Rob Parker - Kevin Durant Has Lost a Lot of Basketball Respect, I'm OUT on KD. 

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THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to Kevin Durant's decision to request a trade from the Brooklyn Nets.
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29 Jun 2022



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DopeIsJay Anos atrás
You can hear it in Robs voice that he’s genuinely disappointed in this move. KDs inability to hold Kyrie accountable is the biggest issue. Allowing Kyrie to run amok and do whatever is what lead to this situation.
Patrick Ruffin
Patrick Ruffin Anos atrás
That’s easy for him cause he’s never been a leader, every where he’s been he’s a beta not Alfa
Terry Knight
Terry Knight Anos atrás
I'm at the marilogo just pay me I'm at the rhino, Friends from behind me and one in for me that follow.
Kevin Kang
Kevin Kang Anos atrás
princss nasty
princss nasty Anos atrás
@Terry Knight what.
Future Time Traveller
kyrie is a grown man what are you talking about? lol
Sega Genesis
Sega Genesis Anos atrás
Rob has been going to bat for KD for YEARS. Defending him even when he himself knew it was hard to. You can tell this hurts him as a fan. This team paid this man the max deal even though they knew he would sit for a year, when the Knicks wouldn't do it and that's the main place he wanted to go, before Kyrie talked him into Brooklyn. He allowed Kyrie to use him as leverage against the team. Like, dude, you left to lead your own team. So lead. Either give up the goat discussion and stop going at every single person who comments about you, or lead. Steph caught heat during their rebuild. It fueled him. LeBron caught heat for going to Miami and knew he had unfinished business in Cleveland, it fueled him. Kobe wanted LA to be his team and caught heat when Shaq left and won a title in Miami. It fueled him. This all comes down to the fact that Durant wants to be able to just hoop and not take on the leadership responsibility of being a 'Bus Driver', but still wants to be in the GOAT discussion. There is no shortcut to getting into that discussion.
Ian L
Ian L Anos atrás
Well said.💯
Charles Nelson
Charles Nelson Anos atrás
D Weez
D Weez Anos atrás
Good point. KD just ain’t that dude
The Mad Zookeeper
The Mad Zookeeper Anos atrás
frankly, at this point, the idea of KD being in the GOAT discussion is just laughable. mentally he's just not even remotely in the discussion.
Christopher Byrd
Christopher Byrd Anos atrás
Funny how Kyrie is more of a leader than KD... It's just that Kyrie would/will lead u into a bear trap...with the 🐻 still in it. U are 💯 right btw.
Green Energy Solar Solutions
Man, Rob is so right. He is not trolling, you can see he really took this take seriously. Kudos to Rob for keeping it real
Tony88 Anos atrás
How? KD had very good reasons to leave. He can't rely on Kyrie to show up to play and Ben Simmons constantly have excuses to not play plus he haven't improved his game.
Mitch Anos atrás
Rob is a clown first off and KD has a right to ask for a trade. The Nets front office is trash. In life you have a right to move as you wish.
Eddie Van Gundy
Eddie Van Gundy Anos atrás
These two guys together make a lot more sense than most of the talking heads shows. Much better than the morning shows. Common sense.
BBG INC Anos atrás
Not when your under contract for another 4 years. He has no right to 💩
HadasSole Anos atrás
@Mitch they didn't realize that about the Nets BEFORE going there 🤔
D. Lloyd
D. Lloyd Anos atrás
The turmoil around these two prior to and presently with Brooklyn is such a shame, it’s almost legitimately sad. At one point, both were two of the most likable guys in the league. To a degree, I think most people WANT to still like and enjoy them. But this entire Nets fiasco has been a train wreck since conception. Injuries, games missed while healthy, dismissing Nash as the coach, adding Harden, losing Harden, adding Ben, confused about Ben… just damn!
CatchaVibe Anos atrás
never the most likable guys. never. mishugina!
Terrell Monger
Terrell Monger Anos atrás
Remember when Durant said the media attention around Lebron was toxic? 🤔
bee gee
bee gee Anos atrás
they were never two of the most likeable players in the league ESPECIALLY not kyrie lmfao. likable guys in the league are guys like wiggins, ingram, giannis, al horford. dudes that play and get it done without all the theatrics and posturing. total opposite of someone like kyrie.
jonesboi804 Anos atrás
Think you forgot that time period he went without talking to any of the coaching staff or f.o, while randomly taking his own leave of absence & not wearing a mask while at multiple events…. First part is the same he did in Cleveland & Boston smh he’s like my 6yo nephew
E J Anos atrás
@CatchaVibe I thought KD was pretty likable in OKC. I honestly don’t remember if he’s always be clapping back on Twitter. That is so weird to me.
Niner Fan 4 Life
Niner Fan 4 Life Anos atrás
These players up and leaving is a horrible look for the Association. I am all for players having rights and make their money. However to make these “super teams” and then just leave and in the process leave the team in ruins is really bad! It seems like their are hardly any fans of teams anymore and it reflects on the TV Ratings! It is just sad to see this happening to basketball!
tigera6 Anos atrás
Basically players want to sign 1-year deal but at max money level, so that they can go whenever and wherever they want while making the big bucks. There is zero problem with that, except that not how team sport are operated.
Omega Dash
Omega Dash Anos atrás
KD and Kyrie opened Pandora’s box
Justyn Okoniewski
Justyn Okoniewski Anos atrás
Adam Silver needs to take some responsibility for this era of team hopping
juwilball Anos atrás
Ima say this. If not for Covid this team will still be together. Also if Kyrie stayed healthy last year they win the title. Series of unfortunate events happened to the Nets.
Eat_Drink_Listen Anos atrás
I think that the Giannis Bucks title is even more impressive after all of this drama in the NBA the past few years. He stuck it out and won.
Uche Akusobi
Uche Akusobi Anos atrás
Charles Barkley the only media person to tell the truth about KD. Thank you Rob for also keeping it real.
J Phillips
J Phillips Anos atrás
Truth hurts sometimes..especially cupcakes like Kd
Uche Akusobi
Uche Akusobi Anos atrás
@J Phillips Got dudes like Stephan A smith protecting this dude. They literally just destroyed a franchise. Gave them everything they wanted, KD gets swept and now wants out 😭😭
D C Anos atrás
And Lebron fans
Isaac Rivera
Isaac Rivera Anos atrás
Still the greatest scorer ever u can’t have your cake and eat it too
dexter williams
dexter williams Anos atrás
Andrew Wiggins F’d up da whole nets team 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
B B Anos atrás
This shows how special and now, how rare it will be to see a team like the Warriors with Steph, Klay, and Draymond staying together for what may be their whole career is. The franchise drafts and ownership does what they have to to keep their guys, who want to stay together too. If they re-sign Looney, they’ll have 11 guys they drafted (Assuming their 1st 2 draftees make the roster) on the team. They should be appreciated more and stop the hate towards them. Gonna be top contenders for the next 4-5 yrs, maybe 10+ if Poole, Kuminga, Moody, Wiseman reach their potential, which 2-4 can be all stars.
KN Byam
KN Byam Anos atrás
Facts. Honestly I feel a how about Lebron running from team to team. Granted he won where he went, but he took the easy way out in a way.
bagoboy24 Anos atrás
Yeah but none of them are Durant tho... They're a good team, but as far as individual caliber they're not there. They're also well coached, ppl ignore that
Manz Anos atrás
@bagoboy24 😂😂 hilariously enough curry is more skilled than Durant could ever hope
Pomerlain89 Anos atrás
@bagoboy24 They don't need to be Durant, though. They are the consummate team. Curry could have asked to be traded after 2020, with the team having the worst record. Draymond could have demanded to leave. But they stayed.
bagoboy24 Anos atrás
@Manz 😂🤣😂🤣.. Bruh
Shawn Ba
Shawn Ba Anos atrás
Wow I never thought I would sit here one day and agree with rob Parker. This is by far the most objective I’ve ever seen Rob. I really thought he was gonna come up with some irrational excuses to meat ride KD as always. Big respect for sure.
Mitsh Chief
Mitsh Chief Anos atrás
Lol. Agreed. Chris is one of my top favorite analysts. Rob is my least liked. First time for everything.
Slime Ball
Slime Ball Anos atrás
Broken clock theory lmao but yup
Darnell Williams
Darnell Williams Anos atrás
Mitch Chief tell your papi lequeen he can never touch Kevin Durant
Alonzo Harris
Alonzo Harris Anos atrás
@Mitsh Chief To be fair, im the same as you but Rob has been on the improve the past few weeks lol I cant believe the few times ive agreed with him lately, when its always never
Drew Anos atrás
KD was smart in saying he will not interfere with Kyrie's contract negotiations. He also made a point to say Kyrie has the right to do what he wants how he wants, knowing full well he had the intention to do the same.
CJ739 Anos atrás
That's the snake for ya
E King
E King Anos atrás
The guys don't see the big picture. KD knows more than the media. The Nets wanted to start over. I'm hearing they are moving Westbrook to the Nets?
Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Anos atrás
Tired Kyrie's drama
OscarUnrated Anos atrás
@E King hellllllllll no do not want Westbrook
E King
E King Anos atrás
@OscarUnrated don't you think that would make KD leave?
Rob Parker is in his feelings & we're loving it 😂😂
sub Anos atrás
*When I look at all time greats, I like to see their impact for the game, for themselves, and for their teams. For example, when you think of Kobe, you instantly see him in a Lakers uniform; but for KD, I'm at a lost with how fast he switches teams.*
Sina Soheili
Sina Soheili Anos atrás
Dirk, Giannis, Curry and Duncan are much better examples than Kobe. Let’s not forget that Kobe ran Shaq out of LA in 2004 and when the Lakers sucked because of the Shaq trade in the summer 2007, Kobe demanded to get traded. When Jerry West gifted the Lakers Pau Gasol, Kobe became loyal again and won. Don’t use Kobe as an example for team loyalty!!!
Ruben Pita
Ruben Pita Anos atrás
I just can't understand why the media can't openly admit that all these situations, first with Harden and now with KD is the result of Kyrie decision to refuse to play. That was unfair to his teammates, the fans and the organization.
Selwyn Gonzales
Selwyn Gonzales Anos atrás
Ralph Thompson
Ralph Thompson Anos atrás
"he refused to play"? That's one way to put it. lol
samuel gainey
samuel gainey Anos atrás
KD should've joined Kawhi when Kawhi recruited him but he said no for Kyrie's flaky ass.
Mayan King Revisited
So Kyrie should've did something that wasn't beneficial to himself got it
Sean Flaherty
Sean Flaherty Anos atrás
The problem with KD is he only makes decisions to make other people like him, instead of what he wants to do. He went to the Warriors because he was tired of people criticizing him for not having a ring, then when he got 2 rings and not everyone appreciated them he left. Now he's basically choosing Phoenix or Miami which are the 2 best teams that he'd be the clear number 1 on, both who have already made the finals. It's kinda sad that he spends all this effort seeking the validation of others and yet he still is one of the most hated players in the nba.
Josh Odell
Josh Odell Anos atrás
To think so many people were killing James Harden for bailing on the team last season. Now he looks like a damn genius. I actually feel bad for Brooklyn. This has turned into a disaster of epic proportion. They're now going to be losing their two superstars, and the only thing they've got to show for all the money and picks they threw away is a 200 pound anvil in Ben Simmons just waiting to sink what's left of the ship next year. They might even lose a ton of their role players like Blake Griffin. A lot of those guys took pay cuts to come play with KD. They might end up having trouble keeping even their basic players.
Isidore T
Isidore T Anos atrás
Lol genius? He started this mess. This dude was KD’s friend and they don’t even speak now based on seeing his pathetic work ethic and in-between partying during 8 game road trips.
Sue Prator
Sue Prator Anos atrás
I love Christ Broussard. I wish he had his own show - no Rob, no Skip, no Nick W. He is usually spot on.
iron klad
iron klad Anos atrás
I was a huge KD fan and apologist for a long time. I’ve loss so much respect for him today. I’m a Nets season ticket holder and I will no longer buy season tickets after this year. The NBA is a complete joke. No honor or accountability. Done with him and the NBA as a whole. Just a whole level of selfishness on display.
The guy that shot drake The guy that shot drake
Those tickets 🎫 are worth a bag of chips
cosmo naut
cosmo naut Anos atrás
Hopefully, the league will address players who destroy teams like KD and Kyrie did with the Nets when negotiating a new CBA.
Rudy D.
Rudy D. Anos atrás
Attacking Kevin for moving on and not kyrie?
SmokeSmitty Anos atrás
Yall folks know what kd went through stooop
Mr. Bubbles
Mr. Bubbles Anos atrás
No you not a huge kd fan 😂😂😂
Louie Tzepher
Louie Tzepher Anos atrás
Prior to KD and Kyrie, the Nets had a young and upcoming team that was the future and these two guys literally gutted the team and now he bounces? Dude is not that guy, he's a great scorer and that's about it. Put Melo on the Warriors around the same time and Melo gets two rings. KD was built up by Nike in order to sell shoes, he is really not that guy. Out of all the superstars, dude is the only one that has not lead a team to anything but failure, dude just got swept and now he runs, just pathetic.
Isaac Debeila
Isaac Debeila Anos atrás
Jennifer Boykin
Jennifer Boykin Anos atrás
Exactly, that's why teams are looking at this and making sure to not do the same.
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith Anos atrás
@Jennifer Boykin I think they even made the playoffs back in 2019 i think
Tyrone Paulin
Tyrone Paulin Anos atrás
Have to agree with most of that. I think with a better coach, the record would have been better.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith Anos atrás
Facts! As a basketball fan it sucks. Hell, at this point I got more respect for The Joker over in Denver.
Omega Dash
Omega Dash Anos atrás
And people say Lebron always switch teams at least he delivers a championship before he leaves
Shawn Ba
Shawn Ba Anos atrás
And he fulfills his contract and leaves as a free agent. That’s really the best way to go about it.
Strawberry Shortcake
samuel gainey
samuel gainey Anos atrás
The man lead his team to the Finals twice with no stars playing alongside him in 2007 and 2018. KD will NEVER EVER in his long legged life be able to accomplish that cuz he needs a 73-9 win team to get over the hump.
Omega Dash
Omega Dash Anos atrás
@samuel gainey fr he lost in the finals in 2007 and kept trying for another 4 years people act like he left right when he lost in the finals
Omega Dash
Omega Dash Anos atrás
@samuel gainey people don’t even mention the 2 teams KD wants to get traded to we’re both the number 1 seeds in heats and suns💀
Msizi Cele
Msizi Cele Anos atrás
“This is an era of the most selfish basketball players.” Rob Parker Couldn’t agree more and I’m a Pro Player guy.
Jack Coop
Jack Coop Anos atrás
I disagree.
Dino Mahmutovic
Dino Mahmutovic Anos atrás
Yes it takes a lot to make me take a billionaires side but these guys get handed everything on a silver platter and they're still not satisfied.
Jack Vanatsky
Jack Vanatsky Anos atrás
@Jack Coop how can you possibly disagree? I’m not even saying it’s wrong. But this is so clearly the most selfish era in the history of professional sports
George0880 Champ
George0880 Champ Anos atrás
Owners did set the standard. They'll cut/trade players under contract or not under contract... Players have gotten hip to the game within the game
tigera6 Anos atrás
@George0880 Champ Normally super-star got a no-trade clause in their contract and teams cant do whatever they want to them. Nobody cares if Javale McGee demand a trade or threaten to sit his ass on the bench otherwise. Its about the superstar and their power play with team management that is the thing, and that seems to be only in the NBA. Can you imagine Mahomes demande the Chiefs trade him to the RAMs in the middle of a 10 year deal? That never happens.
Heephop Anos atrás
Damn. When Rob really wants or needs to keep it real, he can come up. I Respect his take here, and I think he’s absolutely right
JRT StrategiCapital
Absolutely agree with both you guys! KDs integrity is shameful.
Tony88 Anos atrás
No it's not, KD is being smart. He can't rely on Kyrie or Ben Simmons so why stay in that mess.
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis Anos atrás
@Tony88 you don't seem to understand.... KD was meant to be the face of that team. The leader of that franchise. Plus he had agreement with the ownership. What you're telling me is winning a chip is mor important than having integrity and honour?? I'm not saying he shouldn't want to leave its the way he is doing it that people are upset about.
Delon Daniels
Delon Daniels Anos atrás
@Jordan Davis it's odd to me. You guys talk about integrity and honor like he hasn't stayed quiet and played out his contract everywhere he's been. Brooklyn took KD and Kai. They signed on for both of those guys. You can't change the terms now. I understand why KD is frustrated. The basketball side of things has been nothing but inconsistency, but you gotta see it through with Kyrie. The front office can't decide to play hard ball now, so yes, integrity and honor goes both ways.
Sega Genesis
Sega Genesis Anos atrás
@Delon Daniels They paid the man max dollar in a year when they knew he wouldn't play, without even knowing for sure that he would be the same player when he returned (Torn Achilles can change an athlete's play drastically).
Ardy Hagen
Ardy Hagen Anos atrás
Fundamentally, KD is leaving the Nets because his friend got his feelings hurt after a lot of egregiously questionable behavior for which he is unwilling to admit that he did anything wrong.
ZeroCool Anos atrás
This league is full of snowflakes man. Really frustrating to watch
Dream Cage
Dream Cage Anos atrás
League is filled with cupcakes
OscarUnrated Anos atrás
@ZeroCool yup. For every diva headcase in the NFL there’s like 15 in the NBA
Polo55 Anos atrás
Well he still wants to play with Kyrie so it’s obvious his beef not with Kyrie
C. Falcon
C. Falcon Anos atrás
All talent and no heart! Agreed, Rob, but I'm going to go further. This era of NBA players are the most selfish and softest players ever in any sport.
C. Falcon
C. Falcon Anos atrás
If I were the Nets owner I'd tell that coward to hold a press conference and explain to the public why he wants out, else I won't trade you.
Pull up Pat
Pull up Pat Anos atrás
“ All Talent and No heart” Tupacs word’s Tom Sheppard in Above the rim
Ian L
Ian L Anos atrás
Jules Paul
Jules Paul Anos atrás
Organizations are just as selfish as the players. Don’t believe for one second if KD dropped off a cliff skill wise an organizations wouldn’t drop him. These teams are not paying these players out of the kindness of their hearts
Pete Jones
Pete Jones Anos atrás
“I’m taking my talents to Milwaukee.” -KD 2022
JM Davis
JM Davis Anos atrás
Amor Anos atrás
Lol he is not coming to our city. You know he’s been salty ever since that 2020-2021 season
grahamjl766 Anos atrás
Naw, he goes to the current champion. "I'm taking my talents to Colorado and play for the Avalanche." -KD 2022
¡im fired!
¡im fired! Anos atrás
$100 says Giannis tells him, "No we're good, bro." Giannis is a different breed.
Jack Coop
Jack Coop Anos atrás
“I love playing with Steph, let’s keep the dynasty going” lol KD secretly wants to go back to the Warriors
daunte tuff
daunte tuff Anos atrás
thank you!! he's a all time talent but he is not a winner or went thru what it takes for us to be call him a champion he's not! he won literally the easiest chips anybody ever seen and yall threw him a parade and he actually showed up for it😭 smh
Darren Collins Jr.
Darren Collins Jr. Anos atrás
This is where Rob is GOLD🤣🤣🤣. He is saying what everybody is thinking. Like Wtf.
End of the Town Productions
The Nets were a promising team with a winning future back in 2019 with a great coach...look what happened in three years?
SMACKD Anos atrás
promising? yeah d lo nets were never winning a playoff series lets be real now lol
Chasing Felix
Chasing Felix Anos atrás
@SMACKD ummm…they might have won more than 1 series in 3 years like this version did.
William Dean
William Dean Anos atrás
I actually really liked the DLO lead Nets. They made a mistake trading Levert, Dinwiddie, and Allen
RoddaRodda Anos atrás
Promising first round exit with DLo Russell 😂😂😂😂😂
The Mack
The Mack Anos atrás
Any team would blow that squad up 100 times out of 100. Its Kevin Fuckin Durant, possibly one of the top 15 guys EVER. It didnt work...ok. Still a risk you take at the time.
michael silverson
michael silverson Anos atrás
Imagine Jordan asking for a trade everytime he got swept in the playoffs
Kevin Campbell
Kevin Campbell Anos atrás
He only did well at GS, because he had zero pressure on him.
Ra El
Ra El Anos atrás
Delon Daniels
Delon Daniels Anos atrás
He made the WCF in the last season with OKC. I'd say he did well. KD won everything except a ring when he left OKC in 2016. It was only natural that he'd go with the best opportunity to get it. I don't think there was another player in the NBA with his resume and zero rings prior to GS. It was a no brainer but I get the criticism.
M. J.W.
M. J.W. Anos atrás
only did well in GS? u mean he sucked in OKC for 9 yrs? just say u just started watching ball in 2017
Bullrc Anos atrás
@Delon Daniels He also took OKC to the finals as well
Kevin Campbell
Kevin Campbell Anos atrás
Only did well in GS clearly means it’s about that 3 year period.
NessDaGoat Anos atrás
KD goin out SAD AF. I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Rob. But I agree. The man just isn’t a leader and he proves it time and time again. I hope he goes to Phoenix so GSW can mollywop his ass till he retires 😂
ReactionStop Anos atrás
Yep. he can't go to the Warriors cause Steph will always have 🏆🏆 up on him. It was a DAF trusting Kyrie with his legacy! Kyrie is no Steph Curry! If KD is not careful history will be comparing KD to Giannis not Steph cause 4 beats 2, and Giannis is only one chip away 😂😂😂😆😆😂
Omega Dash
Omega Dash Anos atrás
It’s crazy how he feels some type of way when someone leaves him hanging but he left Westbrook hanging
Gamingdoc Anos atrás
Who cares if he’s a leader, his legacy or any of that crap. I just want to see him play basketball.
NessDaGoat Anos atrás
@Gamingdoc you are in the minority. CLEARLY
Generalbrowser Anos atrás
Ya'll should've known this about K.D when he went to GSW. K.D is a great scorer. Legendary scorer, but he's not THAT GUY. He's a tag along that, because of his scoring ability, can tip a contender over the top. He can't lead an average team to a place of over achievement. He has the talent to, but he doesn't have the mental toughness to do it. He just doesn't care.
samuel gainey
samuel gainey Anos atrás
Let's put it like this. If you swap Jimmy Butler for KD, KD wouldn't get out of the 2nd rd. He has 0 mental toughness and absolutely no leadership. All of those values were already instilled in the Warrior organization. Great coaching, mvp franchise player in Steph, 2nd greatest shooter ever 2 way wing in Klay, and elite on ball defender guts and glue emotional leader dpoy in Draymond. Also it helps having veterans like Iggy and Livingston coming off the bench giving you great production when called upon. So congrats KD. You were brought to GSW to help shoulder the load with Steph to overcome Lebron and Kyrie. By the way any top 15 player could've joined Steph, Klay, and Dray. He'll all you need is someone to give better contributions than Harrison Barnes did. Kinda like what Wiggins and Poole just did in the Finals.
Generalbrowser Anos atrás
@samuel gainey You said it better, lol
Royce Francis
Royce Francis Anos atrás
You have got to be kidding. Put Jimmy butler on nets this past year and KD on the heat you really think the nets better? For real? These dudes wild. Calling KD selfish when everyone around him haven’t played for the past two years. These guys just need something to talk about
Generalbrowser Anos atrás
@Royce Francis Butler is not a better scorer, but he's mentally tougher, and impact a team in a way K.D hasn't shown that he can.
iluvcakes19 Anos atrás
Honestly, I'm not sure the talent is there. He is great, yes, but we've seen him be minimized. He is too thin and can be pushed around. He doesn't have the body of LeBron to singlehandedly take over. He doesn't have the game of Jordan or Kobe. He doesn't move off ball enough and let his team work like Steph. KD is awesome, but he's an individual talent that can be inserted anywhere and make them a heavy favorite but he isn't going to lead them there if it's solely up to him.
violoncelo1000 Anos atrás
i don't like rob, i confess, but he's sooooo right on this take. i give credit when people deserve it, no mater what my feelings are...
Mike T.
Mike T. Anos atrás
I’m old enough to remember Rob jumping on the Nets bandwagon when they added Harden. He took several shots at LeBron && the Lakers saying IT’S OVER!!! I know y’all remember that??
L hinkle
L hinkle Anos atrás
When the Warriors got KD to join them to beat Lebron that spoke volume to me. Then they said they didn't need him to win. Kd is a great player and I really like him. He built up Curry's Legacy and hurt his own legacy. They did stop Lebron because LBJ, could not beat 5 all-stars.
Anton Romeo
Anton Romeo Anos atrás
This is why love Rob or hate him,he is SPOT ON on this one! Them guys totally wrong for this man. Kyrie would have to ball out this year anyways to try to get his "value" for next year,(altho he seems to know that hes going to LA) but regardless,play this last year guyss. You have got a great team,ball out,get that citty a championship,then leave. They would still feel funny about you guys,but atleast you got them a championship. They wrong for this man. Especially because they did everything yall asked for.
Black Wealth Creator Podcast
As a KD fan, it's a tough day for us 😞 But wherever he goes, I'm still rolling with my boy
Yona Mzigu
Yona Mzigu Anos atrás
as KD fan I have come to terms that the bus rider slander will never stop
Myisha Causey
Myisha Causey Anos atrás
@Yona Mzigu As a GS fan. I hope it does. Its sad that it even started.
Yona Mzigu
Yona Mzigu Anos atrás
@Myisha Causey it is not fair but he wont beat it the way he is conducting himself
Montgomery Scottys
Montgomery Scottys Anos atrás
As a Kd fan, it’s his playstyle. He’s not satisfied with 20 points and a win. He’s selfish. Showing hints of melo as he ages
Infinite Wisdom
Infinite Wisdom Anos atrás
KD got in his feelings when he found out Kyrie wanted to reunite with Lebron & said I want out! 🤣
Infinite Wisdom
Infinite Wisdom Anos atrás
@The truth has consequences True but a lot of that has to do with him not being a leader. Just sayin...
ARealKingSamCarter Anos atrás
You never know KD might play with LeBron as well. Stay tuned. 😉
Sharon Brent
Sharon Brent Anos atrás
Infinite Wisdom
Infinite Wisdom Anos atrás
@Sharon Brent It was a joke lol. Relax 😂
cleftintwain Anos atrás
KD is definitely a bus driver. He just drove the Nets team bus straight off a cliff.
Delon Daniels
Delon Daniels Anos atrás
Right. The guy who played every game he could drove the bus off the cliff. You do know KD doesn't coach, or make trades, or tell his teammates to force themselves out or not get vaccinated, right? KD is just cursed with bad sidekicks. Outside of his stint in Golden State, his list of teammates have all been controversial for different reasons. I don't know how you can hold him accountable for the things someone else does.
Wil Cee
Wil Cee Anos atrás
@Delon Daniels Really?! Who is the common denominator? Oh it’s Karen Durant.
cleftintwain Anos atrás
@Delon Daniels you sound like someone that's never been in a leadership position. I run a crew of ten guys, sometimes many more than that. Know who's fault it is when something goes wrong? It's my fault. Regardless of what any of my guys do it's ultimately my responsibility to make sure things go right.
King P
King P Anos atrás
That's the short bus
Dee Third
Dee Third Anos atrás
I agree with Chris, there are deeper things going on with Kevin. I hope he finds himself.
Anthony Freeman
Anthony Freeman Anos atrás
Pause 3:18. Thank you Rob for finally saying it. All these other so called experts are so busy. Trying to make up or put together their own KD trade packages. That they won't even touch the subject of KD leaving his 3rd team.
Rob Mason
Rob Mason Anos atrás
Tatum and the Celtics ruined KDs confidence, he needs to run to a team with a lot of help
Martin F
Martin F Anos atrás
tigera6 Anos atrás
Yeah, and with how the league change the way they call games as well, KD thought he could iso his way to a championship.
Goat Reactzz
Goat Reactzz Anos atrás
Kd already got rings. Scoring titles and mvps. Stop, nobody on the celtics is in KD universe
Rob Mosby
Rob Mosby Anos atrás
😂😂😂 KD just had a bad series on a dysfunctional team.
Rob Mosby
Rob Mosby Anos atrás
@Goat Reactzz exactly
Paddy Anos atrás
I think this is what happens when ring culture meets narcissistic overpaid players. We need to get back to celebrating players like Dirk that were loyal throughout and even though he only won one, it means more. This idea that you're a failure if you don't win led KD to golden state, then led him to Brooklyn to be "the man", now the Nets aren't looking stacked to he wants to go to pheonix who won the most regular season games the last two years? Never thought I'd say this but I hope the owners take the players to the cleaners at the next cba
B Good
B Good Anos atrás
Means more to you. Dirk is also never in the conversation about top 15 players in history.
Akeem Bell
Akeem Bell Anos atrás
I ain’t gon hold you. KD gon be on Chris ass for calling him a lost soul 😂😂😂
Boone Beasley
Boone Beasley Anos atrás
Lol od
Rule Anos atrás
Rule Anos atrás
He on chris head as we speak
Siliziwe Ncanywa
Siliziwe Ncanywa Anos atrás
Lol! I like Chris and I got off the KD bus (see what I did there?) after he left OKC. But, I was in disbelief at CB's description of KD there. Felt a bit personal...
Revan Anos atrás
KD's got all 14 burner accounts going too.
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown Anos atrás
Rob is hurt by his words but it’s the truth. As a KD fan that defended the Warriors move, I can’t defend this. Quit in the playoffs against Boston and leave Brooklyn, I agree with Rob 100 percent. This is worse.
Mitch Anos atrás
If you cosign this clown Rob then you're a joke at best. KD 34 why would he let the remaining years go to waist so he can look like Lebron. The Nets front office is trash and haven't obtained the right pieces. They signed Blake Griffin over Jeff Green. The needed a center and did nothing. Didn't go after PJ tucker before he went to the bucks and after. Just remember how Rob talks gets you smacked in the street.
David Canada
David Canada Anos atrás
KD never quit against Boston in the playoffs dude what's you smoking 😂😂 it was Kyrie that quit on them dude played the best playoffs game since in Cleveland KD has two or three people at him get your fact straight.
Ju Anos atrás
@Mitch Lebron takes team to the finals KD can't
Ju Anos atrás
@David Canada KD needs the Warriors
Realroc G
Realroc G Anos atrás
@Ju bron had stacked teams most of his career so plz try again lol and he only got 4 rings 🫣
Chris Bostel
Chris Bostel Anos atrás
Thank you Rob. Been a Nets fan for 15 years, this weak move by KD has truly made my NBA “fever” go away. No point of watching a league where players can completely bull doze a franchise for fun. How can a fanbase support a team that can be ruined by 2 people.
Isaac Debeila
Isaac Debeila Anos atrás
Besides KD and kyrie who has done that??
Judy Clarkson
Judy Clarkson Anos atrás
@Isaac Debeila Lebron been done that his whole career wdym it's only Kyrie and Kd lol
Marcus Yosif
Marcus Yosif Anos atrás
That’s y guys like Curry and Giannis and even Jokic and Doncic are players that people should look up too and rly root for because there staying with 1 team and being extremely successful with them.
Wil Cee
Wil Cee Anos atrás
@Judy Clarkson Cool story kid. LeBron won everywhere he went. Moving on.
Antimike11 Anos atrás
@Wil Cee but curry stay with 1 team and won 4 chips that more impressive to me but to each his own.
Toby Yayo
Toby Yayo Anos atrás
I love how Rob’s voice being legitimately compromised makes this sound so much more dramatic 😂
J Allison
J Allison Anos atrás
Charles Barkley was right, Kevin Durant can’t drive the bus, he doesn’t want the responsibility of being the main guy. when he was in Golden State it was the perfect situation, Bcus all he had to do was play basketball. and that’s all he wants to do. he can’t handle being the guy.but on the flip side I can see why he would want to leave , Kyrie Irving is unpredictable. he decides when he wants to go to work , or if he is going to play.but as far as I’m concerned I can’t look at KD the same.he a superstar that doesn’t want the pressure or expectations that comes with being a superstar
Chow fun
Chow fun Anos atrás
KD is soft and thin skinned dude.
Van Jones
Van Jones Anos atrás
Agreed, and some other players are like that as well
Ju Anos atrás
@Van Jones Not like KD he different
nick T
nick T Anos atrás
Steph isn't the leader in gsw he barely speaks lol...the one that talks is green. Steph just shows up and plays just like kd and fo along with whatever the coach says.
J Allison
J Allison Anos atrás
@nick T You can lead by example. Draymond is the vocal leader, but Steph Curry is the Head guy in Golden State.
John Davis
John Davis Anos atrás
I'm curious to know what his motivation was to make this move..there's more to this story
New Age Studios
New Age Studios Anos atrás
“Most talented duo ever” never even made the conference finals together 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Cashflo Digital Sports Network - CDSN
Jordan and Pippen…. Kobe and Shaq 2 and Kareem and Magic 3 only cause they both was not in their prime and they had Worthy
J Money
J Money Anos atrás
Results really don’t have much to do with talent
Brandon Jackson
Brandon Jackson Anos atrás
@J Money lol they ain’t the most talented duo
Big bird
Big bird Anos atrás
Russ and kd were a more talented duo lmao
Geordie Jones
Geordie Jones Anos atrás
@Big bird for real they made a Finals and 3 Conf Finals together
JayKat7_ Anos atrás
I always liked Kevin Durant, but I really hated that he left the OKC Thunder. I always prefer the player who can win a championship while remaining loyal to their team, like Dirk Nowitzki. Still, I understand the mentality of “winning at all costs,” but I guess I’m a little too old school. Nowadays, I think calling him a flake would be accurate.
Sports Entertainer
Sports Entertainer Anos atrás
Dirk one ring is worth more than LeBron and Kds rings even 2 of Steph's rings. Dirk beat Wade Bosh LeBron Kobe Kevin Durant Westbrook and Harden in that run . That's 7 hof and they swept Kobe.
Problems Near You
Problems Near You Anos atrás
I wouldn’t call this a “weak move” . This was calculated 100% . It’s clear to me KD was expecting Ky to opt out, the Nets use that cap space for a star/role players & stayed with the Nets . It seems to me Ky figured that out & to be petty, opted in . KD wanted no parts & now wants a trade . This narrative looks terrible cause this is similar to Shaq & Kobe
yung africa
yung africa Anos atrás
Pista Bacsi
Pista Bacsi Anos atrás
You’re giving kd too much credit. He might just be a weak guy who leaves when things get hard
Max Twersky
Max Twersky Anos atrás
Kyrie only opted in because no other team could give him 31 million. He was tryna do a sign and trade. He could have only got 6 mil about from other teams. Also, this makes no sense because KD and Kyrie still wanna play together according to Woj.
Lukasz Adamczyk
Lukasz Adamczyk Anos atrás
Except if he opted out they still wouldn’t have free money…
Sega Genesis
Sega Genesis Anos atrás
Kyrie talks big, but he lost a shoe deal didn't he? And the Nets were not going to give him a long-term max contract. It was either 30+ or 6. He was taking the 30+. He's not built like that, no matter how much he talks. Few of us are. I'm certainly not.
Kevin Campbell
Kevin Campbell Anos atrás
No doubt. The players are destroying the “players’ league.”
Ryan Daniels
Ryan Daniels Anos atrás
The next negotiation between players and organization is going to be nasty.
mrhoopfan Anos atrás
and it should much as I love hoops, the money they make for the amount of games missed, the team jumping and inmates running the asylum is crazy to me. i'd love NBA to have replacement players for a year, let these dudes go broke. Come back with partially guaranteed contracts, incentive based deals.
Ryan Daniels
Ryan Daniels Anos atrás
@mrhoopfan no arguments here. I genuinely only care about on the court hoops but when business bleeds into the game and puts a spotlight on everything except basketball, something needs to be done while still compensating those that show up to work.
Sola Odebunmi
Sola Odebunmi Anos atrás
…as it should!
Ohh these owners gonna cut all these perks... load management, dont wanna play. .demand a trade with 4 years left... Player gonna give back money or contract null and void.. and watch fanboys gonna blame racism 😂
Dom Anos atrás
Keep in mind the two teams he requested to go to were the top seed in each respective conference. He has no dawg in him, dude just wants to coast to chips instead of earning them
M. J.W.
M. J.W. Anos atrás
aka LeBron James
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin Anos atrás
If KD goes to a team that’s not with Lebron on it and they look like they could be a threat Rob will be back on KDs bandwagon 🤪
K Mula
K Mula Anos atrás
Exactly 😂
Mike Cobb
Mike Cobb Anos atrás
DRE Anos atrás
Facts lol. The behavior of a absolute Hater
tech3061 Anos atrás
Joab Johnstone
Joab Johnstone Anos atrás
Isaiah Goodwyn
Isaiah Goodwyn Anos atrás
For Rob to be saying all of this he better start putting respect on Steph’s name
zaskarclf Anos atrás
I always thought KD took GSW for granted and still to this day, doesn't what he know what he actually wants. He probably thought this is easy, I can go anywhere and do this cuz I know better. Didn't learn a thing from seeing and experiencing from the top down on how a championship organization is run.
Delon Daniels
Delon Daniels Anos atrás
He was trying to 3 peat. I don't think he saw much to do after that. That organization peaked. They was no way for KD to leave an imprint there. If you got your rings and you're looking at your legacy, you can't stay on a team that accomplished so much before you landed there. I really don't understand why folks act like him staying in GS was something honorable. He did the right thing to leave. It was too easy.
Myisha Causey
Myisha Causey Anos atrás
@Delon Daniels did you seriously say winning a chip is easy? 🤯. He should have stayed and gotten as many rings out of GS as he could. Then he could sit back and laugh at all yall who are mad about his 10+ Chips 5-6 FMVPS and billions of dollars!
Delon Daniels
Delon Daniels Anos atrás
@Myisha Causey no one respected his move to GS. No one would respect him staying there and "stacking chips". That's the narrative going around, right? That KD staying with GS would've guaranteed success. I'm saying that his legacy would've been he couldn't do it as the main guy so he joined a 73-9 team and rode their coattails into the sunset. Folks gonna hate regardless of what KD did. Him leaving OKC for Golden State will always be the underlying factor.
Sola Odebunmi
Sola Odebunmi Anos atrás
DUB Anos atrás
If I was Brooklyn,I’d go find these two.I feel for y’all. This is terrible news. They disrespect y’all city and team! Hell naw.
Cody Evans
Cody Evans Anos atrás
I've been a KD hater since he chose to join GS but this just makes me feel bad for him. It can be easy to hear and focus on the criticism rather than the love and admiration.
George Zambrano
George Zambrano Anos atrás
Not that deep just sports
Myisha Causey
Myisha Causey Anos atrás
@George Zambrano KD is human. No one wants to be the villain. At least not forever. Even in sports.
Myisha Causey
Myisha Causey Anos atrás
I will never understand why people took it so personal when KD choose GS. i hear the complaints about “unfair”… WTF is the competitive spirit?!!? LIKE you gone cry about it or do something about it…
Van Jones
Van Jones Anos atrás
I'm shocked about KD trade demand, why sign the extension a year ago. The owners will have plenty to say about these dudes signing and then a year later requesting a trade. Steve Nash is glad he can actually coach, without the pressure of winning a title
Mason Anos atrás
Gotta love it when Rob P is back
Raheim Spells
Raheim Spells Anos atrás
Rob is the G.O.A.T
T- God 243
T- God 243 Anos atrás
And right!!! I totally agree with rob
truth Anos atrás
No you don't have to love it
Rudy Gee
Rudy Gee Anos atrás
I’m out on KD… Loved it
JM Davis
JM Davis Anos atrás
@Raheim Spells Undisputed
casey douglas
casey douglas Anos atrás
Imagine even the clippers made a conference finals and not the nets ,after all this talk
Detective Cats
Detective Cats Anos atrás
This is by far rob Parker’s best take on nba topics of all time!!!!
Jamal Williams
Jamal Williams Anos atrás
Imagine being called lame by Rob Parker
DefiantKing7 Anos atrás
Nets stay getting fleeced man smh. Should have just stayed with the young core they had. Gave KD a max deal with a torn Achilles, dealt with Kyrie’s up and down personality and never went against him or complained in the media, traded for Harden just for him to leave not even a year later. KD is a phenomenal basketball player but he really doesn’t have a legacy. Like he just made himself a footnote in nba history, he’ll be mentioned but glossed over
Ra El
Ra El Anos atrás
He lost his ability to have a legacy when he joined GSW. He needs to win a chip in OKC to salvage it
Regie Cruz
Regie Cruz Anos atrás
@Ra El facts just like lebron coming back to Cleveland
Ra El
Ra El Anos atrás
@Regie Cruz how Lebron won that enhanced his legacy especially playing for an owner who wrote a hating azz letter.
RFM Recordings
RFM Recordings Anos atrás
They didnt give him "a max deal with a torn achilles" out of the kindness of their hearts, and thats exactly how you're making it sound. The Nets gave KD that FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT, not for his. They gave him that because they wanted to nab a recent two time finals MVP... period. They didnt give a $#!% about KD the person.
DefiantKing7 Anos atrás
@RFM Recordings fam the Nets did everything both KD and Kyrie asked for.
JRT StrategiCapital
Agreed…KD has lost my respect! His integrity is forever spoiled.
B Good
B Good Anos atrás
Just now or when he joined a 73 win team to take down Goat James?
Sam Jordan
Sam Jordan Anos atrás
Kyrie wanted out first. He said he wanted to be traded if the Nets didn't offer him a 5 year max. His future with Brooklyn is very uncertain. That's the reason KD is requesting a trade.
LordBranniganThe Anos atrás
KD’s weak
Auntie Z
Auntie Z Anos atrás
@LordBranniganThe Exactly! Weak as water!
Big bird
Big bird Anos atrás
@Auntie Z water isn’t weak lol
Myles Smith
Myles Smith Anos atrás
kyrie's future in Brooklyn aint uncertain lol. he not gonna be there
Masked Sports
Masked Sports Anos atrás
Let this be a reminder to all, this is what happens when you spoil your children, you give them everything you allow them take control of the household and then they turn on you after all you've done for them. Moral of the story you have to let your kids no who's in charge so that they will respect you.
Fashion Life
Fashion Life Anos atrás
Maan sthu its a Business and nobody owns Nobody you leave a Job if u not happy
Masked Sports
Masked Sports Anos atrás
@Fashion Life WRONG, he still has 4 years on something they call a CONTRACT, now that is business, breaking a contract is not a good business practice so GTFOH with that crap. You can't break a contract because you got swept, or because you force them to hire a rookie coach that can't coach to save his life. You cannot break an agreement because you forced an organization to sign Kyrie aka rebel without a cause Irving as your teammate. I wouldn't trade him and if he gives me problems, I would make sure that he lives to regret it. Who's he playing with ? Spencer gone, Jarrett gone, Prince gone, Harden gone, LeVert gone, Kyrie a disaster. Naw you got it twisted, you ain't going nowhere until you 38 homeboy that's what you get when you try to play me. Congratulations 👏 you played yourself.
Fashion Life
Fashion Life Anos atrás
@Masked Sports it doesn’t matter the law is You can Leave a Job when u want and they can fire you when they want thats it
Masked Sports
Masked Sports Anos atrás
@Fashion Life also by law they don't have to pay him if he doesn't show up to work so go ahead don't play and don't get paid 🤣😂
Michael Hammond
Michael Hammond Anos atrás
Rob, you finally said something wise. It's a weak move to quit the situation he created.
NewSchool07 Anos atrás
Funny that there are actually people who are "now" losing respect for Durant. Is who he is. Soft. Weak. Bandwagoner. Miserable teammate and employee. Go join a local rec league so you can win every year and not have to climb the mountain and take your lumps.
Roberto Masensi
Roberto Masensi Anos atrás
🎯🎯🎯When he went to GSW, I knew he was a cupcake. And got treated like one too
Alexander Anos atrás
I can't believe Rob Parker turned on Durant. Props to him, never thought it was possoble.
Michael Cardenas
Michael Cardenas Anos atrás
That's why I like players like Stephen Curry he's a champion and stayed with the warriors through tough times
Josh Forester
Josh Forester Anos atrás
Looks like Ben Simmons went to the right place. He wanted out and didn't want to run it back with a team that was the #1 seed in the East, now he is in Brooklyn where all the stars decided they wanted out before running it back again with a team that looks like it was stacked in NBA 2k
Truth Media
Truth Media Anos atrás
Finally someone is saying what I was thinking. Chris and Rob said it. Particularly Chris KD looks like a lost soul. I may not agree with Charles Barkley choice of words but KD is not a bus driver he’s just a really good player, but not a leader.
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis Anos atrás
Correct. One of the few times I agree with Rob. KD ripped the little bit of life out of that organisation that bent over backwards for him. This is Unacceptable behaviour. The League HAVE to prevent situations like this from happening again. These decisions these players make should be PUNISHABLE. Totally unethical behaviour from KD, the Snake.
RowlandPCo Anos atrás
The nets really paid KD for a free year and he still did them greasy
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson Anos atrás
Not to mention Kevin Durant only played half a season in his second year in Brooklyn. Even this past season, Duran played in fewer games than LeBron James.
wareing125 Anos atrás
It’s not just this generation of basketball players that are more selfish than ever, it’s the entire generation as a whole.
Jrock112 Anos atrás
I truly feel like his heart is still in OKC but he feels betrayed by them. But hell what do I know 😂😂😂
Jesse Paiz
Jesse Paiz Anos atrás
Kd leaving the Nets is like the captian of the Titanic abandoning the ship after hitting the iceberg.
Wil Cee
Wil Cee Anos atrás
Sharon Brent
Sharon Brent Anos atrás
Mybrotherskeeper Anos atrás
@Sharon Brent we all know kd sees that I can’t lead so I want to leave
Brandon Anos atrás
Sharon Brent
Sharon Brent Anos atrás
@Mybrotherskeeper BS
Shabo Primetime
Shabo Primetime Anos atrás
As Durant was intent on leaving the Warriors, he got a call from Kawhi to team up with him at the Clippers (prior to Kawhi’s call to PG13). Durant should have accepted. Image a Kawhi and Durant duo! Instead, Durant made the colossal mistake of denying Kawhi and accepting to team up with Kyrie. The rest is history. The media is not referencing this potential Kawhi / Durant combo that was denied by Durant.
Sports Entertainer
Sports Entertainer Anos atrás
Honestly they should have gone to the Knicks and somehow gotten Jimmy Butler there as well. That would have been a great team.
SuperOmnicron Anos atrás
All you can do is IMAGINE. Kawhi wouldve gotten injured or some other nonsense occur. You have to DEVELOP talent organically.
Ra El
Ra El Anos atrás
I remember he teamed up with a dude that had just as much hate for Lebron like him. He and Kyrie only United out of envy for Lebron. They both weak dudes
Justin David
Justin David Anos atrás
Maybe a hypothetical, uninjured Kawhi. Had he been healthy, he, Paul George and the Clippers would have given the Warriors a run for their money this year.
violoncelo1000 Anos atrás
Now we all clearly know what KD thought about that Ben Simmons trade... remember that interview with Lebron (all smiles) and KD (no smiles at all) before the allstar game? It was right after the trade.. go see it again, and you'll get what i mean...
Franchize Tribe
Franchize Tribe Anos atrás
Good point !
Myisha Causey
Myisha Causey Anos atrás
KD said he was excited to play with people who want to be a part of the team. And he also skirted Harden while picking the All Star team. So I don’t think KD was all that upset about the trade.
Eagle20 Anos atrás
Yea. I agree. The nets did nothing wrong. You missed a whole season basically and they still gave you a max deal knowing you wouldn’t be available. Because your running mate can’t be dependable you decide you wanna leave. Weak af
old Detroit89
old Detroit89 Anos atrás
Wonder what that 2019 Brooklyn Net team would look like now maybe even got a solid FA signing to help not saying they would have won a Chip, but I think they could be in a Memphis position or how Utah look like something before this year
Alexander Adonyae
Alexander Adonyae Anos atrás
2016 will forever haunt KD✔ you bounce with 3 teams cause his feelings got hurt😂🚫 i was huge Durant/OKC fan back then until the summer of 2016!! Westbrook was the alpha of OKC!! Durant was scared of him lmao!! Draymond is Golden State Alpha!! Basically he looked at Kyrie Irving as alpha lmao!! He hurt his feelings😂😂 so KD ran🙌 KD is step below Lebron and Steph.. He cemented that for sure this time
L Dungey
L Dungey Anos atrás
been waiting on the odd couple to drop their response to the news! finally!
E King
E King Anos atrás
I think they are blaming the wrong people. KD knows something they don't know yet.
apothe6 Anos atrás
Now we gotta wait for Skip to go awol
BlackLight Anos atrás
I'm not disappointed nor did I lose respect. He's his own man and I don't own the Nets. No reason for me to feel any way about it. He doing what he wants to do as he should.
JK B Anos atrás
KD saw the warriors win the chip and was like... Yeahhh lemme go get stacked lol
Darmetrias Roberson
But I thought this is the NBA everyone wanted.....player empowerment, ring chasing, instant gratification! KD is the very embodiment of what today's NBA is all about. And I like this dude bit he's a symptom, not the problem.
DEEZ NUTZ Anos atrás
I wasn’t a big KD fan but I am now. Lol. Best decision of his career!
Boss Lady83
Boss Lady83 Anos atrás
I just wanna say as much as people criticize LeBron for leaving teams but he at least finished his contract never forced his way out!
Somebody had to say it this man been the most overprotected star ever it’s always somebody else’s fault when KD fails
SmokeSmitty Anos atrás
U know they be slandering kd stop
R. Richmond
R. Richmond Anos atrás
Overprotected by who?? Lol
@SmokeSmitty who & when ? They blame Westbrook for Okc he supposedly saved the warriors & now kyrie harden Steve nash & Ben Simmons getting blamed for the Nets
Cylvania Allen
Cylvania Allen Anos atrás
@NBBGENERAL It’s not KD fault with the Nets
Ambazo Breaking News
More than Curry with the stack warriors?
Raven.Bloodrot Anos atrás
Kevin is the man that doesn't want to actually lead but wants all the credit as if he led.
Andres Canizales
Andres Canizales Anos atrás
I can see Kd and Russ reuniting in OKC to prove everyone wrong. They both got a chip on their shoulder and I’m sure the Lakers and nets would like some 1st round picks or young players as well.
getknowledge37 Anos atrás
This generation will hurt the league in the future. Imagine if the players in 80s was like this , they would not benefit from them
Kalix Anos atrás
half those dudes were on drugs, please stop
B Good
B Good Anos atrás
Roy Tarpley, Chris Washburn. 😂😂😂😂
Steve Young
Steve Young Anos atrás
I love how the old media speculates what’s on a player’s mind. They have no idea why KD wants out. Just like I have no idea why Rob and Chris left ESPN or any other previous job.
Pull up Pat
Pull up Pat Anos atrás
I might sound like a hater but the way Kyrie and Kev handled this Nets project i hope the Nets trade KD to a team thats not a title contender and as for Kyrie i hope he doesn’t land in LA where he wants to be . Id trade both these guys to teams that haven’t made the playoffs lol. Id trade Kyrie to Indiana and Id trade Kevin Durant to the Magic
D. H.
D. H. Anos atrás
So glad to hear your voice again Rob! 😭🙏🏾
Samuel Choi
Samuel Choi Anos atrás
All this shows us how great Steph is.
Javi Soprano
Javi Soprano Anos atrás
Kevin & kyrie we’re the type of kids that took their ball home when it didn’t go there way .
TravelingTrav Anos atrás
Look what Bron started. “ Player empowerment”. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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