Red Velvet 레드벨벳 '음파음파 (Umpah Umpah)' MV

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Red Velvet's new mini album "‘The ReVe Festival’ Day 2" is out!
Listen now on your favorite platform:
01 음파음파 (Umpah Umpah)
02 카풀 (Carpool)
03 Love Is The Way
04 Jumpin’
05 Ladies Night
06 눈 맞추고, 손 맞대고 (Eyes Locked, Hands Locked)
Red Velvet Official
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Red Velvet 레드벨벳 '음파음파 (Umpah Umpah)' MV ℗ SM Entertainment


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19 Ago 2019



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Multi Cutieful
Multi Cutieful 3 horas atrás
[Verse 1: Seulgi, Wendy/Joy, Yeri] Gyeonggohaneunde josimhaeya dwae Gipeuljido molla Yeoreot bwassneunde Mos naodeonde wae? Nado molla Naege mudji ma Eolmana gipeunji Nae nuneun mot bonikka (woo hoo) Heoujeokdaeneun jeo dareun aedeulgwa neon dareugil barae [Pre-Chorus: Irene, Seulgi] Mag dabdabhago sumi makhigo Naege ppajin geo majji? Neomu geopmeokji ma Nan baro neoya neon Summan swieodo nae jjagi doel tenikka [Chorus: All, Wendy] Feel the rhythm Momi gieoghaneun daero joha Something unforgettable Baro jigeum Mami heulleoganeun daero joha Supyeongseon wireul naneun geoya [Hook: All, Irene, [Yeri], Joy] Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah Hoheubeul majchugo Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah [du nuneul majchugo] Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah Neowa na joha Something unforgettable [Interlude: All] (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) Let the beat drop (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) Gibun So so hot hot (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) Oh, yeah, yeah [Verse 2: Irene, Yeri, [Joy], Wendy] Baby, umpah-pah Eung? jom isanghae (Ding!) Eum, eodi gasseo? Jakku neo bakjareul nohchyeo? Gyeonggoya neo tto mulmeogeo (oh, yeah, yeah, yeah) Jakkuman Dumb dumb jamkkanman Gunggeumhae? i ppa-ppalgan mas yeah [haengbogiran gakkapji Like ice cream cake!] (ice cream cake) [Pre-Chorus: Wendy, Seulgi] Mak jeongsineopsgo (mak jeongsineopsgo) Sumi maghigo (sumi maghigo) Naege ppajin geo majji? Neomu geopmeokji ma Nan hangsang neoya neon Summan swieodo god tteooreul tenikka (neol tenikka) [Chorus: All, Joy, Wendy] Feel the rhythm Momi gieoghaneun daero joha (oh, yeah) Something unforgettable (unforgettable) Baro jigeum (baro jigeum) Mami heulleoganeun daero joha Supyeongseon wireul naneun geoya [Hook: All, Irene, [Yeri], Seulgi] Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah Rideumeul majchugo Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah [du bareul majchugo] Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah (oooh) Neowa na joha Something unforgettable (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) Hit drop (unforgettable) (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) Hot hot [Bridge: Seulgi, Wendy] Taeyangeul dameun neoui geu nunbich (nunbich) Sok nal bwa (nal bwa) Ijji mothal i sungan joha [Chorus: All, Seulgi] Feel the rhythm Momi gieokhaneun daero joha (daero joha) Something unforgettable (unforgettable) Baro jigeum Mami heulleoga ne momeul matgyeo Nae soneul nohji ma Supyeongseon wireul naneun geoya [Hook: All, Irene, [Yeri], Wendy] Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah Hoheubeul majchugo Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah [du nuneul majchugo] Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah Neowa na joha Something unforgettable [Outro: Joy, Yeri, Irene] (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) Let the beat drop (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) Gibun So so hot hot (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) Here we go now! (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) Umpah-pah (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah)
yanyyiiee 3 horas atrás
Watching and listening to Umpah Umpah right now while there is typhoon in our country. Right song for the right weather.
Yatno Yatno
Yatno Yatno 3 horas atrás
4 days to first monthsarry
Yatno Yatno
Yatno Yatno 3 horas atrás
Inquisitive 4 horas atrás
3:39 That face Wendy is making is why everyone messes with her.
Kpop World
Kpop World 4 horas atrás
Hi Reveluv can u help sone too streaming : Tiffany Lips on Lips : 10M soon! Lil touch : 115M views soon Mr Mr : 100M views soon Twinkle : 100M views soon Taeyeon Four season : 30M Yoona Summer Night : 4M Thank u Btw lets' make this to 30M fighting Just help us when u have a free time😘😘😘
kaii huening
kaii huening 4 horas atrás
30M. Let's go go
Yatno Yatno
Yatno Yatno 4 horas atrás
Nurul Mutmainna
Nurul Mutmainna 4 horas atrás
Jihyo’s Smile is the best
Flops! Stan LOONA and Everglow instead!
Gaby Mtz
Gaby Mtz 5 horas atrás
You first! But nah, you are just the same sad attention seeker who always come here/RV's mvs every now and then 😂 oh, and you know there's more words out there, right? Your "Flops" comments are so old/boring by now 😴😂
rohayati ghani
rohayati ghani 5 horas atrás
Jihyo’s Smile is the best dumber detected!
mingi kim
mingi kim 6 horas atrás
how come no one is talking about 3:04 irene, she reminds of v in this part. VISUALS GODS
linlin lin
linlin lin 6 horas atrás
아이린 ♥♥
Yatno Yatno
Yatno Yatno 7 horas atrás
Josh Santos
Josh Santos 7 horas atrás
I know Irene is the most, if not, one of the most beautiful girl in Kpop for this generation. I know from the very beginning her visual is like no other. I know I should've been a fan of Irene since the beginning. But only now, I mean, now! In Umpah Umpah where I truly appreciate her beauty. ^_^
Anica Santos
Anica Santos 7 horas atrás
Yulitza Gómez
Yulitza Gómez 7 horas atrás
Esa Randisca
Esa Randisca 7 horas atrás
finally not so many annonying adlibs , this is good song
Robin 8 horas atrás
Just follow your heart~
Princess NCTzens
Princess NCTzens 8 horas atrás
this is too cute 💓
popcorn br
popcorn br 8 horas atrás
omg , Joy is the most beautifull in this mv
maior red velvet stan
maior red velvet stan 9 horas atrás
eu nao actedito que meu grupo utt é o mais perfeito do mundo.........
we stan an all-rounder king
unpopular opinion: this song reminds me of barbie songs (which is not necessarily a bad thing fyi)
Hyelle ONCEUUU 9 horas atrás
Adik 28
Adik 28 9 horas atrás
22 431 287
Tiana Syavirah
Tiana Syavirah 9 horas atrás
Wendy 💙
Agc kpop Entertainmet
Agc kpop Entertainmet 10 horas atrás
22.4 M
riffgroove 10 horas atrás
I just paid $94 for the import blu-ray of the entire "Redmare in Japan" concert. One of the "International Fan Problems" they *don't* tell you about.
وسام اقصوده
وسام اقصوده 10 horas atrás
حسناوات بلا منازع
Sub Way
Sub Way 10 horas atrás
0:09 1:21 2:33 3:29
Gadis Fitri Tafsir
Gadis Fitri Tafsir 11 horas atrás
Yatno Yatno
Yatno Yatno 11 horas atrás
67k so far ( in 9 hours )
dwrlella 11 horas atrás
I love this song it remind me of high school musical for some unknown reason
NJ 12 horas atrás
Im never gonna stop streaming ♥️
헤비사운드 TV
헤비사운드 TV 12 horas atrás
5명의 선녀들
Skylar Romero
Skylar Romero 12 horas atrás
I see so many references to other songs in one verse
Touka 13 horas atrás
"All for one" it's you ? xD 2:17 sound like Gabriella from Hsm
Julia Cunha
Julia Cunha 13 horas atrás
15/09/2019 (18:49) - 22.410.448
aysia cooper
aysia cooper 14 horas atrás
This sounds like some high school musical stuff.High school musical who?! Who is she? We don’t know! 😂
uma pessoa no tedio
uma pessoa no tedio 15 horas atrás
Soft girls
winwin supremacist
winwin supremacist 15 horas atrás
Finally back from my preliminaries exams! Luvies, let's hit the 25 million milestone soon. :-)
BANGTANj-nope 15 horas atrás
I am Dutch and this gives me K3 vibes :)
Conan E
Conan E 15 horas atrás
*english captions* 1:37 "Dumb dumb" 1:39 "Red flavor" 1:42 "Ice cream cake" :0
nastyvy 13 horas atrás
and happiness at 1:41
EXOLuvReVe STAR 16 horas atrás
When they hit them notes! And when they kill them moves! *So proud to be an ReVeLuv*
EXOLuvReVe STAR 16 horas atrás
RedVelvet is a group in which each member has a distinct voice, but they are also totally tuned and attuned to one another. That's why it's amazingly dovetail when one member stops singing and the other picks it up. That's the whole point in a group... Unique, is not when the technic is not there to pull it off...
Elise Jansson
Elise Jansson 16 horas atrás
this sounds like something from high school musical
Isa •u•
Isa •u• 16 horas atrás
stream rbb with umpah umpah!! we're almost at 50M
김대환 17 horas atrás
조회수가 다는 아니지만 갑자기 왤캐 하락한거지;; 짐살라빔 보단 좋은거 같은데 이상할 정도로 안오르네
Rayhana Alzarrad
Rayhana Alzarrad 17 horas atrás
Joy is literally glowingggg
Rose Redmayne
Rose Redmayne 17 horas atrás
Let’s get to 30 million 😍😍😍
Isa •u•
Isa •u• 16 horas atrás
Shamina Shaikh
Shamina Shaikh 18 horas atrás
2:16 The way Joy flips her hair!!!❣
EXOL Igot7
EXOL Igot7 18 horas atrás
The view is too less but won so many MUBank. This proves that views is not everything.
confusion wtf
confusion wtf 18 horas atrás
Let’s 25 mil before the month ends
Klaudia S
Klaudia S 19 horas atrás
,,Umpah Umpah" surprised me. It's not a bop, that I love from the first listen, I just liked it at first. But, I'm coming back to this song almost everyday since it came out, because it's just nice and easy to listen. With time I'm slowly falling in love with this song. I may not listen to it on a loop, but I will surely listen to it for a long time. Gives me energy, puts me in a good mood, just spreading joy in general. Excellent job, Red Velvet!
Stan NCT and Red Velvet to be an intellectual
This song definitely deserve more attention, thks for supporting them anyway ❤️
carrow roads
carrow roads 19 horas atrás
A green plastic watering can For a fake Chinese rubber plant In the fake plastic earth
riffgroove 11 horas atrás
English, please.
iAmReVeluv 19 horas atrás
Aisling Murphy Allen
Aisling Murphy Allen 19 horas atrás
we never got to see them perform in their picnic outfits😔😔😔
JoyismyQueen 12
JoyismyQueen 12 19 horas atrás
“The feel the rhythm... ” line never fails to put me into that Summer mood even if it’s already rainy season here in our country. Only Red Velvet can do that. 💕☺️💚
Yatno Yatno
Yatno Yatno 20 horas atrás
rv nctzen
rv nctzen 20 horas atrás
something unforgettable
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