Rick Ross "Idols Become Rivals" (Birdman Diss Track) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video of "Idols Become Rivals" by Rick Ross.

"Rather You Than Me” Album Available Now!
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Directed by Ryan Snyder.
Maybach Music Group.

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13 Jun 2017



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Comentários 14 596
Oppo Mayis
Oppo Mayis 56 minutos atrás
Real Diss
Morrice Opiyo
Morrice Opiyo 7 horas atrás
2021 still love this one from rick
Norris Harvey
Norris Harvey 19 horas atrás
I respect all bikers. There working well god blessed them rev Din
Abdo Yousif
Abdo Yousif 21 hora atrás
I used to look up to you nigga😅😅😆
Jeremiah Holmes
Jeremiah Holmes Dia atrás
At the beginning it sounds like somebody brought their sheep into the church and it keeps saying bahhhh
Justin Y. 2.0
Justin Y. 2.0 Dia atrás
It’s sad how people don’t know beat is sample of great old school legend song Renee Lost Boyz
Luciano Palmeira
Luciano Palmeira Dia atrás
2k super zeta laike
D-EZ Sirius B
D-EZ Sirius B Dia atrás
You the bomb RO$$!
Marcus-Aerilius Maximus
When u got 3 g for 8th.....
Jebny Jone
Jebny Jone 2 dias atrás
Damn birdman you got compared to a priest 🧐
Jebny Jone
Jebny Jone 2 dias atrás
Lionel Noel
Lionel Noel 2 dias atrás
juan alverez
juan alverez 2 dias atrás
Your mommy makes me shy
juan alverez
juan alverez 2 dias atrás
I’m not going talk
juan alverez
juan alverez 2 dias atrás
Mom go away plz
Ashwani Nagia
Ashwani Nagia 2 dias atrás
Exclusive Tunes
Barrack Uyuu
Barrack Uyuu 2 dias atrás
King rozey
Luciano Palmeira
Luciano Palmeira 2 dias atrás
2k super zeta laike
Dat Dude
Dat Dude 3 dias atrás
What Eva you do, do not I repeat do not forget Lil Bruh Nemm not Lil Bruh Nemm
Khalifah Shahbaz
Khalifah Shahbaz 3 dias atrás
Always remember LIL BRUH NEM!
GoodMuszic 4 dias atrás
Rozay is a real OG for acknowledging the unacknowledged
Elcamin0Zac 5 dias atrás
He may have the best catalog in rap/hip hop music history… let’s not argue
psychopathic kid
psychopathic kid 9 dias atrás
Does anybody remember the original song this beat came from I been lookin for it all day and need help .Whats that song called?🤔🤔
psychopathic kid
psychopathic kid 7 dias atrás
psychopathic kid
psychopathic kid 7 dias atrás
Db9 ft rich the kids where have you been"
psychopathic kid
psychopathic kid 7 dias atrás
@Flatbush Massachusetts yup I got you
Flatbush Massachusetts
Let me know if u find out
Daniel Charles
Daniel Charles 9 dias atrás
Birdman gone bust hell wide open
Ronny Simiyu
Ronny Simiyu 10 dias atrás
This is a grown man speaking real sh!t
cabebet 10 dias atrás
Dewayne Warley
Dewayne Warley 10 dias atrás
Dats gunplay behind dem bars!!
Mackk B Makoko
Mackk B Makoko 10 dias atrás
I used to see niggas on TV, man I used to be like, "Yo them niggas so blessed, you know what I'm sayin'?" If I had that opportunity, you know what I'm sayin'? Maybach Music I grew up on that Cash Money Bling bling, was well known to flash money Hit the liquor store, after my Vic authority Quick to switch a bitch up, pick up me a thicker shorty Pistol on me, nigga, ain't no pickin' on me We veterans so it's better if you go get your army A thug holiday is where your body lay Me and Trick Daddy come from a common place So us gettin' money, that's just a conversation It's so hard stayin' rich and miss the confrontations Cigars in the oval office, Ronald Reagan Heard Barack Obama whisper asalaam alaikum Live for the moment, die for the streets Bible on the dash, kilos on the seat I used to see you niggas on my TV screen And wondered what was life like, was it all a dream? And then I met you out on LiveNation dates Came to the realization that your watch was fake Damn... you nearly broke my heart I really thought you niggas really owned them cars I used to look up to you, nigga, uh Hard to point a finger when you live a life of sin I'ma bring my niggas with me if I lose or win Bought a fleet of cars, let the bitches tag along This little thing of ours, not the ones to tattle on Omerta the code, Met Ball, parties with Vogue Still blowin' thick smoke while you powder your nose Such a head rush until the day the feds rush That's when you niggas wish you put your bread up Leased whips, bad blood, that shit'll sink ships Fast money comin' slow, you better think quick Rap game, so much fuck shit done That's why this .45 in my Trukfit trunks Fuck a skateboard, I went and got a Wraith, boy Catholic record labels, niggas gettin' raped, boy Birdman's a priest, moans in his synagogue Publishin' is a sin, repent, forgive me, Lord Shots fired, home invasion out on Palm Isle Red beam detonators, who the bomb now? Look you in your eyes, nigga, 'fore I say good night And pray that Mannie Fresh'll get to see the light Damn, Stunna, I loved you, nigga Hate it came to this Maybach Music You stole them boys pub and bought a foreclosure Scott Storch demons in it, which is more poison I handed over records, never charged a coin But could sense the sentiment, I'm talkin' all along All Miami issues, Rozay handle for him Same way Big Ducky do for me in California Never slippin', got relationships with the trillest niggas Tony Draper, J Prince and ever Jimmy Henchmen Plenty killers and I know that Diddy with it Tyga, chinchilla, really ain't no penny pinchin' Knew that you would never visit BG Turk came home, take that boy a three piece Shootin' dope, usin' coke, movin' like you the Folks Sacrificin' half our life for your new music cult You would give us self esteem and motivate our drive But was in our pockets by the time we count to five I pray you find the kindness in your heart for Wayne His entire life, he gave you what there was to gain I watched this whole debacle so I'm part to blame Last request, can all producers please get paid? Can't believe this shit, homie I still love you, nigga How the fuck, nigga, you touch half a billion, nigga And your team starvin', nigga You on an island, nigga You came to my city, nigga I let you in my city, nigga And what hurt me the most, nigga Is how you did my brother Khaled, nigga Khaled was loyal to you, nigga The pain I seen in my brother's eye, nigga FaceTimin' my nigga, nigga, he took that to the chin, nigga That's why my nigga blessed That's why my nigga Khaled blessed You put my nigga in the hole, homie I don't feel you for that, my nigga That shit hurt me, you under-dig? Uh It's painful what you see real niggas do when they get the paper When they get the bag You can't never forget 'bout lil bruh and them I'll never forget 'bout lil bruh and them Lil bruh and them, always remember Lil bruh and them, this for lil bruh and them Stunna
Brian Henley
Brian Henley 10 dias atrás
See you August 7 buffalo ny let's go
Mr Solo
Mr Solo 11 dias atrás
That idols become ur rivals line gave me chills
Abd Rahman
Abd Rahman 12 dias atrás
Mpappe vs Ronaldo
Jamall Blocker
Jamall Blocker 14 dias atrás
Fuck wat yall talkn about this shit 🔥🔥🔥
Lewis J Beattie
Lewis J Beattie 15 dias atrás
I didn’t know bird man made Rick Ross rich too
Lewis J Beattie
Lewis J Beattie 15 dias atrás
Who got rich?
Marcellis Yale
Marcellis Yale 16 dias atrás
Never forget bout lil bruh nem
Ransom Boondox
Ransom Boondox 16 dias atrás
He reminds me of Scar Face
NovaNova is Thanos so Stop flagging
When I talk they always tryna "Mute" me bc it's something about the TRUTH they hate bc they all living a LIE 💯💯💯💯 CAP CAP CAP I didn't even search no NBA young boy music....don't try to mute me by flagging me and then still tryna TALK 😂😂😂 Cut the CAP 🔥
london cole
london cole 16 dias atrás
Well i heard that many artists are using *Authentic views* to get views..
Charñ khh
Charñ khh 16 dias atrás
God I honestly want this life to elevate and would it be with you and the family that I need right now cause I have nobody 💔 cause its not so good in the the streets and I have been the biggest homeless man they left me as abandoned
Rico Leaf
Rico Leaf 17 dias atrás
Birdman owe RICO LEAF to look him up on BRvid
Blaise 18 dias atrás
Awini Joseph
Awini Joseph 18 dias atrás
That's my real man Rick Ross 👏 💯
Young Jordan Tye
Young Jordan Tye 19 dias atrás
Kemo Drammeh
Kemo Drammeh 20 dias atrás
My star
YOLAFIT 23 dias atrás
heidi marsh
heidi marsh 23 dias atrás
Real likes Legit views,Likes Only *Authentic views* is the best
Dezz Smith
Dezz Smith 24 dias atrás
You put my nigga in the hole, and I don’t feel you for that
Dezz Smith
Dezz Smith 24 dias atrás
Fake ass jewelry!! Damn! We should’ve known those big ol watches were fake… that shit was too shiny
Keith Elizabeth
Keith Elizabeth 25 dias atrás
James Samuels
James Samuels 26 dias atrás
F rick ross
Big Country
Big Country 27 dias atrás
You'll lose everything if you don't contact me
Malik Bey
Malik Bey 28 dias atrás
Malik Bey
Malik Bey 28 dias atrás
Malik Bey
Malik Bey 28 dias atrás
Ilyas Essaidi
Ilyas Essaidi 29 dias atrás
Came here bc I almost forgot about lil bruh n em
Andre M
Andre M Mês atrás
50 Cent brought Tyson mansion. Rick ross brought holyflieds mansion.
Mervin_ Prolific
Mervin_ Prolific Mês atrás
juan alverez
juan alverez Mês atrás
If Rick Ross gives 3 more names he’ll be on house for 1 year The names are as follows Da baby Lil pump Lil nas plz
sincere eutsey
sincere eutsey Mês atrás
Stand up Miami stop allow these niggas in the door
Bernard Tyler
Bernard Tyler Mês atrás
Ok, Ross. You went hard, nothing else to sae
Iono23 Mês atrás
Officer Ricky going off
Dickhard Picard
Dickhard Picard 25 dias atrás
He can rap tho
New Nobles & Co.
New Nobles & Co. Mês atrás
Ross Flows are linear yet complex enough for you to question why he is not his MAJESTY
Hamse Muhuyedin samater
Assalamu alaykun😁💕
Steve Mês atrás
Always remember lil Bruhnem.
2021 right here
Linrich Wealth
Linrich Wealth Mês atrás
Boppin jay🦋
Boppin jay🦋 Mês atrás
I don’t care wit nobody say this his hardest song
Jk L
Jk L Mês atrás
Who’s lil bruh and nem?
Dickhard Picard
Dickhard Picard 25 dias atrás
Lil Wayne and hot boys I think
William Breno Nery
William Breno Nery Mês atrás
BX81 Mês atrás
I'll trust that cash 💸!!! Now break bread
David Frasier
David Frasier Mês atrás
Ross ain't gangsta , but sure has a great point !!!!!!!!!!!!! Wayne, Pac , DMX Em , and 50 official G's much love Snoop !!
Gabe Spikes
Gabe Spikes Mês atrás
Man ROSS is a G exCOP or not he literally helped save WEEZY from the pits of hell with B man love ross
I wanna meet you rick someday
Brian Morris
Brian Morris Mês atrás
One of the Goats.
Samzin Sam
Samzin Sam Mês atrás
I'm one of Boss fan classic he made🔥
Laterra Rushing
Laterra Rushing Mês atrás
sapho matwa
sapho matwa Mês atrás
You can't never forget 'bout lil bruh and them. ✌🏽💯🇿🇦 2021.
Issa SD
Issa SD Mês atrás
Rozzy the goat 🐐 ever
Tariq Muhammad
Tariq Muhammad Mês atrás
“Doing dope using coke ! Moving like you the folks 🔥🔥
chilttoha brngorr
chilttoha brngorr Mês atrás
upstairs Alone...#Maria1936
Bassha Miah
Bassha Miah Mês atrás
Obama whispering assalamualaykum,,, assalamualaykum should be said loud and clear... It means may god and peace be upon ya... So y should that be said low kee...looks like khaled is blessed, like my man khabib said when he won Connor alhamdulliah,,,,,,,
P.j Lubrin
P.j Lubrin Mês atrás
Rick Ross to the world 🌎 2021 who still listening today
William Breno Nery
William Breno Nery Mês atrás
andy wahl
andy wahl Mês atrás
Can we just point out how PERFECT the intro for this song is? Talking about trusting cash money….. sheeeeeeseesh
juan alverez
juan alverez Mês atrás
You’ll show aliens how to work but you won’t help a loyal brother like me it’s ok just remember what happened in DC
juan alverez
juan alverez Mês atrás
Check camera 1 in North Korea
Agmar Mês atrás
Who’s that at the start?
JavaliN Store
JavaliN Store Mês atrás
Legendary diss from a Boss. Remains history...
Living Legend
Living Legend Mês atrás
Rick Ross my rival, I commented for survival I’m dying yet I’m sir christened I need help from my brothers Only ones who understand. I’ll try and lay a rhyme I didn’t die Under represented
Master of the Arts
Master of the Arts Mês atrás
Rick the man dude. Such a godlike flow.
Liban Abdi
Liban Abdi Mês atrás
I met rozay personaly the man soo humble as f
Matt Cassady
Matt Cassady Mês atrás
Rick Ross the best to me. 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯
A Mês atrás
This Jay z beat
Cam Bamer
Cam Bamer Mês atrás
Bro this was 3 years ago?😂😂 I’ve never heard this but this shit fye
Lance Singleton
Lance Singleton Mês atrás
Lil bruh n dem
Felon Mês atrás
That Reagan/Obama line was so funny for some reason lol
Hotel Reviews Worldwide
Rick is telling a story (history) and teaching, at the same time. This is a CLASSIC!
Blaise Mês atrás
Came to the realization that your watch was fake... DAMN!
Monopolize Brother
Monopolize Brother Mês atrás
One of the Realest songs ✊🏿💪🏿👊🏿💯
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