Riding Berm Peak at Night was more difficult and foolish than I thought

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This has been a long time coming. Anyone who watches this channel knows I love night riding, but until now I have never attempted to ride Berm Peak at night. This is due to a variety of reasons, most of which should be pretty obvious. Bike lights are designed for singletrack-not wallrides and whale tails. Tonight, we throw caution to the wind and give it a shot on my backyard mountain bike trails.

Also tonight, we’ll test out some new lights from Outbound Lighting. I met the owner of the company at Sedona Mountain Bike Festival, holding down the booth all by himself. Tom is not only an entrepreneur, but an engineer, so we can be sure Outbound’s marketing department isn’t getting in the way of the important stuff. These lights were remarkably simple, free of gimmicks, very well thought out, and very bright. They also turn on and off with simple taps of the power button instead of confounding combinations that so many other manufacturers insist on. Best of all, they’re really fairly priced for what you’re getting. So I’m going to run these long term and see how they work out!

Trail Evo (flood light)
Hangover (spot light)

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21 Mai 2022



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Comentários 928
I just like seeing videos where Seth is actually riding again. I get he's a dad now and cant afford another broken collar bone but it's always nice to see.
Charlie Bennici
What stands out to me that I feel sometimes goes unnoticed, is how far cameras (action cameras especially) have progressed. Amazes me how high quality and smooth the footage is with just two lights at night.
Seth: Let's make a super sketchy trail system in my backyard!
Harith Bouhaddioui
I can 100% say that Seth has taught me everything I know about Bikes and trails
aidan burns
Love my outbound lighting setup. Have never had a situation where I didn’t have enough light.
FoCo FlowShow
Plus 1 for Outbound Lighting… the Hangover helmet light with the Trail EVO bar light is the best combo out there … I’ve met and ridden with Tom (owner/engineer of Outbound) in Pisgah - he absolutely shreds
Randy's Rides
It would actually be pretty cool if you added lights along the runs. It would double the ride time in the fall and early spring.
Imagine how cool some long exposure photos of Seth riding some obstacles with his lights on would look. It might be a cool idea for a t-shirt graphic too
I hope Outbound get a ton of sales from this video. These lights are awesome!
yfz 450r
Night riding is so much fun I like the eerie feeling in the middle of the desert hearing the owls and seeing the night hawks flying around. Seeing the eyes glowing back at you is also creepy but cool to see.
Testament to how good a rider Seth is
I’ve been running that same OB Lighting combo for the past season and a half and I’m a huge fan! Great battery life, lights up my trails perfectly! As a matter of fact, I’ve scored a good amount of PRs at night with these lights. And their customer service is spot on! I had to get a part replaced, and they were so cool about everything, sending me a replacement for free. Needless to say, I’m a satisfied customer. I’m interested to see your long-term review on these lights.
Karsten Vandersande
I feel like Seth doing this at night is how it actually feels for anyones first time at berm peak. The lights sorta get rid of that GoPro effect. Full sends from Seth!!
That night ride was super engaging. Really felt like we were going down the mountain with you.
Thrilled to see some love for Outbound Lighting. Been using their older style Road and Trail lights for a few years now, great stuff. Good fun to run both of those lights AND the Hangover; feels like daytime.
system Toffee
I really like how "raw" this video was when he was riding I found it very relaxing you can hear the wheels and the wind
Ray Taylor
Good to see that Outbound Lighting is getting some spotlight.
Jonathan Fisher
No joke Outbound lighting is the absolute best there is. They're also some of the nicest people you will ever meet.
Nathan Burlis
Holy moly that even got my heart up! the most involved video I think Seth has ever put out. Having the tunnel vision from the dark really pulls you in...
I am a big fan of Outbound lights. I am running the Hangover on my helmet, and the EVO on my bars. Great setup.
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