Roast Battle Gone Wrong | Anwar Jibawi

Anwar Jibawi
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20 Ago 2019



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Comentários 100
Anwar Jibawi
Anwar Jibawi Anos atrás
Thanks for watching! What was your favorite roast?
how dare you
how dare you 4 dias atrás
Fuck you you did not make my day you hurt him
Family Phone
Family Phone 5 dias atrás
I hate u bro
Juan Carlos Escobar
Juan Carlos Escobar 11 dias atrás
What type of friend are you anwar
im not yo friend anymore
The last 1
Massimo Tessarolo
Massimo Tessarolo 20 dias atrás
Best video ever
TheLifeOfBren 23 horas atrás
Who’s watching in quarantine
Jonathan Henrico
Jonathan Henrico Dia atrás
I really2 hate anwar in this episode xD
Johnny Tanise
Johnny Tanise 2 dias atrás
"I took the liberty of calling the police and reported your crime" " Don't drop the soap" "It's just a roast" lol. I am done. hahaha
Johnny Tanise
Johnny Tanise 2 dias atrás
1:19 that is the sinister laugh of revenge hahaha. Sweet sweet revenge lol.
Raj Rane
Raj Rane 2 dias atrás
Who is the girl in the video
Catherine Gatpolintan
Catherine Gatpolintan 4 dias atrás
We hate you stop doing video
Marie Davis
Marie Davis 6 dias atrás
agalv_G 7 dias atrás
Where did you get those I want them
KioshiFox 7 dias atrás
Who’s watching in quarantine like
omar luvs chicken
omar luvs chicken 8 dias atrás
Dam No Mercy 😂
Vucko 8 dias atrás
Anwar is internet Treasure
Oumrashed Oumrashed
Oumrashed Oumrashed 10 dias atrás
My phone
TheBubblyAnt 11 dias atrás
Adam: “ You should be sorry you bought those shoes!” Anwar: *so, you have chosen DEATH*
Eileenxdbdxx nfdn Benazzouzhdcncnc
I have attached my updated resume
Eileenxdbdxx nfdn Benazzouzhdcncnc
Have 🐶 for my life as I am in a
YESHI 366 12 dias atrás
Don't drop the soap, only legend can understand.. 😂😂😂
Pokemonfan 69
Pokemonfan 69 12 dias atrás
Did Anwar really have to say all that? 😂 That’s personal business cause of that he lost his girlfriend, and got arrested and when did the cop get in house?
Cooper Wilson
Cooper Wilson 13 dias atrás
I ain’t coppin any ting
Diego gamer 3
Diego gamer 3 14 dias atrás
I hate you fuck you your so rude to him I don't care if you fake it I hate you
Amelia rose Wisdom
Amelia rose Wisdom 14 dias atrás
iiDarkReaperKingii Reaper
Joke on you I don’t buy losers merch (just a roast right...?)
Zakia Alami
Zakia Alami 14 dias atrás
Yo anwar your fase looks like donald trump its a roast
Raven Beatbox
Raven Beatbox 15 dias atrás
1:22 😂😂😂😂😂
its wayne
its wayne 16 dias atrás
1:25 killed me😂😂😂😂😂😂
Poo Panda
Poo Panda 17 dias atrás
No thanks for watching I dont like Anwar videos he is a loser
gen66 18 dias atrás
What's the super hot girl instagram lol?
Junior julix
Junior julix 19 dias atrás
Anwar is just a roas 😂😂
superfxa989 Yt
superfxa989 Yt 19 dias atrás
Roasting gone wrong
Thinh Nguyen
Thinh Nguyen 19 dias atrás
Hey to much bro..
The Teen Musician
The Teen Musician 19 dias atrás
jay frank
jay frank 20 dias atrás
Your videos our fun
Hasan Abdullah215
Hasan Abdullah215 21 dia atrás
TTvMeme #1
TTvMeme #1 22 dias atrás
These captions tho
l need 10k subs plz help me subscribe here
3:01 what tha look Adam?
JackyBTW 23 dias atrás
I fucking hate anwar
Mama Mama
Mama Mama 23 dias atrás
_SOJUNE_Jikookya_ _spaghetti_army_
If you can't roast just shut the fruck up
ALPHA SQUAD 25 dias atrás
Am I the only. One who think that Anwar's laugh is pretty creppy?
Luana Thomsen Luciano
Luana Thomsen Luciano 26 dias atrás
So this is what 'it's just a prank' has become?
UTF Tiskat
UTF Tiskat 27 dias atrás
1:25 that’s what u call an EVIL Laugh 😂
shawn Haynes
shawn Haynes 28 dias atrás
I hate you
Johnny Tanise
Johnny Tanise 29 dias atrás
Where the fuck the police came from? The only thing he has left are those two tears on his face, one representing the loss of his father and one for the loss of his girl. Danmmmmmmmm. lol
Gradi Mutombo
Gradi Mutombo 29 dias atrás
Anwar is hilarious
Random Vids
Random Vids 29 dias atrás
Anwar: its just a roast 2 seconds ago: sent Adam to jail.
Fortnite Sami and friends
I feel bad for Adam 😔
Ramiro Bahena
Ramiro Bahena Mês atrás
I fill bid for that guy cring
Ramiro Bahena
Ramiro Bahena 25 dias atrás
Not Suspicious
Not Suspicious Mês atrás
"Stop acting weird, bro." -A Legend
The book of life
The book of life Mês atrás
Anwar s laugh 🤣👌😂
Jaden H
Jaden H Mês atrás
At lest ur shies
Stan !
Stan ! Mês atrás
I wish there was Anwar jibawi and Liza koshy collab. ☹️
xXCodalexsXx Mês atrás
you should sell a bro code book i’d cop that
xXCodalexsXx Mês atrás
man i like it when anwar does that “hahahahah” and btw keep doing videos with adam
Ted Tjipute
Ted Tjipute Mês atrás
"Its just a roast." gets his friend arrested and made him lose his girlfriend...
Mš _Mçdonald
Mš _Mçdonald Mês atrás
Lol that’s funny
dimmy fimmy
dimmy fimmy Mês atrás
1:15 and now for my next trick
Saima Arm
Saima Arm Mês atrás
You should make a musical and a nother roast😂😂😂
Oma Martin
Oma Martin Mês atrás
Wow anwar
Micah Orzakovski
Micah Orzakovski Mês atrás
As least 2020 is going better then your hole’s just a roast
general duck
general duck Mês atrás
The cringe
general duck
general duck Mês atrás
The teunk
Nekruz Ayon
Nekruz Ayon Mês atrás
This is David Dobriks vlogs
Paul Berres
Paul Berres Mês atrás
Anwar what the fuck why are you Gotta be so mean I know it’s just a video but what the hell
Rai Patton
Rai Patton Mês atrás
The way Adam got slapped!😂😅
Atifa Hoque
Atifa Hoque Mês atrás
Your such a big idiot
Yahya Badawi
Yahya Badawi Mês atrás
Anwar n Adam > best combo
Neko_Chan Mês atrás
After watching this video, feeling like im hating anwar videos now :/ Sorry anwar your too evil and i cannot handle it anymore :(
rafey354 mini mentos
"Its just a roast"
Bizarre Hunter
Bizarre Hunter Mês atrás
Why didnt he get arrested for hiding the crime
Sylvie Mpanzu
Sylvie Mpanzu Mês atrás
The mom joke not cool
Sylvie Mpanzu
Sylvie Mpanzu Mês atrás
The father joke not cool
Ritwik Ganapavarapu
Why does everytime he does a weird intro they are siren noises in the background
irakli manjavidze
irakli manjavidze Mês atrás
anwar at this video is bastard
irakli manjavidze
irakli manjavidze Mês atrás
anwar sucks at this video
юань Frío
юань Frío Mês atrás
*other title- over specific roasts*
Haya Al Yassifi
Haya Al Yassifi Mês atrás
*Adam* is veeeeeery *HANDSOME* 💕😘😍❤️
Craze Vera
Craze Vera Mês atrás
Nobody Anwar ending Adam's whole career Its just a roast😂
The panda King
The panda King Mês atrás
Noli Imperial
Noli Imperial Mês atrás
Im Sorry But It Was Kinda Annoying When Anwar Kept On Doing Mean Jokes But Im Still A Fan
Pickle Army
Pickle Army Mês atrás
Som Thidamuthda
Som Thidamuthda Mês atrás
I hate that kind of friend
shadowknight 9.0
shadowknight 9.0 Mês atrás
1:31 someones talking
SM9 A1
SM9 A1 Mês atrás
Sean Henry
Sean Henry Mês atrás
The mouserat shirt. Parks and Rec gang, where you at?
You’re all stupid “It’s Just A Roast”
TheDisastrousDuck Mês atrás
Anwar jibawi you are so much funny 😄
Girl Gamer
Girl Gamer Mês atrás
Do you speak Arabic
mu3ad dz
mu3ad dz Mês atrás
yes he does
Johan Rodriguez
Johan Rodriguez Mês atrás
Anwar I hate you your videos suck
mu3ad dz
mu3ad dz Mês atrás
junior dossantos
junior dossantos Mês atrás
2:12 Black guy taking down his account number.😂😂😂
Zegar safi
Zegar safi Mês atrás
don't drop the soap........
Xailot 1
Xailot 1 Mês atrás
Xailot 1
Xailot 1 Mês atrás
Xailot 1
Xailot 1 Mês atrás
Xailot 1
Xailot 1 Mês atrás
Xailot 1
Xailot 1 Mês atrás
Hainna Bantoy
Hainna Bantoy Mês atrás
If my friends said those i will kill them
Cajay Herdsman
Cajay Herdsman Mês atrás
That so like me
Marsh Paul
Marsh Paul Mês atrás
1:22 the way he laughs is making me laugh to death
Sebastian Perez
Sebastian Perez Mês atrás
1:19 nice telekinesis lol
Sebastian Perez
Sebastian Perez Mês atrás
Queen Miøne
Queen Miøne Mês atrás
In the beginning I was like "That's illegal!"
Nicholas Lorenzo
Nicholas Lorenzo Mês atrás
Anwar your such a snitch
2021 Mês atrás
Anwar is so deep .......... AND I LOVE IT
Javohir Rajabboyev
Javohir Rajabboyev Mês atrás
Adam should start a career as a professional actor . He performers so good
Raul Rodriguez
Raul Rodriguez Mês atrás
I hate Anwar
mu3ad dz
mu3ad dz Mês atrás
big problem
Hallow Ace
Hallow Ace Mês atrás
Anwar is literally me with roasts
DOGE Mês atrás
*Its Just A Roast* *HAHAHAHAHA*
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