Red's Overpriced "Mini Mag" Cards - The Real Story

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Red Digital Cinema has come under fire recently over allegations that their Mini-Mag storage cards are just cheap commodity SSDs in a fancy enclosure. As it turns out, there's some truth to these assertions, but the situation is not quite as simple as it's made out to be. Let's unwrap it.
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17 Jul 2019




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Comentários 7 006
Justacean 22 minutos atrás
Everyone who isn't a rancid RED fanboy knows they're a garbage company. Jarred Land is just following the river of bullshit pioneered by Jim.
World runs with tech
5:30 Mac users let us introduce ourselves....
Stephen Anthony
Stephen Anthony 4 horas atrás
Those cards look like tiny little packs of delicious cigarettes.
Mathaeuz 7 horas atrás
11:40 that short background laugh from someone in the crew and Linus containing his own laugh afterwards. G O L D
Junaid Qadir
Junaid Qadir 15 horas atrás
Well said! 14:15
Pat van Gemert
Pat van Gemert 20 horas atrás
Is Linus really arguing people should not be surprised they were being 'scammed' by Red for their ridiculous markups, and this makes it all 'ok'?
Brett Augustine
Brett Augustine 21 hora atrás
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Hero Of AndromedaTV
This is impressive and sad at the same time, what a way to scam people with old hardware.
魏銘廷 Dia atrás
On a positive side, using custom connector can make both on the camera and on the SSD more resistent to wear.
Zaur Kerimov
Zaur Kerimov Dia atrás
Fuck RED! Fuckin greedy pcs of shit!
Franc Sanka
Franc Sanka 2 dias atrás
Thanks to Jinni Tech for the great original video (with no commercial at all), forcing you to finally do that video (filled with commercial) about this Red BS with their mini mag cards. And as you so often say in this video "Whatever".
Glen M Lj
Glen M Lj 2 dias atrás
The only overly expensive thing about the RED Mini Mag is the casing itself...literally.
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz 2 dias atrás
Absolutely hilarious, I'm a Blackmagic shooter sense their early days and I even wrote my Msc. thesis on this matter, how Red was able over charge for their products and how with out any fight from customers, they made millions on up-selling cheap and available technology, I compared Red to the business model of Blackmagic Design " developing high end products at cheaper prices" and how that would change the marker forever. 5 year later Red is caught cheating and black magic Releases a 6k camera capable of raw recording and it cost 2.5k. #mindblown #imtheoracle
Chad wran
Chad wran 2 dias atrás
i love his physical violence as an expression of hate towards items on his video. slapping an ssd, throwing it on the table...... so funny
Sinan Akkoyun
Sinan Akkoyun 3 dias atrás
1:43 Step 2... *Step 4*
Patrick Harris
Patrick Harris 3 dias atrás
Wow Linus - kudos for speaking your mind. Great video!
Rex Holes
Rex Holes 3 dias atrás
This is absolute garbage, it's just an ssd with an interface thrown onto it, this is nothing more than DRM so they can charge an arm and a leg
Sergio Cavalieri
Sergio Cavalieri 4 dias atrás
Why is Linus defending Red ? For selling cheap stuff at 42 times the price ???? Does he get free media from Red ??? Probably Wright ..... 😉
rashid Williams
rashid Williams 4 dias atrás
Had to stop watching as it just felt like excuses for RED. Hopefully, it became or balanced but I can’t believe anyone would cover for RED on this. Oh btw this is not a bot. May check back later to see how it finishes up but literally couldn’t watch any more. Best bit was when you said you called RED on it years ago but then you seemed to be ok with the price they charge?
The Prophecy Cat
The Prophecy Cat 5 dias atrás
Ari Alexa time
erik cyree
erik cyree 5 dias atrás
what im getting from this is that Red is scamming their customers and Linus is okay with it. what a douche
Jaap van der Velde
Jaap van der Velde 5 dias atrás
Surely someone watching this now has both the idea and the opportunity to go and create a RAID-mag for the REDs?
Siddharth Purswani
Siddharth Purswani 6 dias atrás
Did I understand anything? No Did I enjoy the video? Hell yeah
Damian Chiliński
Damian Chiliński 6 dias atrás
oh wow someone believed enterprise gear actually costs this much. How cute...
SkyDroneMedia Asitis
SkyDroneMedia Asitis 6 dias atrás
We knew this is 2013 when I opened a card on the Red Epic...
karehaqt 6 dias atrás
So RED is basically run by greedy scumbags.
rob morgan
rob morgan 7 dias atrás
This was awesome.
Heinrich Müller
Heinrich Müller 7 dias atrás
Redundant recording to two seperate cards at once should have been the standard in all professional cameras ten years ago. But somehow, it is still not even the norm in 2019...
Gianni Grosso
Gianni Grosso 7 dias atrás
wait, so, the whole time it's just been an ssd inside a case, and nobody bothered to open one up and look until now?
Ctuchik 4 dias atrás
Lots of people opened it up and complained about it. But as Linus says, it just didn't blow up until another scam competitor tried to cash in on it..
user540000 7 dias atrás
These are commercial products. Commercial products having always done things like this to make extra profit where they can. Its not like the price of their cards was a secret, you knew the price of their cards before you bought the camera and factored that into your decision.
UnitD77 8 dias atrás
Linus. You just killed them. Total smack down.
skydragon61969 8 dias atrás
i dont think ive ever seen linus so savage b4..he was clearly quite annoyed.. i found it quite amusing tho.. 😏
Hyro Proto
Hyro Proto 8 dias atrás
why is anyone surprised? When Audio companies keep selling $1000 per meter cable wires & freaking USB cables & $200 electromagnetic stabilizer stones
yaseen reza
yaseen reza 9 dias atrás
1:40 where did step 3 go Linus?? 😂
Jj Lortez
Jj Lortez 9 dias atrás
Sata? Not "S aa ta"
Viscous Shear
Viscous Shear 9 dias atrás
SO red have found a way to throttle 3rd party suppliers kit. how very Apple of them.
Mathieu Lacasse
Mathieu Lacasse 9 dias atrás
I have absolutely no idea what product that video was about but I still enjoyed it.
the8killed8one 9 dias atrás
savage linus, best linus
Scott Tovey
Scott Tovey 9 dias atrás
When it comes down to being technical, misleading the customer by exaggerating a claim is in fact bait and switch false advertising. Until we the people stop accepting such clear and obvious deceptions, these bait and switch scenarios will continue to happen. This is the fault of the political system of extremes. Rather than passing legislation that protects people from false claims, the extremist on the right declare: "there's to many regulations." while the extremists on the left declare business to be evil incarnate. The truth is, neither the left nor the right is willing to pass reasonable regulations that both protect consumers while not putting companies out of business. Eliminating misleading advertisement will not put companies out of business, it will only serve to make business more ethical, and that won't hurt anyone.
Nathan Holloman
Nathan Holloman 9 dias atrás
Scratches at a level 6 With deeper groves at level 7 (Idk if people would get I was making that joke because he took it apart Like JerryRigEverything)
First Name Second Name
So essentially shove it to both companies and buy from the competitors 🤷🏻‍♂️
Ace0nPoint 9 dias atrás
Just me or is Linus's eye drooping a little bit? =|
Bijbu 10 dias atrás
I mean its not bad when you consider apple sell a stand for $999 XD
surferdjnj 10 dias atrás
LTT, coming in hot!!!
peppermint gamer
peppermint gamer 10 dias atrás
so basically both sides are wrong and this has been the truth for a good bit and everybody is just slow
Questionable 10 dias atrás
NGL, I'm more distracted by the fact linus started to fling the parts around 😂😂
Ronald Dumb
Ronald Dumb 10 dias atrás
Let's check Sony F65 and their cards! :)
Shivashkar Sukul
Shivashkar Sukul 11 dias atrás
Step 1 Step 2 Step 4 Step 4 or 5, I don't know what step we're on
Sam 11 dias atrás
Ting is a rip-off. I'm honestly surprised LTT promotes these thieves
asafox 11 dias atrás
Red are such scammers! This is hilarious!
Foul Productions
Foul Productions 11 dias atrás
This would have made me sick if I owned a Red. But when I do I will be well informed. Thank you
Mister W
Mister W 11 dias atrás
Shopify Stores : “ we make the best margins ” Red : “ hold my mini mag ”
Steve Worrell
Steve Worrell 11 dias atrás
Best Linus video in....well I think this is their best video.
solaufein 12 dias atrás
Very good exposure of both parties.
TJ Suydam
TJ Suydam 12 dias atrás
Red, for when you really wanna empty your wallet.
Indigo Montari
Indigo Montari 12 dias atrás
Hmmm how much of your project footage was lost to get this vid made?
stazorm1 12 dias atrás
This is why I've never even looked at a red product. How did everyone not see this before?!? Genuinely confused🙍‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Morgan Aensland
Morgan Aensland 12 dias atrás
This was such a nice video. Thanks for making it!
Trumpet Dinopup
Trumpet Dinopup 12 dias atrás
Reminds me of panasonics ridiculous priced p2 memory cards
Yurika 12 dias atrás
It wouldn't be a LTT vid without Linus dropping or hitting something XD 12:03
Aaron Andrew
Aaron Andrew 12 dias atrás
wow, Linus. Well handled. If I spent approximately 20+ thousand dollars on my business's Camera to find out it's all a BS markup. You, my friend, are a god at keeping your cool on camera.
Lord Zordid
Lord Zordid 12 dias atrás
"Quality, from the United Kingdom!". Hahahahahahaha!
Jim Tomatore
Jim Tomatore 13 dias atrás
Videos like this are why I love your channel.
Kakko Wojtylla
Kakko Wojtylla 13 dias atrás
11:40 LOL
LiveBig7 13 dias atrás
RED should add some rgb lights from now on to justify the price of an ssd, ahahahahah😄😄
jaboody singh
jaboody singh 13 dias atrás
I know you guys make crazy money but why the hell would you spend 10s of thousands of dollars to film stationary videos..... smh
Arial CCAA
Arial CCAA 13 dias atrás
"viral" says the guy who got 1.6m when referring to a 76k video
cypherusuh 9 dias atrás
Depends on the sub, bro. 76k on <1k subs is viral, 1.6m on 8.9m sub isn't
PersonalPerson 9 dias atrás
that's still viral. we're kinda desensitized to popularity but a mob of 76k people could easily destroy a power plant. it seems small in numbers, but the weight of their emotions is really, really powerful.
Iskander K
Iskander K 13 dias atrás
wow, this channel is really great. i mean, to maintain objectivity with such a subscriber count and revenue is really impressive. keep it up!!!
kucki tea
kucki tea 13 dias atrás
My saviour
11kele 13 dias atrás
Linus does not need tools to pry open any hardware. With a couple of ooopses and hand gestures he will disassemble anything during the clip...
EuroFlight 38
EuroFlight 38 14 dias atrás
True or fake their propietary bs is too expensive but well... if apple can do it.....
Ryan McLaughlin
Ryan McLaughlin 14 dias atrás
Wait, was step 3?
spikey 27
spikey 27 14 dias atrás
Dontcha just love it when liars get into a pissing contest and are caught "RED" handed.
SysGhost 14 dias atrás
The old FAT file systems are horrible in more than one way when it comes to flash media. Leave old obsolete file systems where they belong: In the past... On the spinning rust... which it was ultimately designed for. Personally, I don't understand why the industry has held onto it for so long. Especially when there's far FAR FAAAR better file systems that are free to use both for commercial as well as personal use. I guess it's that M-(dollar sign) company that refuses to update and adapt.
Black Sky Entertainment
So ....when Jim Jannards Oakley’s were made out of “Unubtanium” .....not much different than his Red marketing. Still love their cameras.
User Name
User Name 14 dias atrás
wouldn't have this problem if we just used claymation for everything.
Ferdinand Andre
Ferdinand Andre 14 dias atrás
It's like printers user protesting why cartridges are overpriced.
Gaming Hawk
Gaming Hawk 14 dias atrás
haha when the ad before the video is about Linus advertising about honey. You know you got it made when are on the ads before your videos.
NPC 99845
NPC 99845 14 dias atrás
Gini Tech, successor to Initech
Jeremy Mobley
Jeremy Mobley 14 dias atrás
Lotta respect to the way this video was framed. Good job.
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