Repaint! Communications Officer BiBi "Bubbles" Alien Space Crew Collaboration Doll

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Beebeep..boop….boop.. receiving interstellar transmission. Bibi and the alien team abord Starship DEDE humbly requests you watch their collaboration videos. Do you accept this mission?

Collaboration partners @Enchanterium @etellan @Dolllynx
The playlist:
Mentioned in video:
@treshaja (tinting plastic)
@Mozekyto (hair tutorials)
Matt Baehr, my SFX makeup artist friend! (Matt enjoys working in the horror genre, so his artwork and makeup effects can be quite graphic and gory. Please only click if you are 18+) @m4ttd3m0n
3D STL files:
Merch! Merch! Merch!
Doll clothing patterns here:
Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest: @dollightfully
Ever After High doll: Apple White
Dremel tool, saws, various grades of sandpaper
Jewelry wire
Apoxie Sculpt
Latex Gloves
Acrylic/Plexiglass hemispheres (7cm diameter)
Tinting plexiglass: Mod podge + water + food coloring
3D Resin Printer (We have the Ender Epax-1)
Drill, carving tools, hot candle flame
Airbrush paints - Vallejo brand, mixed with thinner.
Varnish - Duraclear Matte Varnish (mixed with water when sprayed through airbrush)
Acrylic paints - Liquitex, Golden, and Alpha brands
Water Colored Pencils - Faber Castell
Pastels - Mungyo Hand-Rolled Soft Pastels
Gouache cakes (paint) - Caran D’ache
Sealant - Mr. Super Clear UV Flat by Mr. Hobby (wear a mask and spray in a ventilated area!)
Mask - Organic Vapor Particle Respirator Mask
High Gloss Varnish -Liquitex Brand
Hair - Yarn, pet hair brush, hair iron and silverware
Silicone molding supplies and silicone inks [note: silicone can be downcycled if taken to specific recycling plants. Search for one near you to responsibly dispose of silicone!]
Musical tracks from Artlist
Arcade - Evgeny Bardyuzha
Bytes - Sineyourlifeaway
Arcade Nights - Night Rider 87
Tech Knowledge - Pater Spacey
Wash - Monako
Insert Coin - Francesco D’Andrea
So Fresh - Rex Banner
Lose Myself Instrumental Version - Ryan Prewett
Engineers - Evgeny Bardyuzha
Sound Effects from
Logo and other graphics designed by: charliesparksdesign.myportfol...

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25 Set 2021



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Comentários 4 104
Toasty 4 horas atrás
I want to dye and style my hair just like her's now hahah. All 3 of my fav colors :)
Ravenna Cadieux
Ravenna Cadieux 8 horas atrás
The answer to your question about astronauts: NASA astronauts wear white suits, since white is the color that reflects the most sunlight in space, and protects them from cancer-causing solar radiation. ... When they first launch though, astronauts wear orange instead, since the bright color makes it easier for them to be spotted and rescued in an emergency. Also, love your art!
Maia Anderson
Maia Anderson 10 horas atrás
so satisfying watching you put her together
Ashley Moss
Ashley Moss 11 horas atrás
If my doll broke i would actually cry
monke 11 horas atrás
"Take her to the medbay!" drags doll away by feet.
Gatto 12 horas atrás
Changing_Bagel 13 horas atrás
Is she inspired by the middle sketch in the shopkins repaint vid?
Eliza rumm
Eliza rumm 17 horas atrás
This video has inspired me to finally go back to a couple of dolls that I've been avoiding for months- they are my first 2 repaints (2 versions of one of my D&D characters) and I messed up painting the base skin tone right at the start. Since then every aspect felt like an uphill battle and I eventually lost interest in finishing them. But, thanks to this video showing mistakes in all their glory & how you persevered and created such a beautiful doll, I'm going to try again! Thank you so much for always putting out such great content, I hope one day to make things even a fractions as lovely as you do!
Ochako Uraraka
Ochako Uraraka 21 hora atrás
Have you ever done an ant or bug doll? I think a little ant girl would look very cute.
Jasmine Xu
Jasmine Xu 22 horas atrás
actually, the defects kinda look likealien scales
Freya's Monsters
Freya's Monsters Dia atrás
love this SOOOO much. adorable.
Cristina Hodirnau
Anyone notice that her name is Bibi and she has bi colors? I love that
3xWENDY Dia atrás
I love how much you’ve grown. I remember watching you when I was younger, and I was so amazed! And to this day I’m still very amazed by your artwork and your effort into your videos!!
she reminds me of alba from subway surfers! great work as always :))
Rolan Ridgeway
Rolan Ridgeway Dia atrás
Chonky alein fren
Delpcornejo08 Dia atrás
KiKiMeMeZ Dia atrás
I was hearing among us puns, love this doll, I was afraid of the tumble she took.
Wiggle_duck Dia atrás
At this point, you must have so many loose doll legs you could make Chaos Witch Quelaag next Halloween 😂
Lil Loo
Lil Loo 2 dias atrás
That is so wonderfully FUN!!! I think you need a Dremel!
Rorokins 2 dias atrás
God, that almost-smash of the broken helmet... I both felt that immensely and howled with laughter
Annabelle Krummen
Annabelle Krummen 3 dias atrás
Can I just say when she traced the eyes and face she looked like an avocado 18:26
Adeline Sweeney-Herd
Adeline Sweeney-Herd 3 dias atrás
this is amazing!!!
amxthyst_ 3 dias atrás
Hey! I have an idea could you do zodiac sign dolls? I think you would do an amazing job
Ro 3 dias atrás
how cute, I really admire your channel!
Samuel Rytkönen
Samuel Rytkönen 3 dias atrás
The reason astronauts wear white in space is because its easy to spot against the black of space. You can see sometimes astronauts in orange, that's only in liftoff and landing. Were something to go wrong, orange is easy to spot in nature like forests and the ocean ect. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.
Elisha Kupper
Elisha Kupper 4 dias atrás
I love that you show your mistakes. Helps all the amateurs remember that none of us are perfect
Rondale Cooper
Rondale Cooper 5 dias atrás
Sooooo she loves magnets
Dayse Birkenhead
Dayse Birkenhead 5 dias atrás
But it turned out amazing
Hyper_ Ent
Hyper_ Ent 5 dias atrás
"This doll is perfect!" -hacks the doll into pieces-
Logan 5 dias atrás
The white is to deflect the light. If they were black then it would absorb more heat, which could cause problems.
Ghost 5 dias atrás
You should definitely make a doll with a mowhawk
Nemision 2 dias atrás
Rondale Cooper
Rondale Cooper 5 dias atrás
We did ... dragons.....,rainbow,' cats fairies and more... But when will we do the signs....♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♈♉ ♒♓⛎
Rondale Cooper
Rondale Cooper 5 dias atrás
Bestie Halloween is coming out and this could be your Halloween doll or either you can make. A zombie
Rondale Cooper
Rondale Cooper 5 dias atrás
I'm Gemini what is everyone's sign who watches dollightful
Dayse Birkenhead
Dayse Birkenhead 5 dias atrás
TwT I just wanted to see some bangs
Dayse Birkenhead
Dayse Birkenhead 5 dias atrás
Dayse Birkenhead
Dayse Birkenhead 5 dias atrás
You forgot themmmmmm
AwHailBree 5 dias atrás
i literally cried when you dropped and broke the helmet that medal is a purple heart for her injuries and bravery
Jessie Theran •• Watkins
and love her booty pop! lol
Jessie Theran •• Watkins
I love all of you're work. I love even more that you show the whole process flaws and issues that occured in all. I can't tell you how much I appreciate seeing the REAL process artists really go through to reach the final result! 🤍💜🤍💜
chuu006 6 dias atrás
Just a brief moment of appreciation for the editing during your epoxy hypnosis routine!! 😂😂
Rigiroony 6 dias atrás
She can have a lil bandaid over her helmets crack x3
Strawberry Doughnut
Strawberry Doughnut 6 dias atrás
OMFGGG SHES SO CUTE literally my wife
Nara Martinez
Nara Martinez 6 dias atrás
Xisis 6 dias atrás
The damaged piece is just making it look more real, glass will almost always be scratched no matter what
Ray Hokage
Ray Hokage 6 dias atrás
So basically if you combined Gamora and Uraraka (luv the doll btw)
J Glam
J Glam 6 dias atrás
Add somm more hair too her bunss twist it around
Apple McAppleton
Apple McAppleton 6 dias atrás
I was no expecting the incident during the photoshoot.
Cayla H
Cayla H 6 dias atrás
She's so cute!!!!
Chimkin_Nuggies 6 dias atrás
20:03 Ah yes, bisexual hair.
Chimkin_Nuggies 3 dias atrás
Bi hair all the way baby. XD
KitKat 4 dias atrás
I was thinking the same thing
Lemonade Powder
Lemonade Powder 6 dias atrás
I love that people in the comments are creating Headcanons and lore for the space crew
Lyric Ulvog
Lyric Ulvog 7 dias atrás
I can't begin to describe the way my heart dropped when I saw what happened near the end. It felt like someone grabbed it and yanked it to my stomach in a split second
Emily Courtright
Emily Courtright 7 dias atrás
I love her sm
Jennah Marcil
Jennah Marcil 7 dias atrás
this is sus
fisrtname lastname
fisrtname lastname 7 dias atrás
You are my favorite doll customiser! No other BRvidrs I found don't describe what they are doing as you do. It makes it so much more entertaining!
Lynn Clements
Lynn Clements 7 dias atrás
After this team is completed (not sure if more members will be added), y'all could do a "villain team". Evil alien dolls!
Blue Butterfly’s
Blue Butterfly’s 7 dias atrás
In just asking can you do a anime theme doll sorry if it doesn't match with your theme but if you do I'd say lida
Nemision 2 dias atrás
She doesn't like making pre-existing characters
Origin 8 dias atrás
I can not describe how much i love this doll! I think shell fit perfectly in the team! I think this is the doll with The most modifications youve ever done, defiently was Worth it though
Nemision 2 dias atrás
... The most modifications?? Did you not watch the dragon series? 😂
Riddle me this
Riddle me this 8 dias atrás
the colours remind me of Aurora, from the dragon series
Katerenna Gilbert
Katerenna Gilbert 8 dias atrás
That was cool great job dollightful
Virginia Tracy
Virginia Tracy 8 dias atrás
What a wonderful design! BiBi is delightful and I am in awe of your ability to turn your vision into reality. As for the use of 3D printing, I think this is a go mix. Sure, you might have been able to get more precision in some places, but remember, the body you were attaching things to wasn't precise and symmetrical, which would just have produced more problems in places. Keep up the great work😁
Haley DeTure
Haley DeTure 8 dias atrás
I feel like it happens all the time that I watch your newest video and think “Wow, this is the absolute best one yet” Amaaaziiiinnng
Stephie Corpse
Stephie Corpse 8 dias atrás
When I tell you my heart broke when I saw the first helmet cracked and broken on the floor. Glad you got a new one fixed up! Also hearing Hubbylightful saying slurm was funny
Bill Cunigan
Bill Cunigan 8 dias atrás
Cruel World
Cruel World 8 dias atrás
I can't believe you've done this
LēëĀNNe CLøVęR 8 dias atrás
I like it.
CCaithez 9 dias atrás
I have a doll idea! Make a color-changing doll! (It can be anything, but I personally would love to see the skin color change!)
Isabelle Sandelands
Isabelle Sandelands 9 dias atrás
She's so cute! I love that you choose to go classic and in your own style, it's always so refreshing
Senpai 9 dias atrás
i started crying it broke lol P.S i think u should have done a little more big buns like the picture but it alright the way it is ^^ lov eyour videos
CJ Schoenclark
CJ Schoenclark 9 dias atrás
BiBi reminds me of a Giesha
Steachii 9 dias atrás
Your doll-self's outfit is really cute! 💕
G0lden * Chain
G0lden * Chain 9 dias atrás
Why do I imagine bibi with a heavy Russian accent
Bae!! 9 dias atrás
I wonder how she would approach a scene kid doll. I see that’s she has dabbled into some more cute styles and also goth. I think it would look cool!
Sandra Archer
Sandra Archer 9 dias atrás
That video deserved a "Thumbs up" just for your dedication - and stubornness. And yes, 3D-printing is great and all. But seeing you creating all of this awesomeness is so wholesome. Please keep doing this and showing us wonderful and magical adventures.
Tonje Andrea
Tonje Andrea 9 dias atrás
she is so amazing! i love the helmet
Monochrome_Gaming 9 dias atrás
the other 3 are like epic and cool then there is the smol and cute one
Lillien Shaer
Lillien Shaer 9 dias atrás
love the color palette. Bibi confirmed trans?
{ItsGachaPlaytime} 10 dias atrás
Uh, hey Kathrine, sense its now October, can you pleese make an FNaF (Five Night at Freddy's) doll for this halloween? I, I understand if you don't want to but, I just raelly want to see an FNaF doll.
Ellie Cullen
Ellie Cullen 10 dias atrás
Never look at bibi's face it looks like She's Hearing some bad news
-Lil Mushroom-
-Lil Mushroom- 10 dias atrás
She really said yet to the legs 😂
Poptart Kun
Poptart Kun 10 dias atrás
Bob Rob
Bob Rob 10 dias atrás
0:43 second in I just got a mention that most alien species would probably look something similar to us if they evolved kind of like us which I perfume is the most efficient human design unless they cut so you know the climbing abilities in the strength but you know we're all look similar and I believe that aliens would look similar to
Drumstick Boi
Drumstick Boi 10 dias atrás
Katherine: sewing the doll's spine together with wire Me who had scoliosis surgery: 👁👄👁
Trista McCorkle
Trista McCorkle 10 dias atrás
Green skinn, bright pink hair, and pink eyes? Aurora have a buddy~
Fragil_Divine 10 dias atrás
This video is very sus among us XD
Katherine Bartels
Katherine Bartels 10 dias atrás
I was always wondering where she lived this was really weird finding out that she lived in Korea I knew it was not America though
Potato Lord
Potato Lord 10 dias atrás
Just me or is this alien lookin' kinda *T H I C C*
Potato Lord
Potato Lord 10 dias atrás
In all seriousness she's so cute and smol!
Chelle Dawn
Chelle Dawn 10 dias atrás
She's so cute! Great job!
Juno G
Juno G 10 dias atrás
i know it probably wasnt intentional but i love how her legs are the colors of the trans pride flag
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis 11 dias atrás
I think the magnets in Dede’s skull are part of her communication system. She is what she does. In her species the antenna transmit thoughts & when she became a cyborg, the magnets in her skull allow her to pick up, translate & transmit communications from the ship or other planets
Deniz Zabci
Deniz Zabci 11 dias atrás
I seriously feel a burden in my heart seeing the accident in the end! Oh my... Glad you could fix it and hope it wasn't too hard.
honeyandjosh 11 dias atrás
I have something to tell you when I was nine I always used to love you but did you ever do any dolls that work any stranger in this one
Nemision 2 dias atrás
Could you please repeat the question? I got that you loved her when you were 9, but that's about it..
Piper Lee
Piper Lee 11 dias atrás
As an amateur astronomer, this is definitely my favourite collaboration doll thus far… she’s so cute 😍😍
The fluffy Hufflepuff
The fluffy Hufflepuff 11 dias atrás
It looks like aurora the dragon in color scheme
Bxiscuts UwU
Bxiscuts UwU 11 dias atrás
‘Does it come in pink though?’ Dollightful, 2021
Megan Davis
Megan Davis 11 dias atrás
I want to be a part of this universe with a Raptoroid "Intelligent Dinosaur" alien thing.
Isabel Juranty
Isabel Juranty 11 dias atrás
Honestly, seeing all the tiny details and tricks you use while making dolls not only tells me how thoughtfully you plan out your projects, but how smart you are. You do things I wouldn't even think of like making sure the holes were level for her antennas to poke out of. I would've just gone with my initial dots and then notice the difference later on. You are a genius
NCT VELVET 11 dias atrás
2:13 this rlly helped me a lot!
nightclaw 11 dias atrás
Here’s a tip so if you make a mold for something don’t cut straight down or what ever cut in a jigsaw pattern or boxes to make it more sacuer and have a less chanson of leaks but still add tape ( I’m not a professional I just watch a lot of art channels like yours)
Bow Gachatuber
Bow Gachatuber 11 dias atrás
Give her a spaceship and make a movie It'll make Star Wars look boring. I WANT A MOVIE WITH BIBI 💖💖💖💖
Aimee Jones
Aimee Jones 11 dias atrás
I seriously love your work, but this is the cutest!! I love the contrast between hard and soft materials. SO MUCH!
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