Reviewing EVERY iPhone Ever!

Marques Brownlee
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There have been 33 iPhones in 14 years. Let's take a look at every single one of them! (Android version next?)

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0:00 Intro
1:52 The Original iPhone
3:50 iPhone 3G
4:48 iPhone 3GS
6:19 iPhone 4
9:00 iPhone 4S
9:44 iPhone 5
11:17 iPhone 5S
11:55 iPhone 5C
13:07 iPhone 6/6 Plus
15:05 iPhone 6S/6S Plus
16:37 iPhone SE
17:42 iPhone 7/7 Plus
19:55 iPhone 8/8 Plus
20:22 iPhone X
22:28 iPhone XS/XS Max
23:05 iPhone XR
23:46 iPhone 11 Series
25:37 iPhone SE (2020)
26:35 iPhone 12 Series
28:15 iPhone 13 Series

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Comentários 18 153
Nikolay Hora atrás
They had 16 gb in 2008 o.O i have upgradet from 16gb in November 2021 to 128 gb phone :D
drsgd 4 horas atrás
the iPhone 6/s/plus are so popular that until now you can see people buying it refurbished or what just to say they're an iPhone users. i know many who uses the 6/s/plus
Muwanguzi Oscar
Muwanguzi Oscar 4 horas atrás
The background music makes u sound like the guys at the museum Its pretty good
MediSpring 4 horas atrás
I had 4s, 5s, SE 2016, SE 2020 until now.
Jared Mize
Jared Mize 5 horas atrás
I still have my XR and it has given me 0 problems with a great battery to this day. Can’t complain
Crunchy water
Crunchy water 6 horas atrás
An iPhone ad came when I pressed this
Marmalade Sally
Marmalade Sally 7 horas atrás
How can the "S" stand for software when then 3G got the same updates?
screamstar2004 8 horas atrás
9:40 The peak of apple. All downhill
Fortunate Peterson
Fortunate Peterson 8 horas atrás
Literally only 2 years older than the first iphone
Fortunate Peterson
Fortunate Peterson 8 horas atrás
i’ve only had the iphone 6s plus and now i have the iphone 11
Mackenzie McIntyre
Mackenzie McIntyre 9 horas atrás
Samsung did it not even 6 months later
Lance Christian Calonia
Lance Christian Calonia 10 horas atrás
12:14 iPhone 5c looks like there's a case attached
S-Magma 13 horas atrás
How about "ultra"
Ben Jensen
Ben Jensen 15 horas atrás
I like how 30:13 (storage graph) roughly lines up with Moore's law
KaraTheNeko 16 horas atrás
I loved the iPhone 4 and 5, my favorite phones until the 13 released. I used the 5s for 3 years until I eventually broke it by throwing it at a wall... The 13's design is what I will stick with forever.
Mirza Baig
Mirza Baig 16 horas atrás
Pro Max xD
Darsh Lakhwani
Darsh Lakhwani 17 horas atrás
Love the quality of each and every MKBHD video but this intro was something else!
Vcool gaming
Vcool gaming 17 horas atrás
3gs s = siri? I think Mrwhostheboss sed that
Mario Saswin
Mario Saswin 18 horas atrás
My 1st iPhone was the 4S, followed by the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. Then the iPhone 12 Pro and now the iPhone 13 mini. And I have to say the iPhone 13 mini is the best iPhone I ever bought. And since rumors have it that it’s the last mini version I’ll stick with the iPhone 13 mini. Hope that Apple, in the future, will release another iPhone mini.
Climber 19 horas atrás
ihasarax Dia atrás
The iPhone 4 is still pretty good today
Ricky_Bigelow Dia atrás
iPhone 4 was my first iPhone. I remember thinking my dad’s iPhone was huge
Patrick Brady
Patrick Brady Dia atrás
I remember when my mom got an iPhone 4. Me and my brothers would take turns playing games
Toaster Dia atrás
UHM??? Why didn't you review the Iphone 9???? That is literally the best phone by apple and I'm sure you would have had a lot to say about it. You have never disappointed me until I saw this video. You should be ashamed of yourself
Moroon gd
Moroon gd Dia atrás
Pov you have a iphone 8 and are mad he gave it 10 seconds to talk about it
Dr. Mango
Dr. Mango Dia atrás
Probably 6s and XR are the best all around iPhones.
Lampeir Dia atrás
Plus max pro ULTRA
Jon Jon
Jon Jon Dia atrás
what on earth is the point of this video
sandra aisien
sandra aisien Dia atrás
The next might be "ultra" ahahah
peter put
peter put Dia atrás
Had a nice 33w charger with my 300 bucks MI phone.
WhiteCatss Dia atrás
The intro was sick
Lolbee-SFM Dia atrás
His was so nostalgic for me like some other commenters. I’ve had the 16gb space grey iPhone 5s (which was a hand me down) a 32 GB space grey iPhone 6 which was my first phone I got brand new. A 64GB product red iPhone XR. And now a Sierra Blue 128GB iPhone 13 pro max. But I will say the iPhone 6 has to be my favourite. That thing was stronger then a Nokia. No matter how much I dropped it, it never cracked. I’ve even dropped it in puddles and snow and it acted like nothing happened
Matthew Kemp
Matthew Kemp 2 dias atrás
Why does the iPhone 13 midnight colour's camera look like its fogged up?
Demise Media
Demise Media 2 dias atrás
Should I get a refurbished iPhone XS or 11 Pro?! Replacing my broken 7 Plus
VeryGogy21 2 dias atrás
Maybe from plus max pro to ultra
WhiteWolf 1867
WhiteWolf 1867 2 dias atrás
Nearly vomited at the grime on the white iPhone 4 🤮
Anthony Raj
Anthony Raj 2 dias atrás
What about Every IPAD ever !
Nick McDonald
Nick McDonald 2 dias atrás
If they remade the first iphone, like the same exact build, just boosted to today's power and specs, that'd make a really cool limited run anniversary phone
Hayden Perry
Hayden Perry 2 dias atrás
I really like the circle buttons for volume on the iphone 5, hope it returns in the iPhone 14
Hayden Perry
Hayden Perry 2 dias atrás
Love this video, plz do one every year
Pruned 2 dias atrás
they'll make NEW Super iPhone Bros Brawl Max Pro XSR 20124142 Battle Network Ultimate 2K25 GENERATIONS
Hybrid 2 dias atrás
Imagine if iphone made a new phone that hides the camera inside the LCD but you cant open manually even with the finest tools so no competitors would copy apples hardwork
Yung5ive Music
Yung5ive Music 2 dias atrás
BenHunt10 Productions
BenHunt10 Productions 2 dias atrás
9:23 they weren’t on iOS 7 yet. That was 2 years later in 2013. 4S released in 2011.
Gary Oak
Gary Oak 2 dias atrás
ooooof I loved my 3GS so much, I was upset when it died and my parents got me an iphone 5 lmao and I mean I was thankful they bought me what was the latest iphone (at the time), but it still sucked that my 3GS broke...I jailbroke it myself and everything 😭
Eric Finley
Eric Finley 2 dias atrás
Man, I think the 13 is the best red they have made yet. Just my opinion.
Genôs 2 dias atrás
Cringe rainbow overuse!!
Emma King
Emma King 2 dias atrás
2032 be like iPhone M E G A
Eunice Ada
Eunice Ada 2 dias atrás
We still have an iphone 4s with original battery on it 😊 still kicking
Jonny Sixx
Jonny Sixx 2 dias atrás
Honestly with the cameras they may bump them up to 16-20 mp.. and then do some more software “magic” as apple would say to get us to 8k video. Lol or we May not see the 30 mp for at least 5years
RAYDi8OR 2 dias atrás
I feel like they purposely don't bump up some of the specs, so that they have things to add in future iPhones.
Jonny Sixx
Jonny Sixx 2 dias atrás
Lmao watch them take out the cable and start shipping them in shrink wrap only 😂😂😂
Sylv'ain P
Sylv'ain P 2 dias atrás
Owner of a 3G, 4, 5C, 6, 1st SE and 12 mini. The best model out there
FarmMiner 2 dias atrás
From Plus to Max to Pro to Expert to Master (or from Pro to Master to Expert) to Godly
Jonah ray Sanchez
Jonah ray Sanchez 3 dias atrás
That intro is sick I can’t stop watching it
Robin Cherian
Robin Cherian 3 dias atrás
Do a same with Samsung S series phone 😊👍
Joshua Kim
Joshua Kim 3 dias atrás
i have the iphone 4 but i forgot the pswrd lol
Alexander Lin
Alexander Lin 3 dias atrás
Love your style!
Drummer_Zay94 3 dias atrás
Watching this on my XS Max and I still love this phone since the first day I got it. I want so badly to upgrade, but I really don’t need to 🤷🏻‍♂️
Yesterday 3 dias atrás
I have a base iPhone 7 and I have no complaints what can I say I like my home buttons
Lisa Weathers
Lisa Weathers 3 dias atrás
well you could say the iphone is a 6S like success
Tony Segreto
Tony Segreto 3 dias atrás
I had the first iPhone and returned it because I just wasn't terribly impressed. Next iPhone I got was the 4S with the arrival of Siri. Since then I have had the 5S, 6, 7, X, XS Max, and I kept that until the 13 Pro Max because I didn't want to lose 3D Touch (RIP).
Tony Segreto
Tony Segreto 3 dias atrás
iPhone 5 was also the last iPhone that Jobs had direct input in.
0FFV3OLET 3 dias atrás
show the emojis!!
Alex L.
Alex L. 3 dias atrás
I still have and use the first iPhone SE as my secondary phone
Batoobdx 3 dias atrás
7:10 Wow that "Slide to unlock" animation makes me feel old
ChickenSHORTS 3 dias atrás
The fact what I'm watching this on has a 2MP rear camera😂
Kayden 3 dias atrás
The intro tho🔥🔥🔥🔥
David Valle
David Valle 3 dias atrás
Next iPhone, iPhone 14 Ultra
Catch Johnson
Catch Johnson 3 dias atrás
the iphone 14 might have an ultra version like ultra max or just ultra
Jayakrishna Balaji Kandappan Senthilvel
Wish they hadn't removed the 3.5mm headphone jack, dick move by Apple!
Leslie Jenkins
Leslie Jenkins 3 dias atrás
I got the iPhone 13 as my first ever iPhone (I was using a Galaxy S10). I really love my new phone. I love the insane battery life like the other day I used it for 12 hours and didn’t have to charge it. The night mode photos are simply incredible and 5G has been great as well.
Sayantan Chatterjee
Sayantan Chatterjee 4 dias atrás
Iphone is ❤ inspite of being unaffordable to me
Jeevan Ravindran
Jeevan Ravindran 4 dias atrás
Try the history of Windows Phones (including Nokia under Microsoft (both Windows & Normandy phones)) up till the latest Surface Duo devices... Would be very interesting content too see... 😜
JellyandJam 4 dias atrás
I remember all my friends showing me their new iPhone 5s’s, letting me create my own Touch ID🥺 Good times!
KingChillWill55 4 dias atrás
Is it just me or did anyone else think the s meant series
Prem Kaush
Prem Kaush 4 dias atrás
dunno if i was the only one to notice this but the video length is 33:14 33 iphones in 14 years Nice one MKBHD
ItalianStalionFarmer 4 dias atrás
I had the first iPhone when it came out, jail broken which made it way better. I had one of every generation iPhone until today and still have a 13 pro.
CoochieMan69 4 dias atrás
This was a walk through memory lane
Alex Xander
Alex Xander 4 dias atrás
The pain about the jack is if you wake up and realize you forgot to overnight charge your earbuds :/ They don't take terribly long to charge anyway tho.
Alex Xander
Alex Xander 4 dias atrás
iPhone 1 had Google Maps but no GPS. Couldn't use it for real-time navigation. Meanwhile, all the Nokia upper range phones had GPS with real-time and turn-by-turn navigation.
rateb sharf
rateb sharf 4 dias atrás
Great video. You should do one about the evaluation of MKBHD.
Active grass
Active grass 4 dias atrás
still using the og SE. bring back smol phones!!!
Zachary Harrison
Zachary Harrison 4 dias atrás
Tristan Koch
Tristan Koch 4 dias atrás
You are an adderall pill
claichan 4 dias atrás
I hope you review every iPad too!
nkallen123 5 dias atrás
all trash
Dank A
Dank A 3 dias atrás
ihave7sacks 5 dias atrás
Almost the same UI for the entire lifespan . . . bleh
Brandon McGinnis
Brandon McGinnis 5 dias atrás
iPhone Ultra Max. It’ll happen.
LaziHead 5 dias atrás
The graph for screen size has an error. It's meant to start at 3.5inch but its actually placed on the 3inch y axis. Loved the video!!
Creative La'Roi
Creative La'Roi 5 dias atrás
All Apple did was rightfully prove how stupid consumers can be. I upgraded to an iPhone X ,6 months after the launch of the iPhone 12. Well worth the price. I have never paid & will never pay 1k for a device that will be upstage and replace in a few months. Before that I was using a 6s plus which is still supported.
Junkboi Music
Junkboi Music 5 dias atrás
3D touch was so amazing, a small feature but I miss it so much. The haptic feedback was satisfying asf.
The Hyphonater
The Hyphonater 5 dias atrás
The into sounded like it was saying bagel
Jarvy 5 dias atrás
I can totally see them doing a Magsafe charging like the on the Mac book.
Vitaliy 5 dias atrás
Could you do the ipod? :)
Guda Lawrence
Guda Lawrence 5 dias atrás
The oleophobic coating at the back of the iPhone 4…. Lovely 🥰
Bay Melo
Bay Melo 5 dias atrás
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Nizocan __06
Nizocan __06 5 dias atrás
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Cesur Yekta
Cesur Yekta 5 dias atrás
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I bought every iPhone ever.
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