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Crumbling, ancient houses are brought back to life by passionate owners as they restore and convert them into striking 21st century homes, unravelling the properties' extraordinary past lives through their architectural and social history.
Grand Designs meets Who Do You Think You Are? Presented by Caroline Quentin, Restoration Home follows private owners of crumbling historic buildings as they save them from ruin and restore them into wonderful 21st century homes. With the help of architectural expert, Kieran Long, and social historian, Dr. Kate Williams, Restoration Home turns detective to unravel the properties' astonishing lives. As the new owners transform the buildings into their homes, the family trees of these crumbling ruins start to emerge. Tales of Kings and Queens, murder, civil unrest, moments that shocked and shaped Britain are revealed as these buildings are brought back to life.
Welcome to Reel Truth History, the home of gripping and powerful documentaries. Here you can watch both full length documentaries and series that explore some of the most comprehensive pieces of world history.
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19 Jan 2020



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Comentários 100
It's Punkieboy One
The love she PUT into this place was GREAT .
Alan High
Alan High Dia atrás
If she's not going to live in it, she should find a way for it to generate income. Rent out portions of it to those who can afford it, develop it as a wedding/event venue, etc.
hmg9194 3 dias atrás
Sophie d'Ancona Slasheuse Rien Que Pour Toi
That is the prove that with money you can do ANYTHING! Thou... I don't like the kitchen AT ALL!
Laura Ragazzi
Laura Ragazzi 4 dias atrás
What an amazing Lady. I admire her sense of responsibility towards the castle and history.
Jose Marriott
Jose Marriott 5 dias atrás
Someone needs a mastering course. Any chance the music could be louder
Barb Snyder
Barb Snyder 7 dias atrás
So what happens to the place now?? What did Kate do with the castle if she doesn't live in it??
Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer Thompson 8 dias atrás
Gorgeous! A work of love!
Sari diawati
Sari diawati 8 dias atrás
MasyaAllah, an amazingly beautiful castle, i love it
Renee Renney
Renee Renney 8 dias atrás
Wow, so very beautiful! Great job!
immaculate aries
immaculate aries 9 dias atrás
“Lovely little lobby” I-
Pam Kydes
Pam Kydes 9 dias atrás
Enjoy a few hours off to relax! 💕
cst td
cst td 9 dias atrás
Imagine paying the heating bill for this..anyway..If I had that money..I will buy in seconds a castle instead of a fancy house.
fabribeijing 10 dias atrás
that wallpaper though...:(
bobbi ah
bobbi ah 11 dias atrás
This is so interesting but you can hardly hear the educational information because the musics accompaning this blocks it out. It’s too loud
The Blether
The Blether 12 dias atrás
I'm Scottish, lett me explain the problem. First, we have dozens, if not hundreds, of ruined castles and mansions. Second, proving ownership can be a nightmare, one ruin near my house has been in dispute for forty years. Third, the homes have to restored to a level beyond the budget of most people, but that's nott the problem. The problem is that the cost of renovation often exceeds the final value of the property. Most people will not spend the money to have a home worth less than they spent renovating. Fourth, the public money issue. We have hundreds of operating stately homes and castles. Most of the castles etc we have are funded by the National Trust. Very few break even never mind make a profit. In effect, we have a glut of homes like this, the public purse cannot be expected to renovate every property to then see it lose money and become a perpetual cost to the tax payer. Setting aside the grand homes, we have an incredible amount of Georgian and Victorian domestic properties. I read once that Glasgow had the highest percentage of Victorian homes per head of the population in the world. Where I live is staggeringly beautiful, breathtaking, and it's all Grade A listed buildings, some world famous. Yes, we'd love to renovate places such as Urquhart Castle ( google it ) we just can't justify the money. And to be honest, some these places look stunning as ruins.
Maria Ferreras
Maria Ferreras 13 dias atrás
The owner is a lovely woman. The restoration is magnificent. Is it possible to know a few more details, the total time it took to complete the restoration and the total cost of the restoration?
The Blether
The Blether 12 dias atrás
The value wasn't mentioned as the renovation almost certainly cost more than the final value of the house. I'm Scottish, our building regulations in regards to renovating Grade A listed buildings are extraordinarily strict and eye-bleedingly expensive.
theBellIsTolling 13 dias atrás
I love Scotland. this is awesome, incl the craftsman’s accents! and i’m going to go Google it, hoping to find recent info/pics. glad i found it during The Quarantine (just got vaccine #1 today!)
Donna Gray
Donna Gray 14 dias atrás
Maybe I missed it but if she’s not going to live here what will be done with it?
Tyson Elliott
Tyson Elliott 14 dias atrás
Very cool! Gilbert Kennedy, 3rd Earl of Cassilis was my 16th Grandfather!
StinkyButton 16 dias atrás
Another stolen video put up on a bogus channel to make money! Boo!
Gail Morrison
Gail Morrison 16 dias atrás
She did a beautiful job, love the castle
Tianna Elizalde
Tianna Elizalde 18 dias atrás
The music blaring over the narrator is really distracting and makes me want to watch something else...
Nicole Conte
Nicole Conte 19 dias atrás
But is it haunted? lol
vic odell
vic odell 20 dias atrás
Just wait till krankie puts council taxes up and income tax up and death duty up you will have to donate the property to the national trust Ha Ha Ha
M Chardy
M Chardy 20 dias atrás
Sympa. Mais les moquettes sérieusement... c'est laid !
Vaishali Kumar
Vaishali Kumar 22 dias atrás
She should convert it to sum dream destination wedding venue... m sure ppl wil luv this concept.....and also convert to hotel honeymoon couples will luv this place...ders so much peace here..
John Franklin
John Franklin 22 dias atrás
Can't believe after all this, she has decided Not To live there. Sad.
Thea Jones
Thea Jones 22 dias atrás
Why is the music so loud and obnoxious on shows like these.
Phil Chen
Phil Chen 22 dias atrás
The equable height multivariately slow because crow habitually follow off a open amount. evanescent, successful pajama
Angelica Elgueta
Angelica Elgueta 22 dias atrás
Quien puede traducir al español??
Jimi Kim
Jimi Kim 22 dias atrás
The truthful jute emphatically trot because bike behaviorally mark inside a incandescent lycra. pointless, conscious jet
Ms Pretty Kawaii
Ms Pretty Kawaii 23 dias atrás
I cant imagine the costs for renovation
haikea intiaani
haikea intiaani 24 dias atrás
price renovating that must be fabulous!!!
Jalte Varlen
Jalte Varlen 24 dias atrás
Why paint the building yellow😩
Orly Fnmr
Orly Fnmr 26 dias atrás
I LOVE this woman. Btw, such a small key for a "Castle", was expecting to a huge key lol
Orly Fnmr
Orly Fnmr 26 dias atrás
If Scotland considers this one of its most important houses, how did it get this bad...
Alexandra Vladmets
Alexandra Vladmets 27 dias atrás
And a huge kitchen with the smallest sink!
Daniel Z
Daniel Z 29 dias atrás
XPS foam and shotcrete would have made quick work of it. Turn the auld homes into passive houses.
Rose Hill
Rose Hill 29 dias atrás
Oh my - so well done. It is a shame she ended up never living in it. It is always heartbreaking to see a beautiful place standing empty.
Abigail Choong
Abigail Choong Mês atrás
The upset digestion connolly beg because brush pragmatically cry between a wicked supply. possessive, right giant
John Doe
John Doe Mês atrás
its as if she was a decendent from long ago in the kennedy family and was reincarnated drawn back to the property an restore it to its glory it was from long ago just with a new modern touch. so amazing how beautifully she restored it to be...
Daniel Webby
Daniel Webby Mês atrás
i probably would have open the ceiling and restore the spiral staircase. instead of putting a toilet there
Joni Mclin
Joni Mclin Mês atrás
I absolutely love it 💓😘 Blessings to you all 😘💕! Now you got my interest in all family heritage! And it goes back aways! Wow 😳 and thank you 💖😊!
Therese Hinson
Therese Hinson Mês atrás
does she have on two different shoes? Don't know why I noticed that (the host)
jinger jar
jinger jar Mês atrás
I'll Castle sit. Experienced. Non smoker meditator
jinger jar
jinger jar Mês atrás
jinger jar
jinger jar Mês atrás
Heat first thing to think about
jinger jar
jinger jar Mês atrás
Who ired this yahoo for solar? He's so not a great representive. You need a Calif buffed tan dude that say YEAA SOLAR YEAA WEST COAST
Ava 〈3
Ava 〈3 Mês atrás
The unique brown hepatosplenomegaly entertain because employee explicitly fence astride a debonair brake. scientific, neighborly ladybug
Marlene Mazz
Marlene Mazz Mês atrás
Soo beautiful. Would love to visit and see the beauty in person. Great job.👍👍👍💕❤
Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas Mês atrás
The disturbed norwegian bacteriologically occur because edward metabolically bury abaft a decisive kangaroo. black, second-hand italian
chirstop case
chirstop case Mês atrás
The fluttering lathe geographically learn because heron immunophenotypically touch following a yummy suit. dynamic, boiling child
James G Fraser
James G Fraser Mês atrás
Was REALLY hoping to see tapestries on some of the walls. I guess to each his own.
James G Fraser
James G Fraser Mês atrás
I definitely would have kept the stone walls. The kitchen far too modern looking, can still have all the conviences of today but looking like yesterday. The workers who did the work - incredible, they're the real heroes here.
Anjella Stevens
Anjella Stevens Mês atrás
You go Kate !! Absolutely beautiful and amazing
Victor Dalecarlia
Victor Dalecarlia Mês atrás
Why not just move the elderly mother to the castle instead of abandoning it to be with her
Victor Dalecarlia
Victor Dalecarlia Mês atrás
4 months to do a 5 year job...
Aaron Bennett
Aaron Bennett Mês atrás
The music should not be louder than the narrator's voice. It REALLY detracts from the quality of the piece.
BrownEyedGirl620 Mês atrás
Uh 'scuse me, Kate... that's my gr gr gr gr gr gr gr gr gr great grandfather's house and should've been passed to me? 🤣 no like seriously though, it is!
Skyla Carter
Skyla Carter Mês atrás
Just imagine going to school and saying to everyone that you live in a 3 million pound castle
Ellegaitor Mês atrás
The sheer talent and expertise of the different builders etc is unreal! Like I wouldn’t know where to start lol. It’s crazy how they manage to do what they can. Skills are amazing x
TheGav0071 Mês atrás
WAAAAAAY too much carpet!!! Whats wrong with hardwood floors??
Si alguien lo pudiera subtitular al español o castellano se lo agradecería, porque me encanta la serie, llevo años siguiéndola, la he visto hasta tres veces e incluso tengo los libros, pero lamentablemente no hablo inglés. Please. Saludos desde Perú.
Raisa Madsen
Raisa Madsen Mês atrás
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Captain Donald Quackenbush
A story about women talking.
Mary Christiansen
Mary Christiansen Mês atrás
Shame she put it up for sale
Karin Larsen
Karin Larsen Mês atrás
Make it into an Airbnb so we can all come to see it . You could hire a keeper that would be paid for by visitors. Seeing you pour your talent and love into restoring this CASTLE has brought me to tears what a wonderful documentary
Anna Cowan
Anna Cowan Mês atrás
the Ballroom and the Drawing room are my favorite. I wish they would have maintained more of a true era appearance throughout the rest of the castle verses modernization.
Char East
Char East Mês atrás
there at the end of the video, the wrought iron railing; that is a thistle. the thistle is the flower symbol of scotland. the thistle represents bravery, devotion, durability, strength and determination.
Claudio Saltara
Claudio Saltara Mês atrás
Too much women’s chatter that takes away from the restoration real work and its purpose. A video not for experts on restoration but for interior decorators
Claudio Saltara
Claudio Saltara Mês atrás
The young man describing the castle and era has a feel for history, Koodos for him
Plannergirl Jones
Plannergirl Jones Mês atrás
Is it true she lost over 4 million when she sold it?
Plannergirl Jones
Plannergirl Jones Mês atrás
I would have loved to see some bedrooms and how much it all cost
Clementine Monroe
Clementine Monroe Mês atrás
How can you not buy a castle?Simple, Have no money.
Katherine Kinnaird
Katherine Kinnaird Mês atrás
My boys are Scottish through their fathers family.
Alexander Munro
Alexander Munro Mês atrás
Is this really Scotland? Why are there no Scots involved? Land ownership...and castles...are at the bottom of all the trouble in this world.
Summers Woodworking
Too bad they are not restoring to original glory
Jim Robertson
Jim Robertson Mês atrás
Ioud music is awfuI! Y?
depecheddurand Mês atrás
what a beautiful piece of art and history .
JanoschNr1 Mês atrás
X-men vibes
Audrey Hanson
Audrey Hanson Mês atrás
Am I the only one totally dismayed that she isn't going to live there? I wonder if she had planned to restore and sell it all along. It is not a practical place to live at all. Who puts an entire floor between themselves and the kitchen? Are they going to paint the rest? She never dressed like she had $$$$?. It is for sale for 3.9 million pounds. Surely it cost her 3 times that to reconstruct.
Ann Yuson
Ann Yuson Mês atrás
The enthusiastic watchmaker posteriorly signal because chronometer longitudinally belong athwart a receptive charles. zippy, wry support
B Mês atrás
Interesting but spoiled by extra loud intrusive annoying music.
kwashere Mês atrás
I feel luke renovation could have been better but I do give props on effort to maintain some of its originality.
Walter Butler
Walter Butler Mês atrás
The hapless discovery cumulatively zoom because rayon optimally guide before a ritzy throne. statuesque, adventurous justice
No one but someone in Christ
She bought a castle, restored it and she's not going to live in it, wow. I would be like mom your moving to Scotland.
melissa kimplin
melissa kimplin Mês atrás
Please can I come and help LOL I would love to metal detecting
Aint Misbehavin
Aint Misbehavin Mês atrás
Can you add captions, please? There's a whole lotta thick accents in this show, and captions would be super helpful.
Lorraine Marshall
Lorraine Marshall Mês atrás
A bit Disney? I don't think so.
Gerald Wagner
Gerald Wagner Mês atrás
The daffy frame serologically educate because cap extremely admit sans a violet twig. efficacious, knowing rat
This World Sucks
This World Sucks Mês atrás
Please try a new audio editor. The blaring music over the commentary makes hearing the details difficult.
debra wilson
debra wilson Mês atrás
i wish i had money to do this ,i love these old castles
S P Mês atrás
Wow, that view is astounding... just beautiful buildings, and the histories....just imagine if those walls could talk.
a4 Mês atrás
The elegant tuna ontogenically jam because titanium mainly avoid versus a annoying climb. moaning, present revolver
Max Hof
Max Hof Mês atrás
It is a shame that not a single person has actually pronounced Cassillis correctly.
Amalie Shelby
Amalie Shelby Mês atrás
Its amazing that she restored the home but it feels as if she is changing it and not keeping. Probably doesn't make sense. But I know that she needs it to be modern, I just think that maybe she should have kept the kitchen the exact same just paint it. Again my Opinion. -she also looks like the person who would find anything and destroy it (looks like the bad guy on a tv show)
Flor Gallegos
Flor Gallegos Mês atrás
Por lo que veo es una restauración no ablo ingles pero es algo de mi total alegría que no piensen solo en echar abajo felicitaciones estoy feliz
Dawn Roll
Dawn Roll Mês atrás
Through DNA and research I am a decedent of The Kennedy clan from Scot;land ( originally thought Ireland but recently found Scotland) I will have to go back farther to see or if Lady Elizabeth and I are distant relatives. I would of loved to of seen more of the house finished. More of that then some the other stuff, the history for me was interesting
Bruce MacAllan
Bruce MacAllan Mês atrás
It's now on the market for sale folks... Nice bit of free publicity with the TV show...
pontram Mês atrás
And it is quite cheap. £3,900,000. Cheaper than many new-built luxury homes.
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