Removing My Breast Implants... *Emotional Surgery Day* 

Montana & Ryan
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I've been waiting for this day for 6 months. Breast Implant Illness is so real & I can't believe how alive I felt after I woke up. Looking back at this & seeing my eyes and skin made me so emotional.
Thank you, God. Thank you guys for loving & supporting me through all of this & I hope my experience makes you realize you never have to be anything but your natural self. Nothing in this world is more important than your health.
Thank you Dee Hicks, Dr Rankin, & the Aqua Plastic Surgery team (Jupiter, Florida) for taking such good care of me & caring so much about this illness! They made me feel beyond comfortable & reassured that this was the best decision I've made!
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we love u :)

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12 Mai 2022



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@sydneyswartz8478 Anos atrás
The way Ryan cares for Montana and the way he loves her is everything. I’m so proud of Montana for getting through this. She’s so strong. I’m so proud of Ryan for being there for her every step of the way. I love y’all so much🤎🤎
@Bluestar14100 Anos atrás
You were seriously glowing after the surgery. You had NO puffiness in your face. Love you all and praying for a speedy recovery. I’m so proud of you ❤️
@Simi769 Anos atrás
Ryan, if you see this. What a man you are seriously. I would only hope to be like you when i find my queen. You two are meant to be. Both of you, are lucky to have eachother. Life will only get better from this. Happiness is here to stay now, with you guys.! ❤
@morganweier970 Anos atrás
Ryan looking at the pictures of her while she’s in surgery, the flowers and him saying “I’m gonna be here right when you wake up” - Ryan is so supportive and that is what Montana deserves each and every day ❤️❤️
@kamilleburton9588 Anos atrás
She is such a deserving and genuine human being, and Ryan is such a good support system for her. I adore y'alls love!
@lisaemery2842 Anos atrás
Poor girl is gonna feel a million times better. Soooo proud of you Montana and thank you for sharing your story ….. you can help so many other women that struggle
@frejamorrison8249 Anos atrás
omg this broke me, seeing you cry like that. 😓you’re so so so strong Montana! I’m so happy and so so so proud of you!!! ❤️ wishing you the quickest and easiest recovery!!! So so so proud of you! YOU DID IT 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻
So glad she got them out.. made me cry when y’all cried waiting 6 months is a long time but it done and the recovery is here. Looking forward to seeing how your health progresses..
you can see how much ryan cares for montana and it’s amazing i love your alls relationship ❤
I love you guys! You’re so strong tana and I hope this makes you instantly feel better❤️
@strrts5135 Anos atrás
So proud that u were strong enough to take this step!!!
@ashleerenee9314 Anos atrás
i’m so happy that your going to be so healthy and happy now montana. your so strong. and it’s so cute how ryan loves you so much and he takes care of you. y’all have true love.
@lucymckee7518 Anos atrás
I full on cried at this. It’s so beautiful to see a woman who did what she needed to do to take her health back and a husband who genuinely cares for her.
@nuriyahlewis5260 Anos atrás
I'm so happy for you Montana. I'm praying for you everyday and you're so lucky to have someone like Ryan to take care of you. I'm wishing nothing but the best for you guys and for your recovery Montana. I wish I could give you a big hug 😩❤️😭.
@iamrxmero Anos atrás
aww, I'm so proud of you montana! I pray that you have a speedy and healthy recovery! Sending lots of love!
@sarahhancock6975 Anos atrás
Montana there is a huge difference in the way you look and sound! Your face is glowing and swelling has definitely gone down in your face. I’m so happy for healthy Montana to shine. You’re awesome! 💛
we love you, Montana! you're looking even greater and even more gorgeous than you were pre-surgery. Ryan is such the perfect man to take care of you--he's so loving, caring, thoughtful, and just very genuine <33
@cyberwolf367 Anos atrás
We're so proud of you Montana, I mean to go through this whole process I can't imagine how hard it must've been for you, but sweet heart you made it❤ and We're all gonna be here for you, I wish you good healing process, and we love y'all
@breannabeers Anos atrás
Montana, I just want to say that I’m incredibly sorry that you went through this after something you were so excited to get done, but like Ryan said “all gone” no more toxic implants for you, and I too truly see the reduced inflammation in your face 💞 I am so happy to see you feeling better, and you look amazing!!!
@caasiapodaca6090 Anos atrás
When you started thanking everyone for the support I was bawling my eyes out 🥺 you are so brave Montana we are all so proud of you!! You are glowing and definitely look freakin amazing after surgery! Ryan you’re so sweet, take care of Montana for all of us 🥰❤️