Ricky Gervais....67th Annual Golden Globes 

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All clips of Ricky Gervais from the 2010 67th Golden Globe Awards


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26 Out 2015



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Comentários : 2 903   
zapfanzapfan 4 anos atrás
Please hire him to do the Oscars, he'll make it bearable.
Hey good looking
Hey good looking 4 anos atrás
You actually watch the oscars???? Omg!!!!
SkandiaAUS 4 anos atrás
Replace Jimmy Kimmel? Hey what about this Trump guy, have you seen this small child and the whacky banter we're having?
AlinzPark 4 anos atrás
It's a little pathetic that this year there wasn't a host and it went smoother than it had in years.
Sebastians 3 anos atrás
Ricky said that he will only do it if they allow him to say 100% what he wants, and that won't happen because the Oscar's take themselves a bit too seriously.
Sicarius Peremo
Sicarius Peremo 3 anos atrás
@AlinzPark That is partially true, gotta remember a lot of anger from people, that there was one oscar that didn't get showed :P
Shawna Graham
Shawna Graham 4 anos atrás
Takes big balls to stand there and do this and not get intimidated. Love his laugh too
Mitchell Hogg
Mitchell Hogg 3 anos atrás
What do you think the stand is for?
twincammike83 16v
twincammike83 16v 3 anos atrás
Why would you be afraid of fake actors.. LOL
Stormy 3 anos atrás
Finest actor in England.
uraniumjoe 3 anos atrás
A C also a great deal of producers and people who run the industry. Plus, public speaking tends to make the average person nervous - televised public speaking, nonetheless.
Jaycee 3 anos atrás
I love how nervous they all look, mean while Steve Carell has nothing but admiration on his face
Keeshia Brie
Keeshia Brie Anos atrás
This was Ricky’s first time hosting! They weren’t nervous, they didn’t know what to expect 😂
alexei lindes
alexei lindes Anos atrás
No he was doing a bit and had been pre warned
Sam  Thunders
Sam Thunders Anos atrás
Steve got a lucky break.Ricki gave him his OFFICE JOB.there friends obviously I love Ricky too his laugh makes me 😃 laught
Food Reacts
Food Reacts Anos atrás
steve is cool
Sam Garrod
Sam Garrod Anos atrás
Carell was robbed for the most bent exactor award.
Fatema Khan
Fatema Khan 5 meses atrás
He said it perfectly "Just because you're offended doesn't mean you're right"
Zee 3 anos atrás
Anybody else going through all of his hostings of the Golden Globes?
tbone2471 3 anos atrás
Yeah. You've just got to
Joe Oreo
Joe Oreo 3 anos atrás
Only reason to watch the golden globes.
Holly Grail
Holly Grail 3 anos atrás
Zee : YES! Me, all year!! 😆
Christian Mbabazi
Christian Mbabazi 3 anos atrás
Legendary just legendary
john barrett
john barrett 3 anos atrás
Oh yessssssss
melomaniakjm 3 meses atrás
To be honest this is top notch...the writing...the delivery...and the fact that he's roasting the rich and famous...pure talent.
James Barnardo
James Barnardo 3 anos atrás
I love how he spared Hugh Laurie from a roast because he's a british treasure and complimented him instead haha
The Supernatural Anaesthetist
Although Hugh didn't respond in kind. His face was stone cold.
m wal
m wal 3 anos atrás
@The Supernatural Anaesthetist probable just acting, since he was a comedian himself.
Rock Lee
Rock Lee 3 anos atrás
What bad can you say about Hugh fn Laurie
LostinSauce 3 anos atrás
@Rock Lee What do Hugh Laurie's name and is wife have in common? Neither have an O. Ever. So there's that...
James Barnardo
James Barnardo 3 anos atrás
Cole Tynan quite, but it wasn't a par like the others imo
Access Code
Access Code 3 anos atrás
There's only one Ricky Gervais in this world. This man is unique.
Mark Rae
Mark Rae Anos atrás
That would certainly be the definition of unique.
Large Marge
Large Marge 7 meses atrás
@Mark Rae 'uniquely one of a kind!'. 'a 'bit' unique!'. 'absolutely unique!'. 'uniquely different!'. 'Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives!'.
Shiirya 4 meses atrás
but actors are better, he said it :3
Panta Rei 83
Panta Rei 83 3 anos atrás
The fact that they had the balls to let him do this is great!! And NO ONE has done a better job!!
Sean 9 meses atrás
It's so well played by a genuinely affable human being. Grounding the entire thing while still throwing an unpredictable mix of bones and jabs at the stars. It's entertainment. It drew the audience in with genuine suspense. The ability to pull off or appreciate sophisticated humor is rare and belies great intelligence, IMO.
Ava Anos atrás
When you’re able to make Daniel Day Lewis laugh, you’ve achieved greatness
John Tonssen
John Tonssen Anos atrás
Well DDL is Irish, think he lives in UK too, this is his kind of humour
Donald Cook
Donald Cook 11 meses atrás
@John Tonssen I believe he lives in Ireland . N o t the ' U.K. '.
shivalishankersharma 9 meses atrás
Yeah i think he lives in Ireland now where he makes shoes
WRATH DUDE 8 meses atrás
can u mention time stamp
dave h
dave h 7 meses atrás
Ddl is english and lives in ireland (he learned to be a cobbler in italy)
Devansh Malik
Devansh Malik Anos atrás
I want this man at Oscars... especially for will smith
Layla Rose
Layla Rose Anos atrás
U read my mind I love it
Aj Anos atrás
Have to wait 10 years now😂
A K 11 meses atrás
too bad we'll have to wait a decade. Ricky would burn him down to ashes
Beaux R. Benoit
Beaux R. Benoit 3 meses atrás
@A K Will would fake slap him with both hands.
Chris 7 anos atrás
I love how you can see him progressively getting more and more drunk as the evening goes on. Brilliant!
gooning 3 anos atrás
losing the tie, opening the jacket :D
Tom Amos
Tom Amos 3 anos atrás
girls boxing RIGA boxing cup
Tom Amos
Tom Amos 3 anos atrás
hgo for it Ricky
Eugene Hugh Gene
Eugene Hugh Gene 3 anos atrás
@Tom Amos lohs
Evan Andrin
Evan Andrin 3 anos atrás
"I'm not going to do this again." - Does it at least four more times.
Housin' Authority
Housin' Authority 3 anos atrás
That's the joke
Charlie Kenyon
Charlie Kenyon 3 anos atrás
Whomever is running the golden globes awards show if they had any sense would spend every penny they had getting Ricky to host every year. It would become almost like an annual roast they could also get other comedians to come out and introduce the actors that read out the winners. I guarantee it would pull in huge numbers.
Paak Sarzameen Shaad Baad
@Housin' Authority He didn't get the joke, you pointed that out yet he got 166 likes?
Hoku72 3 anos atrás
Please keep coming back! Truth needed.
Hockey Mask Time
Hockey Mask Time 3 anos atrás
bcoolfool 101
bcoolfool 101 Anos atrás
No one can surpass Ricky. He's just the best. He needs to host every awards show.
LA Designer
LA Designer Anos atrás
Tina Fey and Amy Pohler surpass him. By far.
bcoolfool 101
bcoolfool 101 Anos atrás
@LA Designer Nah, not even close.
Mark Parkinson
Mark Parkinson 3 anos atrás
Gotta love Steve's reaction. You can tell he's joking because he smiles after.
omensoffate Anos atrás
Ya think?
HJ 11 meses atrás
Well done Mark, good to see you got there in the end.
Jim Lahey
Jim Lahey 9 meses atrás
You can tell he’s joking as long as you have a brain
John D
John D 9 meses atrás
he only smiled when Ricky plugged the US office
Cecilie Eurell
Cecilie Eurell 4 anos atrás
I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this - in my opinion; what Gervais is portraying here is the ultimate example of how to do comedy, IT IS HUMOR PERFECTION! If a joke isn’t risky, it won’t be funny. Aaaah. Gervais. What a genius you are.
Kevin O'Toole
Kevin O'Toole Anos atrás
Not really a Gervais fan, but he managed to turn this event into a toe curling experience on a par with trying to watch the office. Got to admire his talent and balls to be fair.
Rob MacGowan
Rob MacGowan 7 anos atrás
Without Ricky i wouldn't watch.. He makes it worth it
Caroline Francis
Caroline Francis 7 meses atrás
Jim Fath
Jim Fath 3 anos atrás
The next day, they called for his head. The next year, they had him back. Never underestimate the power of humor that tears down authority and dogmas.
alice 4 anos atrás
I love how much Matt Damon was loving this
Shenkie 3 anos atrás
Hahaha me to. Love his interactions with Jimmy Kimmel
VypaUK 3 anos atrás
Apparently out of all the celebrities they made fun of in Team America, Matt Damon is the only one to tell them how funny he found it. Damon's a cool guy.
Darth Revan
Darth Revan 3 anos atrás
And then you have Morgan Freeman sitting next to him being all tired of life.
O A 3 anos atrás
@VypaUK what about Steve Carrel tho?
Joy Grace
Joy Grace 3 anos atrás
@VypaUK He spoke to me once. Good energy. Great smile. A lot of kindness in him, especially on that day because I belong under a gnome bridge.
Alison Alibongo
Alison Alibongo Mês atrás
Love this guy he says what no one else dares to say.. Look at their faces 😂 love it
excellent youboober
excellent youboober 4 anos atrás
PERFECT ROUTINE Starts by dissing himself down to the D, so later he can freely roast them just as hard. Ricky you genius.
J WC 4 anos atrás
so true bro
HeyMyLifeIsLibby 4 anos atrás
That is exactly how successful roasting is executed.
shady dog
shady dog 4 anos atrás
He learned from 8 mile :)
Em 3 anos atrás
He even got a plug in for his work. Nice one
Nepamuseno Panfilo
Nepamuseno Panfilo 3 anos atrás
Conan O'Brien does that too
Bonafide Gail
Bonafide Gail Anos atrás
He's a freaking breath of fresh air!
Stocky wocky dale
Stocky wocky dale 4 anos atrás
“Quality not quantity” a lesson American tv shows need to learn
Restless Entertainment
*cough cough* Doctor Who *cough cough*
Nivane H
Nivane H 4 anos atrás
@Restless Entertainment both
Restless Entertainment
Nivane H ?
Nivane H
Nivane H 4 anos atrás
@Restless Entertainment both quality and quantity, otherwise it would have been cancelled.
No One
No One 4 anos atrás
Tell that to almost any HBO drama show.
doug peters
doug peters 3 anos atrás
genius. I love how he takes Hollywood's self importance down a couple pegs.
Kris Sweeting
Kris Sweeting 11 meses atrás
I especially just love how this was the moment television said “shit... was this a bad idea..? Meh, let’s try FOUR MORE TIMES and figure it out 🤷🏻‍♂️” and each time he got progressively more brutal 🤣 What an absolute legend.
James Page
James Page Anos atrás
This era of Gervais at the golden globes is going to be looked at legendary
StonyRC 4 anos atrás
You can tell the people with real class - they're laughing, even when Ricky is directing gags at them! The prima-donnas just grimace!
RserBot2 Anos atrás
This doesn't age well eh, those who doesn't slaps you
akshayd211 3 anos atrás
Love it how he puts everyone in their place ever so subtly. Genius.
Tom Branch
Tom Branch 7 anos atrás
Love the fact he trolls the entire lot of them, brilliant.
Tony England
Tony England 4 anos atrás
lol and he plugs all his own DVDs while he's doing it
1cont 7 meses atrás
Actors are the most important...
Slartybartfarst 3 anos atrás
Cant imagine anyone else with such crafted talent going out on a limb and genuinely funny, respect to all those on the receiving end cracking a smile. Making Hollywood real again good on you Ricky.
Lost Sound
Lost Sound 3 anos atrás
“I’m not gonna do this again anyways” Boy I wish he knew how much better he’d get over time and I hope he does it again in 2021 or later.
ĐaŋzHĐ Anos atrás
So what did you think?
Lost Sound
Lost Sound Anos atrás
@ĐaŋzHĐ the 2020 golden globes with him was beautiful
Helen67 Anos atrás
He’s just not intimidated by them at all. It’s wonderful. I don’t know how he gets away with it! Brilliant!
alexander dela cruz
alexander dela cruz 3 anos atrás
Love him or hate him, Gervais was brilliant every time on the Golden Globes 🥂
jim kreider
jim kreider Anos atrás
Love Ricky Gervais. He is really telling it like it is
ialwaysbesingin 7 anos atrás
a room full of narcissistic overpaid celebs getting destroyed by a Brit. can't wait for Ricky to do it again next year man is he spot on
D. Brister
D. Brister 7 anos atrás
I LOOOOOOVE RICKY GERVAIS!!!!!! Let's face it, HES TELLING THE TRUTH in a very funny way! I have a sarcastic humour so, I get it!! Don't take yourself so seriously! Your fucking rich!!! Most ppl will NEVET have the $$$ or fame (these out of touch with reality) ppl have! Just "ACT" like you're not offended.
D. Brister
D. Brister 7 anos atrás
+Cylia Perry sorry for the misspelled words, I was laughing soo HARD!
Constantin 7 anos atrás
+ialwaysbesingin And the best part is, he was actually pretty tame here in comparison to how he usually is.
iKeto 🥑
iKeto 🥑 6 anos atrás
and that's the thing that people really need to know is that most A list and even B and C list actors are narcissistic...even BRvidrs if you think about it because it's channel about them especially the vloggers who have no talent...every day filming themselves, snapchatting themselves, instagram pic of themselves... Yet kids look up to them and say "I love you" which fills their egos and so they continue to film to TV, Movies, and BRvid.
bazarovism 6 anos atrás
Benish Ben The industry is overpaid
Emma G Bates
Emma G Bates 3 anos atrás
I loved watching this purely for the reactions Looking around you’ve got those actors who politely smile and go with it although they are uncomfortable, others that are confused and trying to understand, and then some are actually loving it 😂😂😂
barefoot beachrunner
Ive travelled a bit over the years in the USA and worked with a few Americans here in Australia and one thing ive learned about them is that generally unless you whack them in the face with a joke they wont get it Aussie and British humour is so much better
babybobs6 Anos atrás
Joshua Jackson was loving it! 😂
eclectica1 4 meses atrás
And then there's Tom Hanks...
Muu Hoang
Muu Hoang 3 anos atrás
Ricky can do the acting as good as any actors, but no actor can do the MC as funny and bold as Ricky.
ParkerFest Anos atrás
I love this guy!!! So down to earth and still a star!
Ghost 3 anos atrás
Ricky has always been one of my favourite actors / comedian. He's straight to the point and couldn't give a fuck what anyone thinks. Legend.
Paul Solon
Paul Solon 4 meses atrás
Bp Anos atrás
Best comedy ever… love his sense of humour 😊
Marc James
Marc James 3 anos atrás
And he's been confirmed as host for 2020!
Give it up for GG
Give it up for GG 3 anos atrás
really? thats the best news today
Bonwren Taylor
Bonwren Taylor 3 anos atrás
If that's true then that's just the best decision ever......!!
Jéan Nel
Jéan Nel 3 anos atrás
also strange that this popped up as one of the first suggestions and it's 4 years old...
Joy Grace
Joy Grace 3 anos atrás
Love Ricky, though he talks about atheism as much as Tom Cruise talks about Scientology. There's a joke somewhere in there for him to ferret out if it is his pleasure. Will be watching in 2020!
Anti Something
Anti Something 3 anos atrás
This will probably break records for viewers
Delight Loves Movies
Delight Loves Movies 3 anos atrás
Ricky Gervais is so savage funny at all these shows I love him..
Cliff A
Cliff A 3 anos atrás
This man is a comic genius.
Karen Berino
Karen Berino 8 meses atrás
He's the very best host of ANY award show! He keeps it real and says everything all of us are thinking and feeling! I love seeing the a-hole celebs that don't like it. Really? Who cares???? lol
Norwood G.
Norwood G. 3 anos atrás
He hosted for the viewers at the actors expense...what a champ...and not a sign of nerves......that's power...
Stephen Ord
Stephen Ord Anos atrás
Ricky is the master, the genius. Everything he's done is gold
Jamesjajohn 7 anos atrás
Ricky Gervais would do the greatest best man speeches I bet. What a legend !
Bite Moi
Bite Moi 4 anos atrás
This never gets old. God (or whoever) bless you Ricky.
Jimothy Dr Strange
Jimothy Dr Strange Anos atrás
It is always a must to come back and watch this every once in a while.
Stonyman 82nd
Stonyman 82nd 8 meses atrás
Anybody else love these old award shows ? They remind me of past days and some good times.
Kelly Roberts
Kelly Roberts 7 meses atrás
That is true comedy. It's all fun!! Chill out haters!! Comedians are true. However you LOOSE!!
James Rudland
James Rudland 4 anos atrás
Gervais is a genius and he shat on Hollywood, good for him.
Johnny CincoCero
Johnny CincoCero Anos atrás
Gervais is hilarious. I'm surprised Steve Carrell didn't walk up on stage and slap him.
Johnny CincoCero
Johnny CincoCero Anos atrás
@Dayve Stewert Really? That's not a statement based on fact.
Sonja 1up
Sonja 1up 7 anos atrás
Love this guy! Love that he doesn't pander to anyone. The celeb crowd may well cringe...but 'Joe Citizen' loves him for his honesty & candor...yet he's still sensitive & rather poignant at times. Gr8 combo. Always a treat to watch. Thanks for the well needed laughs Ricky.
Julia T
Julia T 3 anos atrás
Rick Gervais is the only one worth watching on the Golden Globes. He gave the production a big boost in viewers.
Judith Dooley
Judith Dooley Anos atrás
Ricky is one of the all time greats!
CiganyWeaver and her periwinklebluespacecaravan
How remarkably prescient it was to have that particular introduction to Felicity Huffman ('Golden Globes can't be bought...officially"). The stars align with such serendipity in support of Gervais' genius! He's a force of nature, swinging from the hip and entirely self-propelling. Always such a joy, go Ricky!
Carla Fox
Carla Fox 4 anos atrás
There uncomfortable because he's not kissing there ass like the rest of the world. Well done Ricky
Sam A
Sam A 4 anos atrás
Carla Fox they’re*
Max Behr
Max Behr 4 anos atrás
*They're... *their
Grant 4 anos atrás
Max Behr you got trolled by Sam
Max Behr
Max Behr 4 anos atrás
Grant Wilson how?
Grant 4 anos atrás
Max Behr haha didnt expect a response! And sam A probably incorrectly corrected OP on purpose, baited you into correcting them both
jack Ohayon
jack Ohayon Anos atrás
By far the best stand up guy on the planet!
Rolf Nazareth
Rolf Nazareth 6 anos atrás
just love British humor
Joel Keane
Joel Keane 4 anos atrás
Rolf Nazareth what did you edited in this post dude?
Peter Sothern
Peter Sothern 4 anos atrás
best In the world
Not your bruh
Not your bruh 4 anos atrás
@Joel Keane humor
ʙᴏяᴀᴛ S
ʙᴏяᴀᴛ S 3 anos atrás
@Joel Keane you should edit your grammar
Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising Anos atrás
@Not your bruh humour. British spelling 😁
SoundSharp Music Ltd Wade Sharp
I can’t stop laughing! Just gets better and better 😂😆🥇🕺🏽👍🏽
MeX 3 anos atrás
I love how he gets less nervous and more ruthless as the video goes on 😂 and the drunker he gets
James Hall
James Hall Anos atrás
Finally a comedian who tells the hidden truth
megan m
megan m 3 anos atrás
Not sure how many times I've watched this but it's still hilarious
Anthony Mcnally
Anthony Mcnally 9 meses atrás
Inimitable British wit
steen thorsøe
steen thorsøe 3 anos atrás
Thank you Ricky Gervais for being so brave
Vino sitas
Vino sitas 7 anos atrás
"I love a drink as much a the next guy, except when that guy's mel gibson" i bursted out laughing...
Frankincensed 7 anos atrás
+Vino sitas his best joke of the night
Vino sitas
Vino sitas 7 anos atrás
Frankincensed he could have said that with every celebrity and I would have laughed but Gibson made it ten times more hilarious.
Frankincensed 7 anos atrás
Vino sitas After I wrote this, I noticed half a dozen people commenting on the joke.
Vino sitas
Vino sitas 7 anos atrás
Quinn Lola he was an alcoholic for a few years, especially around the time this joke was madexd
Marvelous_LXVII 7 anos atrás
+Vino sitas So did I! LOL!
GrooPhy HQ&PR
GrooPhy HQ&PR 3 anos atrás
Im watching all Rickys monologue since this years one and it gets even funnier omg how didn’t I know him before 😂😂😂
Observer 101514120505
Observer 101514120505 3 anos atrás
Wow, you can really see the difference between the actors who don't take themselves too seriously and those who do.
Tashtan Tashi
Tashtan Tashi Anos atrás
Ricky has some truly unique movies. Loved the ones I’ve seen so far.
karen81986 Anos atrás
Life’s too short was my favourite
x iLeon
x iLeon 4 anos atrás
Ricky is IT, man!.... Bold and funny, he brings freshness to everything!
Jana Higazy
Jana Higazy 4 anos atrás
x iLeon h
The Nameless One
The Nameless One 11 meses atrás
Ricky Gervais, beast moded the Oscars and is the only reason people tuned in. Well done Mr. Gervais!
Lufasu Mafalu
Lufasu Mafalu 7 anos atrás
this guy is practically the epitome of TROLL , he just trolled the whole audience..
Jake 4 anos atrás
It's not trolling if the "victims" are billionaires.
Arza 4 anos atrás
Well, yes it is. But they can afford to not give a fuck about trolls.
Greasy Buffalos
Greasy Buffalos 4 anos atrás
Someones a little mad at the size of their paycheque
Tony England
Tony England 4 anos atrás
To be honest, I think they all enjoyed it. Even they must be sick of the cringe-inducing award shows where actresses burst into tears or thank god for making sure they won the award.
Norin Radd
Norin Radd 4 anos atrás
@Arza But they do though. Some of these people are very sensitive and can get really defensive.
Mark Dowse
Mark Dowse 3 anos atrás
Gervais. One word. Quaaaaaaaaaality! 👍😂👑 "Can you imagine a world without actors?" YES! "Officially!" Nuff said...... 🤣
Food Reacts
Food Reacts Anos atrás
I love how they called him back cause how funny and loved he is by the fans
Tuomas Saarinen
Tuomas Saarinen Anos atrás
World needs more people like him
sumarianson 3 anos atrás
Pure and utter genius. Give that man the Knighthood he couldn't care less about!
VRR 1234
VRR 1234 Anos atrás
If only Ricky could host every Hollywood awards show and we only had to watch his clips. Bravo.
Kyle Butler
Kyle Butler 7 anos atrás
That was surprisingly brilliant. Can't believe I had never seen this before.
James Smithe
James Smithe 3 anos atrás
I'll be watching this year's Golden Globes but only because Ricky will be hosting. This is going to get huge ratings which is why Ricky is back.
anthony treacy
anthony treacy 2 meses atrás
Love him. God bless him. Such a amazing nice natural person caring human being. I’d love to shake his hand 🫶🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Din Djarin
Din Djarin 8 meses atrás
Gervais is a legend
Korn Flakes
Korn Flakes 3 anos atrás
I keep laughing everytime I rewatch this. Like it's new.😂😂😂😂. Love it!
S B 3 anos atrás
I actually love both versions of The Office, but I prefer the British version because its the one I actually watched first. I was happy that the American version was good because sometimes things don't translate well but they did a great job.
Realidade da Terra
Realidade da Terra 7 anos atrás
Ricky Gervais is a true expontaneous comedian genius... and I don't see anybody beat him nowadays!
Bogdan Milen
Bogdan Milen 7 anos atrás
+Peter The Alien i like bill burr and louis ck
Michin Sin
Michin Sin 4 anos atrás
I watched this so many times already lol Always gold.
Lily Bond
Lily Bond Anos atrás
I never watch The Oscars anymore but it used to be a must see a few decades ago. However, I would watch it if Ricky Gervais was hosting. 😂
Margo B
Margo B Anos atrás
@Lily Bond I used to watch every year but not the past three. Meaning I missed seeing the slap live, lol. I agree with you that Ricky would be a huge audience draw for the Oscars, which has had steadily declining viewers for a while now. I’ll bet Will Smith wouldn’t have slapped Ricky!
Just a foodie
Just a foodie 11 meses atrás
The best thing is the expression on almost every face in the audience as Ricky walks out for the first time on stage! It’s almost an uneasy shuffle! They know how brutal he can be in terms of roasting them!
trombonemunroe 4 anos atrás
"I will be making the most of this opportunity; I'm not used to these sort of viewing figures.... Let's face it, nor is NBC." Priceless.
1969nitsuga 5 meses atrás
Ricky's roasting is the best there is. Worthy of every rerun.
Jan 7 anos atrás
Steve Carrel's expression is priceless. XD
ben6993 4 anos atrás
Some original name Yeah we know 😂 it’s part of the joke
CosmicRunner 3 anos atrás
Some Name what do you mean by NERDS?
Shippy Drivers
Shippy Drivers 3 anos atrás
@sblla it's staged
Sam Powell
Sam Powell 3 anos atrás
Jan they’re friends so its not mean
Huskie Huskerson
Huskie Huskerson 4 anos atrás
We need more Ricky Gervais.
museblock 3 anos atrás
This was so brilliant. It totally exposed the ego of at least half the people in that room.
Moon Goddess
Moon Goddess 6 meses atrás
He is a brilliant presentator. 👏
Oj Jumean
Oj Jumean 3 anos atrás
Brilliant ......but how the world has changed ...this is a perfect example of the audience reactions to his jokes then and the shock of the truth in 2020..@RickeyGervais
amados74 Anos atrás
I love Ricky Gervais he reminds me of my child hood making fun of people on pedestals
sean shad
sean shad 6 anos atrás
Ricky is the best. Great comedy.
Chetrani Ranglall
Chetrani Ranglall 3 anos atrás
Love Ricky, I cannot stop laughing. He is my favorite omg amazing show because of him. Well done 👍 👍👍👍👍😂😂😂👏👏👏👏😘😘😘😘
Luciana 4 anos atrás
Don't know why but there's something relaxing in watching Ricky Gervais drink beer and roast celebrities
zirilli3 3 meses atrás
I never really cared for him but all of this had me laughing so hard my mind is changed.
Ricky Gervais doesn't care
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Ricky Gervais takes his Emmy back
Video Lkzinhu com Slime 🔥 #shorts
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