Ricky Gervais - "This Might Be The Best Chat show Ever!" - 2/2 Visits In Chron. Order [720p]

The Jayleno Fly
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Ricky Gervais should totally have been better friends with Craig, they're great together.

enjoy-joy, that means enjoy.

Tell me if anything is off, I'm however not interested if that thing is your pants.

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27 Mar 2017



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Comentários 2 378
The Jayleno Fly
The Jayleno Fly 2 anos atrás
Official youtube channel of Geoff's voice-actor: JRT:
Gary Harrison
Gary Harrison 5 anos atrás
Craig was an underrated chat show host one of the best in my opinion.
Ahmad Fouad
Ahmad Fouad 2 anos atrás
I have never seen Ricky Gervais having so much fun. Making a comedian laugh that hard means Craig is truly funny.
Ullmans9 2 anos atrás
I cant believe i never watched Craig Ferguson until now. Why didnt he get more exposure? It's the best talkshow ive seen
spooge33 2 anos atrás
If Gervais is laughing his ass off, it's gotta be funny.
Dt 2 anos atrás
I was really sad when Craig left the show, but I decided to give Corden a chance. But on literally his first episode I saw how coordinated and artificial it all was with the sketches and games and the carpool karaoke, and that was when I realized... what made Craig so good was how random and unprofessional it was. It felt genuine.
Tomas K
Tomas K 5 anos atrás
Craig is one of the best interviewers ever. No one else was ever able to get so many celebrities to actually open up, be comfortable and genuine. And he always kept it real as well. Anytime someone was trying to be "professional" (aka fake) the interview was stale awkward and lead nowhere. But when he clicked with someone it was gold. I miss this show very much.
Tom Servo
Tom Servo 2 anos atrás
Someone PLEASE give Craig a show. He was genuine, a comedic genius, and most importantly he kept out the damned politics that's infiltrated EVERY facet of life today.
Garrett Griffin
Garrett Griffin Anos atrás
He isn’t wrong. Hands down the best talk show and the best host. He doesn’t just ask ridiculous questions nobody wants to know the answers to. He’s on their level. It’s always just a riff battle. He’s a genuine comedic personality who is never intimidated or outclassed by his guests. It’s such an easy watch, because there’s never a cringe factor. I love it.
João Santos
João Santos 2 anos atrás
Years later Ricky made his joke about a psychiatrist into a real character on his show Afterlife. I guess brainstorming with Craig is always a good idea :)
Anna Os
I just can't stop re-watching this. Ricky's reaction is so genuine, and Craig clearly enjoys it, priceless chemistry between them two.
Pamela Varilone
Pamela Varilone Anos atrás
Ricky and Craig are like brothers from different mothers, UK-ers, rule-breakers, and top-notch comedy writers. What a pleasure to be able to see this interview. 🙌
Box0rz 5 anos atrás
You are right Ricky. It was indeed THE best late night show ever.
Peter 2 anos atrás
Ricky Gervais is also comedy gold, so he knows when a show’s good. THIS was his favorite talkshow to be on, because it was sooo good. I honestly think this show is still one of the most watched shows ever! People are still watching it on youtube after all these years and are still laughing. If I could buy the entire show on blu-ray I would.
Igor Adzic
You have to be incredibly talented to be this relaxed and "unprofessional", and make it seem easy - the hardest things done by masters always seem easy. Craig is truly a master.
My Voice
My Voice Anos atrás
I just found out about Craig. He is freakin brilliant and genuine. Bring back Craig and get rid of Fallon, Kimmel, Corden, etc.
Donna Bentley
Donna Bentley 2 anos atrás
Ferguson is the best ever. Never tired of his show. Do not understand why he is not on anymore. Had to have been voluntary. He is hilariously funny and these interviews with Ricky are a match made in heaven.
veganleigh 2 anos atrás
Ricky Gervais and Craig Ferguson. Two of the funniest men alive. I laughed through the entire video! I love them both!
Joseph Dow
Joseph Dow 2 anos atrás
They joke about how unprofessional this show is and that's why it's the best. These are real conversations and far more interesting than any other show. We need it back.
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