Red's Overpriced "Mini Mag" Cards - The Real Story

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Red Digital Cinema has come under fire recently over allegations that their Mini-Mag storage cards are just cheap commodity SSDs in a fancy enclosure. As it turns out, there's some truth to these assertions, but the situation is not quite as simple as it's made out to be. Let's unwrap it.
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17 Jul 2019



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Comentários 7 208
joshua41175 Dia atrás
So when is the red camera water cooler done
BlockArchitech Dia atrás
Notice: if your going to make a comment saying ‘oh proceeds to show USA markings’ note that he got his before the entire scandal happened
Me 2
Me 2 2 dias atrás
them R&D monies are 100% used to calc how to get the most profit out of nothing fooling people in the unknown.
Liam 2 dias atrás
You didn't know they were just SSds in an enclosure? Thats what the industry is right now lol we do the same thing in our products.
sprrocket 2 dias atrás
Linus: RED splits the video footage into 4GB files me: wait are they STILL using fat32 Linus: it's because they're using fat32 skdjflaksjdflkasjdf
Gabriel I
Gabriel I 20 horas atrás
sprrocket hmm fat32 isn’t bad its still a staple around the gaming market like Motherboard os updates
roblax87 3 dias atrás
Great job documenting the bots!
nitrxgen 4 dias atrás
1:30 what kind of psychopath uses a screwdriver like THAT WTF
Titan Gaming
Titan Gaming 5 dias atrás
could have said, 'Made on Earth'
Ionixt E. Bix
Ionixt E. Bix 5 dias atrás
im surprised that linus actually tried to protect the company that pretty much scam him
Solomon Ucko
Solomon Ucko 6 dias atrás
The size inconsistency could also be due to unit confusion: 476.8 GiB ≈ 512 GB, 480 GiB ≈ 515.4 GB, 931.3 GiB ≈ 1 TB, 960 GiB ≈ 1.031 TB
DragonNexus 6 dias atrás
"Red claims this is to protect the user from accidental deletions" *Off camers scoffing laugh*
Darian Kimberly
Darian Kimberly 7 dias atrás
Welp, never getting a red.
mirk bir
mirk bir 9 dias atrás
Sonny12681 9 dias atrás
I bet it costs less than $5 to manufacture this camera and it's parts and they jack up the price to a ridiculous about. That company is committing a scam.
MISC BITS 11 dias atrás
Msata is still a thing?
carphotography101 11 dias atrás
I hope this was filmed on a RED Cinema camera...
Peter Chiung
Peter Chiung 12 dias atrás
basically RED Ceo wants to profit as much as possible at the expense of customers tricking them that they are getting a far better product.
Informed Choice
Informed Choice 12 dias atrás
Oh, a shitty greedy company overcharging without justification. Red Dead Non-Redemption
John Grimes
John Grimes 13 dias atrás
WTF? Spare area? You mean over provisioning? Come on linus you know better then that. Use proper terms please. Its never good to teach people improper terminology.
John Grimes
John Grimes 13 dias atrás
Maybe dont rip people off and people wont rip off your ideas. Fuck Red. Camera price is understandable but all the peripherals? Insane...
Dakota Martin
Dakota Martin 14 dias atrás
0:59 First time I've ever heard a Canadian say "ya'll"
Gordon The Train
Gordon The Train 15 dias atrás
I can't believe it. Linus! Linus! is protecting red. this is weird because he wasn't to happy when he bought it
Sun Pak
Sun Pak 20 dias atrás
lmao red also sells a basic SSD reader for $250 A 9 foot LITERAL CAT 5 to proprietary fake cat 5 port for $120 a "tactical" handle for $150
Kerim Kerim
Kerim Kerim 20 dias atrás
Nobody: I'm about to end this guy's entire career. Not even a single soul: Everybody Me: Wait that's illegal. BRvid's Recommendations: It's free real estate. Am I a joke to you: Also Me:
SOL WOLF 20 dias atrás
Linus will go down in history as a legend
The Adventure Biker
The Adventure Biker 20 dias atrás
I am late to the partay. Just.....Wow.
kasa 21 dia atrás
I think jinn1mag should be called out for their false statements. But I'm glad they are out there and vent viral. Red is still charging obscene amount of money for an adapter. And on top of that they have clearly taken steps to stop user from using third party drives. Even though they are using standard hardware that could be very easily changed if not for manufactured obstructions. Also, it's true that it's ultimately on customer to decide. But it's kind of messed up if customer had to do in depth research on every product they buy to be assured they get real value. I think Jinn1Mag did service to people by bringing awareness to this. Ultimately as far as Red mini mag is concerned, everything about it is designed to take as much money from people as possible. I mean recovery service is just another way justify the price and low quality. You could just as well take it to any other recovery service as the hardware is standard. I wouldn't be surprised at all actually if they used third party service for recovery anyway. Reading worker reviews about red kind of gives me image that Red's management is just bunch of greedy assholes.
TheRealCritique 21 dia atrás
F RED. Other companies are catching up to their proprietary BS and offering equivalent quality at 20% of the price. They blew it. Hope they collapse.
Ionixt E. Bix
Ionixt E. Bix 22 dias atrás
why tf is linus defending a money-eating company lol
Masterpj555 22 dias atrás
Red camera is a scam company who makes lots of claims about inventing things but actually is just a company who repurposes tech > puts it in a different enclosure and then adds lockout chips. Don't support this company
Ariana Hadley
Ariana Hadley 23 dias atrás
15 mins of my life I will never get back
TheImmoralCookie 23 dias atrás
To be fair, you could probably find a few hundred computer engineers that could design their own SSDs like Red's and it be either free or really fucking cheap.
Ayoub 24 dias atrás
samsung: sells good SSD's for a low price RED: wait, thats illigal!!
Gonçalo Alegria
Gonçalo Alegria 25 dias atrás
What a shill
Rakesh Battula
Rakesh Battula 26 dias atrás
hope they had a better explanation to save their faces
MinecraftMike 26 dias atrás
I was on RED's side until I saw the price for that SSD. What a joke kek
Robert Wright
Robert Wright 26 dias atrás
Excellent video!
William Creegan
William Creegan 26 dias atrás
Nice job Linus .
Kyle Robertson
Kyle Robertson 26 dias atrás
My question here becomes this, if u don't like what a company is doing, and evidently have complaints about their product, why do u still use it. Annnddd, if the answer is "it's the best product for us" or something, then stop whining
Shanee Bahera
Shanee Bahera 11 dias atrás
he isnt whining about them, its because this blew up a few months ago and people were asking him to adress it
T B 28 dias atrás
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