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Relaxing Zen Music for Massage, Yoga & Meditation #Peace #Meditation
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8 Fev 2018



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Earth whisper- Sound of Nature
Buddha said ➺ The mind is everything. What you think you Became. So keep listening and spread positive vibes ☘
Weslley suaris
Weslley suaris Dia atrás
Gratitude ❤️
Matt Body & Soul
Matt Body & Soul 2 dias atrás
Namaste Thanks for posting such a remarkable video! I do not believe I came across this by accident and would love to use this in the background of some of my BRvid videos on my channel. Wanted to ask permission first and to say thanks again for centering me in this present moment where everything exists now!! Best, Matt Body & Soul
albert figer
albert figer 4 dias atrás
Take a deep breath and hold it....Let it go slowly. Feel it. Hello friends
demkaçkını 6 dias atrás
hi very nice .
Hade Berne
Hade Berne 7 dias atrás
Live namasted universo eternity
Ani Smbatyan
Ani Smbatyan 7 dias atrás
The sound of the waves reminds me to inhale, because in a way we're like the ocean. 🌀❤
Mutaz Bahgat
Mutaz Bahgat 8 dias atrás
this track can let you set down and focus
Synyee Hong
Synyee Hong 8 dias atrás
This is the most beautiful music! I use this every morning. Thank you 🧡🧡🧡
Ignacio Temes
Ignacio Temes 11 dias atrás
Anand Francis
Anand Francis 12 dias atrás
how to find copyrights for this song?
Peaceful Vibrations
Peaceful Vibrations 14 dias atrás
Thanks for this!
Richard Pap
Richard Pap 16 dias atrás
This is the most calming stuff I've ever heard in my life. So peaceful.
Rocio Bareiro
Rocio Bareiro 19 dias atrás
Cada vez que escucho este tema no puedo evitar el emocionarme. Me recuerda a un atardecer que pasé en Buzios (Praia Joao Fernandinho). Es la misma emocion.
Kerli Dona
Kerli Dona 20 dias atrás
I’m living alone for the first time in my life..I’m afraid of darkness. This song helps me fall asleep and forget about what worries me. Thanks a lot
Love For Soul
Love For Soul 22 dias atrás
I love the music! Thank you!!! I have 741Hz for anxiety, negative energies and depression relief on my channel if anyone would be interested :) Beautiful energy to share with everyone! Have a lovely day!
Brenda Martinez Gomez
Brenda Martinez Gomez 22 dias atrás
Good night.
Hailey Robinson
Hailey Robinson 23 dias atrás
This touched me deeply, I thought of loving someone and letting them go...what a beautiful thing to say I have. ❤️
Mushi Shi
Mushi Shi 23 dias atrás
Wooow!!! loving this and the delighful sounds of the Ocean
Oğuzhan ORUÇ
Oğuzhan ORUÇ 25 dias atrás
Stefan Zuba Prokopetz
Stefan Zuba Prokopetz 26 dias atrás
oooof this one pulls on them heartstrings ! one more hour here we goooOoOOoo
Citra Madani
Citra Madani 26 dias atrás
I got much positive energy while listening to this beautiful music, and read those lovely comments. It really make my day! thankyou for the love and peace y'all bring to me :)
Si2Si2Si3 28 dias atrás
it is increadible that im rly getting peace listening to this :) thanks
Roberto Lemes
Roberto Lemes 27 dias atrás
Realmente hermoso. Ideal para estos momentos que nos toca vivir. Te recomiendo también:
Shai Relaxing Music
Shai Relaxing Music 28 dias atrás
Keep your vibration high .. in love , in joy in peace . We are all one , love to you all ❤
Klangfarbe Blau
Klangfarbe Blau 28 dias atrás
track id 24:40 ?
Gowtham Raja
Gowtham Raja 29 dias atrás I have directed a short movie in this topic pls watch and subscribe my channel with our own Indian culture
Francesco Briguglio
Francesco Briguglio 29 dias atrás
That video is wonderful, thankyou♥️
jolly jolly
jolly jolly Mês atrás
Hello is it possible to use this beautiful sound on a meditation video i would like to do? of course i will mention your name or anything i can mention! :)
Meditation & Healthy Living by Norelia
So relaxing! Meditation is the key!
Ashwaq Moqdadi
Ashwaq Moqdadi Mês atrás
Origrrl Mês atrás
Thank you so much. This is beautiful
Chris Tiu
Chris Tiu Mês atrás
Isn’t this a track from “Relax Melodies”?
YoSoyJD Mês atrás
*¿Alguien de Videojuegos?*
Sasha 888
Sasha 888 Mês atrás
не "на масте", а "на мосту" ))
Himanshu Singh
Himanshu Singh Mês atrás
Devil Angel
Devil Angel Mês atrás
White Noise - The Secret of Deep Sleep
anyone else listening to this is quarantine?
Paul Cannon
Paul Cannon Mês atrás
White Noise - The Secrets of Sleep This is so majestic!
aidana aidana
aidana aidana Mês atrás
Namaste namaste🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Maribel Luna
Maribel Luna Mês atrás
Este tema me hizo llorar y pude recordar a mi mejor amiga que esta en el cielo ♡
Jace Mês atrás
_If you are depressed you are living in the past._ _If you are anxious you are living in the future._ _If you are at peace you are living in the present._ _~Lao Tzu_
margo nag
margo nag 6 dias atrás
@J. M. B. I understand you, because I had a similar feeling. I know that in this situation all counsels are irritating and meaningless. I just sent you the part of joy and glory. (I'm not an English speaker, so sorry for mistakes )) Love you
Edd Z3r0x
Edd Z3r0x 11 dias atrás
@Alejandro Suñé Si estas deprimido estas viviendo en el pasado. si tienes ansiedad estas viviendo en el futuro. si tienes paz es porque estas viviendo en el presente.
Ty Lain
Ty Lain 15 dias atrás
interesting quote, but it's not by ol' LT.
Alejandro Suñé
Alejandro Suñé 19 dias atrás
@Edd Z3r0x no se inglés me puedes ayudar a traducir esto tranquila y es y bonita
J. M. B.
J. M. B. 21 dia atrás
Depressed every single day. Its clinical, I guess. There was any single healing plant that solve my status, my feelings. I'm like a sponge, y today I feel I can't reach anything. And when I try … there is always who try to make me believe is just simple as dream. But NOT... fuck people, My truth dark magic is gonna eat this world. I hate duality.
Tiny Buddha by Retivap Narru
Please Subscribe the channel : @t , I AM LUCKY FOR YOU TODAY ☺️☺️☺️☺️
Tiny Buddha by Retivap Narru
Please Subscribe the channel : @t , I AM LUCKY FOR YOU TODAY ☺️☺️☺️☺️
Cullen Ismail
Cullen Ismail Mês atrás
M.A .D
M.A .D Mês atrás
hello mara araujo do u know meaning of namaste
stefania tarantino
stefania tarantino Mês atrás
Nulla capita per caso.
Pablo González
Pablo González Mês atrás
nice bueno bueno
SevenPlanets Mês atrás
Shukriya ☀️
Philippe Cirse
Philippe Cirse Mês atrás
En ces temps difficiles, nous avons besoin de vidéos comme celle-ci pour continuer à donner de l'espoir, aussi ténu soit-il. Et pour trouver le moyen de sortir de la peur et de la souffrance, écoutez également les chefs spirituels comme Eckhart Tolle, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Mooji, Carol Howe
Daniel Squires
Daniel Squires Mês atrás
Daniel Squires
Daniel Squires Mês atrás
*111 great things are coming your way* You... yes YOU!!! I am sending you a Spiritual Hug!! Likes/Replys are Spiritual Hugs back.
Gerhard Nieuwoudt
Gerhard Nieuwoudt Mês atrás
So much glory
Savogre Mês atrás
Can't stop listening it.
si mo
si mo Mês atrás
Nice music. I also find this ​ Relax Music
Iúri Gravito
Iúri Gravito Mês atrás
- Don´t attack what you hate, promote what you LOVE.
J. M. B.
J. M. B. 21 dia atrás
yep, so simple right? fuck u
thank you for sharing this - music for the soul. - bless you!
Marijja Soup
Marijja Soup Mês atrás
This is exactly what I needed tonight
Maimi Taylor
Maimi Taylor Mês atrás
It is a beautiful sound, where can i get this ? Namaste-
bflou75 Mês atrás
I was scrolling through to find music to listen and relax and meditate to and I have to say that although this was only an hour long, but it resonated throughout my whole self....I simply want to say Thank you for creating, posting this!! Namaste
z v
z v Mês atrás
im sad
Julia Rogozenkova
Julia Rogozenkova Mês atrás
I love the music
Aneekah Ismail
Aneekah Ismail Mês atrás
Sending each and every being here, a warm long hug to you all. Peace be within every being and love towards everyone
White Noise Channel
We are always looking for complex truths, but at the end of the day being able to sit still and follow your breath with a calm mind is the key of life. Music like this surely helps.
Hans Niederegger
Hans Niederegger Mês atrás
White Noise Channel this is very true my friend
Af cicho Ty hňupe!
Guys, maybe im writing this with no responsibility.. and no reason, but just read it, ok? I was really hurted by one girl. I liked her so much, that much, you know.. when you just stop thinking about anything else. But. She left. I was like : Oh, this is literally my end. I do not go anymore, i tried to kill myself. Not like the PSYCHO people, but i tried to do something and just leave. Then like 1 second of my life was really important. When i realized that.. i don't want to die! I want to live, to be there and to have some problems.. whatever! Just : TO BE. This was really, really shortly writed. And it was like 8 months, that full process of thinking, of losing, of dying inside. And now.. i'am alright. Not happy still! That is normal. Then but i enjoy the moments in my life, when it is all good. And i want to say something to you. I'am not stupid. I do understand you. We are all people, with feelings and also a troubles in our sometimes dangerous life. But at the end of the day. This life is not forever. Don't waste it, if you wasted. No! The moment of happiness is coming. Just be present. And, one more thing. That girl is still there. But she left in me. She is gone. I liked her, i loved her. I stoped, and i live. I don't wait for another. I live, be present guys. That is the best choice for you. Always. I wish you all good, success but also a knowledge. I like you guys. You are my hope of existence. Trust me. I do. 👍
Aysel Çağlayan
Aysel Çağlayan Mês atrás
Vinay Shukla
Vinay Shukla Mês atrás
Why am in playing this everyday.. ??
Gino Mês atrás
this made me really cry.
Sounds for healthy meditation
beatiful music and awesome video. Don't give up!
Aviel Mês atrás
Purchase Spiritual Jewelry Here:
Reality Lover
Reality Lover Mês atrás
Potato irishman of Gayland.
Pieruzek Roman
Pieruzek Roman Mês atrás
Very nice moment
Tera Mangala Meditation Music
I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.
Inspire Me
Inspire Me Mês atrás
meditation opened to me a new world!!! check my meditations guys!!!!!
Holistic Neish
Holistic Neish Mês atrás
Remember that everything is happening at the exact time. Do not buy into your fears. Keep going on your spiritual journey. I know how hard it can be, especially when you feel as though you are alone. If you would like or need some support, I am here. I am a Holistic Wellness and Life Coach. I wish each one of you peace and light!
Holistic Neish
Holistic Neish Mês atrás
Lola Del Rey hello, I would love to speak with you, go to my website which is located on my channel, and sign up for your free consultation.
Lola Del Rey
Lola Del Rey Mês atrás
Hello! I would love to talk with you 🙏😊
Heidi McLean
Heidi McLean Mês atrás
This is the only kind of music I want to listen to lately.
Komorebi Mês atrás
Tracks names?
Paula Ferreira
Paula Ferreira Mês atrás
Maravilhoso :) Namasté
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