Resident Evil Village - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

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We get our first look at gameplay in Resident Evil 8: Village and some of the people we are going to encounter on your journey through the castle, the tall, frightening Lady Dimitrescu included.


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21 Jan 2021



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Doge Coin
Doge Coin 3 horas atrás
In vr everything is bigger and in your face. You know what to do capcom.
monkeywolfe 4 horas atrás
2:46 Fires at a target so large it takes up a fifth of the screen...and misses. I honestly don't know what I was expecting.
Jamie Love
Jamie Love 6 horas atrás
You can call it anything but don't call it Resident Evil.... Doesn't have anything to do with the real RE, unfortunately Capcom like any other corporate wants $$$ so they adapted the game to kill them all FPS players instead of survival horror/ puzzle game.
Vol de la mort est mauvais en Français
Is anyone else getting RE4 vibes, with the whole concept of fighting through a village into a castle in order to rescue a daughter.
Bogart Thegod
Bogart Thegod 8 horas atrás
Woww they finally brought back the merchant!!!! Hell yea Soo much more stoked now
Anonymous 8 horas atrás
looks like RE 7 2.0
Lee Waddingham
Lee Waddingham 9 horas atrás
Doesn't look a patch on 7. Looks action orientated like 4 which is a bit meh tbh
The Gaming Galore
The Gaming Galore 20 horas atrás
Evil Within 2 vibes, finding your daughter in a total nightmare experience
Joker Shakur
Joker Shakur 22 horas atrás
Not goin lie , the last best RE was 5 ! I beat that game over and over again . Even got the remastered one .... hopefully we get that 3rd person more shooting vibes and not focus on graphics & Breast
Kimmy InGaming
Kimmy InGaming Dia atrás
You can play demo for free on PS5 oh that's great don't get me wrong it's just you can't buy a PS5
Whizzy Rabbit
Whizzy Rabbit Dia atrás
This game looks like it's gonna be the best resident evil ever
Unlimit Potential
1:46~ Cool.
Native Maker
Native Maker Dia atrás
Vr Mode? It will be great.
Please stop the damn narrations, same nonsense that got Cyberpunk 2077 jammed up. Less talky, more gameplay please. We can think and decide for ourselves.
Ivana205 Dia atrás
Am I the only one who wants a crossover between Resident Evil Village and Doom, where Doom Slayer meets Lady Dimitrescu? Although technically she seems to be a vampire not a demon and if I remember correctly RE universe doesnt have Hell or demons but different viruses that create the enemies/monsters but whatever.
SPUDS Dia atrás
Finally something like re7
Stazia Kibera
Stazia Kibera Dia atrás
.sinister cause presents sequoia blues on BRvid
Ju Naidi
Ju Naidi Dia atrás
Cyberpunk no Resident evil village yes
Alessandro Rosso
Alessandro Rosso Dia atrás
Resident Evil 4 ....
Thaninthan Yanasornsiri
re7:guard only. re8:guard and kick.
Chris Beaumont
Chris Beaumont 2 dias atrás
Seriously, vampires? Lame
Roger Windows
Roger Windows 2 dias atrás
Blood born 2 with guns
SludgeMan 3 dias atrás
A village, castle, kidnapped daughter... Something sounds familiar here.
Marcelo Gonzalez
Marcelo Gonzalez 3 dias atrás
04:01 Late 14th century Ming dynasty... Oh it breaks the hearth.
lucian kristov
lucian kristov 3 dias atrás
Weeaboo ,crony weird dudes all ready simpin hard AF for this game 🤣 . Its looks like a great game though. Im pretty excited for it
DEAD MEN 3 dias atrás
Call this game (.....). Resident Evil will be superfluous here.
The Teutonic Order
The Teutonic Order 3 dias atrás
It looks good, but it feels like it's more of vampires, werewolves instead of bio-weapons and shady organizations.
Gareth Watt
Gareth Watt 3 dias atrás
Miss the old games Resident evil 4 was the best
IchselbstbinIch 3 dias atrás
I miss Zombies PepeHands
Gerardo Rodriguez
Gerardo Rodriguez 3 dias atrás
The castle gives me Resident Evil Revalations vibes
YN LIPPE 3 dias atrás
big momma milkers and goth vampires
Len B
Len B 3 dias atrás
Man I hate the first person perspective
Kite Games
Kite Games 3 dias atrás
So cool 👍🇯🇵
TheNewYorkian 4 dias atrás
Damn the vampire ladies that turn to bats are sexy
Gnav Nivek
Gnav Nivek 4 dias atrás
Resident Evil Villiage Hachishakusama PoPoPo
dyinglight player
dyinglight player 4 dias atrás
The guy narrating this is from resident evil 7 lol
Daniele Matteucci
Daniele Matteucci 4 dias atrás
Not convinced, it looks way more action/game as RE4 rather a horror survival as RE 7. I loved both of the game, but RE7 really scared and stressed me the first half of the game. I would have loved another kind of similar game.
Dr. Stinger
Dr. Stinger 4 dias atrás
Idk why people are simping over Lady Dimitrescu, She looks kinda terrifying 😨
Isaiah Orton
Isaiah Orton 4 dias atrás
This already looks too easy
assassinsknight 5 dias atrás
She’s a baker, guess we didn’t get them all
Patrick Peyton
Patrick Peyton 5 dias atrás
Resident Evil is getting embarrassing. First cut content from RE2 Remake than RE3 Remake almost everything was cut and was half a game now we have vampires also another free game comes with this like RE3 Remake.. Another half a game. RE4 starts in a village this is titled Village and rumours of RE4 Remake... They are copy and pasting RE4 and ripping us off for Village and the RE4 Remake if the rumours are true because it hasn't been confirmed just wonderful... Also part of the rumour of RE4 Remake involve the whole castle being cut out intetesting... Where does Village take place besides in a Village a damn castle.
shrek shrek
shrek shrek 5 dias atrás
Looks awesome!
Mouhamad Arafeh
Mouhamad Arafeh 5 dias atrás
man I'm so excited
Deniolvid 6 dias atrás
-lets save some bullets for later -meh lets just try to hit these red exploding barrels
Leon 6 dias atrás
FPS.... there’s is not a RE DNA...
Castlevaniac 6 dias atrás
2:02 sexay
Brandon Gonzales
Brandon Gonzales 6 dias atrás
1:40 you'll thank me for this
Ryan Gilmore
Ryan Gilmore 6 dias atrás
Ai looks doky and graphically looks worse than the most recent RE4 remakes.... Disappointing. Not releasing The Maiden demo on all systems just shows how out-of-touch Sega and this team is with what fans want. More focus on hitting people fetishes then trying to make a nice feeling game..
Kyle Combs
Kyle Combs 6 dias atrás
RE7 = Silent Hills remains
diana wong
diana wong 6 dias atrás
I have to buy this game no matter what. unless...vr isn't supported. then bye bye.
ChuckFinley33 7 dias atrás
I wanna know when that 2nd demo is coming. excited to play that.
LIAMVIPGAMER 7 dias atrás
What your buying stranger Not enough cash stranger What your selling I'll buy it at a high price Come back any time
whodafunk 7 dias atrás
man i legit cannot wait, its my most hyped game apart from god of war.
Idisen T
Idisen T 7 dias atrás
I have absolutely no knowledge about resident evil, but that vampire girl sure is pretty
Artur Kołdys
Artur Kołdys 7 dias atrás
Add polish language!
Jaison Manson
Jaison Manson 7 dias atrás
Ugh.. It great game. But this isn't scary and it not going to be if you're using superstars as monster. 😒
Tim Yong yang
Tim Yong yang 8 dias atrás
Here we go with this teasing hyping cyber punk2077 bs again just stop spoiling the fuvkinh gme
Wolfy's Studio
Wolfy's Studio 8 dias atrás
Is this game going to be available for pc?
Robert Temple
Robert Temple 8 dias atrás
Ethan is back baby
The Truth
The Truth 8 dias atrás
First person I’ll pass.
Sean Sean
Sean Sean 8 dias atrás
The attention to detail in the interior of the manor is astounding. Seems like Capcom has really outdone themselves here.
Zero Reverse
Zero Reverse 8 dias atrás
Something's sticking out......
CGXD123 8 dias atrás
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 8 dias atrás
Not might resident evil. And this is coming from a re123456 vet. 7 and 8 look hideous and give off silent hill vibes. And dont try to say first person is old school cause they did it before. Yeah and I seen a pink elephant fly
Eric John
Eric John 9 dias atrás
Me: My love for this game is growing Capcom: I'm sure that's not the only thing growing
ملف الجرائم
ملف الجرائم 9 dias atrás
First person perspective? Really capcom? Thanks for ruining it
Retrobates 9 dias atrás
I can't wait to play this, then force Rich to
An Irish Person
An Irish Person 9 dias atrás
The merchant let himself go a bit since re4
Ludde O
Ludde O 9 dias atrás
Once again the game turns into an action game. What a shame! I just love the horror genre about it in the earlier games. I thought they would had learnt it by now with the failures of 5th and 6th game in the series.
Laughing Man
Laughing Man 9 dias atrás
Why does everyone have an american accent if it's set in europe?
Ryan Bybee
Ryan Bybee 9 dias atrás
You lost me with fps I've always enjoyed 3rd person style that the whole franchise was built on. Seeing Chris,Jill,Barry,Wesker and the environment around them makes it better in my opinion. That being said there are games that I do like that are fps like the medal of honor series,and military combat style games but for me just not in the action adventure genre it makes it easier to anticipate if I know enemies are approaching behind me.
Dr. Sine
Dr. Sine 9 dias atrás
Ethan znowu dostał w nogę xd
Siide Effectz
Siide Effectz 9 dias atrás
Capcom: let's bring back the merchant from re4 but make him a fat slob.
Steven Vaughn
Steven Vaughn 9 dias atrás
Bring back the merchant from Resident Evil. "What are ya buyin"
内気 9 dias atrás
The merchant Lucas: " Fat man down! Fat man down!"
Cameron swan
Cameron swan 10 dias atrás
feel like resident evil is taking massive leaps backwards, whys your gameplay so slow now feels like its a half speed.
TheOrisya 10 dias atrás
Capcom : can we put roman numeral '8' on castle? employes : nope capcom : okay then, we name it Village instead.
thenakedartist 10 dias atrás
At this rate we wont be getting an RE4 remake because they put all the RE 4 elements in Re Village...
Jason 10 dias atrás
Am I the only one who hopes they don''t have the health bar showing up whenever you get attacked. It was fine for the third person games like RE2, but I can't imagine I would've liked combat nearly as much in RE7 if I had something pop up telling me my HP constantly. I could tell well enough with the blood splatters in all honesty.
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 10 dias atrás
Thank you Capcom for not being terrible developers like litteraly everyone else after 2017 for some reason.
Jack S
Jack S 10 dias atrás
Is everybody aware that chris redfield is a werewolf?
Bubul Doley
Bubul Doley 10 dias atrás
Damn that whitehat waifu material
Iced Tray
Iced Tray 10 dias atrás
Can y’all remake resident evil 3 but do a better job this time
The Flash
The Flash 11 dias atrás
Ethan better not die at the end. He just survived resident evil 7
Xedow92 11 dias atrás
Where are the vampire fangs? if they are vampires
Politically Inept
Politically Inept 11 dias atrás
It goes without saying? Plenty of puzzles? Like re7
Jonathan Chavira
Jonathan Chavira 11 dias atrás
“Everything ties in great, & creates beautiful visuals”... as well as some distugustingly gnarly ones as well!
Boknam9 11 dias atrás
Cant wait to check the fanarts and doujins
Camaraderie 11 dias atrás
1:39 damn that's hot
David Benitez
David Benitez 12 dias atrás
If the Capcom directors are smart they're gonna release some ps4/Xbxone footage soon, the corpses left from the "cyberpunk crisis" are still warm to hide what the game looks like on that generation consoles.
호주시민권자 12 dias atrás
1:43 damn sexy vampire girl 😍😍😍 Take my blood please 😘
Neurotic 12 dias atrás
Daniela is her name.
CRYxBABY 13 dias atrás
Im so pumped for this game it looks so amazing.
Gremblo 13 dias atrás
You can just call me Bruce Willis cuz imma *Die Hard*
BOTNEK 16 13 dias atrás
I LOVE RE 4 than this one !
Harold Captivate
Harold Captivate 13 dias atrás
I just can't get with Resident Evil first person POV games. It's just, not Resident Evil to me.
Josh Turf
Josh Turf 13 dias atrás
Gotta make this one vr also that would be insane
Tyre Qu
Tyre Qu 13 dias atrás
More guns I like guns😎😎
droth1031 13 dias atrás
Devs: "We keep the first person perspective, to draw the player in." Me, an intellectual: "You played Metroid Prime a lot as a teenager."
Vince DeV
Vince DeV 13 dias atrás
Yeah, they are definetly training for a RE4 remake. The balancing of the merchant, the inventory with cases, the ambiance in castle and village, the pot with loot in them, the powerful enemys (like El Gigante or chainsaw man, but here it's the warhammer and the werewolves) and even the red barrels that were only in RE4 (maybe not during main campaign, but i remember them in mercenaries mod)
Kly 13 dias atrás
"guarding will also be an important part of the game" "Here bite my arms" isn't guarding. 2:13
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