Red Hot Chili Peppers LIVE Reading Festival 2016 BBC FULL CONCERT

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Richfield Avenue, Reading, Berkshire, England
27th August 2016
Concert start time 9:35pm
Concert End time 11:15pm
1. Can't Stop 2:38
2. Dani California 7:41
3. Scar Tissue 12:57
4. Dark Necessities 17:45
5. Maggie 24:14
6. Around the World 31:06
7. Snow 35:50
8. Go Robot 42:26
9. Otherside 48:08
10. Parallel Universe 53:30
11. The Getaway 59:19
12. Californication 1:05:38
13. Under The Bridge 1:11:56
14. By The Way 1:16:42
15. Goodbye Angels 1:23:21
16. Give It Away 1:28:00
Copyright BBC 2016


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Comentários 100
Rosângela Almeida
Rosângela Almeida 12 horas atrás
Esta banda é simplesmente sensacional!
Paul A.
Paul A. Dia atrás
What about songs of the real RHCP ? Only one during this concert : Give it away. Anthony is unable to sing on this song like he did before... Miss "Freaky Styley" , "Uplift Mofo Party Plan" and "Blood Sugar Sex Magic", definitively the best 3 albums of RHCP. After that, they became a commercial band like many others... Love "Freaky Styley" and Georges Clinton !
Ramirez Hernández Leonardo
nakin suwannaikn
nakin suwannaikn 5 dias atrás
Sunny 6 dias atrás
Bunch of idiots
Morena Kaminska
Morena Kaminska 6 dias atrás
The pricey headlight unsurprisingly want because underpants steadily compare under a melted lier. low, stupid moon
Cosmic Dust
Cosmic Dust 6 dias atrás
Warning: Might intensifies your high.
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown 7 dias atrás
SNOW (HEYYY YOOO ) makes my soul die a little just that guitar lick 👅, just does something .🤘😁
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown 7 dias atrás
One band if to yet tick off the list ,🤘🤘🤘
Ines Olivares
Ines Olivares 7 dias atrás
Me encanta pasar esta pandemia con mis bandas favoritas ¡¡¡.:{
nico.nation 8 dias atrás
This gotta be how every band with kids feel when they play. my boy and i be
徳川家やーす 11 dias atrás
Janne Caldas
Janne Caldas 12 dias atrás
Melhor banda de red hot
Antal Catalán Bellido
Antal Catalán Bellido 12 dias atrás
1:09:38 horrible
Duff rose
Duff rose 12 dias atrás
Во капец !!!
CÉREBRO TV 14 dias atrás
Muito bom
sweenybee75 15 dias atrás
Sorry, but again super crappy singing by Anthony... More like highschool-band level than superstars. I really do love them, but live Anthony's performance is getting worse and worse...
Gerald Stangl
Gerald Stangl 16 dias atrás
Ken Royall
Ken Royall 16 dias atrás
RHCP are inspiring because they prove that any shitty, stinky, unkempt, dumb, boring band can get huge in America. What a country!
OFR 16 dias atrás
I have seen them with all their guitarists but Blackbyrd. Hillel, Hank, John, and Josh. I have to say - I have and I think Hank Sherman was a serious badass. They were crazier then, Anthony didn't try to sing, and they kind of invented a new kind of funk.
Aarmy Maidana
Aarmy Maidana 16 dias atrás
Que locuraaaaaaaaaaaa!!
LexTNeville 17 dias atrás
Anthony, you have a new lead guitarist, get over it. He's damned good. Jon is gone. Chad and Flea holding up like utter pros. Otherside :O wow
David DiCicco
David DiCicco 17 dias atrás
How insanely good is Flea? I accidentally had CAPS LOCKS on when I first wrote that, and almost left it as is he's that out of control awesome.
Rayboy w
Rayboy w 17 dias atrás
Nope that's not Will Ferrell on the drums
Robert Buckley
Robert Buckley 17 dias atrás
Living Legends...
beau freestone
beau freestone 18 dias atrás
what rubbish.Is he tone deaf?
fibroman musc
fibroman musc 18 dias atrás
12:41 "Be gentle to each other be kind to each other, hoo" - Flea
WheelsakaSpeedy 19 dias atrás
The dark joseph thirdly drop because reading microcephaly accept opposite a legal approval. absorbing, loving drug
Oz Luckas
Oz Luckas 21 dia atrás
gordofrak 2000.
gordofrak 2000. 21 dia atrás
The crowd is great
Hayden Starkiller
Hayden Starkiller 22 dias atrás
1:24:40: "Suicide, my love"
angca 3
angca 3 23 dias atrás
Listen to this music and counteract my tension of worry... Merry Christmas ♥
zumpappero 23 dias atrás
Troy GT500
Troy GT500 24 dias atrás
I wish josh was a little louder on that guitar... to be honest josh has the shittiest tone on live I'm not a fan of that wah and distortion tone so very unlike to John's sweet one
Andrew Seagull
Andrew Seagull 25 dias atrás
They really need John back josh was terrible replacement
Smit Sonavane
Smit Sonavane 25 dias atrás
Californication ain't the same without John
Cindy Mckee
Cindy Mckee 27 dias atrás
I like the box cameras in the crowd
R& S
R& S 28 dias atrás
Who’s happy Josh klinghoffer is out
deviljin kazuya
deviljin kazuya 29 dias atrás
danny trejo sings very well!
JeFFão 32
JeFFão 32 29 dias atrás
Magnífico 🔥🔥🔥⚡
Augusto Magno
Augusto Magno Mês atrás
Stop by my channel to see my cover .. I started recently .. Give me your little help by subscribing. Thank you! Long live the RHCP
Apu Apustaja
Apu Apustaja Mês atrás
Drummer = Good irl Bass = Good irl Guiter = Good irl Vocals = ... r u poolin moi leg moit?
anubis68rh Mês atrás
is it just me or does their drummer look like Will Ferrell? lol
pamela bissell
pamela bissell Mês atrás
Beautiful set of drums
pepper Torres
pepper Torres Mês atrás
anyone knows when the new album is comming ?????
Fraser M
Fraser M Mês atrás
Saw this tour in Edmonton AB they were fucking amazing, played their guts out, it was a night to remember.
Jordan Pantano
Jordan Pantano Mês atrás
Dang Will Ferrell rocks on the drums!
Evelyn Alvarado
Evelyn Alvarado Mês atrás
Moises Diaz
Moises Diaz Mês atrás
me encanta red hot pero ptm pónganle un afinador por lo menos a Anthony....
80th Tasties
80th Tasties Mês atrás
so damn corona fucking good !!! Cheers from Germany!
Elson Krügger
Elson Krügger Mês atrás
20:06 Feeling🤘🏻
Lucas Costa
Lucas Costa Mês atrás
Bilboris Baggins
Bilboris Baggins Mês atrás
Nedelin Mariash
Nedelin Mariash Mês atrás
The sordid bugle hemperly steer because texture infrequently steer following a nifty octave. dizzy, synonymous kohlrabi
Emanuel Araújo
Emanuel Araújo Mês atrás
Granda Cassete...🇵🇹🇧🇷🇦🇴
Willians Mês atrás
10:40 tem um deslize aqui
D L Mês atrás
They’re buds. Better yet, their ‘feud’ raises $ for great causes. AND they’re so unencumbered by fame, one of their fundraisers featured the best drummer ever, Stewart Copeland. So there. 😎
John Bragg
John Bragg Mês atrás
Flea is such a nutter i love him
mac & cheese
mac & cheese Mês atrás
man I wish Anthony would drop that mustache, he reminds me of Mario and it makes me chuckle
Evelyn Alvarado
Evelyn Alvarado Mês atrás
He goes to my job a d he is so down 2 earth.....acts like hes giving a concert tooo HHHHHaaaa
Дмитрий Фролов
Среди них гимнаст.
Michael Stark
Michael Stark Mês atrás
The secret december excitingly trace because tuba perceptually cough midst a bizarre pest. steep, tacky debtor
Tyler Tawahongva
Tyler Tawahongva Mês atrás
The Josh era was definitely a mark he left that is indelible. This guy can play he's Frusciante's protégé wtf. But after two years of non stop touring it shows if you watch the south American tour 2019. He's fried , missing cues....they should have went back to the studio but oh yeah the last two albums didn't do too well so let's bring in cash cow Frusciante. Its all about the money sometime maybe he will return when John flakes out again.
Werty Mês atrás
John Frusciante 😍🔥
abdul rahman
abdul rahman Mês atrás
1st december 2020, with big hope corona will over
Lorcan McGuigan
Lorcan McGuigan Mês atrás
major feels
CDXX Producciones MID
Same feels dude. have a nice day
adam rivers
adam rivers Mês atrás
Embarrassment to John’s legacy.
D Gates
D Gates Mês atrás
Wow. He played the intro to Under the Bridge incorrectly. Sad.
Fin Mês atrás
He just makes it his own, like all musicians do. He's not a dvd player lol.
José María Luque Ortiz
23:33 Anybody knows if this jam is a part of a song or it is just an improvisation??
TheBobbymcd music
TheBobbymcd music Mês atrás
his singing is kinda out of tune, hope he is well and not doing stuff that affects his voice..he's wearing really strange clothes,,his girlfriend should tell him.
44:22 They're among us
Vester Outdoor
Vester Outdoor Mês atrás
Der Wahnsinn ist schön ;)
LEIF Lindqvist
LEIF Lindqvist Mês atrás
No Tru
No Tru Mês atrás
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .
orionjah Chili
orionjah Chili Mês atrás
Por supuestu Josh y John...
orionjah Chili
orionjah Chili Mês atrás
Propongo dos guitarras en los nuevos Red hot Chili peppers..
Quirkless Mês atrás
44:23 that's my satan
Kathy Acevedo
Kathy Acevedo Mês atrás
1 am...waiting for the apple pie to finish baking (for Thanksgiving) and watching RHCP!! Woooo!
сын декабриста
великая группа заводит
luis silva
luis silva Mês atrás
banda chata da porra
jreigot Mês atrás
anthony sounds terrible. dont even try to argue.
Phynne85 Mês atrás
Honestly as a European: Feel so free now feeling authentic AMERICAN Rock Music again, now that dangeros clown has to GO! This is cool America as it should be colorful, divers and unique... If you ask me how the US may sound like, i would like answer "Like RHCP"..
Annelijn Hummelgens
I love u john
pedro brito
pedro brito Mês atrás
the best surf music!
kevi sebastian gaona guerra
flea doesn't play bass, this guy makes love to bass flea is amazing
Mihály Csánits
Mihály Csánits Mês atrás
ez kell a tespedt testednek lelkednek eszperente?!
Free Rider
Free Rider Mês atrás
Love how Will Farrell hits the drums. :p
Vicente Carneiro
Vicente Carneiro Mês atrás
Those solos weren't unique, those were out of tune, does not sit well, off sounding guitar solos. And I'm sorry.
Suzisu Mês atrás
Jefferson Silva de Oliveira
The best of shows
That was greatest concert in human history for me.
Robyir Antonio Loreto Ruiz
Cómo carajos aguantan esa pela a esa edad? Drogas? o full ejercicio?
Enrique Naval
Enrique Naval Mês atrás
How can I find Josh´s long sleeve?
Sandi Mulyana
Sandi Mulyana Mês atrás
6:49 Flea : what the heck 😲😁
Sandi Mulyana
Sandi Mulyana Mês atrás
@muehe ree serius amat
muehe ree
muehe ree Mês atrás
Dah tua
muehe ree
muehe ree Mês atrás
Lupa wajar
l Roberts
l Roberts Mês atrás
thank you for letting me hear your wonderful sounds
The Irish Laffman
The Irish Laffman Mês atrás
Yeah, that’s will playing the drums.. I bet the original drummer would be sick of these comments except for the free time he has gained 😅
Vagner Rodrigo
Vagner Rodrigo Mês atrás
Tomas Cabagay
Tomas Cabagay Mês atrás
33:57 how did he forget the lyrics.
GoldenHueBR Mês atrás
the studio version is like that
Good job Josh!
Gentle Art
Gentle Art Mês atrás
I prefer Josh To John. insane energy
Mauricio Julián Díaz Giménez
The worst live band ever
Nicholas Jillett
Nicholas Jillett Mês atrás
Thats funny
claude cote
claude cote Mês atrás
I remember when the Red Hot Chili Peppers actually meant something... but now I'm very old.
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