Riddle Surprises Seth Rollins | WWE Raw Highlights 8/15/22 | WWE on USA

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14 Ago 2022



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Derek Price
Derek Price Mês atrás
This feud feels simple and old school, almost like 90s WWF. I love it
Derek Price
Derek Price Mês atrás
@eugene brooks yeah it's not at that level of quality or fan reaction, I agree. I just mean that it feels a lot closer to it in terms of presentation than what Vince was doing recently.
eugene brooks
eugene brooks Mês atrás
Not almost like 90's WWF not even close the crowd is not even going crazy losing their minds crazy compared to the 90's WWF
Fat Pipo
Fat Pipo Mês atrás
That’s Triple H bro
Chris J Productionz
Courtesy of Triple H, long term booking. This feud would’ve ended at Summerslam if Vince was still in charge
4900_Lonelychild 💔
Seth Has Reached Shawn Michaels Level Too The Point He Doesn’t Need A Title To Show How Good He Is 💯
LIL LEAN 28 dias atrás
@SamaDaGoat but nobody can every touch Shawn tho
SamaDaGoat 28 dias atrás
Facts I just said this on another video
LIL LEAN Mês atrás
I love this feud so much! Seth has been having great feuds, with Edge, Cody and now Riddle! Seth is doing amazing, and so is Riddle!
Big Xavi PG
Big Xavi PG Mês atrás
He was chosen by hunter himself
Kyle Mês atrás
To think I wasn’t a fan of Riddle until his teaming up with Orton AND Riddle’s feud with Rollins. But nowadays I AM a fan.
Dylan DillyD
Dylan DillyD Mês atrás
That’s true, the Monday Night Messiah was a great gimmick, wish it was alive in a more tv-14 era.
ben ried
ben ried Mês atrás
Don’t forget he helped us through COVID as well. I think it was the mysterios
Cherrybomb Mês atrás
this segment was amazing, the promo with Kevin and drew was the best on the show and their match was so good that if it happened on a ppv I dont think people would've minded
Nicky Wampole
Nicky Wampole Mês atrás
Love how outta everyone to get a 420 shirt it would just have to be riddle well played wwe well played lol
DJ FRESH Mês atrás
Riddle had a 420 shirt already
Millie MoBuckz
Millie MoBuckz Mês atrás
RVD 420 was a thing in 98! 😂
Darryl Johnson
Darryl Johnson Mês atrás
They have rk bro 420 t shirts too they embrace him smoking weed
Salvador Flores
Salvador Flores Mês atrás
I like how Riddle's name pops up, he's got a viper with a cap
Taha Butt
Taha Butt Mês atrás
Props to them. Even though with their real heat, they are two professionals putting out a real show.
Isaiah Clay
Isaiah Clay Mês atrás
@CruseMina 26 yeah I heard that it was a decent amount of time ago so I don’t doubt it they’re both super professional people
CruseMina 26
CruseMina 26 Mês atrás
@Isaiah Clay Do you watch UpUpDownDown? They seem pretty cool in the latest finale tournament episode. Becky was there as well.
Isaiah Clay
Isaiah Clay Mês atrás
@Mr. Blue Is Too Smooth riddles wife made a snark comment about becky lynch a while ago and seth didnt really like that i think thats about it
Mr. Blue Is Too Smooth
What real heat?
Terry O
Terry O Mês atrás
This guy is running 🏃to the Ring in Sandals 😂😂
Sola Scriptura
Sola Scriptura Mês atrás
That's an ankle injury waiting to happen.
Andrew Randon
Andrew Randon Mês atrás
Riddle. So Naturally charasmatic! Love the kid!
Bebo Pepo
Bebo Pepo Mês atrás
For the people who are saying riddle needs a mouthpiece, I’d have to disagree. He’s actually really good on the mic it’s just his stoner gimmick that’s holding him back. I mean don’t get me wrong riddle plays that character so well and i find it highly entertaining but with the more serious promos like this one I wish they’d let him be himself like he was when he was rivalling Roman. I liked seeing that aggressive less laid back side of him in promos.
unfixingbowl545 Mês atrás
I’m happy Rollins and Riddle were able to put their real life problems to the side, this program has been great
Luigi Mês atrás
@Qua Hoover literally nothing they do in the ring in terms of matches are real
Qua Hoover
Qua Hoover Mês atrás
@S O U T H E R N u know everything they do in the ring is real
Cherrybomb Mês atrás
​@Mike Edwards ​Why do you watch movies, watch TV shows, play games if it's ? exactly, it's entertaining, and wrestling is scripted entertainment with real athletic workers who risk dying in the ring (it happens look it up) with stories to tell
Cherrybomb Mês atrás
​@S O U T H E R N L bozo
TasteeWheat Mês atrás
Bro riddle looks like hes ready for the WWE Championship....
Joshua S
Joshua S Mês atrás
Love how Rollins said, "a farm." Shot at Brock Lesnar?
Lil Miller
Lil Miller Mês atrás
I’m sorry riddle is my favorite hands down. I just got back into this thanks to Pat McAfee and I’ve been cheering for riddle every week I don’t smoke weed but I’m 100% a fan forever!
AF2k3 Mês atrás
It's not even close. He is by far the best talent in WWE. Kudos to Randy.
kjkman1 Mês atrás
Not gonna lie, was kinda expecting Randy Orton to come out of nowhere. I know it's probably not gonna happen anytime soon or possibly ever again, but I miss the Viper.
Manny V
Manny V Mês atrás
I like this version of Seth, never liked him before with any other gimmick
Andrew Madderra
Andrew Madderra Mês atrás
Riddle with that 420 Bro💨💨💨tho...😂...Ive been liking this Seth Rollins vs Riddle feud...can't wait for their 1v1 Match!!
David Coady
David Coady Mês atrás
This was one of the wild moments when Riddle made his appearance.
Kennedy Robinson
Kennedy Robinson Mês atrás
The only time he goes heel is with a personal issue that he is in ever since Randy's gone. This is the second time he is being serious. Also the fact when he interviewed by Kevin Patrick he was intense
Torrance Clark
Torrance Clark Mês atrás
I like how WWE let Randy Orton and Seth Rollins put Riddle over
I can't think of a good username - Toy Channel.
I may not like the whole "surfer bro" gimmick, but I gotta admit this made me want to see him beat the living daylights outta Seth Rollins. So good job on both men and the WWE. They did something right here.
Joanne Tank
Joanne Tank Mês atrás
He’s definitely one of my favorites
Orlando407100 Mês atrás
I'm not a smoker but I love and would wear Riddle 420 BRO Shirt.
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia Mês atrás
@Kingomez97 cause Wwe ain’t PG no more it’s PG13 now, that’s why he got that shirt on
BrooklynDiva Mês atrás
Who cares weed legal where I'm at it's not a big deal
Kyle Mês atrás
@Paul Kendrick True, but didn’t WWE recently just allow some non-PG stuff to be shown ? 🤔 Just wondered. 👍👍
Paul Kendrick
Paul Kendrick Mês atrás
Lame. RVD has been doing that for years
Kingomez97 Mês atrás
It’s cool they let him wear it
Tory Harris
Tory Harris Mês atrás
The fact I saw this live was fire
Tony oz
Tony oz Mês atrás
And they said riddle couldn’t sound serious. I like triple h’s creative.
dimestore trophy
dimestore trophy Mês atrás
Seth looking like a adult swim parody of a pro wrestler
Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins is gonna be fire 🔥
Reignny Joseph
Reignny Joseph Mês atrás
Riddle Vs Rollins at Clash At The Castle is gonna be a 5 star match
Supamadulaoblongata jr.
I usually love Seth's wardrobe, but I'm pretty sure he stole my sister's top.
Logan Mês atrás
His reval that he was there gave me John Cena vs miz vibes
Grizzley channel
Grizzley channel Mês atrás
Nah he can be heel for the rest of his career i love Seth as a heel
The Geek show with David and friends
People don't think Riddle is the next Shawn Micheals look at this promo he is so over and sells so well.
Damien Delgado
Damien Delgado Mês atrás
HHH knows Riddle is a top tier talent
Alejandro Fuentes
Alejandro Fuentes Mês atrás
Everyone has to see it. He's the practical choice to dethrone Roman. He was always incredibly gifted, but Randy's mentorship has turned him into one of their biggest stars, and arguably, WWE's best talent.
Dommy Mês atrás
I’m so glad that riddle is back
Astra Mês atrás
reminds me of cena and miz from 2011. love to see it!!!
Corbin “The Pie Guy” 02
That’s honestly impressive he can run that fan in flops
Bryson Hardy
Bryson Hardy Mês atrás
Matt Riddle is back, but I'm waiting for Seth Rollins Face Turn.
Bryson Hardy
Bryson Hardy Mês atrás
@Kakashi Sharingan Hokage Me too, we need the Old Seth Rollins with Architect 2.0 Black and Gold back.
Bryson Hardy
Bryson Hardy Mês atrás
@Jinx_Pachi Not going to Happen
Bryson Hardy
Bryson Hardy Mês atrás
@Jimmy Stephens Not gonna happen
Kakashi Sharingan Hokage
@Zack Tyler 2 Exactly, bro!
chrxmehearts Mês atrás
Love this between riddle and Rollins💯 keep it going
Craig Davis
Craig Davis Mês atrás
I want to see Seth"Freaking"Rollins & "Tribal Chief" Roman Reigns go at one more time.
Alejandro Fuentes
Alejandro Fuentes Mês atrás
I want to see Seth, Roman, and Riddle in a triple threat.
KJ Mês atrás
Riddle is a legit badass and Triple H knows it. The difference here in posture and tone in Matt Riddle is glaring compared to the Riddle under Vince and Bruce. Ya'll still don't know who Matthew "Deep Waters" Riddle is, and he's gonna show it at Clash. That match is gonna bang, mark my words.
AF2k3 Mês atrás
He is about to get the push he needs to win the title.
Nmbr Eleven
Nmbr Eleven Mês atrás
Riddle could also knock Seth's teeth out
Santo niño
Santo niño Mês atrás
Coolbird00 Mês atrás
Randy, you did good with Riddle bro, you did good!
AF2k3 Mês atrás
He turned raw talent into one of their biggest stars. I think the whole world wants to see him win the title next.
SpiritWar Martin€91
That shirt of Riddles is simply amazing lol 🔥🔥🔥🔥
MAT Mês atrás
Seth Rollins has reached that Shawn Michaels level where he doesn’t need the title anymore and every feud he is in is gonna be the match of the night.
chris collins
chris collins Mês atrás
@NOVEL. Bryan Danielson is still doing that in AEW Especially after that masterpiece with Daniel Garcia
NOVEL. Mês atrás
@Stanley Ipkiss he has, he doesn’t need a title to be over. That’s what he’s saying, Seth, Shawn and Aj are all at that tier. Daniel Bryan would be if he was still in WWE
Stanley Ipkiss
Stanley Ipkiss Mês atrás
No he hasn't.
NOVEL. Mês atrás
I agree
WalkInLight Mês atrás
I miss RKBros so much! I hope Randy can come back but I also don't want him to live in more pain the rest of his life like I have to thanks to a drunk driver hit and run car accident. Back injuries affect your entire body.
Killertrap Mês atrás
Lol that means randy is coming back bro yeah riddle and Seth almost ended this man's career 😂
Keoni Van Wyck
Keoni Van Wyck Mês atrás
Seth is trying to be a Macho Randy Savage
Kevin G. Smith
Kevin G. Smith Mês atrás
@0xXpatoXx0 Is he? LOL!
0xXpatoXx0 Mês atrás
Seth is the Jeff Goldblum of WWE
Kevin G. Smith
Kevin G. Smith Mês atrás
Ooooh yeeeah Macho Seth!
Officer McDankins
Officer McDankins Mês atrás
I get it’s a part of the gimmic but when Riddle is looking to be serious maybe he should ditch the flip flops. It really hampered his run and took away from the urgency
KJ Mês atrás
@Derek Price it REALLY doesn't.
MediCali951 Mês atrás
@Derek Price it doesn’t. He’s a former UFC fighter he’s a legit badass flops or not
Derek Price
Derek Price Mês atrás
I don't think it matters
Ken McClary
Ken McClary Mês atrás
Riddle getting away with that shirt tho
Hawkdaboss Mês atrás
Welcome to tv-14
MAT Mês atrás
Weed is allowed in wwe now
Darryl Johnson
Darryl Johnson Mês atrás
You aint seen the rk bro 420 shirts lol 😂
Justin Williams
Justin Williams Mês atrás
I would definitely smoke a joint with Riddle
TheCrazyBison Mês atrás
I remember before this I think Seth and Riddle weren’t on the best of terms because riddles wife said something about Becky. But it’s amazing they got passed this and made a piece of art!!
Joelya Grant-Palmer
Seth Rollins running from Riddle 😂😂😂
Myesha birts-randle
😂😂😂😂 the fact they know he smokes & DC is it 4 me love it finally riddle is back
F Monsterrr
F Monsterrr Mês atrás
It was good watching it live!
Nermin Alic
Nermin Alic Mês atrás
Rollins sold that flip over the barrier nicely 😂
hawke syn
hawke syn Mês atrás
He learned from that one time in the shield
Austin Chastain
Austin Chastain Mês atrás
I'm definitely getting that shirt
Darrell Frazier
Darrell Frazier Mês atrás
This is just like the Shawn Michael and Triple H Fued When Shawn got up outta that wheelchair
Taylor Evans
Taylor Evans Mês atrás
Crowds reaction says it all lmao
Nice Guy Andy Podcast
I’m all here for a serious riddle
Forbidden King
Forbidden King Mês atrás
As a ⛽💨 smoker I WANT THAT SHIRT
blaze Edwards
blaze Edwards Mês atrás
Seth Freaking Rollins again the “Villian” of the decade and era!
Time Travel Walk
Time Travel Walk Mês atrás
Really nice video! Very interesting to watch. Thank you! 🙏
I had a hunch Riddle's video was coming from backstage.
Alfred Marbles
Alfred Marbles Mês atrás
He comes RKO out of nowhere coming
Sonijah Murchison
Sonijah Murchison Mês atrás
Riddle is turning into mini randy orton an im loving it...
KushTokyo 24
KushTokyo 24 Mês atrás
Riddle is so cute when he’s mad
Travis Squarepants
Travis Squarepants Mês atrás
@Paul Kendrick 😏
Paul Kendrick
Paul Kendrick Mês atrás
@Jaime A. No you
Jaime A.
Jaime A. Mês atrás
Travis Squarepants
Travis Squarepants Mês atrás
Alex Brody
Alex Brody Mês atrás
Was anybody else distracted by the phone on the announce table when Seth was setting up for the stomp on the table? Lmaooo the entire time I was like "somebody please get that phone off the table before it gets crushed" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
6906mark1 Mês atrás
I first thought Seth was wearing a see thru tshirt. Was getting worried for a sec about his new style.
Alexander Romero
Alexander Romero Mês atrás
I cave believed I was sucked in and noticed my boy Seth got a receding hair line, now I don’t feel bad about mines lmao
Kumari Alwis
Kumari Alwis Mês atrás
Good luck Riddle 👍
_Ellibre_ Mês atrás
Been on and off with wwe as I switched to aew. But you cant deny the mic skills from seth rollins. The pops will be better for wwe than aew hands down. I know thats subjective but hey, thats my opinion
Jesse Millan
Jesse Millan Mês atrás
Be careful what you wish for, Seth Rollins.
Rayz Craze
Rayz Craze Mês atrás
They really need to push Riddle and let him win against Roman reigns.
Ready Set Adventure
This segment would have been better if Riddle revealed he was actually in one of the Box Suites looking down at Rollins
david lopez
david lopez Mês atrás
Someone should’ve told Seth those shades ain’t it. He gotta give them back to Becky.
Pamela Cross
Pamela Cross Mês atrás
Thank you HHH!
Omar Villarreal
Omar Villarreal Mês atrás
Run Rollins Run!!😅
Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio Mês atrás
Riddle is back and wants payback
Hawkdaboss Mês atrás
Love riddles shirt😂😂
Rachael Scherf
Rachael Scherf Mês atrás
The only thing that surprised me...bro came to the ring with shoes on.
Ashton Yoshi
Ashton Yoshi Mês atrás
Not shoes
Captain GreyBeard
Captain GreyBeard Mês atrás
Nice to see Seth come out of the closet. Wish he had turned the light on first and checked the mirror
King Of1self
King Of1self Mês atrás
Seth beard is everything
Fun Games
Fun Games Mês atrás
Nice classic raw
AdventureEd Mês atrás
WWE needs to take away a title from Roman and give it to Seth . He will be a good champ
Zanross Cooper
Zanross Cooper Mês atrás
Kind of had that becky lynch broken nose moment before that survivor series….not quite but almost
Kory Davis
Kory Davis Mês atrás
His shirt 🤣🤣💯
Ororo Munroe
Ororo Munroe Mês atrás
I can't take Riddle seriously. I tried, I really did.
Prince Zane
Prince Zane Mês atrás
I took him seriously the moment I found out he was a former MMA fighter
Tezz Mo
Tezz Mo Mês atrás
Such a dope shirt that riddle got on.
Prince Levi
Prince Levi Mês atrás
I'm loving the weed jokes we're definitely in tv 14 now
Pierce Patterson
Pierce Patterson Mês atrás
So .. The Bloodline isn't his focus anymore? Hmm...
Yo It's A Hooper
Yo It's A Hooper Mês atrás
@Kahmari Fields it was on smack down a few weeks before money in the bank
Kahmari Fields
Kahmari Fields Mês atrás
@Yo It's A Hooper when
Yo It's A Hooper
Yo It's A Hooper Mês atrás
He kinda can’t have a match with Them after Roman beat him
Maria Zanetta
Maria Zanetta Mês atrás
Welcome back Broooo happy you are doing okay now.
MarioKings Mês atrás
DC KAIJU Mês atrás
I was there and I met Matt riddle at the end
Christopher Jennings
I HATE what the WWE has done with Rollins character. To be honest , the entire WWE as a whole is a joke with the decisions they've made. Pushing a person like Theory who "won" money in the bank. If WWE creative thinks Theory is the answer or who we as fans want to see then they are sorely wrong. Roman only being a part time champion when back in the day the champion wrestled nearly every ppv or was apart of every ppv wrestling in some way. Also, the WWE going to the well bringing back HOF who were great and are still talented, like Mysterio and Brock and even Edge, but going to the well so many times and having Roman face the same opponents over and over; now it's McIntyre again. The WWE is truly in trouble. See this is what happens when you try to solve a problem by getting rid of or running off your best talent. You have an average show at best with nearly the same story line every show and even ppv. Mr McMahon was a genius at one time and his ideas were revolutionary. I truly hope Tripple H taking the reigns will bring WWE back to its former glory.
Kay Fabe
Kay Fabe Mês atrás
Rollins washed his pants with the whites tonight 🤣😂🤣😂
SamaDaGoat 28 dias atrás
Seth is the best in the game right now .. he understands the business..
Terry Beal 2
Terry Beal 2 Mês atrás
This is awesome bro! 😁
It'sOfficial Ken
It'sOfficial Ken Mês atrás
Let's gooooooooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
KimberlyFrancisTV Mês atrás
Riddle is back and looking well and wait to see what happens with Seth if he becomes a face.
Randy Bautista
Randy Bautista Mês atrás
You know Riddle means business when he paints his toenails black
clawj26 Mês atrás
That’s blue!
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