Reflecting on the Color of My Skin

Marques Brownlee
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4 Jun 2020



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Comentários 80
Unknown Mafia
Unknown Mafia 2 horas atrás
CJinRealLife 3 horas atrás
Much love, Marquez!!!!! Stay humble, stay awesome, and stay true to your core, because you're an amazing human being and very inspirational to many!
Anton Taylor
Anton Taylor 5 horas atrás
Good job on linking marxists organization like BLM ... shame but I understand it’s how humans work they tend to favor their own kind ...
MN Z 7 horas atrás
Only uneducated and ignorant would focus on race, you made your brand on your own talent and your race has nothing to do with that. Many politicians or race hustlers like to fan systemic racism every four years before the election for political gain. Racism may exist but not like it was before, this country had proved that twice in 2008 and 2012 when Obama won the election easily. If America was systemic racist then he would not had been reelected but he won reelection it was not a close election it was a blow out. The narrative that systemic racism exist, is to keep people divided. America today is great, you can open any business you want and no one can stop you from pursuing that other than your own self. Many people would keep pushing the victim hood mentality but lets face it their are no former slaves are still alive today and their is no former slave owners alive today. Pushing this narrative is making people feel victim when they are not and that is why we keep hearing all this nonsense that you have to be this color to be a millionaire or only this color gets seen by the cops which is nonsense. This country may not be perfect but the fact that it is always correcting itself to undo the bad is progress this movement that we had is not change its keeping this country stagnant identically.
David Makovec
David Makovec 9 horas atrás
I have never seen you as a black guy doing videos. Its juts not my world. I compare you with all the order guys, doesnt matter what colour they are. Keep on creating your great reviews.
Joel Kungu
Joel Kungu 12 horas atrás
I look up to you because I don’t see much black tech people on this platform and I’m happy about that. And you really used your voice and I respect you for that.
futuretech 14 horas atrás
it's nice to be a successful black millionaire in such a racist country. we've recently had a black president for 8 years in such a racist country. every year professional sports is creating more and more black millionaire athletes in such a racist country. yes, we definitely have a crisis of racism in the united states. this is a priority that must be addressed through mass demonstrations, marches and protests.
Maria Daniel
Maria Daniel 16 horas atrás
Would love to see you collaborate with more black creators, especially black female creators.
Ryan TheAllKnowing
Ryan TheAllKnowing 16 horas atrás
The most important thing in determining the success of a child is having a mother and father in the same household. Children raised by single mothers are severely disadvantaged. It's just sad that Democrat policy has incentivised single motherhood disproportionately in the black community.
boxboy 33
boxboy 33 Dia atrás
If you want to end racism quit talking about your race -Morgan Freeman
Ishallbe oftheway
the blm is a very raciest organization and thy have no love for any one but them self's non of them know jesus it is about cooler and that it if aney of theam knew jesus this would not be in fact 99.99% of confessing Christians do not know jesus thare harts are fare from jesus. jesus did not send a book he sent the holy spirit to lead you in to truth and to bang you home the bible is a idol and the churches are the synagogues of satin thes people onle use this blm as a excuse to steall and riot this is not peasfull
pharaoh769 Dia atrás
Tonight I just subscribed to your channel because I needed reliable information to help me in my plan to purchase a Mac Book Pro. I subscribed because your content captured...really captured my attention. Now that I have seen this video, I am captured again at how you have put your words together so eloquently and graciously regarding a difficult topic in a difficult time. I appreciate this from anyone, but I wanted to take the time to especially Thank You!!!! Stay Informed, Stay True, Stay Honest, sir.
Ryan B
Ryan B Dia atrás
I’m white, have been following your channel for years! I watch for your content. Very entertaining
Zen Price
Zen Price Dia atrás
Amen. Black Lives Matter.
anas almomany
anas almomany Dia atrás
I live in arab country and we have diversity in all fields , you pointed that every one have different type of struggle and thats true , here we don’t have skin racism , but we have cultures racism were people argue about old ideas and fight about it
Greg K.
Greg K. Dia atrás
Let's ask one question, are you responsible for your success ? I bet your answer would be yes, so why is it that if black people fail than they blame it on social inequality, I'm you subscriber, I think you're brilliant but people need to start taking responsibility for their own actions instead of blaming everyone around for their failures.
laura cox
laura cox Dia atrás
Thanks for the links Uravcomsum is how I found you.
ime0509 Dia atrás
FRANBOT 1014 Dia atrás
If Martin Luther King Jr was were, he would be very disappointed, and we should too!
FRANBOT 1014 Dia atrás
Best black tech man? No. Best tech man. I don’t get why people say black man instead of just saying man. BLACKLIVESMATTER!
Rusty egg 23
Rusty egg 23 Dia atrás
Now he identifies as white
Rogue_Gaming Dia atrás
The 19,000 who dislike need to unsubscribe and clearly don't realize that interacting with the video further endorses it, gaining more attention. Keep up the great work Marques ❤️
Declan Harrison
Declan Harrison Dia atrás
You are my go to tech channel! I’ve just recently discovered your channel but now I watch past videos just for fun. Thanks for all the great content and I look forward to the upcoming Apple product videos this fall!
5ONE4 Dia atrás
jacek 2 dias atrás
You're saying that we should enjoy creators for their content not their skin color, then you go and recommend youtubers - all black. Is there really no white creator you would recommend or you just put together a list of people based upon their skin color? This kind of undermines your own words. There are many reasons why you have millions of viewers and I'm sure it ain't about the colors!
Justyburger 2 dias atrás
I've been watching you for years. Right back before you had 1M subscribers. The fact that you are Black, has not made any difference to me. I like the way you present yourself and i love the passion you have for tech. This is an unusual video for you and not one i expected. Your views here are quite mature, but i probably would not get wrapped up in this subject of race and the divisions in America, as well as politics. I know they affect us all, but It's already everywhere. I like the fact that you don't talk about these things, and just stick to the tech.
MarkToast 2 dias atrás
I always go back to the Morgan Freeman mentality: I don’t see you as “that black creator Marques,” I see you as “Marques Brownlee.” I think most of your audience would agree with this idea. Of course it’s not like we don’t see your skin color, but we see your humanity and personality first and don’t really think of your race as a factor in your personality. Race is not really a consideration in our choice to watch you and to enjoy your content. You are a human being with great insight and charm in what you do, and we’re always going to see you as that rather than seeing you as a color with a personality underneath it.
Cyrox 69
Cyrox 69 2 dias atrás
You are the best one else
Haliel 2 dias atrás
problem with black creators on youtube or IT/tech enviroment is that black youth want to rather be rappers or athletes
Dee Adams
Dee Adams 2 dias atrás
Baby, your color is the superior from your family...down to the Ancestors. It's terrible that any person of color MUST describe or explain WHY our color is so questionable!? 😥😥😥
Caleb Lay
Caleb Lay 2 dias atrás
No one should ever be ashamed of their skin color or second guess their decisions because of their skin color. You have taken a very sensitive topic and gently but effectively addressed it. I've always loved your content. Skin color doesn't mean anything to me.
Mark Neufeld
Mark Neufeld 2 dias atrás
You are the (tech) man. I always appreciate your candor, respect your integrity and enjoy your opinions. Thanks!
Aran Rasekhi
Aran Rasekhi 2 dias atrás
Literally 90% of the comments: I’ve always watched you because you’re the best tech BRvidr not the best black tech BRvidr.
Aran Rasekhi
Aran Rasekhi 2 dias atrás
I mean it’s not a bad thing just that it’s too repetitive.
Dead Stone
Dead Stone 2 dias atrás
You are one of the BEST creators.
Tech computerlist
Tech computerlist 2 dias atrás
Who dare dislike 😡😡🤬🤬
Tony Sunny
Tony Sunny 2 dias atrás
ANNAN UYIR ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls! Ethil kanunothonnum medikan pattilelum ingade reviews kanunnath thanne ath medicha oru feel an . All time favourite tech youtuber 🥰🥰🥰🥰
MisraBorn 2 dias atrás
Thank you so much for speaking your truth
Alex Bonham
Alex Bonham 2 dias atrás
Your channel is great I enjoy your reviews. You a smart guy and race should not matter at all full stop. Keep up your amazing work. The new Mac Pro 13" is out I hope they seen your wish list.
Abstrxction 2 dias atrás
I can't believe someone would think that people with skin that isn't white are any worse, or better... We are all created equal!
our three little birds
Thank you for sharing. For years you have been my go-to channel and I never thought of skin color until I saw the title of this video and it dawned on me. Praying for the day that diversity is at all levels 💛 Thank you for doing what you do and being awesome at it!
Big Jenkem
Big Jenkem 2 dias atrás
Dude really, no, stop, not cool. People watch you because you are interesting and informative, not because you’re black. Your skin tone doesn’t matter because nobody gives a shit about it. Really, it feels painful both when journalists ask actors race related stuff and when people record videos about “look at me being black/female/gay/disabled/fat/ideologically different. It is fucking shallow
Geeky 2 dias atrás
Those 19k dislikes are haters
Graham, King of the Britons!
It's brown.
Fixed 2 dias atrás
A small group of offended people dictates their conditions to the whole world, although there are hundreds of races, hundreds of skin colors and each has its own problems. But this small group of people is trying to convince everyone that she lives worse than everyone.
lisonka01 2 dias atrás
The fact that people have to discuss their skin color saddens me
Martin Riber
Martin Riber 2 dias atrás
Thank you so much.
Yi Xia
Yi Xia 3 dias atrás
“Make sure you follow them because you like what they do” really like this one!👍
Aysegul Cakir
Aysegul Cakir 3 dias atrás
dangelowallace is a great commentary youtuber and if you want you should check his channel out. :)
Gary Edward Learned
Gary Edward Learned 3 dias atrás
Like many posters below, when I've watched you I've not consciously thought that I was watching a black creator. You are one of the most talented creators out there which is why I watch you. At the same time, I do believe we have problems in our country, and what happened in Minneapolis where I live only underscores that. Thank you for stressing that you find and follow people you watch and like. I really am afraid that we will flip the needle to far in the other direction which is equally harmful. You present a reasoned and well thought out position and one I would love to discuss with you. That's when I know we as a country will have made it, when both sides can listen, and respond ... thoughtfully.
Nikss L
Nikss L 3 dias atrás
The 19K that disliked this video are his racist viewers 😂
Shenell Evans
Shenell Evans 3 dias atrás
I value you because of your focus, drive, excellence, expertise AND your blackness. I understand people saying that they've valued you regardless of skin color. But it seems a bit disrespectful to the fullness of our humanity to 'not see race.' Our whole world makes skin color an issue. So it always matters all the time. You're a brilliant black man. I long for the day when we can just be brilliant too...the day when blackness isn't a stigma. Until the world changes the fullness of who you are is worth celebrating. I think it's a matter of calling out Anti-blackness specifically, not just anti-racism. White people, please work to SEE BLACKNESS. Like how can you be anti-racist when you don't truly get the problem?? Anyway, I love your work and that you're a beautiful melanated man.
James Boyce
James Boyce 3 dias atrás
Kabaddi isn’t very diverse at a professional level. Neither is Sumo
Mehrdad Heydari
Mehrdad Heydari 3 dias atrás
shame on you
WuZi Mu
WuZi Mu 3 dias atrás
Wait, he's black?
WuZi Mu
WuZi Mu 3 dias atrás
MQ: So, I've been black for some time now. Here's my review
fmkhandwala39 3 dias atrás
You are the best tech creator in my eyes
versages versages
versages versages 3 dias atrás
actually to be honest this black live matter movement DID ACTUALLY MAKE ME APPRECIATE BLACK PEOPLE MORE AND SEE THEM IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT... so maybe it did help. but at a certain point we really have to STOP acting like victims. once you s top believing you are less than whatever race they will never be able to hurt you or put you in THAT ''less than'' position.
versages versages
versages versages 3 dias atrás
I don't even understand why people keep feeding this black and white dynamic.... like keep feeding it, keep it going, keep giving it attention, just change your self , change your own attitude and people around you wiill not treat you the same way anymore.
ChrisisHereO2 3 dias atrás
*Reflecting on the color of my skin* Too bad black surfaces don’t reflect light.
Aran Rasekhi
Aran Rasekhi 2 dias atrás
LOL 😹😹
bonkdor_ 3 dias atrás
I see what you mean bro but that also means people have to change all around. Me personally, I just see you as one of the best tech youtubers. If I want a serious look at an apple product from someone who gives a crap, I come ho you for user review and go to louis rossman for the engineering. Do I look at you as a black person and louis as an italian new yorker? Nah. Just people. And while to some that can seem demeaning, to me I think being progressive means that things that don't matter fall by the wayside. So, in a lot of ways, race itself falls by the wayside along racism.
Daniel Souza
Daniel Souza 4 dias atrás
I know exactly what you mean. Thanks.
Caitlin C
Caitlin C 4 dias atrás
The point of this video is that we need to work to dismantle racism. To the well-intentioned (fellow) white people in this thread, saying that you don't think of Marques Brownlee as black is not the answer. Yes, we want him to know that he's amazing, but doing it this way is dismissive of his experience. He's expressing his struggles so that we can learn from them and change the system for all black people, not so that we can discuss his personal achievements. He's fucking awesome, but that doesn't solve the struggles that black and brown people face.
Caitlin C
Caitlin C 4 dias atrás
In fact, if you read this far, saying you don't think of him as black could have some unintentional racism behind it. It's okay for successful people to also be black. Blackness and success are not opposing ideas. I know that's not what you're trying to imply, but that's often how it's received. As white people, it's good to reflect on the reception of our words and not just our intentions.
Cohyn Gouffray
Cohyn Gouffray 4 dias atrás
I don’t care what any ones skin color only there adityde and friend ship
David Reyes
David Reyes 4 dias atrás
BLM is a self proclaimed Marxist organization that does not build anything but destroys everything in its path, including the statue of Frederick Douglas the abolitionist. I am surprise this BRvidr did not do his homework before asking its viewers to fund a Marxist organization.
Rade 2 dias atrás
Fax machine right here ^
Terrell Just
Terrell Just 4 dias atrás
I'm seeing here that the only adverse experience you've had as a black man in America is wondering if you were a token black in some instances. (That's really on you.) Please don't be led into believing you should have a grievance. I would say celebrate your parents! Celebrate your life. You have had the opportunity to do extremely well, doing something you like. Kudos to you for running with it! Instead of finding the lowest common denominator with victimized blacks (their choice), why not show gratitude for what you've been given? America is the best country. I've lived in other places. It has enhanced my appreciation. Or...just be like Morgan Freeman. Stop talking about it. You're keeping it alive. Or perhaps I missed something. It happens.
flamethrowerX19 4 dias atrás
I wish I could dislike the dislikers
john white
john white 4 dias atrás
I'm 61, white, have 32 years in tech. I look up to you. You're a great communicator.
LagUnus 4 dias atrás
Tbh I never cared about race/color I don't see the point of separating a human being for being different colored or just generally just different.. For me it's stupid and waste of time to worry about skin color when there are far more important things to worry about than this...
Nicolò Roncen
Nicolò Roncen 4 dias atrás
You’re a Legend! Very inspiring
RealDarkFilm 4 dias atrás
No offense but its hard to hear a millionaire complain to us behind a $5,000 camera just to get the revenue he knew this video title would get.
MinecraftGenetics 4 dias atrás
It doesn't matter if you are black or white or any color, we all are humans
Tyler Bichsel
Tyler Bichsel 4 dias atrás
I may be a little late on this video i dont even know if youll see this but thought i would put this out. I have been raised to accept everyone to me race doesnt matter and i support everyone 100% it hurts me when anyone dies or gets racialy slurred or gets racism toward them it mentally hurts me thats why seeing people that i love like all of the BRvidrs that i enjoy watching it hurts me to see them down and its stuff that can be countered not to happen yet it still happens. im so sorry to everyone that has this happen to them i know not everyone is the same but alot of people need to just grow up and accept anyone and everyone and grow up from everything thats happen yeah everyones a little diffrent and yeah we all have are diffrences but do we need to be children and flinch at other colors because of what we hurd i guess what im trying to say is dont judge a book by its cover because its really hurtfull anyway i hope everyone has a amazing day but its so so so crazy i just understand lets all just come together whatever color we are all people we all have lives and with corona going on im sorry to everyone that has lost people especially Krystals grandmother im so sorry to hear about but with everything happening its just one more thing on top of the other i just hope we can all see somone in a diffrent way than color anyway ill see yall later and ill stop rambling
Rayan Moudad
Rayan Moudad 4 dias atrás
At the very base of everything we are all human beings, and I believe that a person should be evaluated on his/her skills regardless of race, ethnicity, or beliefs. I am a Lebanese man, and in my country racism is a different kind since we're all similar in skin colour. We are discriminated by sects, beliefs, or political affiliations. Since I don't follow any political leader, I even have difficulty finding a job because my skills don't matter as much as "which political leader do you follow?" When will we disregard everything that divides us and focus on what unites us and connects us to one another? I love your channel man, keep on working hard because you're one of the best tech youtubers i follow regardless of your colour!
Dart XCZ
Dart XCZ 4 dias atrás
I'd like to see all the racist fokes not having to use all inventions made by black people for a week and i bet they'll not survive.
IRON LORD 4 dias atrás
I think ur a cool guy thank you for the vids
Saumitra Nanaware
Saumitra Nanaware 4 dias atrás
JevvoBruv 4 dias atrás
You were accepted onto a football team because of the colour of your skin? Black privilege.
Stanley Godspeed
Stanley Godspeed 4 dias atrás
I never understood this racial war, and believe me i live in Poland which is mostly populated by white. I have black friends, i love Hip-Hop, Rap and one of my favourite celebs are people of different skin colour than mine. I love The Rock, I love Dave Chapelle, I admire Michael Jordan, i am cheering for Lewis Hamilton, I love Jet Lee movies, i love Jackie Chan. Love Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, My favourite music is by Dr. Dre and 2pac. This is just a small fraction that just came to my mind when i wrote this post. I don't get how people in today's world can blame their skin colour for their circumstances. I'm white but i live in a poor country where i compete against only whites, am i privileged? no, not in the slightest bit. I have to work 4 times as hard to earn as much as i would earn in USA. Do i blame anyone for it? no. I may one day move to USA if i feel like it. What saddens me it's that media are too powerful nowadays, and they are driving this racial crysis. I've worked in different countries in my life and had many friends of different colour. Which was so cool, everyone was bringing something new to the table. Why so many people are figting over it, it's mind boggling.
Moshe 4 dias atrás
Funny enough, "black creators" are now privileged, the cycle will never stop this way.
Moshe 4 dias atrás
Diversity means nothing. The color of one's skin is irrelevant. Looking for equal outcomes by skin color is in fact racist, the marker should always be competence, you should have thought this a few more days. All of those things YOU think, YOU THINK, you are doing it to yourself because you care. Thriving for diversity is racist, race should always be irrelevant, it doesn't matter. When you care to balance outcomes using race as the marker, YOU ARE THE RACIST. And yes, unsubbed.
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