Relationship Q&A while he cuts my hair 

Charles & Mishca
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Charles cuts hair for the FIRST TIME and us answering your questions about our relationship.

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30 Set 2023



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An Dy
An Dy 2 anos atrás
She looks pretty after haircut ❤️ short hair suits you your husband did a great job
Charles & Mishca
Charles & Mishca 2 anos atrás
Thank you so much! 🥰 🙏🏻 Maybe next time THE HUSBAND gets a haircut to balance things off!! 😂🤣😅
LakbayNiTrooper 2 anos atrás
Keep on vlogging boss charles😁
MrGretzky9966 2 anos atrás
he did a great job on your hair. you should let him keep it short for you. suits you best short. you look great with a new outfit to go with the new look. maybe a new dress and some oxford heels
Nor Effendi
Nor Effendi Mês atrás
Do this again, next time please? Next time she has to face the wall and let her back face the camera so that we can see how he cuts her hair
Texdillo Anos atrás
Short hair looks amazing!
ken stover
ken stover Anos atrás
I;m a licensed barber/stylist and i think she is so cute that she would haved looks stunning and beautiful in one of the undercut (clippercut) pixies women are wearing now.
Keri Hatgirl
Keri Hatgirl 2 anos atrás
She may have said he did a good job cutting all her hair off, but she looks very upset at how short her hair is now. That was quite a drastic haircut.
Charles & Mishca
Charles & Mishca 2 anos atrás
Lol! You have a point 🤣😭😂
Keri Hatgirl
Keri Hatgirl 2 anos atrás
I think you should have had a discussion about how much you wanted cut off before you let him loose on your hair with the shears.
Josh Oman
Josh Oman 2 anos atrás
I think a. A line or angled bob with clipperd nape or undercut would have been super cute
Ferdie Manuel
Ferdie Manuel 3 meses atrás
Pretty much short hair😍😍😍👍
2018 Student LIM JIA YANG
I liked her better with long hair.
fans__bara__defan 4 meses atrás
She look dam pretty
Sherwyn Tejano
Sherwyn Tejano 2 anos atrás
Go boss charles
Mike k
Mike k 2 anos atrás
Your pretty face and thick hair, you would rock a pixie cut.
Jerry O
Jerry O Anos atrás
Wow you look good with short hair a lot better than with a long you should keep it short or maybe go shorter I agree with some of the other posts you would look good with a really super short bob or a pixie maybe you could do a 2-year or one-year whatever question thing and let your hubby cut you a pixie it is only hair it will grow back
Angelo 2 anos atrás
no turning back ..... it's cut!
Suneeta Dogiparthi
Suneeta Dogiparthi Anos atrás
Nice haircut
D1 2 anos atrás
Should have had a camera at back too to show what was happening, maybe run video in split view?
Charles & Mishca
Charles & Mishca 2 anos atrás
Better get another camera working next time! ✌🏻☺️
D1 2 anos atrás
@Charles & Mishca lol plenty of time for that by time your hair grows that long again
Dida Travel
Dida Travel Anos atrás
Do you like it or too short haircut
aline sophia
aline sophia Anos atrás
joli carré court
Fahran Ali
Fahran Ali 2 anos atrás
Ahmad Oji
Ahmad Oji Anos atrás
So look beautiful lady, next video goes to bald haircut?m
sam 0906
sam 0906 Anos atrás
She look dam pretty