Reese Witherspoon Reacts To Kim Kardashian's 'Legally Blonde' Homage

ET Canada
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After Kim Kardashian recreated the Elle Woods' Harvard submission video from "Legally Blonde" for Halloween, Carlos Bustamante and Graeme O'Neil reveal Reese Witherspoon's reaction during "ET Canada Live".
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1 Nov 2019



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Comentários 1 450
jaquen1977 6 dias atrás
Terrible actress.
Urbn Versace
Urbn Versace 10 dias atrás
Kim can't at to save her life. The audio needs to be fixed as well 😂 she looked Hella good in the last scene though.
asha Harcharan
asha Harcharan 12 dias atrás
Copy cats always copies or steals ideas!
Autumn clarke
Autumn clarke 15 dias atrás
🌼🌸I love it and unlike many other celebrity’s. Kim is actually using her money wealth and fame, to get people released from prison . Let her have some fun 👏🏽👏🏽.🌸🌼
Blinks Bill
Blinks Bill 16 dias atrás
Looks like Reese Witherspoon doesn’t actually hate kim
Dusty Rose
Dusty Rose 17 dias atrás
Now we compare! An A-list actress vs a Talentless reality star!! and Notice when Kim isn’t doing her usually vocal fry her face/ head move’s around so mcuh?!
Dusty Rose
Dusty Rose 17 dias atrás
Is anyone wondering if the Flinstone backdrop was painted JUST for the photo?
Heragui Joe
Heragui Joe 18 dias atrás
Kim is way cooler She is having fun and people hate on her for no reason!
Adam Hellerud
Adam Hellerud 20 dias atrás
Painful, please stop giving her money.
Toon Link
Toon Link 20 dias atrás
Damn, even Kim's acting feels like plastic. Is there anything this girl does that doesn't smell like plastic?? 😂😅
Addison Ramirez
Addison Ramirez 21 dia atrás
The reporter called her son PALM
lemon water
lemon water 22 dias atrás
Kanye had a stand in anyway . No shock there
birdie 22 dias atrás
She looks like a PLASTIC toy , her face doesn’t move anymore. 😂 Neither does her butt or boobs move lol
Valencia Spain
Valencia Spain 23 dias atrás
Feed the homeless Kim, instead of wasting money on nonsense retakes of old classics.
Mrs Baggins
Mrs Baggins 23 dias atrás
It's funny but compared to the original. Cause the girl in the original is natural
Alessia Pin
Alessia Pin 23 dias atrás
Are we going to pretend that the news anchor called Kim’s baby “Palm” instead of “Psalm”!!!
Ty Howard
Ty Howard 23 dias atrás
So she can't act either... no hate just an observation👀😂
Chris M
Chris M 23 dias atrás
Kim classless 👎
Life's Journey
Life's Journey 24 dias atrás
One thing is Kim cant still act hehehehe but its all for good fun
Cher Horowitz
Cher Horowitz 24 dias atrás
Acting was wooden, but her voice and demeanor were 100% valley girl.
mali carter
mali carter 24 dias atrás
Why am I watching this ? I’ve got better things to focus on.
Mi chelle
Mi chelle 25 dias atrás
How do we even know that’s Kanye
A N Gage
A N Gage 25 dias atrás
Please... money wasted.
Michael Scampini
Michael Scampini 25 dias atrás
I liked it but Kim was not a but too robotic about it.
Lucy Lawless
Lucy Lawless 25 dias atrás
Seriously everyone’s hatred for Kim just makes me love her. Tired of all the bashing. Get over yourselves people.
ceciliaIFY1 25 dias atrás
Reese Witherspoon set a great example for how people should behave. By not putting down other people in order for us to feel superior.
David Lee
David Lee 25 dias atrás
This is literally so dumb
alondra michaela
alondra michaela 25 dias atrás
She did good but I love Reese!!!!!!
koolaid4315 25 dias atrás
Just wondering what was the purpose? All for Halloween really. Well I guess if you have money to waste. 😳
GC mama
GC mama 25 dias atrás
My photographer can photoshop better than that for fraction of what they paid
Angel Suarez Garcia
Angel Suarez Garcia 25 dias atrás
Henry Mv
Henry Mv 25 dias atrás
3:21 kim: Cut that bitch out, this is my moment!
Allanah Quintino
Allanah Quintino 25 dias atrás
Reese and jennifer using their acting skills 😂 cmonnn ... thats actually nice kim did that
D Lo
D Lo 26 dias atrás
Kim is a terrible actress lol but this was funny! It’s all in good fun ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Illusion Moment
Illusion Moment 26 dias atrás
wtf Reese used to hate Kim
Hella Cat
Hella Cat 26 dias atrás
Although Reece was gorgeous in the film. You certainly wouldn’t want a real “Elle” type character In law. Meanwhile, Kim who naturally acts like elle’s character does try to make it as a lawyer. Slaps forehead. Nooooo!
Marimar Rivera
Marimar Rivera 26 dias atrás
This is so cringey!
Lucille Wells
Lucille Wells 26 dias atrás
I guess she loves the film. But I thought it was shit.
Dicho Kusarov
Dicho Kusarov 26 dias atrás
Everything what Kim is doing is so glamorous, rich and pointless.
Michelle Borisov
Michelle Borisov 26 dias atrás
Whoever thought Kim Kardashian is the new Elle woods is seriously disturbed
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