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James Charles and more speak out on the tragic passing of gamer and vlogger Desmond Amofah, who was found deceased a week after going missing.
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Remembering Etika: BRvidrs React to His Death | E! News


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25 Jun 2019

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Comentários 4 367
E! News
E! News 2 horas atrás
The default upload setting for our videos is to run ads. We've disabled them as well as the "likes" number as neither are appropriate at this time. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Charles Powell
Charles Powell Hora atrás
E! News aint even know this man🤷🏾‍♂️and im on youtube a lot
Tommy Rue
Tommy Rue Hora atrás
E! News Alright m8 🙌
Cravemoons _
Cravemoons _ Hora atrás
The fact that you did this doesnt change the fact that you are still pulling in numbers from this headline
anavan7 Hora atrás
E! News, it would be a good gesture if you put in the video description of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call 1-800-273-8255.
thebreathlessfirewolf28 0
Turn adds on and put that you're sending all proceeds to Suicide prevention at the end of the video or the comment.
roblex63 Hora atrás
These young people just can't seem to handle the real world...they need to get a grip..
Israel Cooper
Israel Cooper Hora atrás
He uploaded a video. BRvid takes it down Why the hell would BRvid say that it was “violating terms of service”
Carlo Flores
Carlo Flores Hora atrás
How can you sleep at night knowing you worked on this video?
Elizabeth Ray
Elizabeth Ray Hora atrás
This wasn't what I was hoping, dang dude I'm sorry for his family
Why he do it?
S Hora atrás
Never heard of him before.
Averdie Hora atrás
R.I.P. he was one of the greatest youtubers but I dont know the full story of why he died. I hope he is playing super mario maker 2 whenever he is. One thing for sure is he is somewhere up in the sky. He created many funny memories for people and should have lived on for many more years. BRvid should have treated him better. It was not his fault. Again I hope he is having a good time up there. It wasnt his fault. BRvid has been gettng worse and worse slowly but it had gont to far
Jayden Calderon
Jayden Calderon Hora atrás
Quit milking his death. You’re just trying to milk his death. This is why TV is dying. You people have no respect.
MultiZernaez Hora atrás
This video is disgusting clickbait, no wonder you disabled the likes and dislikes
Ex_Kamicaze Hora atrás
It’s not my birthday Like for Honesty
Toast Fairy
Toast Fairy Hora atrás
We are JOYCONBOYZ for life!
Ricardo Pascow
Ricardo Pascow Hora atrás
Yeah ok sad about Etika and all but boogie!!! go you boi!
DD and Flinter are the best
Than 0 1 Less
Than 0 1 Less Hora atrás
Sure James Charles... sure...
FBI Hora atrás
F in chat boys 😔
Gluten Free Depression
I wonder if the "oof" sound triggered when he jumped
Quinten Phillippi
Quinten Phillippi Hora atrás
Heavenly Settings
Heavenly Settings Hora atrás
RIP Etika I feel like I'm getting stabbed in the heart but somehow I'm alive. Sorry Desmond
Arturo Robles
Arturo Robles Hora atrás
Silly monket
Levi Steele
Levi Steele Hora atrás
Rest In Peace Etika your streams and videos always made my life a little easier
Bts_lover Hora atrás
R.I.P i don't know you but you had lots of fan who loved you 💞💞
Hello Bye
Hello Bye Hora atrás
Who cares
NoName TV
NoName TV Hora atrás
R.I.P 😭😭
Alrighty Mighty
Alrighty Mighty Hora atrás
R.I.P Etika, you will be missed FOREVER. 💔
Minato Namikaze
Minato Namikaze Hora atrás
I don’t know him but REST I. PEACE
RandomLostChild Hora atrás
I don't like how all of a sudden somebody dies and then all of these people act know this person and been with them since the beginning, now I know Etika had fans but it was never that many.
E news,
Aibert521 Hora atrás
I didn't really watch him, only a few times, but I feel really sad after hearing the news about his death because he seemed like such a positive dude. He just wanted to entertain others and the fact that he meant a lot to others and now that he's gone is heartbreaking. Rest in power Etika.
Elieshuh Hora atrás
Etika should do a reaction video to this own death.
tont roman
tont roman Hora atrás
He wants to be buried infront of the BRvid head quarters and anime pu**y playin and it sayin no bi**h nibbas lets make his last dream true😭😭😭😔
Matt D
Matt D Hora atrás
I saw a lot of other Internet personalities (some who even worked with him) who had a lot to say. Could’ve gotten more than just two people. It’s better to be thorough than first.
Mouf XD
Mouf XD Hora atrás
I don’t know why you guys are so surprised to see corporate news outlets putting ads on this video. Welcome to the real world where people won’t care about you until you are dead, only to profit off of it.
Danny Qin
Danny Qin Hora atrás
This is so sad, this is very real and I will miss all the memes that he has birthed
Trinity Hora atrás
1 like = 1 RIP Etika
Rohan Mehrotra
Rohan Mehrotra Hora atrás
I loved his splatoon 2 vids
Erikisgeiy Hora atrás
James charles probably has no idea who etika is.
Kaji Fitzpatrick
Kaji Fitzpatrick Hora atrás
Andrej Gicev
Andrej Gicev Hora atrás
This disrespectful you delete his last words his Chanel and put ads on the video smh
anavan7 Hora atrás
Careful everyone make sure to touch base on friends and family with mental illness and or depression. This may cause a ripple effect like Anthony Bourdain after hearing about Kate Spade's passing. RIP young man and hope others that need help are seeking it or have a support line.
Haroon B
Haroon B Hora atrás
Whenever I watch him now, it'll never be the same. He thought there was no way out, we failed him. LONG LIVE THE JOYCONBOYZ
lps moon aj
lps moon aj Hora atrás
Omg etika why I'm so sorry he was having problems and everyone just made expose videos and now look where he is people are so messed up omg
"The Revolution Will Not Be Televised""The Revolution Will Not Be Televised""The Revolution Will Not Be Televised""The Revolution Will Not Be Televised""The Revolution Will Not Be Televised""The Revolution Will Not Be Televised""The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"
DanielWhiteVans Hora atrás
No lie thought this was just a publicity stunt.
Beach Bum
Beach Bum Hora atrás
cause of death , i guarantee it was drug related
Free Bird
Free Bird Hora atrás
Rip Etika. He didn't even finish Battle Tendency
Monster Riuz
Monster Riuz Hora atrás
Bro...I just sub....R.I.P
Mr.BlackFro Hora atrás
The internet is an odd place. On one hand it may seem that you can meet people with the same interests as you and gain support, but on the other hand there are a lot of people who are suffering and nobody knows. But it is our duty to make sure that we help those in need, before it's too late. We lost a king. Etika may not have seen himself as someone great, but we did! And so, we will let his existing videos serve as a memorial for what he was, and what he always will be in our hearts. Rest In Peace🙏
RandomLostChild Hora atrás
You were our God Etika, but too good for this world. May you rest in peace... 🙏😔
chun gus
chun gus Hora atrás
The Queen
The Queen Hora atrás
Did anybody else watch CoryXKenshins video on this? Or is it just me..
Achilles_Wing Hora atrás
Rip brother , we are fragile
DeadlyMffin Hora atrás
"hey, whats goin on! ur boy is back" rip etika
Hayley Robinson
Hayley Robinson Hora atrás
What is Etika's channel called
Jiggly Nutts
Jiggly Nutts Hora atrás
Hayley Robinson Etika World Network Channel but that was deleted the past year because of pornographic videos, which was posted by Etika himself because of his mental breakdown?
Ancient Warrior
Ancient Warrior Hora atrás
I saw an article about Etika's death in a site, which I though to be fake. I searched it up myself, now I'm heart broken.
The Great Eldian Empire
I'll watch Attack on Titan till the end for you Etika.
Name Change 94
Name Change 94 Hora atrás
RIP Gerold from Hey Arnold
Re4pZy Hora atrás
I used to watch clips of his stream cause I could never get some time to watch his stream live and now I can never do that Rest In Peace you will live on in our hearts Etika
Enveigh Hora atrás
*_RIP Etika the Twitch//Smash Bros community will miss you..._* 💔
Corbin Archie
Corbin Archie Hora atrás
Pray for our meme god etika
Anime Seks Doll
Anime Seks Doll Hora atrás
Clown world
fmoa Hora atrás
stop doing the drugs and you gonna be ok..dude probly owe coke money to somebody
Hello Bye
Hello Bye Hora atrás
Redranger981 Hora atrás
RIP Etika
Bo Hora atrás
LowGahNo Hora atrás
Am I the only one crying?
Hepoxity Hora atrás
I’m still trying to rap my head around the fact that there will never be another etika livestream. Absolutely heartbroken 😔
Pancakes Pancakes
Pancakes Pancakes Hora atrás
Some people really do push other people to scuicide huh... bullies
She sounds like a robot.
AntiGhoul X
AntiGhoul X Hora atrás
You’ll be blessed🙏 Like to activate
Nathan L
Nathan L Hora atrás
I feel like BRvid put this at #1 on Trending just to apologize for taking down Etika’s suicide note video. How convenient that this video doesn’t mention that BRvid took it down.
Ani-P Hora atrás
Can we get his channel back now, BRvid? And his final video as well? Those were the man's last words to the world.
xboxfullauto1000 Hora atrás
Ani-P they said it promoted self harm or suicide so if it was bc of that reason they still wont do it i believe (talking about last video)
Tuan Movie
Tuan Movie Hora atrás
sheeneasheen Hora atrás
RIP I never knew who he was but I feel the pain his fans are going thru and instantly burst into tears. RIP ETIKA😔😔🙏🙏🤞🏿
Daniel Sauceda
Daniel Sauceda Hora atrás
Take the whole video down if you have a shred of decency, not your place to speak E! News
XVMincraft7582 GD
XVMincraft7582 GD Hora atrás
That’s really sad he’s gone I can’t believe it I feel really sorry for his family his friends his fans you will be missed❤️❤️
Mako Hora atrás
Gacha Doge
Gacha Doge Hora atrás
M M Hora atrás
Why is James Charles tweet about etika now deleted? Backlash?
Hoodini milo
Hoodini milo Hora atrás
Yo that’s disrespectful man he just passed and you made a video on him? Instead of talking about metal illness and how to get help
XENOX Hora atrás
Who cares he's not asian
Zion Haze
Zion Haze Hora atrás
My Music
My Music Hora atrás
Idk who this is but R.I.P no hate🙌
ANGELO DW Hora atrás
He was great
Nitroz 898
Nitroz 898 Hora atrás
Aidan Boyce
Aidan Boyce Hora atrás
Although I have never watched his videos, or have really known him, I can see himself as a influence for all his viewers. BRvidrs like him are the ones that just make you smile even after all you have been through. He most likely helped with some viewers struggling with depression and/or suicidal thoughts. But whatever the internet did to him, it overcame him and he suffered from that. We all wish we could’ve help him, but he’s gone sadly. I wish I could of watched his videos, but for whatever reason he was banned. Rest In Peace to a influence, entertainer, and king.
Anonymous Hack
Anonymous Hack Hora atrás
So many people didn’t know this person. Yet after his death, everything about him becomes viral... This world is sick.
xboxfullauto1000 Hora atrás
Anonymous Hack what should happen from youre POV then? Should they not cover the death of an important youtuber unless they personally watched him? How would u qualify personally watching him? Think before you speak (or type) please
Jonathan Hora atrás
Ravenatortly Hora atrás
Etika's up top playing Smash with Iwata and the big dogs now. May he rest in peace
furry gamer360
furry gamer360 Hora atrás
I will always remember when he said SAAAANNNSS
Ryan Kilpatrick
Ryan Kilpatrick Hora atrás
This dude litterally looks like Fresh from Subway Surfers
Servin 909
Servin 909 2 horas atrás
rip rip rip
Bluddy Pleb
Bluddy Pleb 2 horas atrás
Who’s etika?
Bluddy Pleb
Bluddy Pleb Hora atrás
Nathan L wait don’t tell me this is the guy from them memes if so ima cry
Nathan L
Nathan L Hora atrás
A popular reaction BRvidr/streamer. Most well known for his Nintendo reactions. He’s been experiencing mental issues in the past few months, and has gotten two channels deleted because of it.
Yourdailylooman 2 horas atrás
May he rest in pieces cross ✝️
Kyla Brooks
Kyla Brooks 2 horas atrás
Rip Etika. His heart has moved on to a better place💖
GALACTUSside 2 horas atrás
I would love to see how many dislikes this video has. Thanks, BRvid!
Dominic Vasquez
Dominic Vasquez 2 horas atrás
inXine 2 horas atrás
i wasnt a fan rly but i watched some of his videos. cant believe hes dead.
Vbandz Productions
Vbandz Productions 2 horas atrás
Somebody please tell me what happened because this my first time hearing about this.
Nathan L
Nathan L Hora atrás
Etika is a reaction BRvidr and streamer known mainly for his over-the-top reactions to Nintendo content. In October, he posted a cryptic video and then uploaded porn to his channel, getting it deleted. He came back a week later saying that he was alright, and that he went through mental issues. Around March (I’m not sure what the month was), he went cryptic again, uploaded porn to his backup channel again, and got another channel deleted. After this, many fans were upset and didn’t forgive him, as this was the second time it had happened, after he had said it wouldn’t happen again. He’s been on the edge ever since, much more passive aggressive in his videos. On the 20th, he posted an 8 minute video saying he was sorry and that he’d miss out on so much stuff in the future. He went missing after that video. Nothing about him was found until a body turned up in a river off of what I think was the Manhattan bridge, and he was confirmed as the body this morning.
Satrix 2 horas atrás
How do the new York police know that was etikas body? He could have taken an airplane to iceland or something without his phone and Wallet. None knows for sure yet that he is actually dead
Nathan L
Nathan L Hora atrás
He’d need his passport, and the FBI had already filed a missing person case after he had gone missing. Plus, the body and face was almost certainly recognizable, and he was wearing the same clothes as in his last video. I wish that this was a stunt too, but there’s almost no chance. unless you’re baiting then kudos
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