Relaxing Piano Music. Soothing Melody for Sleep, Meditation, Massage, Pregnancy

Meditation Relax Music
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Meditation Relax Music Channel presents Instrumental Piano music is so relaxing. Relax your mind and body during this musical composition. Enjoy the Calm music for Meditation, Sound therapy, Romantic, Massage, Sleeping Music, Love and Relaxation. Just imagine...

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Music Author: Grey Houston. Original language of this video description is English. All other translations were made by Google Translator. Sorry for any inconvenience !!
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22 Mai 2015



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Xayah best Grill
Xayah best Grill 10 dias atrás
geiler feder limp dick auf dem nackten kopf der frau
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JennyPrincess Choi
JennyPrincess Choi 5 meses atrás
Nhuzim Basir
Nhuzim Basir 6 meses atrás
Marcia 8 meses atrás
This really helps me from depression and negative things in my mind It just disappears
Murad Rehimli
Murad Rehimli 3 meses atrás
can you help me?i find one music
Holy Shit
Holy Shit 10 meses atrás
Listen to this alone in the dark while watching a fire😍
Murad Rehimli
Murad Rehimli 3 meses atrás
can you help me?i find one music.
Bhupinder Singh
Bhupinder Singh Anos atrás
johny shril
johny shril Anos atrás
Whenever I hear this song I entered in to the new world it reduce my stress.. i feel like happy to hear this.. thank u
Chassea Coste
Chassea Coste Anos atrás
I use this music to read it helps a lot to concentrate thank u
Francis Mausley
Francis Mausley Anos atrás
Heavenly! "Musical melodies are, therefore, those peculiar effects produced by, or from, vibration. However, they have the keenest effect upon the spirit. In sooth, although music is a material affair, yet its tremendous effect is spiritual, and its greatest attachment is to the realm of the spirit." ~ Baha'i Writings
Alex John
Alex John Anos atrás
What the name of the song 0:00
Omar Ashraf
Omar Ashraf Anos atrás
Track list PLEASE
rockafeller330 Anos atrás
You know what this music makes me think of? It makes me think of all the dark images in my head. The things I hear night after night. How I feel I have never really been anything worth the time of my best friend and all of my other friends. I feel like a waste to the family, and a loss of effort to those who have tried to help me. I watch all of them now.. Watching them grow to be happier by the day.. Getting better lives.. Boyfriends and Girlfriends turned into fiancees and husbands and wives. Better jobs.. Better living.. Better friends than I could ever be. All while I strive in the same ways they do.. I fight the ways they do.. the ways they have told me to.. yet I still get no where.. rejected for jobs.. rejected for relationships.. Rejected for doing things for my friends.. And I feel like a total nuisance. Call me emo.. Call me whatever you will.. hell even tell me to kill myself. But that's the truth. It's saddening and it's repulsive. Bi-polar, depression, severe anxiety, constant abuse in what little relationships I have had making me scared to try again, and PTSD.. All the mental problems a proven diagnosis by verified psychiatrists. Yet here I lay in my bed.. Wondering that maybe tomorrow might be the time for me to get better.. maybe something good might happen.. But I'm sure I know what will really happen.
Quick Bunneh
Quick Bunneh Anos atrás
I’m playing this music rn while I’m in my room with my dog falling asleep on my bed with me 🙂
Lekima Fiji
Lekima Fiji Anos atrás
Love the music❤puts my niece to sleep everytime✌
Ивайло Иванов
I relax
Bobby Sowards
Bobby Sowards Anos atrás
I am soo sleepy
Ana Benjak
Ana Benjak Anos atrás
Very nice
Ana Benjak
Ana Benjak Anos atrás
Milica Radan
Milica Radan Anos atrás
This is really beautiful! U have sub from me! ^^
karthik p
karthik p 2 anos atrás
Regina Powell
Regina Powell 2 anos atrás
So very relaxing beautiful music
Marvin Staples
Marvin Staples 2 anos atrás
This how I choose to go to rest. Relaxing to some good peaceful music.
Adrian Wilson
Adrian Wilson 2 anos atrás
Thank you for the soft and relaxing music it really helps when the overwhelming sad emotions are there pulling me down.
wessam abu-moflah
wessam abu-moflah 2 anos atrás
Xjdjfihcdvfflf jzhgdjc kxjdhhfhsn jdjxnfhg ،،،،😎
serato musami
serato musami 2 anos atrás
So relaxing......
Zerouki barcelona
Zerouki barcelona 2 anos atrás
tnx so much
Melting Doggo
Melting Doggo 2 anos atrás
I give you my thanks, for my birthday on October 28 the day I turn 11. My aunt gave me this book, and it shows the people who read it how to draw a vast variety of dogs. So far I’ve drawn a greyhound and half a dashund, and while I’m coloring the dashund right now, I’m listening to this. Alone in my room, in my bed, drawing a variety of dogs. This is truly a very relaxing moment, and for you giving me this relaxing music to accompany me in my relaxation is truly kind, you’ll have a new subscriber, and a person to happyily get notifications of these wonderful videos from this truly wonderful channel. Thank you.
nik firdaus
nik firdaus 2 anos atrás
forgive me and thanks for all memories that you left to me. i will keep safe.
nik firdaus
nik firdaus 2 anos atrás
forgive me and thanks for all memories that you left inside me. i love you
nik firdaus
nik firdaus 2 anos atrás
forgive me and thanks for all memories that you left inside me. i love you
nik firdaus
nik firdaus 2 anos atrás
forgive me and thanks for all memories that you left inside me. i love you
Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye 2 anos atrás
the uncle of HM Shnina pass from here ..
BluePlazma9k 2 anos atrás
The best masterpiece so far
Nawaz Fahad
Nawaz Fahad 2 anos atrás
I'm feeling like crying while listening to this.
Natron 2 anos atrás
I have a cracked rib and its a little hard to sleep, and I've always found soothing music like this really helps you while you're in pain. Thanks again.
Midnigh† Eçlipse
Midnigh† Eçlipse 2 anos atrás
Going to sleep with this -3-
Smelly 2 anos atrás
Wow so good i love it!
Molly H
Molly H 2 anos atrás
Played this for my hospice patient who couldn't sleep, and he passed out within 3 minutes of it playing!
DAACNM 2 anos atrás
Just breathtaking when you feel every note as it’s played. Touches the heart in a way where life becomes more precious once you tune in to your emotions...
Tyler Larkey
Tyler Larkey 2 anos atrás
I like this kind of music. I want our world to live at harmony with this kind of music.
6 9
6 9 2 anos atrás
3:01:38 the best part🔊
Yasmin Nicole
Yasmin Nicole 2 anos atrás
I really enjoyed this
Wolfie_ Gaming
Wolfie_ Gaming 2 anos atrás
this helps me sleep when I need it
yinny 2 anos atrás
LOL "Pregnancy" lemme just go over here and be pregnant for a bit while i listen to this instrumental lmao
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis 2 anos atrás
Great for keeping your mind clear and blocking out other noise when typing up a long paper
Layla_ Slime
Layla_ Slime 2 anos atrás
good job who did all this piano he must worked has on it and this is my FAVORITE one it's good smoothie and clean
Rachel Larson
Rachel Larson 2 anos atrás
The title of this music says it's for pregnancy. will I get pregnant from listening to it???
mishka Dazzel
mishka Dazzel 2 anos atrás
Listening to it i directly fell into sleep its sooo smooth
MixterMaddy Gaming
MixterMaddy Gaming 2 anos atrás
CheesePolitics Gaming
CheesePolitics Gaming 2 anos atrás
like a loving mother's embrace, cradling you until your eyes feel heavy, and you start to drift away down the tunnel of dreams
Jose Casas
Jose Casas 2 anos atrás
joseph havnes
joseph havnes 2 anos atrás
The music was fine untill I saw for pregnancys!
Echode Bunny
Echode Bunny 3 anos atrás
I would hear this basically when I want to do a project or when I want to relax or maby just to study, read a book, and see something just to get my mind off of. I want to say, Thank you for making this music, it has been a huge help.
The Kittenzz
The Kittenzz 3 anos atrás
when listening to this i fell fast asleep yay
Elisabeth Cruz
Elisabeth Cruz 3 anos atrás
Thank you I finally did my homework calmly
Abbas Shahi
Abbas Shahi 3 anos atrás
Jay Touhey
Jay Touhey 3 anos atrás
I'm not religious by any means but if God put out a record , I'm listening to it ^..
Bri Trche
Bri Trche 3 anos atrás
the song made me cry😒 but i still like it .😊
Kaze 2 anos atrás
whats the music
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