Retired Couples Beautifully Designed Tiny House - The Perfect Layout 

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This extremely relatable retired couple lives between their tiny home in Southern California and the Yukon. They are passionate about living minimally in order to live life more fully. They advocate for pairing down rather than accumulating things because then they turn out to be things you have to spend more time caring for. Their home was built in Oregon by Idea Box and they were extremely pleased both with the process and the quality of the final product. Their self proclaimed super power is "buggering the day away", which is such an incredible way to be able to live out your retirement without the stress that comes with caring for a large home.
Filmed & Edited By: Travis Cosentino
Builders Website:
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26 Mar 2020



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Comentários : 1,2 mil   
@TinyHomeTours 3 anos atrás
I absolutely love this build! If I ever buy a piece of land to build on, this model will be it!
@kcindc5539 3 anos atrás
Omg Cathy you are a stunningly engaging presenter. I can see how you quickly you determine on-the-fly the most clever and efficient way of saying something, but without any hesitation or interruption in your delivery. Brava!
@carolewarrenrealtor 3 anos atrás
Okay...this is the most beautiful tiny house I have ever viewed. The decorating, colors, windows, functionality and purpose ...I I'm so there. This is the one. I love this couple ... they got it! A better quality of life ... no attachment to stuff.
@TheQUBANQT 3 anos atrás
They did a spectacular job planning every detail of this home. WONDERFUL job. "You spend what you have."
@cathyr6560 3 anos atrás
Hi - this is Cathy and my partner Chris and I own this tiny house - we are so glad you’re enjoying it! I’d just like to add a bit of information - especially about our dog! She is an old rescue girl, whose name is Pico and she’s been beloved by our family for many years. When we travel or live in CA, what is best for her is to be in her own home, with people she knows and we’ve been fortunate to be able to provide that for her. One of our kids or friends move into our place in the fall when we leave and out in the spring when we come back. It’s good for everyone.
@naoomi123792 3 anos atrás
The place was beautiful but the couple was even more beautiful and truly made the home❤️
@pdq5465 3 anos atrás
I know that people say this all the time, but this is the best tiny house I’ve ever seen. And what a huge bonus that lot is! Stunning! Cathy is incredibly articulate. I quite enjoyed this. Thanks.🌹🇨🇦
@tacos_are_life 3 anos atrás
Absolutely beautiful! Skipping the lofts, and leaving the tall ceiling helps it to give that spacious feel. I love that it isn’t too plain, or too colorful. Very tastefully done! Even the outdoor area is very functional. Love love love this one!!
@user-mv7yh4hj8o 3 anos atrás
I really love this home, I can’t wait when I make my tiny house. This couple is so inspiring. The speech that they gave at the end was very moving. “You can always make money you can’t make time”
This is the most organized and beautifully decorated tiny home I've seen!
@MAK_9833 3 anos atrás
The most beautiful tiny home I’ve seen to-date. Well thought out space and storage, even outside! Just stunning.
@123nme1 3 anos atrás
Now This Lady has much style & class ! This home is AESTHETICALLY GORGEOUS !
@cynmann4584 3 anos atrás
What a lovely home for a beautiful couple. The builders did a fantastic job with the floor plan and all the windows; but what really makes this home shine is the way Cathy chose to decorate it.
@monataylor2600 2 anos atrás
What a great couple. Came for the tiny house tour ... left with inspiration about retirement, which is drawing very near for us! Thanks for your hospitality. Beautiful home!!!
@patj4952 3 anos atrás
Lovely couple, lovely home. Absolutely stunning. Who would think this is a tiny home? The location is heavenly adding to the beauty and awesome design of the interior.
@grantsmith4252 3 anos atrás
We LOVE Chris and Cathy's home; it's even more amazing when you get to enjoy it in person. Plus, the residents are delightful. :) Excellent job, Tiny Home Tours!
@joselito7776 3 anos atrás
I really love the brightness, the simplicity, and the little splashes of color this space has. I would bet that these 2 seniors are young at heart.
@susanalbert4267 3 anos atrás
The outdoor space is amazing. What a great lot.
@sylviarogers8473 3 anos atrás
The wisdom of years in this couple and their love for each other transcends a peace that makes life worth living. They are like a breeze in Spring that sofly sways the curtains and lets the sunshine in. Would love to meet them. They can teach us all how to live intentionally n with purpose and artistic flair the years we are given.🌸
@nancymac2445 Anos atrás
This is a stunningly beautiful and yet also practical tiny home! I've watched many, many videos of tiny homes and this one is so perfect - I'd buy it tomorrow if I could! Also, Cathy & Chris are such lively, intelligent, and friendly people - wouldn't we all want them as friends? Thank you for allowing us into your home and for letting us see the beauty you've created all around you.
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