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Vicki is a retired massage therapist that took ten years to downsize from an 1800 sq ft home to 650, then 450, and now less than 200 sq ft. Her 8 1/2 ft wide tiny house has ten massive windows allowing natural light to accent the handmade crafts and local artwork that decorate her interior.

This tiny home has a quaint kitchen with a farmhouse sink, convection stovetop, a full fridge, and a lazy susan that allows easy access to the deep cabinet spaces. The bathroom serves its purpose with a toilet, small sink, and 32" shower. She has a washer/dryer combo stored under the stairs that lead up to an adorable loft. The upstairs area has a full bed and some storage but primarily acts as her puppy's palace.

The outside is Vicki's favorite spot as there's a deck built overlooking a gorgeous view! Her outdoor shower faces nothing but the birds and completes the entire feel of a tiny home in nature.
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22 Jul 2021



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Comentários 273
Judy Mcintire
Judy Mcintire Anos atrás
Please show another video when the guest room is done. You should make the new guest room into your bedroom & make the upstair's bedroom into a guest room! Love how you decorate!👏🤗
Lois Enolp
Lois Enolp Anos atrás
She is the first honest tiny living person I’ve seen! She tells you exactly what it’s live and doesn’t sugar coat it.
younguy1979 Anos atrás
I absolutely got some amazing advice from her! No loft bed cause changing sheets is bad. ventilation on bathroom: very important. Stair storage with covers: got it. A nice deck with an outside shower? AMAZING I love your advice!!
Joseph Dent
Joseph Dent Anos atrás
and you have to scoot around on your knees when going to bed or when waking up. kneeling is ok if its carpeted. I noticed her loft was bare floor. Ouch! Bad on the knees
Drew Chase
Drew Chase Anos atrás
I love how practical and real she is about tiny house living. I want her to organize my life.
Kary Bear
Kary Bear Anos atrás
What a beautiful tiny home. I agree, she may one day decide to take that bedroom addition for herself.
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Hello how are you doing????
Jennifer L
Jennifer L Anos atrás
With that addition if that was me I'd make that my bedroom vs the loft. If you are only having guests every once in awhile let them use the smaller loft space instead and if you have someone who can't use the stairs then do a switcheroo for their visit. Jasper is a cutie and I LOVE that outdoor space.
Lavonda Carter
Lavonda Carter Anos atrás
Agree about the loft !
Jenny Fulcher
Jenny Fulcher Anos atrás
Love your tiny house with outdoor shower and deck! I love your minimalist Scandi-designed kitchen, and living room. It looks like a great place to retire! I'm still working at 67 and rent an apartment but dream of owning a tiny house someday. Thanks for sharing your lovely home. Jenny
Bobbie Brandel
Bobbie Brandel Anos atrás
Hands down, this is my favorite tiny house. She is so sensible. The small cooktop that is portable is great. Focusing so much on storage.....wonderful storage!
ladeene06 Anos atrás
I LOVE IT! Our tastes are so similar. With those windows I'd absolutely have my plants! I'd also wrap that porch all the way around. Especially if i was in Alaska. And Id screen it in too. That outdoor shower is amazing. A ballpark guesstimate and where or who built this would be nice to know also.😉 Thanks for sharing.
ladeene06 Anos atrás
@Sandra Baker Another beautiful place! Makes a little more sense having an outdoor shower there😁. Im in NC myself and an outside shower would be a dream. (And a screen for that porch.😉)
Sandra Baker
Sandra Baker Anos atrás
She is not in Alaska! She is near Chattanooga, Tennessee!
Suzanne Cranford
Suzanne Cranford Anos atrás
I down sized the same way: 1,300 SQ ft, to 650, to 278, and now 180 SQ ft. I only kept the things I truly love and also gave everything else away. It was so freeing. You've made a beautiful home for you and Jasper!
Cheryl Kruisheer
Cheryl Kruisheer Anos atrás
Because this isn’t working for everyone, take your time is decide what is best FOR YOU. Simple isn’t always that simple. Listen to her. It takes TIME.
debyrah Anos atrás
Would like to see a re visit when the construction is complete
mike manjo
mike manjo Anos atrás
Very pretty/well planned home!
Linda Martin
Linda Martin Anos atrás
Lots of good points about living tiny. I once lived in 375 square foot studio(all one level). This video has all the cubbies for shoes, hats,scarves.... everything tiny
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Hello how are you doing????
Lisa Disch
Lisa Disch 26 dias atrás
What a lovely place and what a lovely lady ❤ Made me smile a lot because it seems, she doesn't really want to downsize but hey, it's her life, her home and her happiness. Best wishes from Bavaria 🙋🏻‍♀
Gabrielle Designs
Gabrielle Designs Anos atrás
I like how honest she is in sharing her likes and dislikes and what she would do differently.
Jo Ann
Jo Ann Anos atrás
Loved this tiny house!!! We custom built our own house (not tiny), and there are always regrets. Why didn't I put a plug here? Why did I not do that? I would make the bedroom addition MY bedroom and let the son have the loft when he visits. Also, if the weather is mild enough where she is, why not relocate a W/D out on the deck or in the new bedroom?
The EGA Anos atrás
I was thinking the same about the new bedroom addition.
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Hello how are you doing????
Kalikat6391 16 dias atrás
I'm late seeing this video, so I'm not sure if the person with this tiny home will see my comment but if she does, I just wanted to say one of her art pieces is so beautiful and unique. When she said she like the clean lines and minimalistic Nordic design, then I instantly saw an art piece near her kitchen that looks to me, like trees, but the tree trunks are ancient Nordic runes. Very nice. Very clever. I love it. So i truly hope she sees this msg even though it's so long after this video was released.
Sasha Star Shanti
Sasha Star Shanti Anos atrás
Lovely home and lady. And, her dog brings her the best company no doubt, three dog beds are well worth the unconditional love. Though, I believe if I were her, I would take the new bedroom being built, as she said she doesn't overly enjoy the loft and would have changed that if she had it to do over again. Guests could take the loft, as they wouldn't be living in it full time, and she could enjoy a larger room on the ground level. Gorgeous surroundings, and deck. She's living her joy!
Bridget Thomas
Bridget Thomas 4 meses atrás
Absolutely love you disposition and attitude regarding living tiny. Would love to be your tiny house neighbor. Continue to enjoy your not so tiny house and move into the larger room you and Jasper can use the space.
Karen Murtagh Yoga
Karen Murtagh Yoga Anos atrás
Lovely home and person! Great idea to add that extra room for one level living since they don't intend to move it.
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Hello how are you doing??
Mo Reynolds
Mo Reynolds Anos atrás
Wow! What a lovely lady! I’d easily move into her tiny home, perfect spot. X
Mary Edel Guzman
Mary Edel Guzman Anos atrás
Nice to see pets as part of tiny house living.
Kerly Gerl
Kerly Gerl Anos atrás
This lady must live somewhere near me! I’d like to know more about her community. I love her house and the add-on is great. I’d love a follow up video.
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Hello how are you doing????
Gale Ford
Gale Ford Anos atrás
This is so cute. I bet the addition will be fabulous.
Joseph Blomeister
Joseph Blomeister Anos atrás
Chris, been following since the 'Chris and G Travels' days, and I remember that one video where you said the channel was gonna go in a different direction. Congratulations on that decision! It certainly was brilliant and paid off! Now you can still travel making these great videos.
ibiubuok Anos atrás
We loved the tour of your home. It's really nice! Thanks for uploading this video.
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Barbara Emmylynn George
Absolutely love your home other than the washer combo I prefer washer and dryer
Nicole 8 meses atrás
Thank you for saying what you would do differently, that is SO helpful! 🌸
B Reynolds
B Reynolds Anos atrás
This is one of my favorites because the bathroom & kitchen are NOT side-by-side. In my world those are two rooms that should NEVER be in close proximity to each other.
Clementine C
Clementine C Anos atrás
I love that she’s lived in her tiny home for a while and found things that didn’t work out or needed to be added.
Drew Chase
Drew Chase Anos atrás
Yes... rather than ppl who've been in their's for 3months.
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Hello how are you doing???
Suzanne Young
Suzanne Young Anos atrás
I wish she had explained how she found the property. Does she own the land? How large is the lot? How much work is it to maintain it? Is this a tiny home community? The drone shot didn't show anyone near her.
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Hello how are you doing????
J Laurie
J Laurie Anos atrás
Absolutely Adorable 🥰
Matthew Henley
Matthew Henley Anos atrás
What a lovely place to live.
Narine Limanoff
Narine Limanoff Anos atrás
Lovely lady and lovely house. Thank you so much for sharing!
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Hello how are you doing????
CeNedra Lea Heldra
CeNedra Lea Heldra Anos atrás
Beautiful and yes I would like to find a plan with the bedroom down stairs. Not crawling on my knees any more. Gotta have a huge out door space is my thing. Really good storage. May you find your bliss
CeNedra Lea Heldra
CeNedra Lea Heldra Anos atrás
@Carlo Keshawn hi.
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Michelle Greenwood
Michelle Greenwood Anos atrás
I love your home! Thanks for posting the video! Wondering if you might tell me what brand of dehumidifier you have? I’m making a tiny home part of my retirement plan and trying to plan ahead. Thanks so much!
Sharon Steele
Sharon Steele Anos atrás
Nice setup, like the porch to sit and relax, thank you for sharing your home..
Judy Euller
Judy Euller Anos atrás
I'd move into the new bedroom, myself. Your son can sleep in the loft. 😉
Candye Olney
Candye Olney 8 meses atrás
Yes! I wouldn’t sleep in a loft if I could sleep downstairs!
Linda Wheeler
Linda Wheeler Anos atrás
Totally agree unless he is really tall..
LynnS Anos atrás
I agree, the son and/or guest can sleep upstairs. Especially since she’s also adding a bathroom.
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Hello how are you doing???
Bar Rez
Bar Rez Anos atrás
Yes! Put yourself first. That addition was thoughtfully planned for your son. Be thoughtful to YOURSELF and Jasper stay on ground floor keep loft for friends and family. You learned what you need now build it and enjoy it! Thanks for not just doing s tour but, an education on the truth about tiny and what's important and why. Very helpful to us dreaming wanting to take the next step.
Kathryn A
Kathryn A Anos atrás
Very nice! Love your colors & the design. ❤️ My ears perked up when you mentioned TN & NC. I’m in N E GA & can be in Chattanooga in abt 1 1/2 hrs. I do have some pottery from Clarkesville, GA, Mark of the Potter. At my age, a loft wouldn’t be practical. I live alone & I’m so tired of “stuff”. I’ve been slowly donating & clearing out my 1700 SF. I’ll check out Wind River. Thanks for the tour!
Jennifer Barrett
Jennifer Barrett Anos atrás
I love the frankness about what works and what doesn’t.
Jeffery Bryan
Jeffery Bryan Anos atrás
@Carlo Keshawn I'm doing good
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Hello how are you doing????
💚yaya linda👍
💚yaya linda👍 Anos atrás
Want to see a revisit too. Thanks 💚👍
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
irene lee
irene lee Anos atrás
Lovely home and very honest review. thank you.
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
CozyLillyRae Anos atrás
Amazing tiny scandinavian house well done :3
Heather Rose
Heather Rose Anos atrás
I love that you’re adding the extra room on the ground floor. That way when you’re ready to stop sleeping in the loft, you can move into that more easily accessible room. 👍
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
@Missy Learned hello how are you doing????
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Hello how are you doing???
Missy Learned
Missy Learned Anos atrás
Brenda James
Brenda James Anos atrás
Love your home. Beautiful
12Gaile Anos atrás
Awesome home & she's great !!!
reddyman Anos atrás
Very nice home ! Difficult to make you bed regarding the sheets ? Just sew them together and use like a sleeping bag, no need to tuck in and just smooth them out when you get up !
Brigitte Leaf Barnes
@reddyman Great idea!
reddyman Anos atrás
@Bar Rez Sew 2 sides together and bottom to make a bag - I use when I go camping as a liner in my sleeping bag . Easy to take out and wash , and keeps the sleeping bag clean !
Bar Rez
Bar Rez Anos atrás
You mean sew on 3 sides or just on bottom? This is so clever! TY
Charlotte Hall
Charlotte Hall 7 meses atrás
I like her. Love deck and outside shower and new addition. Love location.
Randy Anos atrás
Very nice! I really like your addition, Deck and views.
Lo Duke 390
Lo Duke 390 Anos atrás
I’m sorry but those saying “It’s an Alaskan STYLE house”.... naw babe it’s a typical shed roof design tiny with an add on. It’s “RUSTIC” or a modern cabin. Honestly think they messed up the title BUT either way it’s a beautiful home and she seems extremely happy and proud of it. I like her, she’s got that good ole country girl accent (South Carolina girl here 🤛🏻) and seems adventurous while being laid back at the same time. Thank you for sharing your home.
Susan E
Susan E Anos atrás
Why don’t YOU move into new bedroom with its larger bathroom and let your son use your loft when he visits? That makes so much sense. 😁 And, with a 14x16 bedroom, there is room for a nice closet!!
Jenny Mod Goddess
Jenny Mod Goddess Anos atrás
Great video. She is so stinking cute. So precious.
Bess9779 2 meses atrás
I love real-life tiny home living as opposed to the new-wave mini-mansion approach.
Saoirse Anos atrás
I never noticed the knee slapping, so I played some of the video back and....YES, she does a lot of knee slapping! Thanks for pointing that out! Lovely house and nice lady, and her doggie is so cute!
Mark Brown
Mark Brown Anos atrás
@Sugga I'm a hungry troll! Feed me!
Sugga Anos atrás
@Mark Brown Good grief, are you and the few others commenting on this trolls, can’t you be kind!
Sugga Anos atrás
Good grief, are you and the few others commenting on this trolls, can’t you be kind!
Mark Brown
Mark Brown Anos atrás
I can't finish the video now. The knee slapping is driving me nuts.
Susan Creveling
Susan Creveling 10 meses atrás
Lovely! Really liked the clothes closet and not having to look up high to watch TV.
lisa fiveash
lisa fiveash Anos atrás
Nice, I know how you feel I just moved from a 1800 square foot home to a 600 square foot tiny house and i love it , i also gave alot of stuff away also Tfs😊
Yvonne Anos atrás
I would definitely move into the addition, it could be your on suite.
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Hello how are you doing????
janet walker
janet walker Anos atrás
She needs a working fan in her indoor bathroom. That's why she's getting high humidity in her house. Also a fan above where she's cooking would help. And the title is wrong, this isn't Alaska!
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
@Ani Val hello how are you doing????
ZeoCyberG Anos atrás
@janet walker No, doesn't work that way. Naming of designs only has to refer to its origin of the design elements used and not where it is being applied. Otherwise you couldn't do things like do a Victorian style home unless it was actually built over a hundred years ago during the Victorian era or have French doors, etc... Typically design/style names aren't being completely literal. So the assumption they have to be is misplaced here...
janet walker
janet walker Anos atrás
The title is still misleading!
ZeoCyberG Anos atrás
@Lo Duke 390 Uh, Alaska has a lot of Rustic! Timber framing, cabins, etc. There's many design themes that include Rustic elements... Bottom line, if they got their inspiration from something they saw in Alaska, then that's giving credit to the source and perfectly valid... Just like Scandinavian designs, etc., which can also be mixed and matched as designs don't have to be purely from one source or include all design elements from one source. Like a modern farm house design mixes modern and old farm house elements. Besides, there's examples like Ana White's 2 Tiny house builds that people have been drawing inspiration from for years. So this isn't something new...
Ani Val
Ani Val Anos atrás
I was like Chattanooga is nearby...? Wait... 🤨
Serendipity Shop
Serendipity Shop Anos atrás
I would much rather have a downstairs bedroom and a proper oven, keep less clothing, and use the loft for storage. But that's me. One thing that makes tiny house videos fascinating is the way people prioritize in very limited space. Gets you thinking about what's really important.
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Hello how are you doing????
Jonnie's Journey
Jonnie's Journey Anos atrás
Very nice. Great setup.
sarajoW Anos atrás
Love the home!! Love Alaska, my birthplace:)
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Hello how are you doing????
TakeTheRide Anos atrás
Your tiny house is not so tiny any longer. I can already see you sleeping in the big bedroom when no one else is there. Nature is a beautiful thing. Stay simple.
Hutoxi Patel
Hutoxi Patel Anos atrás
V lovely home well planned n built with all features. V spacious n clean
Stephanie H. Bleasdille
I am definately going to look into a tiny 🏡 for my retirement in the next 15 months.. Thank you for sharing.
Daniel Naimowicz
Daniel Naimowicz Anos atrás
Smart design...details...excellent
Becky Shebesta
Becky Shebesta Anos atrás
Love it..where did you get your blinds ? I've been looking for ones like that for my kitchen
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Hello how are you doing????
pintsizegrfx Anos atrás
Lovely place!
Damaris Severino
Damaris Severino Anos atrás
From all the tiny houses i had seen your is what I love the most
Amanda Stephan
Amanda Stephan Anos atrás
I'm always mystified by people who really want to know the price tag. Since this is a custom build, giving a cost for a house unique to her would help others how? Frankly, I don't feel like it's anyone else's business. If you want to go that route, contact a builder you like and get a quote of your own.
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
@Marie Amaru Hello how are you doing????
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Hello how are you doing????
Bar Rez
Bar Rez Anos atrás
I like to know base price. The rest is personal (custom costs $$) I absolutely love the Canadian company Minimaliste that builds modern homes but, I cannot afford them so I look for other cheaper companies, get a base price and know I don't have to do it all at once (can add as I live and learn what I need.) The base price is important as is land vs community. I love her views and privacy but, fear needing help or an ambulance out so far.
Darkangel W
Darkangel W Anos atrás
Beautiful house you've got
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Judy Lamantia
Judy Lamantia Anos atrás
Love your home, it's very nice and the area looks nice too and l love your accent it's so Southern.
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Kathleen Rothman
Kathleen Rothman Anos atrás
Love this !! 🥰👍🌟🌈☮️
Christine Blaszczyk
She doesn't talk about cost. People need this info.
Christine Blaszczyk
@Cathy Hill approximate estimates
Cathy Hill
Cathy Hill Anos atrás
You can't give a price because the house is specific to her needs/wants. Yours would be different. Everything is factored in from choices in flooring, wall, bathroom fixtures, kitchen fixtures etc.
PossumLady8262 Anos atrás
@Amanda Stephan i agree. Also there's the Fact that every state has different prices.
Amanda Stephan
Amanda Stephan Anos atrás
No, you don't *need* this info. Why do people think they're entitled to know another's finances? This lady chose to share a part of her life with the rest of us. It's her choice. Respect it.
Donna Deering
Donna Deering Anos atrás
Wow, I was raised in Chattanooga, Tn. Living in Dayton , Tn. Now, but I didn't know we had a tiny home business in Chattanooga.
MA E Anos atrás
I’m starting to save up. What do you think her tiny home alone cost? Sure wish I could ask her😇
Cheryl Kruisheer
Cheryl Kruisheer Anos atrás
Truth always is appreciated . You have a peaceful life now. The nice thing about aging is stuff will change. Dogs ,life, future goes forward. When you get to an age, things become more important than “things”. An out door bath is an amazing thing. Been there and done that.😀😀😀
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Hello how are you doing????
Rhonda Colegrove
Rhonda Colegrove Anos atrás
Yes l would like to see a revisit, l hope that new room is a bedroom. I am probably her age and climbing those stairs would be to difficult for me. Lol, beautiful place.
MJK98 Anos atrás
Very nice great job 👍
Just Christine
Just Christine Anos atrás
I love it. But I do find the stairs scary without a rail. Dogs have a habit of getting under your feet.
Ryan Avera
Ryan Avera Anos atrás
Lovely home
Zoe Life
Zoe Life Anos atrás
you can use the guest space as your bedroom as you get older and don't want to go up the stairs
Fro Yo
Fro Yo Anos atrás
I love her Alaskan accent ya'll.
Laura Roberts
Laura Roberts Anos atrás
Nice house!!Does she like having the dog?I'll take Jasper and all his stuff!!😁💖
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
@Sandra Baker how are you
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Sandra Baker
Sandra Baker Anos atrás
Jasper is her son!
Isidore Teh
Isidore Teh Anos atrás
Pls have a new follow up video once the extention of the tiny house complete. This is not a common project as most tiny house owner will built 1 for all n do not do any extension guest room n her beautiful outdoor deck is huge with outdoor shower n gated. I love to see once everything completed.
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Sha Wylie
Sha Wylie Anos atrás
Such contentment!
Graycee Calloway
Graycee Calloway Anos atrás
Rick Owen
Rick Owen Anos atrás
Well done. Nice dog. Good video. Thanks. 😄👍
Annie Anos atrás
Very nice home. I would live there also till they carried me out.
Maryam Blooki
Maryam Blooki Anos atrás
Love the way this lady talks
Jessie Papa Bear
Jessie Papa Bear Anos atrás
I love this home...she makes me laugh...she is a real leg slapper( if you know what I mean?)
kevin ruger
kevin ruger Anos atrás
Thanks for being honest about the condensation issue.
Donna Deering
Donna Deering Anos atrás
Let your son have the loft. And have a new bedroom for you and jasper.
Samantha Gomez
Samantha Gomez 10 meses atrás
Wow Amazing Video I Love It's Looks Beautiful Tiny House She Very Lucky
Jaditelady173 Mary
Jaditelady173 Mary Anos atrás
AS she ages she won't want to do those steps. I would love into the new addition. Maybe put in a bed that you could raise up and down.
Dee Anos atrás
It. Looks so vast and painfully lonely looking past the deck. 😔 I would also hate not being able to stand up in my bedroom. Showering in the winter winds?? 😩. No bathtub? 😭 So glad she has a son that can visit.
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Hello dee
OFFTHEROCKER with Pamela J Nerren
How can I find info on the food service that was mentioned? I’ve been looking for options and I’d love some input on that. Thanks.
Cathy Hill
Cathy Hill Anos atrás
I love the home! Almost what I'm wanting. What bothers me is how it seems like Jasper took over half the house. I've been a little perplexed by her comments on how much space one dog takes. Ah well...the house is amazing plus I like the porch & outdoor shower. 💜
Carlo Keshawn
Carlo Keshawn Anos atrás
Sandra Baker
Sandra Baker Anos atrás
She said Jasper is her son!
Gill Karamani
Gill Karamani Anos atrás
Enjoy…… very organised
Kelly Roushar
Kelly Roushar Anos atrás
I really like your vibe 🙂. Sounds like you're speaking Bible to me !
Peter Mautner
Peter Mautner Anos atrás
Tiny houses. The time has come .
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