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Blue Origin
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On July 20, Blue Origin successfully completed New Shepard’s first human flight with four private citizens onboard.

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19 Jul 2021



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Comentários 3 475
Reevesi Anos atrás
Congratulations Blue Origin on your successful flight. I'm so happy for Wally funk to finally get to experience Space, even if only for a short time. You did it Jeff.
Back Yard
Back Yard Anos atrás
1:43:00 for launch. This thing is very phallic! :-) I really like the big windows in the capsule! Wow, what a view!
Vitryugun Anos atrás
I really like the fact that the family can see and greet their beloved ones the minutes after they return from space, the same way you meet your family in the airport after a long flight.
Calliban Anos atrás
Gerardo Gerardo
Gerardo Gerardo Anos atrás
@Pietro Carvalho v Ñ.. .
snuffeldjuret Anos atrás
@Lance Heckel space flight is always a bit risky.
Lance Heckel
Lance Heckel Anos atrás
They were apart for 10 minutes? ? ?
Russ S
Russ S Anos atrás
I'm old enough to remember the very first suborbital flight of Alan Shepard and Gus Grissom. When you watched them on TV, you got to see the first couple minutes, followed by about 7 or 8 minutes of Walter Cronkite, Frank McGee or Jules Bergman (depending on what network you were watching) sitting behind a desk and commenting on the radio traffic between the capsule and the Cape. And then you got to see the capsule again once its chutes were deployed and it had come down low enough to be in camera range again. I watched the coverage on the Weather Channel (Jim Cantore, I love ya, but you're no Cronkite), and was able to see the capsule the entire time from liftoff to touchdown...even at 330,000 ft, but there was no need to "fill in" at the studio because it out of camera range (not that I would have complained about 7 or 8 minutes of Stephanie Abrams) Oh, the awesome improvements in technology I've seen in my life.
Aditi Anos atrás
1:43:08 lift off 1:45:30 MECO 1:46:42 Astronauts cheering 1:48:25 Re entry 1:49:50 1:50:08 1:50:20 landing 1:50:43 touchdown 1:51:29 Capsule re entry 1:51:45 Parachute deployed 1:52:52 Clear view 1:53:28 Capsule Touchdown 1:54:17 1:55:06 Boom Boom 1:59:43 jeff bezoz 👍 2:01:25 Coming out of Capsule 2:04:37 off topic but someone fell😂😂 2:04:51 Cheerful moment
YouTube Live
YouTube Live Anos atrás
1:47:03 Ooooh hahaa!
Peterson Martins
Peterson Martins Anos atrás
Nem todo herói usa capa
rbrtck Anos atrás
@Oxboh Yeah, you don't get to wear that hat unless you rode the capsule on the outside like Slim Pickens.
Steve Siegelin
Steve Siegelin Anos atrás
The youngest astronaut, the oldest astronaut and the manufacturer of the rocket flying on the First Flight of the rocket with an amazing success! Honestly when I heard "Jeff has cleared the tower" those words made me so happy!
PiDicus Rex
PiDicus Rex Anos atrás
Well done - from no human rated vehicles in the US to three in the past two years, is a fantastic effort from SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and now Blue Origin,... Y'all are making Boeing and 'old space' looking like dinosaurs staggering to extinction, being replaced by innovation and enthusiasm. The two sub-orbital vehicles are a strong start on going further for all of us. We're all looking forward to your orbital and interplanetary efforts.
domoredujordan Anos atrás
That was awesome! Young or old, let's go to space! Congratulations to everyone that made this flight possible.
Mike Wood
Mike Wood Anos atrás
Congrats to Wally Funk on finally getting her lift and returning safely 60 years after the Mercury 13. :)
DARVIN 50K Anos atrás
Heavenly father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed Amen
Jim Oberg
Jim Oberg Anos atrás
@Mike Wood == Nope. Wally's flight justifiably honors the Lovelace-13, but not for the superficial and bogus reasons in current media coverage. She was not picked as a Mercury astronaut for the valid reason of lack of high-performance high-hazard flight testing that killed or emotionally crippled vast numbers of pilots in that field. Those who remained showed they had the mental steel to handle the terrors of spaceflight threats. She hadn't been tested to demonstrate that skill.
Pankaj Kumar
Pankaj Kumar Anos atrás
Congratulations to Blue Origin team. I like the post space exposure changed perspective thought. Kudos 🎉🎉🎉
Stanislav Yefimenko
Amazing! Congratulations to the crew and all Blue Origin team members!
Jean-Francois Drapeau
Congrats guys! Man, what the last few years have brought us spaceships wise, just insane!
09bikerman1 Anos atrás
Congrats to Wally Funk on finally getting her lift and returning safely 60 years after the Mercury 13. :)
Oort Cloud
Oort Cloud Anos atrás
Nicely done! Congrats Blue origin. Not a huge fan of your CEO, but nevertheless an outstanding achievement! Glad it went well.
Carol Ann Jorgensen
You can feel the excitement. It's palpable. I cried! Congratulations New Shepard and Blue Origin.💙
MammaApa Anos atrás
I cried because it didn't explode.
Rolf Hoystad
Rolf Hoystad Anos atrás
Congratulations for a well performed flight :-)
Andru Brandu
Andru Brandu Anos atrás
“Reaching orbit takes over 30 times the energy of a suborbital flight. 18,000 mph vs 3,000 mph and 400km altitude vs 100km. Kind of puts it into perspective as to the sheer challenge that @spacex has overcome and the huge lead they have in private space flight! 🚀”
Ryan B
Ryan B 2 meses atrás
You would hope they have a huge lead given how much money US taxpayers have given them lmao
Travis Anos atrás
Notademocrat Anos atrás
yeah butt butt they did it in the 1960s over and over and over again it should be easy right.....
Andru Brandu
Andru Brandu Anos atrás
Obviously 🙄
Julian Skidmore
Julian Skidmore Anos atrás
Maybe because SpaceX use proper scientific units instead of Steam-age measurements ;-)
Chris Weber,  Sexagenarian Tree Climber & Cutter
I finally got to see this tonight. I only saw the capsule opened, I missed the launch and touchdown. I just saw that incredible rocket of yours. I had no idea that thing landed itself like that. I've never seen anything like it. It looked like something out of a SciFi movie. And it launched so smooth. Not like the big Saturn boosters, this thing seemed effortless as it lifted off. But that touchdown. Man that touchdown. What an awesome rocket that can fly itself home. Brilliant. I am curious about the Capsule though. Does it blow some kind of gas or air bag or something when it touches down? How are you dealing with absorbing the shock? I thought I saw gas release when it touched down?
Liam Robins
Liam Robins Anos atrás
Absolutely amazing and aspirational, been an amazing 21 years and here is to the future of space tourism! Congrats to all the team at Blue Origin for making this happen.
Old Man Stumpie
Old Man Stumpie Anos atrás
Congratulations on an extremely successful mission. Inspiring.
suresh nishtala
suresh nishtala 6 meses atrás
Congratulations Blue Origin on successful takeoff and landing of first human flight
Григорий Черненко
Завораживает. Это очень круто!
Isaac Alonzo
Isaac Alonzo Anos atrás
Going to space using imperial units feels weird. It does have a bad precedent mixing units though.
Isaac Alonzo
Isaac Alonzo 11 meses atrás
@Kaz ch ah don't waste time with that kind of comment mate 🤣
Kaz ch
Kaz ch 11 meses atrás
@Isaac Alonzo Indeed but I was asking Abel and his pseudo scientific theories :)
Isaac Alonzo
Isaac Alonzo 11 meses atrás
@Kaz ch since this is an American launch, it should be enough information to figure out which one I'm talking about.
Kaz ch
Kaz ch 11 meses atrás
And you did not answer, are you talking about the American imperial system or British one ? (Since they do not have the same measures)
Kaz ch
Kaz ch 11 meses atrás
@Abel again all you said there is not true
Rosemary M
Rosemary M Anos atrás
Que mágico!
David S.
David S. Anos atrás
Can we all acknowledge how genuinely happy and excited Sarah looks when talking to the crew?
AOCplusME Anos atrás
People are literally giving her money. She's pretending bro
Intimate Universe
Intimate Universe Anos atrás
Coming back to the home and celebrate like this.... Oh god such a cool and history moment... I felt that flight with Jeff bro.. Congras the entire team. 😍😍🚀🚀🚀🚀👍👍👍👍
MariaCKoutoudjian Anos atrás
Congratulations for the succesful flight to space and the awesome return. Great Blue Origin team and crew. Thanks for this historical moment.
Carlos Silveira
Carlos Silveira Anos atrás
Que experiência fantástica!
Ramzes II
Ramzes II Anos atrás
One of the most beautiful moments of this month
EllHawkes Anos atrás
Amazing, Humbling, And a monumental moment for the next generation.
Алекандр Безверхов
Я ждал подобного полета еще с 2012 года, наконец-то я стал свидетелем этого чуда
AOCplusME Anos atrás
Bezos is durok
Space Faring Civilisation
Congratulations Blue origin. A lot of people may not realise this but this was all done without a pilot on board, i.e automated. Wow, just wow. Looking forward to space tourism. When can I buy my ticket 🖖😃🎬👽
q Anos atrás
Absaloutly amazing what a flawless flight!
Kris Adams TV
Kris Adams TV Anos atrás
How the heck did they not have loads of high-definition cameras capturing earth and space and what the astronauts saw? It's madness to me.
Stefan Venus
Stefan Venus Anos atrás
Congratulations and lots of respect to everyone, especially to Wally for staying fit at her age! Cheers
Jim Oberg
Jim Oberg Anos atrás
Wally's flight justifiably honors the Lovelace-13, but not for the superficial and bogus reasons in current media coverage. She was not picked as a Mercury astronaut for the valid reason of lack of high-performance high-hazard flight testing that killed or emotionally crippled vast numbers of pilots in that field. Those who remained showed they had the mental steel to handle the terrors of spaceflight threats. She hadn't been tested to demonstrate that skill.
Glenn Quagmire
Glenn Quagmire Anos atrás
Jeff giving Wally the best 7 minutes she has had in a long time. One day, maybe he can actually do some orbital runs.
Carlos Barbosa
Carlos Barbosa Anos atrás
Amazing to see this, kudos to all. Can you please also display the stats in kilometers ?
Robert Turpin
Robert Turpin Anos atrás
munnypoltric Anos atrás
I'd love a video game where the whole arc is you infiltrating his huge desert land holding there and blow that thing up just after he launches. it would be an epic game. full of intrigue
Alberto Carsenzuola
Congratulations to the entire Blue Origin team, what an achievement !!
Mike Dee
Mike Dee Anos atrás
The initial ascent scene from 1:43:21 to 1:43:30 looks like CGI, so good is the drone footage. It reminds me of a specific Sci-Fi TV show showing several rockets launching at the same time from (I think) Mars. I thought it was in the The Expanse Intro but I'm not sure now.
Jg235 Anos atrás
You got to admit he is courageous to go on an experimental rocket like that, being the first to try his own rocket, he is fearless that's probably why he's so successful. Was very nice to watch and even a bit exciting.
Vizign Anos atrás
I am very happy! This is a new achievement for all mankind! Congratulations, from Russia!
Ronald Trip
Ronald Trip Anos atrás
I think Roscosmos and NASA want a word with you...
Andrew Parker
Andrew Parker Anos atrás
This is incredible! Hopefully I one day may be able to buy a ticket :D
Justin Martinez
Justin Martinez Anos atrás
Wow what an amazing accomplishment to all those new astronauts!
agbs_creations Anos atrás
It would have been amazing to be able to see them inside the capsule and the whole way up and see there reactions.
MammaApa Anos atrás
Only if everything caught fire. THAT I would pay to see.
DARVIN 50K Anos atrás
Heavenly father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed Amen
Moocowfuckmilk Anos atrás
He said they took videos but are making it a project of some sorts. Probably a biodocumentary.
Julian Skidmore
Julian Skidmore Anos atrás
It's an amazing achievement, but why did Blue Origin have to start a new space age using Steam-age units that no-one understands outside of the US, rather than proper units? Does Blue Origin's rocket math actually use the same unscientific measurements? Why is 100km harder to understand than 348,000 ft?
Gordon Houston-McMillan
An incredibly redundant vehicle? I love it!! 😄😄
Goonie0905 Anos atrás
Have to say, my fav moment in all of this was seeing the entire Blue Origin team cheer in the auditorium. This is Y'ALL'S hard work and innovation. Congrats 👏
ABCJelly Anos atrás
Awesome flight🚀, its cool👌 how the capsule's windows big👍& love the crackling sounds when liftoff from those BE-3s
The Art of Technical Drawing
Metric should be the only units used the space. Did you know MPH and FT are officially defined by the metric system? Metric is the units of SCIENCE and SPACE! Also loved how the young person in the capsule asked at the end "Can I get that in Meters?".
Dayan Barron
Dayan Barron Anos atrás
Un dia espero que mi Mexico querido tambien valla hacia las estrellas. 🇲🇽 And to Jeff Bezos, as well as NASA, ESA, and Elon Musk, you guys are doing an awesome job!! It's going to be amazing when Mars will be stepped on by mankind!
Paul Adam Mayer
Paul Adam Mayer Anos atrás
thank GOD we did this!!! instead of working on poverty or hunger or climate change!!! this was totally worth it!!!! Jeffrey, you did it!!!!!!
VOID Anos atrás
Very cool!! Congrats Blue Origin and humanity! Another win for Earth!
itgcafe dot com
itgcafe dot com Anos atrás
Wow! Hats off to all the engineers & staff specially the main architect "Gary". The live feed was on time, great host, nice cam angles from start to end. Though, I wish there were live cam feeds from the capsule itself during ascent.
itgcafe dot com
itgcafe dot com Anos atrás
@EIon Musk ꪜ #SaveTheBestForElon
Hazelstreet 16
Hazelstreet 16 Anos atrás
They did record in the cabin. They just didnt live stream it. We'll see some footage later
Jai UrPhone
Jai UrPhone Anos atrás
Felicitaciones a Wally Funk por finalmente levantarse y regresar a salvo 60 años después del Mercury 13
Astovoc Azrro
Astovoc Azrro Anos atrás
Congratulations! I can't wait to see more and more humans in space!!
Nick Carlton
Nick Carlton Anos atrás
Congrats Jeff! A brilliant feat for Humankind
Elaine Mello
Elaine Mello Anos atrás
What a beautiful mission, congrats to all Blue Origin team!! It's so special watching Wally Funk's dream coming true. Thank you, Jeff Bezos.
Nicolae Crefelean
Nicolae Crefelean Anos atrás
Nice audio from the capsule, but it would've been nicer to also see them in flight. Congrats for a successful mission! :)
Clear Adventure
Clear Adventure Anos atrás
I have to say, amazing mission all, very well done! 🤘😁
Permanent Waves
Permanent Waves Anos atrás
The landing of the booster was the coolest part . It resembled an old scifi movie . Looks like it touched down softer than the capsule .
cash Anos atrás
Yes, just like an old sci fi movie. You can actually see the booster adjusting its position to remain upright coming down. During this video, the announcer mentioned the capsule has sensors that detect ground at six feet, which triggers a puff of air to soften the landing more.
Notts boy24
Notts boy24 Anos atrás
Just pure awesomeness 🙌 way to go guys 👌🎓👓🔭
Vib3s Anos atrás
*Really* hope the full flight recording comes out at some point.
Vib3s Anos atrás
@Kilos Not quite. These are portions. I mean launch to landing.
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock Anos atrás
It’s amazing to see Wally so happy
Tobia Paterno'
Tobia Paterno' Anos atrás
Amazons' amazing. 38 minutes from climbing up the stairs ramp to flight. It's a perfect commercial flight timing. SpaceX here bites dust: takes many hours of waiting. Moreover the propellant produces so little smoke, if not at all, that the vehicle itself is perfectly visible almost for all the flight time, and landing with so little smoke: mainly dust. Also here, SpaceX bites dust.
AufDeHex Anos atrás
that's because Blue Origin's only rocket at this time is only designed to only reach space and NOT staying in space
graywoulf Anos atrás
Congratulations to the first crew on a Blue Origin space flight. Godspeed Blue Origin! 👍👍🙌
SPB Trader
SPB Trader Anos atrás
60 years ago, on April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin made the world's first flight into outer space. The Vostok-1 spacecraft took off from Baikonur at 9:07 a.m. Moscow time. The flight duration was 108 minutes.
BigBadWord Anos atrás
Would've been cool to see the window views from inside the capsule. Edit: Still awesome though. Well done.
Valerie Joyce
Valerie Joyce Anos atrás
Bb s
Dirk Bergner
Dirk Bergner Anos atrás
Congrats, well done! But - calling a passenger in a space capsule on a parabolic trajectory an astronaut is a bit like calling a flight passenger a pilot... to me it seems this was more about marketing than space flight. Nevertheless, I respect the excellent engineering and flight operations.
@Dirk Bergner That's why on the first Virgin flight, they actually took experiments up - they had an actual scientist performing actual low-gravity research. Missions specialists are crew. As an aside - the 50 mile altitude isn't about marketing - never has been. If you look into the origin and meaning of the definition of space, it isn't a specific altitude - it's an area above the Earth where gravity and atmospheric forces are no longer significant factors keeping things stuck to this rock. The atmosphere changes density regularly (high pressure; low pressure) that the line moves up and down. Don't get too hung up on 50 Vs. 62 miles - the rest of the aerospace world doesn't.
Dirk Bergner
Dirk Bergner Anos atrás
@RechargeableLithium Okay, so being an astronaut is not a matter of qualification, but of a place (in terms of altitude) you used to be? This might be NASAs (marketing) view. Regarding to the FAA regulations ("Commercial Space Transportation Licenses") such people are recognized as "Human Spaceflight Participant", which is much more appropriate, I think. If they are operating(!) the spaceship, they are recognizied as "flight crew".
@Dirk - poor analogy. Astronaut wings only require flying above 50 miles (the US altitude). One doesn't have to be pilot or copilot to quality. X15 pilots are astronauts as well, BTW.
P!N Augustin LABAT
P!N Augustin LABAT Anos atrás
@Jon Ingrum totally agree, the earth is flat and reptilians are conquering the world and Donald trump is our saviour 🤡🤡🤡
Christopher Chaidez
@Jon Ingrum you religious? believe in spirituality?
TimeBucks Anos atrás
I love Wally Funk's energy.
John Reidy
John Reidy Anos atrás
@Robert Adams That was easy huh? A blanket insult. But, you are unable to show me how the space program has been worth into the Trillions! Do you have any facts Sparky, or just nonsensical bluster?
Robert Adams
Robert Adams Anos atrás
@John Reidy Good thing you're not a decision-maker. We'd still be in the stone age if you were lmao
Sheik S
Sheik S Anos atrás
Fernando Guerrero
Fernando Guerrero Anos atrás
Felicidades, el segundo gran paso para la humanidad...
gge Anos atrás
Although it achieved Mach 3, but they didn't break away gravity. Space travel is far beyond general public, but it is an achievable goal.
Abdullah Alrai
Abdullah Alrai Anos atrás
The worst part of astronaut experience was when they had to climb up the stairs instead of Elevator, it’s 2021 Blue Origin where everything is autonomous these days and yet they still go with old fashioned way. I feel bad for poor lady Ms. Wally Funk age 82, but still bravo for her enormous strength and enthusiasm.
Xecular Official
Xecular Official Anos atrás
Watching this reminded me of how high the stream quality standards are for SpaceX compared to others
Cuboy'dMC Anos atrás
@Vitryugun let's see... -ISS Docking Cameras -Several launchpad cameras for multiple launch sites -Dragon Interior Camera -Booster Ground Landing Pad Cameras -Booster Cameras -Stage 2 engine and payload Cameras Looks like high standards to me.
Emerald AXX
Emerald AXX Anos atrás
@Vitryugun The camera was in the middle of the ocean and was hit by the Falcon 9 engine directly
Tibbitts Aerospace
Tibbitts Aerospace Anos atrás
seems about the same to me
Steve McMillen
Steve McMillen Anos atrás
And they use metric telemetry as they understand their target audience for STEM and international.
Johny Walker
Johny Walker 11 meses atrás
Unbelievable :) Congratulations!
DinaBelarusachka Anos atrás
Если развлечения в старости, то только такие👍👍👍
Gohta Shiraishi
Gohta Shiraishi Anos atrás
The main positive thing is Wally finally getting to go to space after a lifetime of achievements. However with the recent conduct of Blue Origin and how they’re handling the HLS situation…. we’ll I’ve lost all respect for the organisation. Yes competition is good… if it makes you strive to perform better, but if you resort to underhanded tactics to try and put down your rivals instead of pushing yourself to perform better, we’ll you’ve missed the point entirely! So disappointed in you BO.
Jack Boot
Jack Boot Anos atrás
Excellent demonstration... of how much more advanced Spacex is.
HRK Anos atrás
Congrats Blue Origin Team, its Architects, and Jeff, u opened the Space for our kids
Сергей Кочкин
Without belittling such a historical moment. But you guys couldn't have been more modest with entitling the program. You are 60 years late with the First Human Flight. And Jeff? You took your cowboy hat to space, didn't you? Congratulations on the first cowboy hat flight!
carlosmante Anos atrás
Let's Remember that 60 years ago the Pioneer of Space Exploration and Hero of All Humanity Yuri Gagarin was the First Human in Space.
Spacegamer Anos atrás
Good job Jeff good job Marcos good job Wally good job Oliver you did amazing
Graham Walker
Graham Walker Anos atrás
The outstanding character of the flight was Wally Funk. Could hear her whoops of joy during the flight. Thank you Wally Funk for sharing your flight with us all.
Steven Escover
Steven Escover Anos atrás
Well, yes it was an accomplishment for Re-useable rocket. Secondly a good ground landing. However, no orbits around the planet were completed. Extended mission would require a heat shield probably greater that presently fitted. Also exposure to radiation once on and extended mission would require Suiting. This was something of a joy ride but as i make that statement it diminishes the hard work engineering up to this point placed into this effort. I expected more is probably closer to this effort. Rocketry is ancient space technologies Of what is required of what we must develop to explore our galaxy. Yes our galaxy just not our solar system or going to the moon or Mars
Loïc de Marcé
Loïc de Marcé Anos atrás
Congratulations, nice video! Now as people are watching this video from all over the word, launch telemetry should be in Kilometers (not in Miles and feets), just like SpaceX and other video launchs do.
Loïc de Marcé
Loïc de Marcé Anos atrás
Because the telemetry is dynamic (it changes during flight progress)! And nobody want to switch to a conversion tool while watching…
Robert Turpin
Robert Turpin Anos atrás
Google is your friend .. this launched in the US, why should we convert for YOUR laziness, I mean convenience?
munnypoltric Anos atrás
NIce! Rivian driving people to rockets before a single customer has even gone to get groceries in one
Lashing Force
Lashing Force Anos atrás
Congrats to Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos, and the other Austronauts on this major accomplishment. I'm curious....what's the name of that SUV that took the team to the launching pad? I like it!!!!
Marco Alici
Marco Alici Anos atrás
That's one giant leap for a man, but one small step for mankind.
Jones 0
Jones 0 Anos atrás
That launch was beautiful…
VisHnu K Vardhan
VisHnu K Vardhan Anos atrás
This is emotional! 👐
T Abbasi
T Abbasi Anos atrás
Bess achieved what kids dreams of character aside, what a feat!
Be Fair
Be Fair Mês atrás
hope one day anyone can afford to ride this rocket too. :)
Freches Bienchen
Freches Bienchen Anos atrás
Congratulations! This was soo incredible!
Douglas S
Douglas S Anos atrás
Thank you Wonderful endeavor! Congratulations!
iSoftlution Systems
Creo que la mejor nave la tiene VG, más cómo su despegue y aterrizaje
Fabio Ferreira Gomes
Bruce Leib
Bruce Leib Anos atrás
With what we can do with the ISS and satellites, just crossing the Karman line is required to be officially in space. I think at a full orbit should be at minimum in space
Maruis Cordier
Maruis Cordier Anos atrás
Wow the possitive energy from Wally Funk. Lesson to be learned that we must never give up on our dreams. Well done Wally Funk!. As for Jeff well done! Watched your live launch on France 24 News. Lets see if Ellion Musk is going to do better. Perhaps he will fly to the moon and back!🤣😉
Shallow Anos atrás
"Listen to the roar of the engine" Yes I'd like to, if only there wasn't a narrator talking over the sound!
DARVIN 50K Anos atrás
Heavenly father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed Amen
Kirk Claybrook
Kirk Claybrook Anos atrás
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