 y esta es la cancion que mas me a gustado tiene buen ritmo
Planeta Shai
Planeta Shai 4 meses atrás
sisi yo se continua perfecta,y una cosa si juegas roblox pasame tu nick y podemos ser amigos y jugar juntos.
technoblade never dies
technoblade never dies 4 meses atrás
So true😢
Genesis Lievarth
Genesis Lievarth 4 meses atrás
@Planeta Shai me pasas tu nombre de roblox para jugar un dia
Amal Mohamed
Amal Mohamed 2 meses atrás
MEIBY CARDOZO 25 dias atrás
me gusta esta y tambien me gusta bones y centuries
cjluk 27 dias atrás
still loving this song after 5 years
Mayerly Morales Rojas
Mayerly Morales Rojas 5 meses atrás
ya es 2023 y todavia la sigo escuchando la cancion mas hermosa del mundo
Tocinito Boy
Tocinito Boy 5 meses atrás
Yo Igual
viola kimberlynn
viola kimberlynn 5 meses atrás
viola kimberlynn
viola kimberlynn 5 meses atrás
Yo Igual
Tracy Bartley
Tracy Bartley 5 meses atrás
This is a sad 😢 song
Lirio H
Lirio H 5 meses atrás
🌸 Haileytart 🌸
🌸 Haileytart 🌸 27 dias atrás
I watched this like 2 years ago and just watching it back now… it just brings back so much memories
Liv 4 meses atrás
This is a fantastic song and it shows how everyone stronger not week. You put so much effort in this keep it up
EmmawhateverHQ 4 meses atrás
I love it
Liv 2 meses atrás
@EmmawhateverHQ Thanks
Skylana1 9 dias atrás
This brings back so much nostalgia, love this song, I decided to click on this and the first second of this video shocked me.
Mallerli Jiménez
Mallerli Jiménez 3 meses atrás
es la mejor cancion que escuchado en mi vida❤💜
Omar_YT 3 meses atrás
lo mismo digo
pro24k 2 meses atrás
мне тоже
renacuajo en acion
renacuajo en acion 2 meses atrás
O me gusta muchisimoooooo
Robloxian_Nish 13 dias atrás
The thing I like is the effort you put into editing it keep it up
Obed Mv
Obed Mv 5 meses atrás
Pasaron 2 años y aun escucho esta joyita
Jose torres
Jose torres 5 meses atrás
I know
★Speaker Woman★
★Speaker Woman★ 5 meses atrás
Si tienes razon❤
Fatma Tentir
Fatma Tentir 2 meses atrás
Alisha Edwards
Alisha Edwards 2 meses atrás
I know
Максим Крапивкин
A Specific User
A Specific User 16 dias atrás
This isnt a music video, Its a masterpiece and a good animation
Bernardo Gamer
Bernardo Gamer Mês atrás
Mano essa música é muito legal
santosh dey
santosh dey 15 dias atrás
the good old days😢
Delfina_Pkxd😝 13 dias atrás
Este me encanto! Solamente que es una copia de mi animación porque tenia la misms cancion❤
AddictedToGames 8 meses atrás
2 anos depois e eu aqui para me lembrar novamente dessa música maravilhosa!!!
Micael Rodrigues
Micael Rodrigues 7 meses atrás
eu tam bem
Victoria Iturralde
Victoria Iturralde 7 meses atrás
Frietz 6 meses atrás
Same here
bouncy BOY
bouncy BOY 6 meses atrás
Bro were is this guy why did u stop man
carl and tv woman
carl and tv woman 6 meses atrás
I did not see this in 100 years 💀
Anime Gaming
Anime Gaming 2 meses atrás
2 years later and this masterpiece still hits. This song is FIRE! Edit: The final fight scene was so cool
Izzatul Azma
Izzatul Azma 2 meses atrás
GuestNotHere 2 meses atrás
aaron aarness
aaron aarness 2 meses atrás
Becky Wang
Becky Wang 2 meses atrás
oso1231 el crack
oso1231 el crack 4 meses atrás
la escucho desde ace 2 años es tremendo temaso
Verticle 23 dias atrás
You v made my day man...the nostalgia...the song...THE ANIMATION😢💖💖💖
F1editzz 3 meses atrás
Even 2 Years after this channel is legendary i watchef these videos all when i was 13 it just gives so many memories back
☆Cat☆ 17 dias atrás
I still love this song❤
SoundYT Anos atrás
There's literally no way it's been an entire YEAR. This blows my mind! Time flies in the blink of an eye man. I remember watching the bacon hair movie Exactly 1 Year ago During New Years and before that. Oblivious truly cares about his viewers, and takes so much time to entertain us. Although it's been a year man, We still aren't disappointed. You work very hard and we appreciate that. We understand you need rest too. Thank you Oblivious, for entertaining us man. We really appreciate it.
•chexxy •;)
•chexxy •;) Anos atrás
Sonus Anos atrás
Catherina Ronayne
Catherina Ronayne Anos atrás
Can’t believe people still watching this
Squeak_y Anos atrás
Dude you spoked to many facts
Dino Plays
Dino Plays Anos atrás
its been a year where is he?
GameWithLortroni Mês atrás
i love this song❤❤❤
Runners 3 meses atrás
What a masterpiece let’s all have a moment of silence to appreciate this masterpiece.
florian guzel
florian guzel 27 dias atrás
2018/ last guest 2023/ last bacon Rest in peace legend🕊️😢
Margarida Miranda
Margarida Miranda 26 dias atrás
😢 i like guests
Kamden 23 dias atrás
Keep up the great work
Adamk-pax Logan
Adamk-pax Logan 17 dias atrás
This is a masterpiece 👏
I can’t believe it’s been a year. I remember watching this movie during the pandemic. Time really flies.
Pedrinhor40 Anos atrás
Eu assisto essa musica do filme todos os dias
K Romano
K Romano Anos atrás
Musizu Anos atrás
Lord Cedrick Apo
Lord Cedrick Apo Anos atrás
Well the time is like speeding
El gameplay
El gameplay 4 meses atrás
Está bien bonito este video🎉❤😢
Tolu Ś
Tolu Ś 2 meses atrás
bakonboy 11 dias atrás
This video is so epic. Sounds better than most songs nowadays for me.
AndrenAnimates 9 dias atrás
KotelMapping Mês atrás
Nadal czekam na kontynuacje ;)
Fatima Mohammed
Fatima Mohammed 9 dias atrás
i will remember this song even when the world ends
Patrice Garcia
Patrice Garcia 5 meses atrás
It's been 2 years and It's always been my favorite song, keep up the great work Oblivious! :)
Patrice Garcia
Patrice Garcia 5 meses atrás
And I'm also leaving this comment here so whenever someone likes it, I'll get reminded of this song❤
Osman Khan
Osman Khan 5 meses atrás
robloxlegoman76 5 meses atrás
FunTimeWithLeo 5 meses atrás
Fresh mint toothpaste
Fresh mint toothpaste 5 meses atrás
Sadaly he quit
Beast1 21 dia atrás
Keep up the good work!!!
Reality 4 meses atrás
In years I will look back at this animation and think how long it’s been😢
Destoroyah Gaming
Destoroyah Gaming 4 meses atrás
Already been 2 years. Time flies so fast. It was just 4d ago and now.. 2y.
Hat 4 meses atrás
It's also the most watched Roblox video on BRvid, at a whopping 181M views as of right now.
WickedAbiM 25 dias atrás
Love this song❤
Geraldine Gutierrez
Geraldine Gutierrez 3 meses atrás
La mejor música que e escuchado de Roblox 100/10
ChickenOraria Mês atrás
Rest in peace, Bacon Hair. (2014-2023)
Jinimation 2 gaming
Playtime With Bubby & Angelle
Rip😢❤ we miss you
Phương Phạm Thị Minh
even though it's been 2 years, it's still burning like the days when I was a kid and never got tired of watching this
Ķîțťý ♡
Ķîțťý ♡ 3 meses atrás
Not only that the song is literally perfect but the Bacon Hair movie was awesome Great work 👏
Chak Hang Ng
Chak Hang Ng Mês atrás
I love this song❤
Sherian Garvin
Sherian Garvin 24 dias atrás
I will never stop playing this song
m.a Pérez
m.a Pérez 2 meses atrás
You are very good at doing this Keep it up!
Taylor Ottman
Taylor Ottman Mês atrás
This song is just so great! How did you make it?
Roblox Player
Roblox Player 5 meses atrás
Its been 2 years since this came out and im loving it
Sa Sa
Sa Sa 5 meses atrás
Sa Sa
Sa Sa 5 meses atrás
I want to be a bacon irl 😂 just to be badass
Laerdad we
Agnieszka Koko
Agnieszka Koko 3 meses atrás
Reanne Baloo
Reanne Baloo Mês atrás
I love this song
Jayson Ha
Jayson Ha 2 meses atrás
I haven’t heard this song in a long time. It gives me good memories
Jerry Esposito
Jerry Esposito Mês atrás
thefatrat knows how to make music bro
Isabella Chavez
Isabella Chavez 24 dias atrás
This song is my childhood and this brings back such good memories
Azury Perez
Azury Perez Mês atrás
Debes ser un genio para crear animaciones como esta
MEIBY CARDOZO 24 dias atrás
creo que se hace en roblox studio pero hacer los movimientos es de tener demasiada paciencia
Xgamer4328 23 dias atrás
It makes me very nostalgic because I listened to it when I was 5-4
HiddenLevel Anos atrás
Bro I remember a year ago I was obsessed with these videos and “The Bacon Hair” and it was really fun and cool to watch. I would watch these music videos on loop multiple times waiting for the next part to come out. I come back to this video a year later to find that the music video he made out of clips from his animation beat out all his other animations like The Last Guest, which was revolutionary. Even though he might not be working on these anymore, we have to remember all the work he put in these. Congrats on the million likes, you deserve it.
Nice bro I support you! :D
odd1sout Fan
odd1sout Fan Anos atrás
Theres nothing wrong with being a bacon btw I'm a girl guest
get a life
get a life Anos atrás
@odd1sout Fan lol all guests are dead on roblox are dead
Zero Anos atrás
@get a life ik am very sad
lewlshayshay1566 Anos atrás
Piggy also was a big thing doing this time
Kelly Cristina Germano
Não tenho palavras pra esse vídeo é muito bom 👍🏾
YourPersonalPilot 4 meses atrás
We still remember ObliviousHD and sadly hes gone, we never got tired of watching his animations.
Low Goot Leng
Low Goot Leng 4 meses atrás
Kairavop21 3 meses atrás
Radin Boroon
Radin Boroon 3 meses atrás
Yeah I wish he came back 😢
gabriel (also known as thelast, last, bacon)
perfect timing, good animation. nice job oblivious. you just gained a new subscriber!
Nydia cristina gomez Hernandez
esta chida me gustó mucho❤
Tina Austin
Tina Austin 23 dias atrás
This is the best even though this was a few years ago it don’t matter this will always be my song and jam! :D
KrisRBX Anos atrás
The fact that this got over 3x the amount of views than the original song is insane
Cathy Van Agtmael
Cathy Van Agtmael Anos atrás
Camila Anos atrás
Minh Giang Nguyễn
TheFatrat belike:i need to start make animation MV right now
One fact? This comment got ‘69’ likes!
April Bryant
April Bryant 3 meses atrás
Omg why can't we take a moment to thank this guy for taking all his time to make this!
Gabi juega
Gabi juega 2 meses atrás
es la musica mas linda que escuchado porfa saca otra
Arm_breaker65. 28 dias atrás
The song 🗿 The man🗿 The transitions 🗿 The viewers 🗿 The song listener🗿 The saver of the song🗿 The one who added this song in his playlist 🗿 The one who got motivated and went to gym after listening this masterpiece 🗿 The whole gym 🗿 All the gym equipments including the mats🗿 The gym shoes 🗿 The one who play this at gym🗿 All who listens it 🗿 All who get more excited to do more reps 🗿 The nerves of the body 🗿 The comments🗿 The thoughts while writing this 🗿 My hands while typing this 🗿 The keyboard 🗿 The alphabets 🗿 BRvid 🗿 Thumbnail 🗿 Subtitle 🗿 This comment 🗿 Those who likes this comment 🗿 Those who comment in this 🗿 Those who start a convo in this comment 🗿 Those who comment '🗿' 🗿 my sugar mommy 🗿 my demond down on my bed🗿 juan🗿 the man when train hard 🗿 my pretrain🗿 my friends🗿 the sigmas who thinks they sigmas🗿 the gigachads who comment the comentary🗿 me🗿 you🗿 ur girlfriend🗿 ur dog🗿 ohio sigmas🗿 mr beast followers🗿 gymrats🗿 average phonk user🗿 the FINAL BOSS🗿 ur skills🗿 the people 🗿 my N word homie🗿 ur food🗿 ur pet🗿 the person who doesn't have a girlfriend🗿 all you can think and u cant think the translation is wrong because I only speak Portuguese and not a language other than Portuguese and I'm using Google translator
Gzall 22 dias atrás
Wininarsenal Mês atrás
I was obsessed with this video 2 years ago thank you for making me happy
zeusxwq Mês atrás
Still very enjoyable compared to now
Evan 8 meses atrás
Damn.. hard to believe its been two years since this series was released- i remember being so sad because of the ending ❤
Based Geography
Based Geography 7 meses atrás
we still waiting for the next part though
GluedBread 7 meses atrás
Man I watched this series every time a new episode came out and I even watched it on prime and I still watch this series to this day
Dinalmo Tormes
Dinalmo Tormes 6 meses atrás
TiA DA 1Gueiros ioiô8788888hhfddgdghhsdd3 bem que eu mandei
Anna Yakubova
Anna Yakubova 6 meses atrás
Hamida Akter Mim
Hamida Akter Mim 6 meses atrás
​@Dinalmo Tormes 😢😢😢😅🎉❤
Danilo Vecchi
Danilo Vecchi 2 meses atrás
Es hermosa està canciòn
Silverplayzroblox 3 meses atrás
I miss this guy i hope he is still working on a video for us...😢 If not.. R.I.P😢😢😢😢
X2friends120 Dia atrás
Even after 2 years this is still the best thing ive seen
Angela Soria
Angela Soria 4 meses atrás
Me siento apapachada por esta cancion
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis Mês atrás
Why is this so good It's a sad story but I really love IT
Courtney Karvaski
Courtney Karvaski Anos atrás
I've watched this millions of times and I can't even bare to stop! ❤️ I personally love this song, but this video made it a million times better. :D Long live ObliviousHD!
Gabriella Gallagher
Same here girl
ari ari gacha
ari ari gacha Anos atrás
William Pritchett
William Pritchett Anos atrás
No there is no where to run Away
waiz faizi
waiz faizi Anos atrás
trains up the track
trains up the track 3 meses atrás
It a good song, love it
Sharon He
Sharon He 3 meses atrás
I like it so much, I sing it every moment
TT Chan
TT Chan 25 dias atrás
man I forgot about this but this is a masterpiece and I hope this gets 200M views
FallenBeatz 4 meses atrás
2 years ago, this was ok 2 years later from playing Roblox it's just not the same, but this reminds me of it what a champion.
Jhoshua Celedon
Jhoshua Celedon 6 dias atrás
Es muy asombroso y me gusta roblox .
Jose Acevedo
Jose Acevedo 3 meses atrás
Fancy bacon
Fancy bacon Mês atrás
This stuff was my childhood I hope ur doing great and know that ur amazing
Lol 19 dias atrás
2 years since this released, this is still goated
Alex B
Alex B 2 meses atrás
I love this song sooooo much❤❤❤❤
Baby Victoria
Baby Victoria 2 dias atrás
I really love this song
notfreek Anos atrás
the fact that this video has almost 3x the views than the original thats just beyond epic
Teresa Mccarthy
Teresa Mccarthy Anos atrás
I’m not going to say anything now
Jumperplate Anos atrás
Who remembers the full movie it was so good bro all the parts, also the KAST guest was just loved it
Ark enjoyer
Ark enjoyer Anos atrás
Paulius Žaidžia
Paulius Žaidžia Anos atrás
edward u. aleman
edward u. aleman Anos atrás
@Jumperplate ❤❤❤❤❤
Maticosmo Mês atrás
man this is so epic that makes me "get stronger everyday"
Delia Torrico
Delia Torrico 4 meses atrás
Si es la mejor canción de mundo❤❤❤❤❤la amo
Connie Ma
Connie Ma Mês atrás
Bro I remember watching this guy oh my god this guy makes the best roblox movies man where is he when we need him he was like my whole childhood man
Angel Pham
Angel Pham 3 meses atrás
The fact that this song got more views than most music videos
aldo dure
aldo dure 7 dias atrás
que crack😍😎🥺 tambien es mi juego favorito te mando saludito😉
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