Revealing My NEW HAIR To My Roommates!!! *dying my hair cause quarantine

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guys..i did a thing.. I dyed my hair!! Here is me revealing my new hair to my roommates and niki lol. I think my roommates hate it or think its a prank haha anyone else dying their hair in quarantine?? xo -alisha marie

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28 Jun 2020



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Comentários 80
AlishaMarie 12 dias atrás
i did a thing.... a very bad thing.... hahah ok im still freaking out about this guys!!!! If you could dye your hair any color what would it be?? xo -Alisha
Sophie Watt
Sophie Watt 5 dias atrás
It looks fantastic!!!
Caramel Popcorn
Caramel Popcorn 9 dias atrás
AlishaMarie it looookkkksss sooooo frickennn gooodd and idk what i would dye it
Konoha Miyagi
Konoha Miyagi 9 dias atrás
BrieAnna Puryear
BrieAnna Puryear 10 dias atrás
Pink, purple, or blond ombre ish
Diana Ramirez
Diana Ramirez 10 dias atrás
@Sophia Albert me to blue couse blue is so cute
Kathy Hassemer
Kathy Hassemer 5 horas atrás
I go back to my natural hair color when I was a little girl I was blond so I go back to being blond
krisi Manasieva
krisi Manasieva 11 horas atrás
No hate at all, but it’s really not that big of a deal.
Sarah Aspelin
Sarah Aspelin 15 horas atrás
middle part
Sarah Aspelin
Sarah Aspelin 15 horas atrás
the purple tanks reminds me of a photo of u w a lollipop when u had brown hair
Mark Paul-Clark
Mark Paul-Clark 22 horas atrás
r u going bavk blond x
Mark Paul-Clark
Mark Paul-Clark 22 horas atrás
go back blonld plsssss go short blond hair u look like old u with ur old bf one that vid u posted xxxx
Raima Sahani
Raima Sahani 23 horas atrás
I would love to dye my hair purple but I can’t cuz it won’t suit me...I guess I’m ur mvp !!
Simply_Maliha Dia atrás
Love it!!
Hannah warren
Hannah warren Dia atrás
I thought I wouldn’t like it bc I’m so used to u being blonde but it looks good
Tina Thompson
Tina Thompson Dia atrás
I love the brown. It's so much more natural and mature but sexy looking
annie castro
annie castro Dia atrás
im going into high school his year, but dude i’ve been watching you since i was 8! i love you so so much :(
mariam fahal
mariam fahal Dia atrás
alisha gurl u r pretty no matter what u change ur hair or not slay queen.
Cassidy Martin
Cassidy Martin Dia atrás
Ughhh it looks soooo good!!!
Neha dutt
Neha dutt Dia atrás
I would die my hair Blonde basically hombre
Renata Radacic
Renata Radacic Dia atrás
After the mental breakdown video in may of 2018 i feel like everything has changed... i miss old Alisha
Addi Creates
Addi Creates Dia atrás
I diggg the curls and the brown 💕
Lemonzz and Limezz
Alisha you look amazing AF,but I would so die my hair teal blue at the tips because I still love my dirty blonde ps subscribe to Alisha and my gaming channel plz (lemonzz and limezz44)
Liisukas Sakusiil
Liisukas Sakusiil 2 dias atrás
I just dyed mine neon pink and I love it
summerxdaisies 2 dias atrás
i would dye my hair blonde! i have always wanted to do that!
Sunny_ Days70
Sunny_ Days70 2 dias atrás
I would defo go mousy ombré blonde brownie lol I really don’t know!
Margarita Hurmiz
Margarita Hurmiz 2 dias atrás
Kris Map
Kris Map 2 dias atrás
Where did she get her hoodie in the beginning?
Toy Village
Toy Village 2 dias atrás
Who are you 1:Alisha 2:Ashley 3:TK 4:Taryne 5:Chloe 6:Rosie 7: Schoolisha 8:Jessica 9:The new Alisha 10:Charles (tarynes dog) Only true fans will know
Valeri Lovell
Valeri Lovell 2 dias atrás
I love you may not feel the same bc you had blonde for 4 years 🙂
Olivia Fennell
Olivia Fennell 2 dias atrás
Masker Chief
Masker Chief 2 dias atrás
Umm we can see the color in the thumbnail even if you pixilate it
Lauren McKinney
Lauren McKinney 3 dias atrás
girl yes it looks so much better. i missed this hair color on you!!!
Shiv 3 dias atrás
i love it! like u had a lil party moment with blonde hair, but og alisha is back and better than ever!!! also tbh u look married but still young with it lol. we love!!!!!
Studio Create
Studio Create 3 dias atrás
this is the biggest mood ever
Caroline Pacheco
Caroline Pacheco 3 dias atrás
Brunette is your color!! 😋
Katlen Fazakerley
Katlen Fazakerley 3 dias atrás
I have brown hair now so I would defo die my hair like blonde or just have blonde highlights but I don’t know why but blue actually sounds good like a sly blue 💙 anyway love the new hair omggggg ❤️❤️
Rhutvi Patil
Rhutvi Patil 3 dias atrás
*I love you and your hair so freaking much!!! ❤️♥️❤️*
Anna Maksan
Anna Maksan 3 dias atrás
omg its so pretty
Sydney Cervantes-Dorador
Wait but I actually LOVE it tho like she looks so pretty 💗💗
Harmoney Trooper
Harmoney Trooper 3 dias atrás
i love it i wanna dye my hair ombré so bad but my parents won’t let me 😂
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 3 dias atrás
This brunette girl gets a whole lot of new vibes but I'm digging it
tylerbrazil *
tylerbrazil * 3 dias atrás
I love you and Niki’s relationship! You two are like my favorite BRvidrs and you guys both have such pretty hair!!!😍🔥Love it!❤️
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 3 dias atrás
alisha, u look so good with brunette hair!!!! queen!!!💕
frishta safi
frishta safi 4 dias atrás
Alisha looks so good with brown hair omg 😍😍✨✨
The kenz Vlogz
The kenz Vlogz 4 dias atrás
You look so pretty
Jordan Crane
Jordan Crane 4 dias atrás
Black with blue tent
Boubacar Diallo
Boubacar Diallo 4 dias atrás
i am a small youtuber my youtube channel is fatou's life and fatoumata binta diallo
Aubrey Burk
Aubrey Burk 4 dias atrás
I’ve been a brunette for 13 years, and if I dyed my hair one color, it would be platinum blonde
Zühre Ceyhun
Zühre Ceyhun 4 dias atrás
I love when she said “if you don’t like it don’t worry it’s not on your head”
Sundayy 4 dias atrás
gannah Waleed kamal
gannah Waleed kamal 4 dias atrás
You looks so cute, nice, younger, and so beautiful ❤️, as i love you so much ❤️
Yoanna Izevkova
Yoanna Izevkova 4 dias atrás
Sonia Zucca
Sonia Zucca 4 dias atrás
I don’t know why but when she showed us her hair I wasn’t shocked and I felt like I was used to it and it’s been like this forever
Rosmery Linares
Rosmery Linares 4 dias atrás
Brunette Alisha has always been my FAVE Alisha
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 4 dias atrás
Alisha: Ok so... the reveal my phone: bish put an ad here
Myoutube 58
Myoutube 58 4 dias atrás
Best BRvidr ever ❣️
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 4 dias atrás
I've been watching your videos for soooo long. Even when you were still brunette so I'm actually not as shocked haha. You look beautiful though! I love it!!!
noelia herrera
noelia herrera 4 dias atrás
GAVE ME MAJOR MACBABY11 VIBES!!!!!!! I loved your blonde, but I started watching when you had brunette and its been so long! LOVE IT!!!!!
Matéa Marie
Matéa Marie 4 dias atrás
Oh my word she looks so young!!!
Kathryn Fiore
Kathryn Fiore 4 dias atrás
alisha, u look so good with brunette hair!!!! queen!!!💕
Beth Malone
Beth Malone 4 dias atrás
Alyssa Valadez
Alyssa Valadez 4 dias atrás
Alisha- don’t worry cause it’s not on your head 😂😂
Mallory McGahey
Mallory McGahey 4 dias atrás
platinum blonde
Alex plays games ok
Alex plays games ok 4 dias atrás
Well I wanted my hair blonde and I went blonde 😌
R. J.
R. J. 4 dias atrás
Omg you look amazing!!! The brown and the length REALLY REALLY suits you!!
Lydia Peppin
Lydia Peppin 4 dias atrás
You have the exact hair as I do
Sarahí Esquivel
Sarahí Esquivel 4 dias atrás
I love it!!!!!!!! 🤗🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💕💕💕🙈🙈
ilysm 5 dias atrás
strawberry blonde
Kaylee Heartso
Kaylee Heartso 5 dias atrás
SAMELIA's WORLD 5 dias atrás
The new hair looks cute
Ryleigh Slone
Ryleigh Slone 5 dias atrás
You look extra tan with the brown hair! You look so pretty!
juvieqt 5 dias atrás
Arguinmera 5 dias atrás
I've been watching your videos for soooo long. Even when you were still brunette so I'm actually not as shocked haha. You look beautiful though! I love it!!!
mariii sznnn xx2
mariii sznnn xx2 5 dias atrás
i’d def dye it ash blonde
Joelle Rios
Joelle Rios 5 dias atrás
When she was counting down at the hair salon 💇‍♀️ and said 5 4 3 2 at 2 an add came up
Petra Elek
Petra Elek 5 dias atrás
OMG I love youre hair so fucking muts!
Ali Lokinger
Ali Lokinger 5 dias atrás
Jovanna Melgoza
Jovanna Melgoza 5 dias atrás
Definitely would die mine red!!
Lupe LLerenas
Lupe LLerenas 5 dias atrás
OKAYYYYYYY BACK TO OLD OLD Alisha lol Like OG apartment Alisha
Maddie 72
Maddie 72 5 dias atrás
I loveeee it! It makes her look like an insta baddie 😆
Neda Svrakic
Neda Svrakic 5 dias atrás
i loooooove it!!!
Holly Marie
Holly Marie 5 dias atrás
GIRL I actually LOVEEEEEE it so much!!!! U look absolutely incredible!!!!!!!! Like WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWWWWW
lex ortega
lex ortega 5 dias atrás
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 5 dias atrás
Anyone else get an add when she was counting about timing aha😂🤦
SKYY LOVE 5 dias atrás
*13:16** YASSS GIRL, talk yo shit* 😂🤘🏾
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 5 dias atrás
You look 10 years older
SKYY LOVE 5 dias atrás
*you don’t seem 100% like yourself in this video... i hope you know you’re loved* 🦋
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