Rick Ross - Turnpike Ike

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9 Ago 2019



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Comentários 2 063
Silumko Magadla
Silumko Magadla 2 horas atrás
" … I was nominated, never won a Grammy But I understand, they'll never understand me... #They will never be the biggest boss like u Renzel
tones mac
tones mac Dia atrás
Ain’t beefing with nobody because I’m killing that bang
Charles Evens
Charles Evens Dia atrás
The Guy Who Cares
The Guy Who Cares 2 dias atrás
Ross: You'd die for me? Girl: Right Now Me: (walks in with glock) *Girl has left the chat*
Mack Nation
Mack Nation 2 dias atrás
Dat bitch voice dont match her...
Ty's Gaming
Ty's Gaming 3 dias atrás
Why that chick sounds like a gay dude 😂💀
The Guy Who Cares
The Guy Who Cares 4 dias atrás
Rick ross is the only rapper that can make you feel like bill gates with only 10 dollars in your pocket
Alexsis Johnson
Alexsis Johnson 4 dias atrás
I really wanna see what his girl looks like who’s talking in this video😩😩... she sounds so pretty.
Love the song . Hate the video.... You should have been in the backseat with a bad b****. We're driving me around Miami Beach....she not bad at all ..sorry the song
Candi Couture
Candi Couture 5 dias atrás
The song 👍🏽 the video 👎🏽!
cristian garcia
cristian garcia 5 dias atrás
Shits fukn dope yo
Paul Derrick
Paul Derrick 6 dias atrás
didn’t maybach go out of business years ago
rome willagon
rome willagon 6 dias atrás
Rick ross is the boss man i am the fucking boss now
RS 6 dias atrás
That bitch ugly AF
J Ski
J Ski 6 dias atrás
I love this shit 🙏🏿💵🍾🍾🍾🏝
Bridge Aladejana
Bridge Aladejana 7 dias atrás
Didn’t stand up once
St - Tery
St - Tery 8 dias atrás
Look how dumb simple is this video made, you can't complain on budget, just put a lil bit more money and work with professionals to get a nice visual mark..
JBugg Rob
JBugg Rob 8 dias atrás
Everything he touches Flourish Peace and Blessings
Issa Mustafa
Issa Mustafa 8 dias atrás
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥what else !
COMEDY NATION 8 dias atrás
Nice video
holiday styles
holiday styles 9 dias atrás
Really listening to jayz and rick Ross I literally went from $11/hr to $37/hr in 8 years I'm not even done yet too hungry and too much food out here
Ollie Denmark
Ollie Denmark 9 dias atrás
My name is Ike n I drive trucks up n down the turnpike, fuck wit me Florida Boy
Star Giovanni
Star Giovanni 10 dias atrás
The crazy thing is..I met da chick in this video wen i was in high school.. Bitch was wayyyyy outta my league back then..but not for long lol
Orgeeba Harvin
Orgeeba Harvin 10 dias atrás
It took about 30 seconds for me to like this cut!
Tercel Woods
Tercel Woods 10 dias atrás
Ross stay jamming rather hear this than mumble ish...
Dee Gotbandz
Dee Gotbandz 11 dias atrás
bruh had a female talk to him in the middle of a song... FYE ASFF🤭💯
Alexsis Johnson
Alexsis Johnson 4 dias atrás
Dee Gotbandz does anyone know the girl who’s talking name????
Fauva Gahd
Fauva Gahd 11 dias atrás
Menoch Williams
Menoch Williams 11 dias atrás
A Ross I'm in p park come get me I'm the missing lynk for MbMg fux wit me cuz I'm for real is fuck I'm that A.P G Kno what I'm talking bout
Jason Clay
Jason Clay 11 dias atrás
My jam just felt this video could’ve been done better
Николай Штурмак
Когда был толстый выглядел лучше.... мое личное мнение песня зашла! спасибо! кайф
100 %
JamrockVybz TV
JamrockVybz TV 11 dias atrás
If you are reading this you are going to be a boss keep paying the cost. 💯
Termine Muradyan
Termine Muradyan 12 dias atrás
The Best Big Boss❤❤❤💣💣💣
ViagraTingz 18
ViagraTingz 18 12 dias atrás
Rick Ross makes me feel filthy rich how? I don’t know...this shit motivational 😂
Dom Jú
Dom Jú 12 dias atrás
A drag that pretend to be a bitch...Ehhhhhhh!!!! Elite playing around
Wonder Chideya
Wonder Chideya 12 dias atrás
Rick Ross make me wooza
Kaaron Clark
Kaaron Clark 13 dias atrás
John James
John James 13 dias atrás
His beat selection has always been immaculate.
TUT ANKH AMUN 13 dias atrás
F×€#ing BOSS
King Shaat
King Shaat 13 dias atrás
Damn, that chick...(insert your comment in the reply)
pedro Vieira
pedro Vieira 14 dias atrás
Perfect girls ass...
Manny Amaro
Manny Amaro 14 dias atrás
U cant tell a fake rapper!! Don't got nothing to talk about so just name drop all the real niggaz!!
Prins Ricky
Prins Ricky 14 dias atrás
Poor boney chick dancing so hard without booty..sorry sis!
BOSS MAN69 14 dias atrás
TMAX 15 dias atrás
Ross Cold With It
Ron Ritell
Ron Ritell 15 dias atrás
Ross whole album jamming if you hating this you just a hater....🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Natasha Holiday
Natasha Holiday 15 dias atrás
This make me feel early 2000's.
Golden Gates Ent
Golden Gates Ent 15 dias atrás
Playing this on the Highway! Lord make me Wealthy and Rich Forever!
James Poss
James Poss 15 dias atrás
one. 15 dias atrás
kougin13aller 16 dias atrás
I f/w Rick Ro$$ Big Time coz He teach wealth
MSP 16 dias atrás
another excellent inspirational song!... would be better if he was really driving to south miami in the video and then arriving at a beautiful mansion.
Jonathan Samudio-Facyson
From production to word play, get song
AOTG Hally
AOTG Hally 17 dias atrás
I live In the roughest place ever but rick Ross makes me feel like I'm living a million pound mansion bro
Sarah Eubanks
Sarah Eubanks 17 dias atrás
Ross always makes the best beats, his music is pure class, love this right here! Ross aint like all these other lames out there who just be using *Authentic* *views* *com* to get their views up, na he a real talented trapper
Luís sangue sekunangela Luís sangue
Fake gangster
Bogdan Ciungu
Bogdan Ciungu 18 dias atrás
the video is shit tho..
INFINITY1664 18 dias atrás
Porte of Miami 2 is 🔥🔥
Yrandall1 18 dias atrás
How could there be even one dislike. This shit is top shelf!
MiStEr B.A.D.A
MiStEr B.A.D.A 18 dias atrás
"Don't wanna hear nobody talkin bout a drought" Fatboy
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